Hands Up! Now Give Me Your BlackBerry!

By James Falconer on 17 Jan 2008 09:11 am EST

Hand over the BlackBerry and no one gets hurt!Joseph Mallia of newsday reported yesterday that 3 men are facing criminal charges after they used a 12-gauge shotgun to rob a man of his BlackBerry!..... and his wallet. (Ok, Ok, it wasn't all about the BlackBerry!)

Apparently the 3 men approached the victim late monday night, held him up with a shotgun, and then stole the Berry and his wallet. They quickly sped off in a silver BMW.

This raises the question: What would you be more upset about... Having your wallet stolen or your BlackBerry stolen? :)

Note to self, watch out for silver BMW's.

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Hands Up! Now Give Me Your BlackBerry!


News Report didn't say the amount in the wallet... thought it does say "BlackBerry and Wallet".... as if the BlackBerry was what they were after and the wallet was an after thought.

Crazy World.

Well if there was enough money to cover a new BB and a large pizza, then I think I would miss the wallet.

I must say that since I don't carry much in my wallet, I would be more upset about my Blackberry. It would be a hassle to cancel all of my credit cards and debit cards but that's about all I would have to do, I wouldn't be out of too much money if my wallet was stolen.

I recently left my Blackberry in a cab, it's been hell without it.

After getting your wallet (that can only have so much cash or value) and your blackberry (ok so thats priceless)stolen, how does it feel to see the 3 guys that jacked you hop into a Bimmer!?

I don't know what i would do without my BlackBerry 8830, it takes about an Hour or 2 at the most to report all my credit card stolen, bit it make take up to 2 days to get my crack back, that's too much to go thru....lol