Hands on with what's new in Facebook 10.4 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Mar 2014 11:12 am EDT

We posted just the other day that Facebook for BlackBerry 10 had received a most welcome update to version 10.4 and with it brought four pretty sweet new additions. 

The ability to view your news feed either by 'Most Recent' or Top Stories' is by far the biggest new feature for me. I don't need to see what happened with a friend yesterday so I'm super happy that my Facebook timeline can now be in order of when things actually happened. 

I'll keep this post short and sweet, so if your not yet a Facebook user or you are new to BlackBerry 10 the above video should give you a few tips. 

What's new in v10.4?

  • Newsfeed Sorting – sort your newsfeed stories by ‘Most Recent’ or ‘Top Stories’.
  • Emoji Support (Emoticons) – use your favorite Emoticons (Smiley faces and others) in your conversations.
  • Screen Reader – photo tag support for photo carousel.
  • Adding Map view to Check-Ins – now see a map of the location you are checking in from.

Facebook will be preloaded on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, but on the off chance you deleted it you can grab it from the following link:

Download Facebook for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Hands on with what's new in Facebook 10.4 for BlackBerry 10


Good choice. The bugs with this update far outweigh any benefits. If someone at BlackBerry is reading this, you need to get rid of whoever is testing and/or working on this app because it's utter crap. Over a year since launch, this app is still not functioning properly and is still behind it's iOS and Android equivalents. This is the top app used by most smartphone users and yet it's not being developed in a way that reflects this significance.

Two words for those who continue to compare and complaint about the Facebook app:No Ads. Yes I have the Android version installed as well but the native app is better

Posted via CB10

With Android you get ads but at least the app works. With the current native BB10 app, I can't even see my last post on a friend's profile. Friends' profiles show me posts that are out of order. My own profile loads only two items and nothing else.
My frustration is that Facebook is a major app and BlackBerry needs to not only recognize this, but also address it because although I may put up with this excuse of an app, many others won't.

First try a complete reinstall of the app. If you are still getting bugs, Contact the developer/support for the app. You would be surprised how developers tend to respond to consumer emails.

Often the issue could be something simple: like the download screwing up

I even went as far as wiping my device and reinstalling everything from scratch. The problem persists not only with me but with so many other people. I did contact the developer, BlackBerry, to no avail.

The the most lagist thing I have ever met ..
I mean Facebook app for BlackBerry for sure....it sooooo laggggggyyyyyy..even twitter is little bit lagy but not like Facebook....why blackberry...we want quality apps not a crappie apps

Posted via CB10

It seems everything coded by BlackBerry is still buggy. Duplicate contacts showing in your contacts folder on BB 10, BBM and other things as well, Facebook, Twitter and etc. They need to iron out this bugs!!!

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

Nope...once I did it, it has not been a problem. It used to drive me NUTS until I figured it out. Once they're linked, they stay even after OS updates.

Posted via CB10

Even linking manually has flaws. I end up with contacts that have multiples of the same phone number. For example, for one contact that I've linked, it will show Mobile (555) 555-1234 and will also show another Mobile +15555551234. The only difference is the formatting because it imported the latter from Facebook or Linked In. The Contacts app needs to be smart enough to detect this.

I still have a big issue with the size of photos on my z30. They stretch off the side of the screen.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I want to be able to post and see a picture within a conversation, to delete posts within conversations and to see other files like .doc .xlsl and be able to download them.

BlackBerry considers india as one of the key markets that they just cant afford to loose and the native maps doesn't work in India that's funny....

Posted via CB10

Funny he said "off chance". I deleted immediately after getting the Q10.
Have been using the mobile site (the playbook Facebook situation got me used to using that lol), but will give this version a chance.

Posted via CB10

This update is horrific. Nothing works. Posts are list or not shown. It doesn't matter how you set it. This one makes me want to delete it. First time I've been mad about anything to do with this phone or application.

Posted via CB10

I posted something 10 minutes ago but, it shows my last update on March 7th??? I've rebooted, restarted and changed preferences. Nothing works. Really disappointed.

Posted via CB10

You're right. Profile posts are a complete mess. Nothing is in order with this last update and you're lucky if you even see everything on a profile. This is a horrific update.

This is a consequence of BlackBerry trying to be lean. Staffing your software development teams with inexperienced interns and co-op students and managing these projects using agile methodologies is always a recipe for disaster. Agile is assinine. Hiring interns and co-op students for the most part is foolish; a competent co-op student is a rarity because most lack the aptitude much less the experience. Co-op positions have their place in organisations but software development is not the best place for them. There are plenty of so-called professional software developers who shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

As far as I'm concerned, FB for BlackBerry been right with the news feed since the later versions on OS7. They have improved many things with it, but the news feed has been bad for some time now and seems to get worse.

