Hands-on the white BlackBerry Z30!

By Simon Sage on 27 Sep 2013 02:45 am EDT

We've had our initial unboxing of the BlackBerry Z30, but here at Jam Asia 2013, we've spotted a rare specimen indeed - the white model! The rear of the device isn't finalized, but as you can tell, it's looking fantastic already. There's not a lot of information on availability, but apparently most places that have the black one will have it in white too.

Jam Asia has also been my first chance to play around with the Z30. Z30s are pretty much everywhere here at the conference, so it's been easy to get some hands-on time. The sound on the external speakers is amazing, and brings me back to the Bold 9000 days. I think audiophiles will finally have an alternative to the HTC One. Ergonomically, I think the Z30 blows the Z10 out of the water, thanks mostly to the gradual curve around the back. The larger size is perfectly comfortable, though my giant hands are what you might call a mistake of nature. YMMV.

Kevin's a sucker for the white devices, and though I tend to lean towards classic black, the Z30 looks particularly great in white. Maybe it just compliments the metallic bottom bar better, I dunno. It's also worth noting that I've seen both Verizon and AT&T branded Z30s floating around the show. What do you guys think of the white? Sexy or what?

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Hands-on the white BlackBerry Z30!


Whatever. It looks so big and bulky. This makes me love my Z10 more and more everyday.

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Looks pretty sweet, but what does Simon mean by "[t]he rear of the device isn't finalized"? Does he mean the bottom silver trim isn't finalized or, is he referring to the back cover of the device?

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I agree, I generally don't like white phones.. I've always stuck to black... I don't like the black Z30.. something about the way it looks like it has a bezel at the bottom but not at the top.. This however, in all white is a nice looking device.

I'm still not sure about the physical size, we'll see when I get it in my hands.. but it sure looks nice.

+1.. but this white version has also a silver bezel on the bottom that matches more better looking than the black.

Agree. Technically there's no more screen real estate (in pixels) anyway is there? Worth it I guess if you don't have the greatest eyesight.

It's not just eyesight. Mine's better than most. Bigger devices or having a keyboard are better for mobility. No one seems to get this, especially device designers. Touch screens generally shut out most people with arthritis, joint, tactile, or mobility issues. (And not all hardware keyboards are created equal. I tried an LG with spread-out square, flat keys and it was more difficult to use than a VKB. This is where BB excels in usability.)

+1. The Z10 is a great fit between screen size and portability. Wouldn't want to go out with a Z30 crammed in my jean pocket!

Blackberry, please make version of Z30 with aluminum/metallic side like the 9000. Give it premium look if you want to sell it at premium price.

You can still be the first clown, don't worry

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To be fair, he never did say he was first. He just said he almost did. :D Cheers!

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Agree! The black looks like it has a larger, bezel to bezel, screen where as this looks like it has a mini screen on a huge phone. I love my White Z10, but there is no way I am choosing white for my Z30.

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Not feeling the silver/white as much as I am the silver/black. Why couldn't they paint the silver part white?

Then again, I think the white and gold iPhone looks horrendous, and it's like sold out across the globe, so maybe I'm just weird!

I had the exact same reaction so if you're weird then so am I. Maybe if the silver part was chrome?

That could be it. It needs to be all white or totally stand out, like chrome.

The bottom piece looks like it couldn't decide what to be, so it ended up being silver...which would be fine if the rest of this huge phone weren't totally white.

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I already have a sexy white Z10 and this one looks just as sexy too. Tempting! :-)

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Yeah, I've decided that this will be my first white BlackBerry, can't wait to see what the backing looks like

Same here, need to see the back. I love the white front, but I'm worried the white back will let me down. The glass weave on the black is so nice, makes it hard to go for a white version knowing the back will probably be some kind of cheaper feeling plastic.

Hope both white and black come with wireless charging too!

I wonder if the White Z30 would look good with the Black Z30 carbon fibre backing? It has elements of greyish white (just by what I've seen looking at my Q10). I might go that route if the white Z30 has a "shiny" plastic backing.

Hehe, NEVER AGAIN. CrackBerry sold me on the white Z10 with similarly flowery adjectives...until I bought it and bitterly regretted how poorly it compared to the more sleek, better feeling black Z10.

Not falling for that again :)

I would have it the other way around.

What'd you do, swap with somebody knew or order one online?

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Just what I was thinking, white front and black back cover.

The silver bottom doesn't look like it's enough of a contrast with the rest of the white body. It looks sort of like mismatched paint in some views. Maybe in person it looks better.

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Very sexy! First BlackBerry that looks sexy in a different color than black. I'll definitely buy a white one (first) :D

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Don't be racist: go get this awesome white Z30 ;) P.s. What about financial report? When it will be release?

