Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jul 2013 10:10 am EDT

To everybody in the good 'ol US of A, Happy Independence Day! We hope you make it a great 4th of July.

I'll echo here what I said on twitter earlier this morning....  May your beer flow cold, your BBQs burn hot, and your fireworks be LOUD!

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Happy 4th of July!!


I am gonna get drunk later tonight. So pumped!

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Kevin.... as a fellow Canadian and BlackBerry being Canadian, I take offense that CB acknowledged July 4th but what about Canada Day? No love for BlackBerry's and yours and my home country?? :(

Seriously?! Did we not have a post up? I thought we did. My bad.  Problem there was that I was helping my dad all Canada Day long weekend on cottage building - didn't even look at CrackBerry. I'll yell at somebody. :)

And Happy Belated Canada Day! :)

Will make up for it... 

LOL ok... not a peep about Canada Day :(

Sounds like you had a great long weekend, as did I, and I bet you were cottage building and then getting drunk, so that is ok then ;) Don't let it happen next year ;)

Agree. Well let just suck up on those Americans to try to have them buy the new BB10 apparently us Canadian we are not important enough on the success of BB.

LOL! Kevin looks like you have some Esplaining to do as Dezi Arnez would tell Lucy! Thanks for the Happy Wishes Kevin

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Happy 4th of July from Canada! And happy Birthday to my Brother. Should i buy him a Z10 or wait for the 5?

Oil sands Fueled

So bad that we didn't have a Canada's day post and we've already had a few Independence day for the US already x_x

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Just got back from Maine. WOW what a beautiful state. Got a great country there, murica. Also nice to see that the good folks of Maine seem to enjoy Timmy's (saw quite a few of them down there).

Thanks, Kevin!....if anyone in the New Jersey wants to see my band play tonight, we play at Nardi's in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, and my band's name is Lima Bean Riot! You can see my BlackBerry Q10 on my keyboard being used to keep track of the band sets, haha.

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Thank you for using Z rather than Q in the picture.

Only big screen phones can save RIM while Q buys a tiny bit more time.

RIM executives, people of CB, all BlackBerry fans should think out of box.


Big screen doesn't mean no physical keyboard.

The small square screen of Q is a big mistake as a result of old thinking by old people/users.

I am a keyboard user since 950


Big thank you to our neighbors from the north for featuring this on the front page! I wish we did a better job supporting BlackBerry here in the good old USA! Oh well I'll just keep doing my part and showing off its goodness to anyone and everyone who asks.... and maybe some of those who don't ;-)

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Happy 4th for our American friends. Posted from Canada. I work for an American company so I have it off to. Woooo haha

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Happy belated Canada day! Happy now belated independence day for all of my American fellows! I'm a little tipsy. 6AM and ready for bed! Showing my BlackBerry love in the states! Showed off my Z10 to a S3 user and he seemed intrigued!

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