Posted via CB10

I take all that back...the solution is as simple as sorting your News Feed to Most Recent instead of Top Stories...can't believe I've missed this all this time..

Posted via CB10

Everything works for me. Latest Bell approved 10.2.1 OS. But I am not a heavy user, just have it for the odd group conversation since others rely on this as a way to organize get togethers.

This post Powered by BlackBerry

Make that two deleted Facebook accounts, I have much better things to do with my life no love lost here


This update fixed my Hub notification issues for Facebook. Previously they wouldn't load in the hub.

Posted via CB10

I think the whole blackberry team should be working on improved map app .... im from india and its been very insulting thing for me that I'm not able to use BlackBerry maps to navigate.... i never had any problem in checking in.... it shows all the locations why the hell it doesn't show.... :/..... they have been adding non necessary native apps but the native BlackBerry map doesn't work in India.... what a shame....

Posted via CB10

It's a rubbish update and worse than the previous version. My status updates aren't even showing on my profile and there's nothing to say it was posted from my BlackBerry 10 :(

Posted via CB10

It won't load all stories after not checking for several hours. It's quite annoying.

For example, checked it like ten hours ago, went to bed, woke up, and now it's only loading stories within the last two hours, before jumping to ten hours ago to the last update I saw on my time line last night. It's bizarre. I need to go to the website to actually load all updates.

Posted via CB10

All the FB versions I had installed so far did NOT show everyhing in my News Feed compared to the desktop page. But neither does the mobile page, nor the touch page.
There is always something that doesn't show, because for some reason it got left out.
That's why I'm glad that my browser is so good and use the desktop page instead.
I simply don't understand why that app ALWAYS skips something...how hard could it be...

Posted via CB10

One of the things added in the previous update was caching, which saves on data. Perhaps you might try manually Refreshing from the side menu to force a refresh? I've noticed that the app tends to be quite conservative on loading content and refreshes aren't immediate.

For BlackBerry to only now introduce a sortable news feed on the BB10 Facebook app is pretty pathetic. Shows how far behind they are from the iPhone and Android versions.

The iPhone and Android versions are developed by Facebook themselves... that kinda helps doesn't it?...


That's unacceptable. I'm pretty sure they're all using the same API to communicate back with Facebook. Even the legacy BB FB app shows everything in order. I'd be surprised if BB was working on the FB for BB10 app or if they contracted it out to someone or some company. The quality of the FB for BB10 app is just far worse than any other native BB10 apps.

The later OS7 versions certainly did not show everything. Not only that, but huge blocks of time would be missing from the News Feed. I feel I miss a lot using the app. And the mobile version is not a whole lot better, but at least I can edit and delete comments and posts from the mobile version.

Posted via CB10

I take back what I said....all you have to do to fix it is sort your News Feed to Most Recent...now I feel real dumb for whining like a little cry baby about the News Feed when there was a simple solution all along that took just a tiny bit of effort on my part.

Posted via CB10

It definitely helps, but you're essentially saying that BlackBerry devs arent seemingly competent enough to produce a usable, up to standards Facebook application.

I'm no dev, but you'd figure they could get the heart of Facebook (the newsfeed/timeline) to function as intended, over a year later since the apps inception. But what do I know.

Posted via CB10

They just need to make the mobile version THE version to use. I still can't add emoticons in my Stat conversations.

Posted via CB10

You're, not your. If you're writing for an audience, perhaps your grasp of you're and your should expand.

Posted via CB10

I can finally open hub notifications BUT my Facebook profile isn't showing any activity or posts since four days ago. This is a huge bug that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Posted via CB10

How do you add emoticons. Everything else works just fine. I appreciate the sort update.

Posted via CB10

No....crybabies like me are complaining because we could not take the time or make a small effort to make it work the way we want. I just found out I fix all the issues I had by adjusting my settings. Now I feel real dumb for any comments I have made about the fb app when there are simple solutions, and have been all along.

Posted via CB10

Not sure if I like the new home screen icon. It looks good I guess, I just wish it matched the shape of the twitter icon! They all seem to be a little inconsistent overall, BlackBerry needs to have guidelines on how icons should look so they all look like they belong on the same screen.

This update is a disaster. I can no longer manage my company's Facebook page. No posts made after Tuesday are appearing.

Z10 STL100-1 ( and PlayBook (

Same here. It's ridiculous! They should start putting Facebook updates in beta zone first and let us find these issues before they release the app.

Posted via CB10

Pathetic, seems like I'll need to go back to my iPhone to have a proper Facebook app. I refuse to use the website.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

Man, some posters really need an order of cheese to go with their whine. The way some are talking, you'd swear the Facebook app was randomly grabbing and emailing naked photos of them and their significant others...