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OMG just look at that beauty! I am SO getting this phone, I don't care if BlackBerry closes shop tomorrow

LOL Audiophiles don't listen to music on a mobile phone, they listen on an Astell&Kern AK120....

Want it! Never bought a white cell phone before. This may be the first.

Definitely want to pick up a Z30 of some kind though. Not sure I like the black + silver...

Will have to see them in person.

The black Z10 looks classy, but the white Z10 kinda looks cheap to me since the white top/bottom is easily seen to be plastic, while on the black Z10 it can pass as matte painted metal.

Also I STILL don't get why the bezel is black on the white Z10... ruins the look pour moi.

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I can't wait any longer. My good old bold 9700 has done me proud, but I'm really looking forward to getting one on these Z30's, especially the white version. It looks amazing!
My only complaint, is I wish blackberry kept up with the UMA technology (sure signal). It will bring a lot of lost customers back to blackberry I believe if they did.

Very happy with my black Z30 the black outside blends with the dark black of the AMOLED screen perfectly. It looks continuous.

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This will be my first white BlackBerry and if Rogers doesn't carry it, then I will kick Rogers to the curb as well!

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Lovely looking phone. However, despite it being 'big', I wouldn't touch a BB without the option of a removable battery, with the performance of my Z10's...

white edges visually make the screen smaller. they did it right with the white Z10, they did it wrong with white Q10 and they did it awful here.

I really like my phone black. White makes it looks so huge. Black phones are sexy.

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Have you noticed how so many reviews of BlackBerry phones have one paragraph about the phone and then two about how it's not as good as others. Why can't people review things anymore without an agenda and just review the item subjectively as an item in itself.

Journalism nowadays is shocking, it's all about the journo trying establish their opinion on the world when what people really want is an accurate reporting on things- whether it be technology, people, places or wars.

A UK Z10 Owner

I know right?! I read review calling it how big it was and how that hampered the experience. Then they directly compare it to every android that's bigger and bulkier than the z30 and say how much better they are. If you don't like the experience on this phone because of size don't say other larger phones are so much better when obviously you would have just as much problem, if not more, navigating those phones. It also panned it for not having an iPhone style "Retina" grade screen. The average person with 20/20 vision may be able to tell a very small difference between the two densities of pixels. You can also tell the difference between the gs4 and the iPhone,which is also a much larger ppi change, but that largely gets thrown out as not enough of a difference by most critics. I agree. The difference is minimal unless your watching movies all day long which is something only a small fraction of phone users do. Or possibly if you hold your phone 4 inches from you face which is f'n ridiculous. Then there are people that claim because it is a larger screen you need more ppi or you can tell the difference much easier than on a smaller I phone screen...what? PPI is ppi regardless of screen size. 300ppi on a 4 inch screen is no clearer than 300ppi on a 10 inch tablet. The resolution is what changes to give you the same ppi per device. I just don't get it. Some people's kids you know?

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Hear, hear! The stuff that passes as journalism is frightening. I've become suspicious of everything I read or watch trying to figure out the angle thats being played. It cannot be a good thing for society as a whole when the "institution" journalism is suspect. It seems there is not accountability for blatant sell out of opinion passed off as "objective reporting" in areas where the expectation is to receive objective reporting....

This phone should've been the one that was released instead of the Z10... it would've made such a big difference

Now I can only wish people will give this device a chance, and not dismiss it as a also-ran out of the gate. Blackberry needs that push.

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It looks like a iPhone and Samsung galaxy in one. I think this is a phone that may actually sell well for BlackBerry. But once again. They are taking too long to release it. I will definitely get it though.

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At least the front of the Z30 is white unlike the front of the Z10 which the edges are black. I don't understand why they made that decision on the Z10, it doesn't make sense. But I got it anyway because I had no choice if I wanted white.
I like the way the Z30 looks but I'm not to sure about that bottom piece, but i will probably get it anyway.

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As far as looks go, it's the best looking BlackBerry to date if you ask me. Maybe best looking device on the market.

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Looks pretty cool...Mr Heins please sell it exclusivity to Verizon so most people can't buy...You are such a geniuos...

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Must be the picture, i hope, but it's not looking like I thought it would. I hope when i hold it in person It will feel more impressive . Looking cheap.

