Handy OS4.5 Discovery! Radio Works Until 0%

OS4.5 Battery Life Indicator
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jul 2008 10:09 am EDT

I just read this discovery (it was new to me anyway!) that Ronen posted over at BerryReview. It turns out that OS4.5 does a better job of managing the way battery life is displayed on your BlackBerry.

Think back to your BB usage... have you ever had a time where your battery indicator shows some juice left, but the device has decided that the Battery is too low for radio use?? I know it's happened to me dozens of times. But it seems with OS4.5 you can run the device with the radio on right to 0% remaining. Only at 0% does it kill the radio, and even then the device will still function as you seek out an outlet to recharge! AWESOME improvement.

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Handy OS4.5 Discovery! Radio Works Until 0%


I cna't tell you how mant times I've needed to make a call with low Bat and just couldn't. I'm glad that problem will be goen when I get4.5 on my 8830

No, it can't be. You mean to tell us that cell phones work on radio signals? All this time I thought it was lasers... :rolleyes:

Radio, as in transmission signal to the cell towers to make and receive call on your phone. I know, I thought before, like radio in WSM Radio, not that kind though!

my old 8703e and my current vzw curve always turns off the radio when theres no juice left at all. After the radio is off it will only last me 10 min until it shuts off.

Doesn't this seem like more of a bug than anything else? Sure, it's great that it shuts down the radio at 0% instead of much earlier but call me crazy but shouldn't that mean that nothing should work?! It is at 0% battery after all! I mean when did the definition of 0 change? If only I would have known when the chick in the bar said there was 0% chance. Who knew I still had a shot at her...

P.S. should this value be user configurable? Now that would be a feature.

But can I use the radio as soon as it's plugged in?

Because really, nothing is more annoying than seeing "Battery too low for radio use" when the damn thing is plugged into an outlet.

All they did here was "move the bar". Meaning, it now displays differently ie. 0% when it is too low to use the radio. Yes, it's a better visual indication, but nothing has really changed at all.

Is there a way to upgrade to 4.5 via OTA? My OS is a 4.3 version and I'm kinda new to BB. I don't have access to the internet at home.


can you pleaase tell me how i can upgrade my T-mobile BB curve 8320 OS from 4.2 to 4.5???? tahnk you.

I keep seeing references about all the great things OS version 4.5 provides, but when I go to Blackberry.com, I do not see its availability on the support page, nor do I see it from ATT (my carrier).

Can you tell me where I can get this update for my 8310 BB Curve?

Thanks to you all!


May i know what theme have you used up there ... or how to debrand a blackberry 8310 .... or atleast not required the operator theme that still means debranded.. correct me if i am wrong...cheers

is there an option that must be selected to get this feature? my radio turns off at 10 - 5% and i have 0S4.5 any insight would be appreciated...