Hangman Game For The BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2009 11:38 am EDT


We've seen a bunch of great games for the Storm recently, and I can honestly say I'm glad they keep getting better and better.  I also think its great that a lot of them are being sold for $0.99.  The newest entry, Hangman, comes from Tafasa.  This is the classic word game brought straight to the Storm.  It has one or two player games, a library of over 2900 words, multiple categories, three difficulty modes and more.  Unfortunately it's only for the Storm, but the gameplay is awesome.  This one is sure to keep you busy for hours.  Check it out at ShopCrackBerry.com for only $0.99

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Hangman Game For The BlackBerry Storm


This is great, just the kind of app I look for. Employs an easy to use keyboard (not the RIM one). I've already gotten my money's worth and I've only had it for five minutes.

this is awesome. love it. great price, fun, good look, easy to use keyboard. a fun little app to keep you entertain. I give it an A+

The Tafasa games are great! When I get a game for the Storm I want something I can just open and play right away. I don't want a bunch of annoying sounds or to have to spend a lot of time trying to figure them out. These games are easy to learn, well thought out, and addicting.

I bought this yesterday when I got home from work, ten minutes later my son decided he was going to hit his head on the concrete and cost us a trip to the emergency room....
Well we all know how the E.R. works (waiting, waiting, and more waiting) However, this game got my little man and me through the wait. Thanks again Tafasa.