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I've had the Z10, then the Q10 & both were great devices but the Z30 is going to be where the BB10 OS really shines. I've had smartphones of all sizes from 3.5" up to 6.3" & the 5" display is without a doubt the perfect size for a smartphone to use it as a smartphone is intended to be used, including Web browsing, watching videos, playing games ect. If you think it's too big then you obviously haven't given a 5" display a chance or you don't use your smartphone as a smartphone and might as well go back to a dumb phone, either that or you think you look cool in those skinny Jeans..... Trust me you don't no guy does even the most fit

Aarrgghh . . I love this device but I just can't get over that ugly chinstrap thing . . It just needs to blend in better, like on the z10. How hard would it be to make it white for the white like the q10, and gunmetal or darker for the black. Only my opinion of course but they just both seem so out of place as is.

Yeah... I don't fully get the chin strap...

It better not be cheap painted plastic like on my silver 9810 that chipped away.

But I'll have to see one in person in my own hand to make a final decision on how I like it.

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I think this will be a very good device. I would love one. I still believe the Z10 and Q10 are also. But who will buy (regardless of how great it is) if developers will not make apps for it and we do not market it ??????

I just try to shove my money thru the screen of my Z10. I want it!!! Nowwww!!!! I just don't get how anyone can say BlackBerry 10 isn't the best thing they ever used?

BlackBerry since 8700c ....Sent from my Z10

Yeah...maybe when Blackberry exits the hardware business. Or when they leave the Consumer high and dry to focus on their enterprise customers (can anybody say Playbook?). Sorry, but I'm not buying another blackberry until i see a commitment from this company.

Absolutely gorgeous phone! I love how the white borders the screen unlike how the black bled to the edges on the white Z10 (I don't think it visually diminishes the perceived size of the screen either IMO as mentioned upthread). I used to be a black-only BB guy but have gotten a few white handsets in the past. Love my black Z10, love my white Q10 and will now love this white Z30. This is definitely going on the Christmas list! C'mon Rogers! Bring this bad boy up North for $600 off contract already!!!

I want the white, but not if the back cover is like the Z10. My white Z10 always felt like it was going to slip out of my hands.

Black looks better with the grey accent. Not only that, it looks sleeker because the bezels aren't so pronounced as in blends in with the edge of the screen. I prefer the black Z30 far better and I prefer the white on the Z30.

Oh sh!t. This looks amazing in white. I've always been a fan of classic black, but if I can get one on white and talk the wife into I need 2 devices (I went to the dark side with iphone5) I am so getting it. This is prob the first blackberry device I felt remotely close to wanting in white. It has to be. Because it compliments the metal at the ends.

I say YUMMY!

and I NEED that phone....Love my Z10...but that is super sexy. Sorry Z10 you are elegant and all but that is Mmmmmmmm YUMMY!

They might have to give them an exclusive otherwise Verizon might do like T-Mobile and not stock it in stores. I hope BBRY won't do that, but I fear they will have to.

I hope white is not a Verizon exclusive again like the Z10. I wanted a white Z10 but it made no sense to me to pay more with Verizon to get less data than I'm currently getting at AT&T. Plus, they only have shared plans, unlike AT&T which has both shared and the regular "a la carte" plans.

As for the white Z30's exterior, I prefer the white top and bottom only as on the Z10 as opposed to the white border all around. I think the full white border cheapens the look a bit.

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It really doesn't matter if it's black or white, I'd put a gelaskin on it before anything gets scratched

Is there a reason why there's an awful focus effect on every single shot? Why couldn't you just take a picture of the entire phone in focus so I didn't have to scroll through every picture to see different sections of the phone?

Lol first world problems eh :P

Trying to figure out what is on the left side of the device . . I've seen this in three different places now where there seems to be a piece the isn't properly aligned with the side banding . . I'd normally say it looks like a sim tray door but that's on the inside of this device. Anyone who's seen/has one wish to comment?

That chin is so damn gross. Just get rid of it. Such a waste of space and a very poor design. I get that they didn't want to look like every smartphone out there but there are better ways about doing that.

I wouldn't say its a waste of space in the sense that you need a place to put your thumb without accidentally activating something, but it sure needs a color change to make it fit in or blend better. Best comment I read elsewhere (SK) said "it just looks like it didn't know what to be, so they made it silver".

White is awesome,yes. I have to say something concerning the Z30 in general though. They need to make one with a solid carbon fiber scheme like the Q10, where at both the top and bottom of the phone, one would see the carbon fiber out on front of the device. They need to get rid of the half black, half silver color scheme. Make it solid black,white or carbon fiber like the Q10....

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Looking at the Black/Silver and the White/Silver side by side, I gotta say the White is definitely the winner. It looks more uniform. Only thing I hate is that the White so closely resembles the S4 or an i... i.... ican't say it.... LOL! I can't wait to see it in my hands.

