Hands on with Pinball Deluxe HD on the BlackBerry Z10 - A little gem!

By James Richardson on 28 Mar 2013 03:02 pm EDT

Pinball Deluxe HD for BlackBerry 10 caught my attention in BlackBerry World and I'm glad it did as it rocks. I've not owned the game on any of my other BlackBerry devices before but this one is staying on my Z10 for sure.

There are a few things you can alter from within the settings - such as the sound effects and volume, but in addition you can also tweak the flippers and turn off/on in game controls help. There are currently five different pinball tables you can play on and each of them are very unique. For example: The 'Space Frontier' one is your typical pinball machine but having a space theme means it also gets some amazing space sound effects. They really add some extra value to the game and the first time I played it I had a little 'wow' moment to myself.

Then there is the 'Brix' table. Here you earn points by smashing the bricks on the table. You also get some extra ball action here so it can get a little hectic with more than one ball shooting up and down - but fun though!

With so much variation within the game it really is a great app and well worth the three bucks it costs. If you have the Z10 you would be bonkers not to consider downloading Pinball Deluxe HD.

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Hands on with Pinball Deluxe HD on the BlackBerry Z10 - A little gem!


I love Pinball Deluxe on my 9810. Can't wait to try it on the Z10 with 5 different tables. This one will be a definite purchase for me. Thanks for the heads-up!

I like this game but it's not the best. Hoping for better pinball games down the road. For now it will do.

I'm a huge pinball fan. Hoping for the Star Wars table to port from Android.

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Agreed this is definitely a good game but it's far from the best. I've played this for the BB curve, then for the Playbook. Each version has gotten better so im looking for to trying it out on my (future) q10!

Sorry don't want to hijack anything but anyone else experiencing problems with BlackBerry World? I keep getting the "There is a issue with BlackBerry World. BlackBerry World must now close" message

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Blackberry World, for me on Z10, sucks. Always spinning refresh. Shows spark for update there, but takes forever to actually show me what needs updating. BBRY needs to look at iTunes store. Not that I love that model, but it works, always.

Can't use BlackBerry World at all. Keeps giving me that message and closes. Soooo frustrating.

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I occasionally experience it too. Maybe it's network issue maybe not, but connecting the phone to wifi fix the problem for me.

It works alright on a Z10, sometimes the frame rate stutters or the movement of the ball is not smooth. Still, until something such as Zen Pinball makes it way to us, which I really hope is in the cards, it's one of the more complete and polished pinball games out there for us.

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2.99$, too much for me. I would impulse buy this but anything over .99$ I have to think about. I am sure there a lot of lost sales due to price.

I agree, but the problem is that it blocks buyers, take for example iTunes, when all songs were .99$ i would buy them like crazy, then songs went up to 1.29$ and i started to think twice i am sure the amount of songs i purchased went down 40% at least. Same for games and software, when they are .99$ i buy them and don't think twice of weather or not i will actually play the game. I am no way saying that the developpers should not be paid well for their work. I know that many hours go into developping even the simplest games.

No problems with Blackberry World here. Has been good for me since I got my Z10.
Was also able to DL this no charge, had it previously on Playbook and 9810.

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Cyanide. Kill your wifi connection. Enter the app world first, then turn on your wifi. That did the trick for me...

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