Can you guess the word with Hangman Challenge for BlackBerry smartphones?

By James Richardson on 6 Sep 2012 04:03 pm EDT

When it comes to playing Hangman on your BlackBerry there are a few options. Hangman Challenge arrived in App World this week so I thought I would give it a whirl. I have always been pretty poor at playing hangman and, as you can see in the video, nothing has changed. However I wanted to give this particular game a go as from the screen shots it looked pretty nice on the eye.

Once in the game I wasn't disappointed. Although simple to play the layout and the way it works is smooth and graphically pleasing. The color choices the developer has used are great -- even down to the Hangman Challenge icon that will sit in your menu. Hover over it and the image changes. Not revolutionary but a nice touch. If you are as bad as me at the game you will be pleased to know there is an option for tips to help you guess the word.

Hangman Challenge is free to download and well worth it if you have some time to kill. Both touch screen and non-touch devices are supported so if you are on one of the later touch screen models you have the option to use screen taps or to stick with using the optical track pad. I used the game on my Bold 9900 and it ran like a dream.

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Can you guess the word with Hangman Challenge for BlackBerry smartphones?


If you like Hangman, this is an awesome game. I have had it for quite some time. They are constantly updating with new challenge themes so you won't be running out of games. Whenever a new challenge or "daily pack" is available you will see a little notification icon in the bar (with the option turn off notifications). This game is hours of fun, addictive and educational (as educational as trivia can be). There is also facebook connectivity so you can share share your achievements.

Sure let's talk about hangman while Amazon takes a dump in our front yard. Playbook 4G anyone?
50 dollars for a 1 year 4G data plan is just mind blowing.

Why am I not surprised about this? RIM coming with the worst offering once again. This is all under Thor's watch.

Back to topic, I had a better version of hangman in my Nokia phone 9 years ago before the apps even exist. Please write about something that actually matter.

LOL at amazon comment cant stop laughing comparing a tablet that does basically nothing to playbook wow price justifies why its $50 for such a tablet

Kindle can't emulate another browser.
Kindle can't emulate Android, iOS or run QNX.
Kindle doesn't have two cameras.
Kindle gets stuck with ICS, doesn't get Jellybean, unless amazon wants to offer it, which is limited and restricted.
Kindle cannot bridge to another smartphone.

Playbook can do all three listed above, AND gets BlackBerry 10.

So I think you are so wrong.

At first I thought the PlayBook 4G was dumb since I can bridge with my BlackBerry phone instead of paying for a data plan.

Now that my carrier Verizon (and AT&T) will require me to covert to a "shared data" plan for up to five data hungry devices (I only have two so far) a PlayBook 4G just might be in my future.