Handster submitted Android apps now appearing in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 14 Dec 2011 11:17 pm EST

It wasn't long ago that emails to developers let us know that Handster Inc. would be submitting Android apps to BlackBerry App World on developers behalf to help build up the Android app selection for when the Android Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook is made available in February.

In fact, these apps have been on RIM's internal builds of BlackBerry App World for quite some time for testing and it's no small amount either -- over 7,000 apps have been tested and now, RIM has let quite a few of them go live for everyone provided you're on PlayBook OS 2.0.

Android apps aren't exactly new to App World, RIM has allowed a few in the past but this is the first time we're starting to see the Handster apps turn up. A lot of folks in the forums have grabbed a couple and tested them out, have you?

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Handster submitted Android apps now appearing in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Great news. CB - could you keep a log or update of say... Significant apps that have been added (the ones many have cried for like kindle). I wanna know exactly when its worth it to make the switch to os2 beta - lol

Thanks cb!!

IMHO if kindle is your thing, it has always been worth it to make the switch to OS2, i'm a reader too i use a couple of reading apps and nothing beats kindle. There are other great android apps i enjoy as well like pulse, all my news in one spot, really cool, not to talk about a host of fun and free games, with this new development, things are really looking good, i'd say go for it!!

Yeah I tried making the switch a few weeks back, but found I didn't have the time to go getting the android apps loaded, my time is so limited right now with work, so the mere 30minutes I have before bed, I'd rather be reading (even if it is kobo) than tinkering with OS2. Now if I knew all I had to do was plug my playbook in for the update before work, then that night load appworld and download the desired app, this I would do.... Get where I'm coming from? :)

Is there a good site or thread anywhere that gives simple to understand instructions on how to get the Android player running on the Playbook right now for people who don't have rooting experience? I've gotten as far as installing the developers beta 2.0, but everything I've seen as far as next steps looks really complicated.

You don't have to root your PlayBook to run the Android Player on OS 2 dev beta, it's already baked in the operating system. In addition, you don't need to root your PB to load Android apps to use on your tablet (through the Android Player); if you or someone else converts the .apk files to .bar, you can "side-load" them onto your PB using one of the tools made available (search forums for details).

The only thing (pertaining to your question) that you need to root your PB in order to achieve is to have the ability to run the Android Marketplace and have access to apps featured there. This is not what RIM intended with the Android Player or having support for Android apps on the PB, so that's why you need a rooted PB to do so.

Hey just download these free apps and get cracking (no pun intended). To get other apps and install bar files you will need to do a bit of work, but these ones in appworld work off the bat!

you need to install a progam...i don't know the exact name, but it starts with a d.

then go to playbookbars.com - and download the bar - plug in your pb via usb, open the installed program, then transfer the bar file to your pb.

this only works in os 2.

then on your pb you need to go to setting --> security --> then enable developmental mode. (really easy to do)

once developmental mode is enabled and you have succesfully transferred your bar files...they will show up on your main screen and you can run them.

Just to correct little things here.
1 - on your PC you install DDPB (OS 2 needed)
2 - on your playbook,you go on development mode,keep the IP address and password
3 - copy the bar file you want on playbookbars.com,donwload it onto you pc
4 - connect your playbook to your PC via usb
5 - open DDPB and put you playbook's IP and psswd;locate the bar file on the pc select it and click the install button.
Then you'll have the bar file working on your playbook,it's not just a simple copy of bar on the your playbook's disk space

my 0,02 cents

so actually RIM just stores all the apps to release them together with 2.0?? am I right?

Does this mean that we can see a huge explosion of the appstore in february???

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