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Grappling with the official WWE BlackBerry 10 app

By James Richardson on 5 Jul 2013 02:31 pm EDT

We announced that the official WWE application had hit BlackBerry 10 a short while ago, so in true CrackBerry style it's time to show you on video how great the app is. Oooh, yeah brother (in the style of Randy Savage)!

If you are into your WWE this one is a must have app. It's jam-packed with content, including, news, videos and photos. I must admit that wrestling isn't my thing but I'm well aware of how huge it is globally and I recognize a great application when I see one.

Once you launch the app you will be presented with four sections on the home screen: Breaking News, RAW, Smack Down and My Universe. These give you quick access into the section you want, but if you press the 'Home' tab at the base of the screen there's a few more options. In addition to the aforementioned options there are also tabs for 'Active' where you can jump into WWE tweets, watch video highlights, check out the superstar spotlight and also view a calendar of upcoming events.

The Superstars tab is pretty sweet as there is a huge list of pictures of the stars of WWE. Click on one and you can see videos and photos relating to that wrestler. There's an option to add him/her to your favorites and you can even share the information via the BlackBerry Hub - sweet.

If you fancy checking out the WWE merchandise you can also do that via the shop and there is a ton of stuff to buy as you can imagine. Whether you just want to catch up with what's happening in the world of WWE or you want more information on your favorite wrestlers, this app will give you everything you need. It rocks, plus with the app supporting all BlackBerry 10 handsets everybody's a winner. And did I mention it is free?

More information/Download WWE from BlackBerry World





Bor Navas

I'll give it a try!

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C


Yeah not a bad write up. Looking at taking a look myself.

Posted via CB10


It's probably one of the best apps for BlackBerry 10.

A pro wrestling app is one of the best...

Posted via CB10


For having fake Razor as your avatar, you win the internet.


You forgot to mention that the app shows you additonal content during WWE events like backstage interviews and lets you vote in polls.

Good OL MC

Don't have a Z10 but I thought I'd chime in and say that I've used the app for iOS and during the live shows you really do get some interesting content.


I used to be a huge wrestling fan back in the 90's, but this app is such a great example of a well made app for BB10. Even if your not a fan of wrestling give it a try just to see the way a native app should be built.

Posted via CB10


I'm not into wrestling any more but I downloaded it to see what the Rock was cooking. Lol. In true WWE fashion they built an awesome app. Not sure what there app looks like on other platforms but the BB10 version rocks it out.

Posted via CB10


It's better than both ios and android......and I'm really glad to lol (had all)

Posted via CB10


Well ya know Mean Gene, I wonder if CrackBerry could find out who WWE contracted to do the programming? There might be a good story in it.


WWE contracted it out to Motek Mobile.


Randy Savage? Your age is showing.

Posted via CB10


Just downloaded the app to see. Its so good. Imagine other big name apps on this platform. Gonna be so much good

Posted via CB10


Anyone wanna be in a BBM Group for professional wrestling? Just drop your PIN in the link below. We are active and talk all things wrestling.

Posted via CB on the Z10


Definitely a great app. It runs so smooth and has a lot of content to it, and yes. If you're watching live you can access a lot more.

+1 to WWE for a great app.

Maybe we could see more native apps that run as well as this?

Posted via CB10


CoSign. This app runs flawlessly. It should have the Built For BlackBerry symbol on it. I can't imagine what could possibly be missing to keep it from getting it. Videos don't buffer, it's easy to use and navigate thru content,...nicely designed and executed.

Posted via CB10


Finally this is what everyone's been waiting for! /sarcasm

Posted via CB10


This is definitely not grappling. Lol.

Posted via CB10