Hands on with Seidio's case and charging pod for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Joseph Holder on 11 Jan 2012 07:48 pm EST

I'm dangerous around a BlackBerry. I drop them, bang them against doors, and in general, abuse them. That's why I have to keep my ‘Berry in a case. It's just better that way. I also like the BlackBerry charging pods. But if you're at all familiar with cases and charging pods, you know that the two generally don't mix.

One of my favorite BlackBerry case makers is Seidio. I loved their case and holster combo for my Torch 9800, and I'm currently roaming the CES halls with another Seidio case for my Torch 9860.

Stopping by their booth in the North Hall at CES 2012, I found that they have done the seemingly impossible; they've created a case that fits inside a charging pod. Made for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, the case-enclosed BlackBerry slips easily into Seidio's charging pod. Pass throughs in the bottom of the case allow the Bold's charging points to connect the charging pod.

This is a great idea that has been a long time in coming. Finally, charging pod convenience and case protection have come together in one handy combination.

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Hands on with Seidio's case and charging pod for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


Charging pod convenience might actually get me to remove my Otterbox Commuter from my 9900. Pics and official review please!

I think Seidio is one stop short from a case/holster/charging pod solution.

I got the commuter first and after being annoyed with how hard it was to remove and having great experience with seidio in the past I decided to look into the active case. I got the holster and case for $30 on amazon and love it. Better feel and grip then the otter but a little more bulky. Super easy to get on and off the phone which is great since I swap batteries during the day. Will be looking to get this charging pod shortly to go with the case.

No pics right now but I might be able to post some later.

Charging pod that works with the Otterbox Commuter.... I would go for it regardless of the cost!

Thing is that I think that that combination is impossible.

If Seidio made a good job, is something that needs to be evaluated, as BaconMunch mentioned....

- Jaime G.

They said they have no plans to make an extended battery for the Bold 99xx. So don't get the hopes up.

Very nice.

Though I figured this one was coming as soon as I put on my Seidio Active case and saw that there were cutouts for the charging contacts.

And it's already in the Crackberry store! Time to break out the credit card.

The active case, holster, and charging pod for my new 9930 showed up today. The blue case looks great and the pod works as advertised.

I have both the ACTIVE case and the charging cradle. Case is great except for being a dust-magnet, but the cradle doesn't work so well.
With the case on, the phone doesn't sit in constant contact with the cradle prongs, so it basically goes in and out of charging (ie, not fully charged over night!).
It's slightly better when the phone is bare, but it still doesn't charge completely because the contact isn't secure.
Either the angle that the phone is sitting is not quite right, or the cradle charge prongs are too stiff for the points they need to contact on the phone, so they slide off. Regardless I have to stick with the wall charger directly plugged in to be sure I get a full charge.

[This might have been noticed in the video if the cradle was plugged in! =) ]

Do you think you could just drill two holes in the bottom of the Otterbox Commuter and use it with the Seidio Dock?

I've been using the Active case and charger combo for a week now. I love it. I never have to take the case off the phone. I keep a charger by my bedside and one on my desk at work. A couple tips for using the combo:
1. When you put the case on your phone, pay special attention to the alignment of the holes on the bottom since that's where the charger contacts will be inserted.
2. Applying gently pressure when inserting the phone/case into the charger helps establish the charging contact.

I've used cases and chargers for years, and I have absolutely no complaints about this combo. It's a no-brainer IMO.

I was going to post the exact same thing. No issues except having to widen one of the holes ever so slightly but that is because there was a bit of left over rubber from manufacturing of the case. Very happy with my Active case and charger.

I'm another happy user of the Active/Charger combo. I have the BB charging dock, but the unit is too light, and the groove is just too shallow so my then-caseless 9930 kept falling over. The Seidio is bigger, heavier and with the caseless adapter removed, deep enough to hold the phone, in the case (nice not to have to keep taking it out) very securely. One on the desk, one bedside.

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