Posted via CB10

FB is a fucking shambles on BB10.

Since its update, all posts and news items either aren't there or are horribly mixed up.

Facebook: how about you support the platform properly you despicable bunch of c.unts. Go an f.uck your pointless selves with an arrow.

Posted via CB10

Wow...drama school is sho-nuff in session in these comments...

It's amazes me how many BlackBerry users still use Facebook.

ixed-nay acebook-fay a long time ago.

Posted via CB10

The FB update messed up my timeline!
No order at all!
I'm receiving notifications on my friends commenting on a photo I uploaded 4 hours earlier, but when I go to my timeline, it's not there!
I only see it, when I check FB on my laptop!

Posted via CB10

The bugs will be worked out soon enough. In the mean time, Facebook works amazingly in the browser if you have the browser set to desktop mode to "off".

Posted via CB10

Yeah, cool, but you still can't edit posts...isn't that a priority? I have to add to home screen a link to the Facebook mobile site in order to edit a typo....very annoying.

Posted via CB10

A really bad update.
Okay new functions, but no picture upload in png, again Often connection problems in the Hub for Facebook Chat, ugly Integration into the bb10 os, why they don't use the bars like BBM? Are they drunken at work?

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp) www.sayumi.de

People who find you on FaceBook.

40% High school friends you hate
30% College friends you hate
25% Work related that aren't really friends
5% Friends and family.

May your life be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook. ;)

Posted via CB10 - Z10 'Powered by BlackBerry'

I dont care how great bb10 device look like in the future. What I need is proper apps. Not all apps, just facebook. please blackberry. If u can deliver good/proper apps, then its good enough.

Posted via CB10

Surprised to see the hate on FB seeing how CB had a poll and Facebook was the social media network of choice over Twitter.

Posted via CB10

I never really got twitter to be honest. Most people's twitter post show up on Facebook anyways. Which on Facebook you can post a status plus more. There is nothing really unique about it but I guess that's just me.

You know what, I use facebook everyday and the bugs don't bother me. So I can't see what I added to my wall. So what? I know I posted it and it's there. If I really wanted to see what I missed I'll log in via the browser. But most of the time I wanna see the now, not the "while I slept". But that's just me. Someone who doesn't rely on facebook as the end all of end alls.

Post by 9of13's Q

Weird...how come my last few posts when I view in my profile are out of order. Some February posts show at the top before some March posts.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Wow...so deleted finally and DL from amazon lol...how sad is that?!? much better UI...much slower opening of course and I don't get a million notifications...wait is that a bad thing?

Posted via CB10

I thought I was going to be able to ditch Flipboard but I guess not. Still way to many issues for me.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

Sounds like from the comments that facebook isn't working that well. It may be time to just opt out from facebook all together.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

Whoever made this facebook version probably made the native Contacts app.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

Sorry to say it's not working that great as expected. It crashes and the feel is little lighter. There is no BlackBerry signature on our Facebook updates. Many are disappointed with BlackBerry Facebook app. Build it for Z10.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

To fix news feed problem, I went into Facebook mobile on the Web and changed the settings to most recent and it fixed the problem

Posted via CB10

Private messaging doesn't show up for me, photos are slow at loading or doesn't load, very laggy. Can't agree that this version is better than the last.

Posted via CB10

Making a article of a Facebook update where we should have had all these options for the beginning... Really horrible

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Yea the new update is so brilliant that when I try to send photos through inbox the uploader dose not show my recent files anymore :-/

Posted via CB10

Ever since I updated I can't See what ppl Post on my wall! I have to go to the actual online version it's a pain!

Posted via CB10

Facebook? Oh right that site where ppl invite you to games. Na I use twitter and BBM Channels

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

People that say the app is working just fine aren't using the app. Anything other than the newsfeed is terribly out of order. It wasn't before. Is it possible to get the last official release before this one?

Posted via CB10

This version is so buggy I have to use Facebook on any of my other gadgets. This is the poorest piece of software I have ever come across. I can't believe they even released this.

Posted via CB10

Sorry but 10.4 is utter kak. That's how we put it in SA if something isn't even worth using!

It's supposed to be an upgrade but the previous build was way better, the stup*d person who was working on this update managed to put what we were all wanting ( sorting feeds by "most recent" or "top stories") then made the whole other standard features USELESS!!!

I hope in future they put a way to revert to the old version should one encounter extreme bugs (such as these) on the updates.

... bottom line, it SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!

Posted on a sexy QTEN

I can even sync my facebook account after I updated from the leaked 10.2 OS. I can't even access BB link on my laptop to reset my media so I can reinstall fb.

