Hands-on with the Sprint BlackBerry Q10

Sprint's totally getting the Q10, and we totally have our hands on one.

By Simon Sage on 13 May 2013 07:02 pm EDT

Here at BlackBerry Live 2013 we got our grubby mitts all over Sprint's upcoming BlackBerry Q10. Sprint took a pass on the Z10 for the time being, but there are plenty of QWERTY loyalists bound to be interested in the Q10. Obviously you won't be seeing any serial numbers on the retail unit, and the reps at the show were coy about whether or not we'd see any physical branding on the device.

We didn't see anything in the way of preloaded software, but the devices there were running 10.1, so we can expect them coming out of the box that way. Speaking of which, if you'd like to get a sense of what you're getting out of the store, be sure to check out one of our unboxing videos of the Canadian models. Will the Sprint box include the super-sweet headphones? Who knows!

Any Sprint customers eager to get their hands on the BlackBerry Q10?

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Hands-on with the Sprint BlackBerry Q10


First!!! Useless comment but just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
I'm disappointed.

I will be tuning in to BB live!!!

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Do you really need to do separate videos for Q10s on different networks? It's the exact same phone, just with a different service provider.

If CB didn't do it for each carrier you would undoubtedly get people asking if the Q10 was coming out for said carrier. This way it may be a little redundant but, it is made clear that people that are locked wit certain carriers will have the option to get the Q10.

I understand why the news is reported, I just don't see the point of the hands-on video. It's the exact same device. They also did separate unboxing videos for each carrier too. Why?

I guess this is good news for Sprint loyalists. Come August 20th, after over a decade, I'm kicking them to the curb for having the audacity to skip the z10. I'm sure the Q will make them some good money making them rue the decision on the Z.

Longtime Sprint user, switched to the Z10 on T-Mobile. I had the Photon before (unhappy with promises Sprint and Motorola never kept) and left with 3 months left on contract. T-Mobile agreed to pay any fee I was billed by Sprint so you may not have to wait until August 20th.

Good for sprint, at least one carrier in the states us carrying a BlackBerry, although not sure y they never got the z10

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Rumor is they passed for Blackberry's phablet. My friends and I split a Sprint bill 4 ways 40/person. I have no reason to leave especially with this baby coming so indeed this is good for Sprint

I switched from Sprint because they didn't get the Z10, and I'm so glad I did. Verizon has a much better network by far. Probably would have switched regardless really. Hope the LTE helps with their coverage / network speed.

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Wow, no release date or any kind of specific info. Awesome! And I like how you need to dive into the settings to try and prove it's a Sprint model. BS

I'm sorry, but this is the best they can do at BlackBerry Live? Generic units that are clearly not retail models...after all this time. Very disappointing

What is it you are wanting to see?? Sprint is releasing the q10 so they are showing the q10. I do think get what you are disappointed with

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It's not a retail model, meaning it could be several weeks or even months before its released. I wanted to see actual, ready to go carrier models. Will they have carrier logos on the front? Who knows... I (and I'm sure many others) just want to see a final product at the show with clear answers (release date, final appearance, etc.). It's BlackBerry Live in a major US city, so I don't think this is a lot to ask, especially since it's already been released in several other markets.

You make me laugh. You think Sprint should send Q10s to the company that makes them so that they can display them at BB live. Ok chief.

Just highlighting the obvious weaknesses in your argument. Doesn't take much effort to be honest.

Whatever. The carriers have their own booths and bring their own stuff, independent of BlackBerry. You are unfortunately clueless at how the tradeshow part of this works...

Sounds great. Except the fact that I left for AT&T to grab my Z10 and have zero regrets. The other 3 lines have moved on to AT&T as well. Glad sprint is finally getting on the bandwagon though

Via CB10 on AT&T Z10

I've been waiting for the Q10 on Sprint. My contract has been up since August last year, and the keyboard on my old Curve is. As beat up, dirty, and overall just barely staying together. Been a good companion, but I'm looking forward to some good times with a Q10!

