Happy 4th of July from CrackBerry.com! What will you and your BlackBerry be doing to celebrate the holiday?

By Team CrackBerry on 4 Jul 2011 09:51 am EDT

From all of us here at CrackBerry we'd like to wish everyone a happy Independence Day. Take the day off if you can - relax and have some drinks and food with family and friends. Whatever your plans are make sure your BlackBerry is ready to go to the party as well. If you need some apps to help you out today we have you covered - not to worry! Hitting up the golf course for the day? Check out some great golf apps to go along for the ride. From range finders to scoring we've got the goods. Not feeling the heat of the course today? Maybe you'll want to be the best bartender you can and impress your friends. There are loads of great bartending apps for your BlackBerry that will make you an instant mixologist. Perhaps you just want to show off your 4th of July spirit? Trick out your Berry with some great ringtones, patriotic wallpapers or a 4th of July theme and show your colors.

What will you and your BlackBerry be doing today? Will you be grilling up a storm? Hanging out with the family? Checking out some fireworks (what a great way to try out some HD video recording on the PlayBook!) Leave a comment and let us know what your holiday plans are. Happy 4th!

Reader comments

Happy 4th of July from CrackBerry.com! What will you and your BlackBerry be doing to celebrate the holiday?


I was planning on taking my Blackberry to the closest Apple store to pick up a nice shiny iPhone 4 then going to the closest river to throw my Bold in it. happy 4th of July!!

I wouldn't waste such a great device. Sell it in the marketplace forums or elsewhere, or just give it away for free. Don't just destroy it because you don't like it or are disappointed!

My Berry is wearing a festive Wallpaper and BattEx skin. We are going to BBQ and go see a fireworks show at the mall. The All American Way!! LOL. Have a good one everyone.

Happy Birthday America!!!

Did anyone else not notice that Team Crackberry did not wish Canada a Happy Birthday on July 1st!!!


Happy 4th All, me, my bold and my playbook will be representing the 4th with friends Wallpapers and themes appropriately ............

Bold 9650 Sprint
Playbook 64GB
Never Underestimate the predictability of Stupidity........

All ill be doing is watching my Bold light up cyan and purple as my ex-girlfriend calls for money and I ignore them. (Sigh) I like my blackberry :) happy ID!

I worked today...it was slow for the holiday (I work in urgent care). Tonight I'll be turning in early since I work again tomorrow.