If the Nexus 5 drops in the US before the Z30 and/or 10.2 (which is increasingly looking to be the case), then me and a whole bunch of others just may have that final push to get out of BlackBerry for good (but I'll keep BBM).

I'll never understand the appeal of white phones. Heck, even Apple stopped making everything in white.

As for the Z30 it looks a little cheaply made. Perhaps it's the white plastic or perhaps it's the little silver cover on the side of the USB port that's not sitting flush.

I'll keep my Z10.

They should make a glass weave back for the white version too except it should be regular, white fiberglass! That would not only be BEYOND sexy, but never done before

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oh god, YES!

now it's just a matter of whether i stay with AT&T or go to Verizon -- depends on which carrier releases the white one first!

Prefer the Black one but the white ones cool.

When this drops to £360, I will think about getting it to bridge with my 9720 if BlackBerry makes that possible.

Nice but if I was dropping my Q10 to go that size for screen real estate I would go all out for the Sammy Note 3 with the S pen. A beast of a device both in size and specs

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Jesus, the border around the screen on the sides is huge, the screen looks too small for the phone, it looks so cheap. Nice job BlackBerry, another truly high end device there.

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I like both black and white!
I have a white z10 but I will go for a black Z30.

Sent from my Z10

Please make a Z30 with the back, top and bottom all with the glass weave design. This would be unique, as far as aesthetics go !

I'd like to see the black and white side by side in high res versions with the screens off and then on. My reasoning is this - I had a white Q10 and then realized something off about it. The white bezel really looked odd against the black screen when it was off - it highlighted the thick bezel. When the white Q10 was on this effect seemed just as bad. I traded it in for a black Q10, which is remarkably different looking and I'm far happier. It's very sleek when it's off being all black glass, and then when it's on you then see less of the bezel, the same way the Z10 has an all black screen with either the white or black version.

The Z30 looks great in white - very distinctive, but I think it's thick bezel compared to the S4 also makes it look especially wasteful in white. The black Z30 will most likely be less obvious it has a thick bezel, which may make it the choice for me. Decisions, decisions.

Note that my daily driver is a white "oreo" Z10. I still expect it to be even after getting a Z30.

Oh man I would love that bad boy – nice size for me as I am still on my little old Bold. If it every shows up on the Sprint network, me thinks I will be upgrading early.

From the looks of the wonderful pictures (thanks to who took them), I migh have to reconsider the Z10 being my last BLACKBERRY

Just bought the phone over the weekend. Lord is it souped up! Quite a battery life and somehow just so much nicer hold metal in your hands. And damn the speakers are something else.I highly recommend it!

I want my z30. The wife has a Samsung galaxy 2 and wants my z10 even though she had the option to buy whatever phone she wanted. The Z10 is sold out in Canada whatever carrier you try so she agreed to take over my phone. So she is happy to take my Z10 and I am getting the Z30.

My wife isn't into following the latest tech. Her friends have the newest Iphones and SG4's but after playing with my Z10 she wants one more than the others. Wish BB could market better because this shows that their product is superior and could reclaim their market share. My wife has had Iphone 4 and Samsung galaxy 2 and says BB is far better.

I told her to buy what she wants and in our small town she went shop to shop and couldn't find a Z10. Sad part is most salesperson's tried to sell her a Samsung or icrap and when she said no they quit helping her. I believe that the biggest problem with Blackberry is the poor retailer support. Don't know the answer to this question.

Thanks for the pictures Simon; however, they have too much out of focus areas. Please make the phone area a bit more in focus next time if you can. The white and grey bottom are blending well together.

went back to z10 as i found htc one,galaxy s4 to big and think the z30 will be the same! z10 spot on size wise just needs a more powerful BATTERY PLEASE!!!!! :-)

In general I am opposed to white phones for me. With the Z30, though, it looks like the white option is going to be superior to the black option simply because of that bottom silver bar. Looks cheap on the black option but it fits in just fine with the white version. Perhaps I should just get the black one and paint that silver nonsense.

Here we go...the other phones are a big FLOP and suddenly the bigger phone with almost two year old spec is going to make it better. Wake up people it's over I thought the same when I was a Palm fanboy.
I gave up my BB two years ago and moved on to Android and I'm sure most of you will when BB gives up on phones for consumers.
Just a matter of time before Kevin moves on...flame me all you want but in the end it will be true. :(

Well my original 8100 Pearl and 8310 Curve BlackBerrys were red. My next BlackBerry may be white! Looking forward to my next new Z tre oh!!!!!

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After about 18 Months since its launch, the White Z30 is simply one of the most Gorgeous looking Devices on the planet. The Z30 is A LOT better looking than all the iPhones combined, and all the Galaxy S's combined.