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Hands On with the WHITE BlackBerry Curve 9360... HAWT!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2012 09:22 am EST

You know how I feel about white BlackBerry Smartphones... I can't help it, I just think they look hot. And given the amount of attention my WHITE BlackBerry Bold 9900 has received this week in Vegas, I think most people -- even those who wouldn't rock a white BB -- do appreciate the look.

While walking through the BlackBerry booth at CES both Adam and I turned out heads to check out the white 9360 as we walked by one of the stations at the booth. Though the white Curve 9360 was announced a while back, somehow we both had never yet seen or held one. So we fired up the CrackBerry cam and put it under the lens, also comparing it to the white Bold 9900. Check out the video above for the action!



You mean pink? ;)

Looks nice! Thanks for the coverage guys!

Kevin Michaluk

Lol. Yeah, I know... not the greatest white balance under the bright lights... but you can still see how hot it is :)


I agree... every model should be offered in both colors, from every carrier! Are you listening VZW???


Now THAT, is a sexy looking phone.

mohawk apple

I bought one for the wife when bell was releasing them. Nice little berry :)


Look it has :)


Any sign of a 9790 in White??


Will Verizon ever carry any of these in white? It is a game changer... I have considered the IPhone 4s in white but would most definitely stay with Blackberry if I could get this in white. I have the Bold 9930 right now and all I could get was black from VZW


You can get your blackbErry color changed for $10 dollars


what is this on about? the BlackBerry Curve 9360 white came out last october, and to prove that my mother brought it early november? Is this just the UK or?...


Any sign WHEN will the 9790 come to the US?


its written Gaming Curve on the back...


The white 9900 and 9360 both look amazing! A cell phone store had one on display and it looks amazing, even its only a dummy unit. Still with it had a white trackpad


Oh great. RIM can't keep up with Android on devices so they change the color and call it good. End of 2012 looks to be a long long time from now.


That was awesome...... There best friends lol. :) keep the great videos coming guys :)


The laugh at the end was priceless. Doing a great job...all these videos have been stopping me from doing MINE though. Keep them coming.


Seriously.. hate when a fone comes out n u rush to buy the black one n then the white one comes out n its soooo much sexier!!.. eg. my 9900.. n nw im waiting 4 white 9790 so i can sell mine n do a trade.. feel free to post ur remarks i want to know if tht(^) makes sense.. :) n y or y nt


I can upgrade May 1 and dying for a 9930. I have the Style, my first BlackBerry. Would love to have one in white. Do you know if Sprint will have 9930 in white? They are gorgeous!


Kevin, you only just saw the white 9360 then? :O I've had 'em in my store since before Christmas... ah well it happens :) You guys are still doin' an awesome job out there!


I'm done with blackberrys. Anybody wants to buy my BB 9850 sprint. I'm in nyc.I'm getting an iphone. bb simply sucks nowdays,I can't even watch netflix or have my google voice on this phone.

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Makes me miss my white curve 2, my first bb. I'm now using a gray torch 2 :)