I went from curve 8530, to bold 9900, to z10. Each jump was huuuge!

You sir are going from curve to q10. What a leap!!

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You're probably right, but he might be referring to a newer Curve as well, like 9350/70.

This is how you CB10, son!

I still love my Z10 though. I'm glad other providers are jumping on BlackBerry devices.

On my Z10 on a CrackBerry case.

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While I am anxious to get my hands on this phone! I will "probably" jump on it... but I really wish I could have had the choice... Perhaps they will allude to another device? Again, Who Knows?!

Left a 6 year relationship with Sprint to jump on Verizon's Z10. In one year and 10 months I might come back if they show some real respect for BlackBerry and their 4G network is kickin'.

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No thanks Sprint. Glad you got the Q10 but I am now happy at Verizon with my Z10 and the LTE data everywhere I go.

To all the ones stuck with Sprint enjoy the Q10.

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Mu buddy dropped Sprint for AT&T. Lack of the Z10 also. No regrets he said. Sprint probably lost some BlackBerry fans over the last couple of months.

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my heart skipped a beat when I saw Sprint and Q10 in the same sentences on the header. I was like ITS HERE then I read on and I got epic frowny face.
I cant wait!!

Great News for Sprint Customers,finally getting on the Blackberry 10 Bandwagon. I was a long term customer of Sprint moved on to AT&T ,No regrets enjoying my Z10.

Why does the Sprint Version runs and the T-Mobile Version wouldn't it means that the T-Mobile Versions are better??

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As a byproduct of waiting, discussing, bitching about the long delay for the Q10 to finally hit Sprint (or anywhere else here in the US), it became quite clear to me that I should jump from Sprint regardless. It was actually a review of the HTC One that made me fully realize this, as it talked about the data speed differences between the AT&T model and the Sprint model tested.

I've been very happy by and large with Sprint's voice coverage, but when AT&T is zipping along at 4G and Sprint is "slow for 3G even," there is a vast difference in data speeds. Sprint doesn't even have LTE rolled out in major cities like NYC, St. Louis, San Francisco, etc. Living in Syracuse, NY, I don't have a high level of confidence we're getting it any year soon.

Now, if the hinting is accurate that the delay at Sprint will be even longer for the Q10, that only solidifies my choice to jump to either Vz or AT&T. I'm leaning toward Vz. This departure started rolling down the hill when they decided against the Z10 (which I didn't want, but my wife would have instead of her new Galaxy SIII).

The HTC One would be my phone if I finally get fed up with this wait, by the way.

Actually, Sprint does have active LTE in New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston (including the Cape Cod, Worcester, Fall River, Lowell/Lawrence, and Springfield/Holyoke), and is deploying in many other markets nationwide. I guess you haven't heard of a site named s4gru.com which has been dead on with the LTE deployments nationwide (my appologies to the mods here for mentioning another site).

I specifically looked at Sprint's own website yesterday and NYC, SF, Philly, St Louis and a couple of others I checked were still listed as "coming." In fact, the first post in the thread on rollout at the site you mentioned has a map that indicates the same thing for NYC (for example).

My post was not an uneducated one, and whether or not Sprint's own info was up to date, doesn't change my overall point that they are behind by leaps and bounds where LTE is concerned.

Actually Sprint has launched it's 4G LTE in NYC, but it is not an official roll-out. If you read their press releases for when they break into a new cities with LTE it reads this towards the bottom:

"Many Sprint customers are discovering Sprint 4G LTE in cities that haven’t yet officially been announced, including Washington, D.C., New York and San Francisco."

I was thinking about switching or staying on and holding out for the Note 3. So YAY! I've never owned a BlackBerry But I really like the keyboard, touch screen and the reminders. People tell me I have no business owning a blackberry since I'm not running a business. But I like it!

I use Calendar on my iPad, synced with iCloud with my wife's iPhone 4s. Will I be able to access the calendar with the Q10? Not just see it, but use it fully. I currently have BB Curve. Been waiting for the Q10, but really want that iCloud usage. Thanks for any insight on this.