Posted via CB10

Please get rid of the automatic contact sync into my phone contacts!! I don't want 400 people I don't talk to in there. Uninstalled until they fix this.

Posted via CB10

Does the BlackBerry FB app have the ability to tag users in comments and posts? On the Android version, when you start typing a friends name, it automatically adds them.

Was wondering if BlackBerry's app could do that?

I'm glad it has been updated -- especially the emoticons. But being able to sort your Newsfeed doesn't make sense if you can't view the Newsfeed. It stops scrolling down after x number of posts.

Hopefully we'll see more updates :)

Posted via CB10

I just tried to share a photo and that crashed my sounds and bluetooth. Oh and it didn't get posted

Posted via CB10

Last time I ever download an "upgrade" without first reading the reviews. Previous version was much better....and that is pathetic.

Posted via CB10

Someone a few posts up said to go onto the mobile site and sort to "most recent" there. Well it fixed the issue in the app. How about everyone else do that so they could have their timelines fixed?

Post by 9of13's Q

Wow really? To view a facebook post someone has shared on my newsfeed, the app actually opens facebook.com in the browser to view the post. Ridiculous.

Posted on the awesome BlackBerry Q5

The only problem I find is that it's a bit laggy, I also use Facebook's mobile app. Different things to like and dislike about each app. No mobile phone is perfect but for me my Z10 comes close.

Posted via CB10

The only issue I have is the ability to use the location service with it. Although I gather this might be an issue with Android software on my device. (Z30) at some point I will delete a few to find out what one but at the moment it's all good for what I use it for.

Posted via CB10

Not having any issues, the best facebook update so far.

A lot of disingenuousness being posted on this article.

Posted via CB10

Still huge gap between post didn't see page liked post miss match in post order Beta App on Legacy Device was way better...

Posted via CB10

FB has always worked fine for me on BB10 and BlackBerry OS before that. Check-ins, posts, pics....the lot.
iOS??....no matter how often I use it (on iOS6 on a 4th gen iPod Touch) it defaults to "most popular", then takes an age to get to "most recent" and still faffs about. My partner appears to have it working fine on her iPad but the iOS version is pants as far as I'm concerned.

Posted via CB10

This latest update is a joke. My contacts are all mixed up, the timeline in not posting correctly, please fix this... Thanks

Posted via CB10

EASY FIX for everyone struggling with the 'magnificent turd' that is the blackberry Facebook app: Simply use your browser to use the Mobile version of the Facebook website - It has far more available core features than the app and you can simply put a browser link icon on your home screen (gives you a blue 'F' icon just the same) with all your other apps. It feels and looks just the same as the app except with added funcionality. I do this and its just as quick as using the app (which I deleted ages ago).

This update is a piece of crap. Cant believe it. When I upload a new bbm channel picture on my ChannelX page, it doesn't even show up.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

The app will correctly sort posts in my news feed, but I just checked and found some posts that I see on my desktop and iPad are missing from the BB10 version... C'mon, man...

One major issue, it's never up to date with the news feed, check vs web version (both newest first) and displays posts in the wrong order, yesterday's before today's so on..previous version worked better.

Posted via CB10

Am I the only one who isn't able to get push notifications from facebook? Since upgrading to the Z10 at it's launch date, I've received only a handful of notifications in the hub. I've researched on whether or not others are experiencing this and can't find a thing. And on facebook itself (logged in on my home computer) there are only options to set up the push notifications for the android and iphone. Nothing at all about BlackBerry. This latest facebook update doesn't do anything to change that.

Posted via CB10

I have updated the app, and it was a mistake. Even after restarting my phone, and then deleting and reinstalling the app completely, the timeline for the pages I manage are not only out of order, they do not contain any posts for most of the last month. Those that do appear are out of order.

Though my personal news feed can be toggled between "Most Recent" and "Top Stories" but as I use Facebook mainly to manage other events and companies' pages, the app has become almost completely useless. I can't respond to comments and questions as the posts do not appear.

My recommendation: save yourself stress, and avoid this update. It's baffling that even the people who designed OS10 can't design an app that works.

Have noticed since the update the app doesn't integrate with my photos very well anymore and I have to use the full Web version to post photos as the app doesn't offer up all my photos anymore, it's a tad annoying.

www.totallyparanormalevents.com BBM Channel C002C3F42

Just found a bug, looks like managed pages do not update or at least the updates don't appear in the app. :(

Posted via CB10

Facebook in BBOs10.....is "Garbage"

Can not see pictures uploaded pictures inside reply
You can not edit or reply to articles posted
Photos will be uploaded at different times becomes an integrated

If even the most basic difference between iOS Android APP Blackberry or a large portion of the final bound to disappear in the market Blackberry