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Hands on with the UFC.TV app for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Mar 2013 11:33 am EDT

We announced the availability of the UFC.TV app for BlackBerry 10 smartphones when it first hit BlackBerry World, but since it's so awesome I thought it was well worth showing you the good stuff on video. In addition, the UFC.TV app is the perfect example of how fantastic BlackBerry 10 apps can be. On the off chance this is your first visit to this video should get your attention and hopefully push you towards snapping up a Z10.

I must stress that in order to actually watch the UFC fights from within the app you will need to pay for each - but as far as I'm aware that is no different than watching it on the television. There is, however, a shed load of other great contentwithin the app so if you are into MMA you will want this one on your BlackBerry for sure.

Once you enter the application for the first time it will prompt you to either sign in to your account or to create one. There is an option to skip this process, which is what I did, but the sign up looks pretty straight forward.

The main page of the application is the 'Live Events' page. Here you will be able to access details of both upcoming events and also recent fights. Selecting the fight you want will offer you a load more options including watching the fight. You can also check out fighter stats, the fight card, live scoring and event videos which you have the option to view/purchase. BBM is integrated so you can instantly share the information with your BBM buddies if you wish to.

Jumping into the main menu of the UFC.TV app lists a selection of further sections. These include:

  • Fight Library
  • Fighters
  • News
  • TV Schedule
  • UFC Shop
  • Octagon Girls.

The Fighters section is pretty sweet and you can find out all you need to know about your favorite tough guys. You will be able to see their fight history, biography and even their Twitter profile which is a nice touch.

The UFC.TV is free to download from BlackBerry World so if the sport is your thing you really need to go and grab it. Failing that, just download it anyway and see if you agree with me that it is a perfect example of a BlackBerry 10 app.

More information/Download UFC.TV for BlackBerry 10



Thanks for the preview James! I'll be dowloading this app for sure



Nice! Thanks for the demo! I'm very impressed by how easy it seems to be to navigate around the app..


It's a great app and I had it downloaded in time for the GSP fight over the weekend.


"These are not very nice ladies, not at all."


Lmao! Awesome review James. They are very bad girls indeed!


Hi. Can someone tell me that actually streamed the event on Saturday night how good the quality of the picture was? I'm assuming you hooked it up to your HDTV through HDMI.


Kevin, I think I read somewhere you streamed the GSP/DIAZ fight with this app.. What was the quality of the picture on your HDTV? Thanks!


I've been trying to register in this app and it keeps saying I need to enter first and last name for the credit card name even though I have it filled out..... anybody else having any trouble with registering?

Posted via CB10


Ok I've finally figured out how to register. You have to delete your credit card name that the app automatically puts in and re type it. Weird but it worked.... I've been playing around with the app and bought a couple of fights. The app is really easy to navigate around in but it is missing one key thing... it needs a place to list the fights you bought so you can watch them again without searching for them. Hopefully this will be in a future update....

Posted via CB10