Handster Android App Market to begin submitting Android apps to BlackBerry App World on behalf of developers!

Android Apps on BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2011 11:11 am EST

One of the questions I asked RIM execs back at BlackBerry DevCon during our Android Apps on BlackBerry press session was in regards to third party Android app marketplaces. I was wondering if RIM, in addition to allowing individual developers to submit their Android apps to BlackBerry App World, would try and work on injesting apps from some of these other Android app sources in volume. The response I received from RIM was that "yes, this is something they have thought about". Whether they would or not was still a question.

But today we have evidence that not only did RIM think about this, but is actually doing it, thanks to this email we received from our friend Wayne (@wjddesigns) at WJD Designs:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anna Golosovskaya
Date: Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 9:16 AM
Subject: Android Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook
To: wjddesigns.com

Dear WJD Designs

Some good news from your friends at Handster! Starting December 7, 2011, Handster (a division of Opera Software) will begin submitting your applications to BlackBerry App World. Your apps will then be made available to BlackBerry PlayBook users through the BlackBerry App World storefront in early 2012. This will increase the distribution opportunities for your apps from Handster. For more information on the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, check out developer.blackberry.com/android.

There is minimal maintenance required from your side. Handster will take care of the verification process on apps, the conversion of APK files to BAR files, apps signing and retesting on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. All you need to do is resize your application entry icon to 86 x 86 pixels to meet requirements for BlackBerry App World submission and submit us your updated APK file. We will start porting apps as soon as they come in and begin readying them for distribution, so be sure to be one of the first to submit your Android app for conversion.

If you have any new Android apps, please do let us know. Freeware apps can be updated by our content management team automatically. As for paid apps, please update them in your Handster developer account or send them to me via email. Our content managers will upload them in your developer account, and save you some time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Golosovskaya

Handster/Opera Software | Content manager

This is pretty huge news for BlackBerry PlayBook owners, as well as BBX, I mean BlackBerry 10, phones in 2012. It's critical for there to be a BIG app selection for launch, and this sort of initiative is one of the ways that RIM is going to meet that goal. Word is, Handster actually submitted some of these apps long ago -- over 7,000 in fact, that have been internally tested by RIM employees for a while now. I can see some big PROs and potential CONs to this strategy, which we'll follow up with in another post, but for now this is pretty exciting news. I'll be curious to see if RIM does deals with any other Android App Market places in similar fashion, or if Handster will be the only. If you're an Android developer out there and come across any emails or info in similar fashion, be sure to send it in to tips@crackberry.com.

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Handster Android App Market to begin submitting Android apps to BlackBerry App World on behalf of developers!


What Handster didn't say in the email is that they actually handed over 7,000 apps to RIM already. Employees have been testing them internally forever.

Funny how u don read the name of who said that comment before you comment. Thats Bla1ze.... he Knew about this even b4 the Post was made :) and BTW prolly he said it and then kevin updated the post and added that info at the end.

That is EXACTLY what happened, word for word.

You can even see the same edit was made on the Android Central post that goes with this one. :)


I appluad your unsuccessful trolling though gordongr. Good effort. ;)

as long as they have the native look and feel, and you ate able to run more than one at a time it should be good. I would hope the devs use this as a precursor and then start going native.

"Injest" isn't a word. If you mean "ingest," which means "eat," then even that doesn't make any sense.

Because it's a tech BLOG. Not a tech SMS or a tech book report by a grade three student. It's a product composed by what are supposed to be professional writers and it's for-profit to boot. And given that, the quality of writing is often abysmal. Does Kevin even know the correct spelling of "its"? I have to ask, because he misspells it in every article.

I do not want to make this into a "thing;" however, I do want to offer this additional comment or two. Perhaps three. Anyhoo, I digress. I care not that an occasional grammar or spelling mistake happens on CrackBerry. Who am I to correct that here in the comments section? I am not CrackBerry's parent or teacher. So, why bother? If you truly want to effect change in this area, perhaps a strongly worded email to Kevin, Bla1ze, or Adam would get the ball rolling on this very important matter. Besides, you do realize that there are other tech blogs out there with truly horrendous grammar and spelling woes. Compared to some of those, CrackBerry is a shining beacon on how to write an article. I am not kidding. I have seen fragments, homophone debacles, run-ons, dangling modifiers, subject-verb agreement disasters, and double negatives that would make your skin crawl. In the end, be happy that Kevin et al. have not gone that route, and give them a break. Have a pleasant day.

Sweating the trivial things, you probably on meds for stress related ailments like high blood pressure. You can critique this too :)

Anyhoo, I just want some quality applications in the App World. I am beyond sick of these Digi Media Apps (Books) always appearing in the "New" section. RIM, supposedly, is working on rectifying that issue, but it has been slow going at this point.


I always go on the App World to check for new Apps and these Book Apps are very annoying! I don't even consider these Apps, they are just digitized book. They should create a new "Book" section for them.

Indeed. Or, eradicate them entirely. These "books" that company offers can be obtained for free on the Internet. They have repackaged them for profit, and hopefully, no one has been foolish enough to give up money for them. Craziness.

I hope this is good news. But I just took a look at the Handster app collection on their website. Not seeing too many things there that impress me app wise but the foundation is there. No Kindle or Netflix app but there is a Nook app. We'll just see next year. But right now it looks as promising as AppWorld (key word is promising).

This is awesome news. I can't wait to start supporting the App Wold echo system. I'm ready for the full transition from Apple's App Store. Looking forward to start trying out those QNX/BBX/Blackberry 10 apps. App world has three Playbook customers waiting in line. We believe in you RIMM.