Hands-on with the T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10

Hey, T-Mobile's getting the BlackBerry Q10 too! Take a look!

By Simon Sage on 13 May 2013 07:39 pm EDT

While cruising the BlackBerry Live 2013 showcase, we managed to check out T-Mobile's BlackBerry Q10. The model number showed up as SQN-100-5 as expected, and it was running OS 10.1.

It's still hard to gage how much carrier in-your-faceness we'll see on the T-Mobile version, but the rep there said that we'll see similar (if not identical) preloads as the Z10. Physical branding on the device is more of a grey area, since this one, much like the Sprint model being shown off here at the show, is also straight from BlackBerry, complete with serial number engraving. 

So, T-Mobile customers, are you digging on the Q10? Is an affordable, no-contract plan plus a physical keyboard a winning combo, or is there something about the other carriers that's winning you over? Maybe the Z10 is more your speed?

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Hands-on with the T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10


Switching from the Z10 as soon as it's released.
Tried to get a Sqn100-5 on ebay but was unsuccessful so I'm gonna wait it out ;)
T-Mobile network has improved a lot and it's proving to be the wise choice as ulimited everything is only 50 bucks and never got one single bill that i was charged over my contract so far.

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It's not even a T-Mobile unit? Straight from BlackBerry...seriously? I can't believe these desperate attempts to make it look like carrier models "are here". No branding, preloaded software...nothing but a generic model that's clearly not ready for primetime.

Yeah that's disappointing to see. At least when a device is carrier branded, I know it's for sure ready to be launched soon. Maybe it's psychological haha but I'd still rather see the T-Mobile logo on the bottom. Same with the Sprint one in their earlier hands-on. Seeing the carrier logo is just encouraging!

It doesn't "need" a logo, but it's clearly not a retail unit. Very disappointing that this is the best carriers can bring, after all this time!

The incoherent nature of your comments make me chuckle. You do know it is called BlackBerry Live. Think about it.

You do know that T-mobile is a retailer whereas BB is a manufacturer. BB live is a manufacturer event to highlight product development. There are many more things going on than carrier launch dates. Think about it and watch carefully.

Good stuff. But now I'm using z10 and I'm happy with it. may be the next time i will try the q10.

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Out of curiosity, why do you guys unbox phones for all the carriers? Does a phone from 1 carrier distinguish itself from the other?

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Actually, from what I know, some carriers do package their phones with different accessories than others. But as far as the phone, it'll be the same obviously...

funny! i NEVER understood that. i mean once u have unboxed one, what else is gona be in the other box? s cleaning sleeve? lol

I love my z10 on vZW but the upgrade at anytime option with T-Mobile was very intriguing. If they had the service here I would have jumped on with them.

Left sprint for vZW for the coverage and sprint skipped Z.

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I'm pleased with my z10
... I couldn't wait any longer. I had been with android for the past year. I'm glad to be back. T-Mobile has stepped it's game up but they can be slow on the releasing of new phones. Also z10 from T-Mobile only comes with micro sim card and charger :(

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Eagerly awaiting TMO release of Q10. Love my Z10, but the Q form factor is best for me.

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Why does the Sprint Version runs and the T-Mobile Version wouldn't it means that the T-Mobile Versions are better??

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This will probably be my next phone. Either this or the R10. Kinda suxs that i'll have to wait until around the end of the year to finally get my hands on my own Bb os10 qwerty phone.

Where is our 10.1 version for Rogers in Canada. It's a bloody Canadian company and we have to wait??? So stupid.

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Poor review. T-M's BB phones for years have had a feature used by intl. travelers - UMA/wifi calling from any hotspot in the world. (I've used it in at least 15 countries to make free calls back to U.S.) No mention was even made whether this phone has, or will have this feature.
Even if I upgrade, I'll keep my 9700 to use overseas as long as BB keeps BIS open. TM (and I think ATT may still offer) offers unlimited intl email when roaming w. your BB for peanuts. (Not allowed to post price.here OS 10 will not have this feature, either. And no mention was made that Google has killed the use of Google Voice on all BB phones. No Google maps on OS10.
Anyway, I'll probably get the TM Q10 if TM doesn't give me problems in switching phones from time to time..
Say - maybe I can't do that. Doesn't the Q10 use a smaller SIM?

I love my Z10 and cannot even imagine switching it for Q10. But I know that a lot of folks are excited to get the new Q10 and I am happy that BlackBerry has this variety to offer. My Z10 is also with TMobile and I don't even know why anyone would choose another carrier. I pay only 75 dollars and have unlimited everything and I didn't even pay a dime when I was getting the phone. Crazy deal.

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I can't imagine not using my Z10. I can't give up this screen for a physical keyboard. This virtual keyboard is awesome. I want 10.1 officially now!

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I am a T-Mobile Business Customer. I just ordered my Q10 last Friday and am waiting for its delivery. Regarding the UMA feature someone mentioned earlier. My T Mo business rep assured me that they are working on it. Its a must have feature if you are a traveler or if you have bad reception in your area and need to use your router for service.
I have had to defend myself for "still having a Blackberry" for years now. I live in Arizona where I-phones tend to overheat and shut off. My favorite line of defense against a boastful I-phone user.... "because my blackberry actually lets me make calls in summer" I have been through a Verizon I phone 4 and two crappy android phones on T-mobile. All the wifi calling sucks on the androids, the I-phone doesn't even offer it. UMA on Blackberry is by far the best and it works very well in every country that I have been to. You can use a mini sim in an regular sim slot. You just need a piece of tape and your old sim card. With an exacto knife cut out a slot of your old sim car to fit around the new SIM where the gold contacts are and tape it in .It will work just fine in your old 8700.

Anyways, I can't wait for my Q-10 . I 'll keep you posted on how I like it.