A hands-on look at BBM 2.0 for Android and iOS - Channels, voice calls, location sharing, and more!

By Bla1ze on 6 Jan 2014 06:45 pm EST

In addition to CESLive, there's several other events happening that we'll be checking out while in Las Vegas and one of those is the New Media Expo. Earlier, Rene stopped by the BBM booth to speak with Jeff Gadway about the brand new BBM 2.0 beta for Android and iOS. 

Although still in beta for now, the update includes BBM channels for broadcasting and interaction, voice calls for crystal clear audio, location sharing via Glympse to let your contacts know where you are, but only for as long as you feel comfortable, and 100 new emoticons, 25 of which were chosen by the BBM users.




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Why was this first on iMore, then on Android Central and CrackBerry last?

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why does it matter?....


Just saying that CB has been slow these days, pretty much report everything after all the other news sites.

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Well this was more of a "mobile nation" thing than just a CB thing, so there's that :)


Well it is an android beta..

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


I would guess because Rene runs iMore so he probably uploaded it there first, second it was loaded to Android Central because it is after all, discussing an Android app in beta, and then it was uploaded to CBerry because obviously you save the best for last (/≥▽≤/)

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Love your comment!

Cheers. :)

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I have found that as well N4BB news had lots of this info pretty early!

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Rene is from iMore and the version of BBM they are talking about is for the iOS and Android devices. BB already have the features they showed off.


Maybe because BlackBerry needs to keep pushing out BBM to the other platforms.

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Because even though it's BlackBerry Messenger, this post is meant for Android and IOS, it's a beta for them not us.

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Read the title of the article again and then reconsider your question lol.


My android friends can't wait

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Needs to be in full release ASAP !

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Screen share?

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Needs BBM Video Chat so I could rid of Skype..

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Totally agree!!

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I hope they fixed the group chat bug on android and iOS where every time someone says something new they get booted all the way to the bottom. Friends are going crazy because they can't catch up in chats. They have to turn airplane mode on and catch up.

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I hope so too! If they can improve the reliability of BBM on Android/iOS and add new features within a timely manner at the same time with the upcoming new version of BBM, I think it will bode well for BBM. But I'm cautiously hoping with fingers crossed for this year!

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Hope they improved the reliability. iOS is a major issue now. Not sure if there is something to do with the settings but most of my iOS users are not aware of it and the messages do not get delivered if BBM is not opened all the time.


Will we (BlackBerry users) get those emoticons too?

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Yes, they're on the BlackBerry bbm beta already.

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I think Rene was checking BBM 2.0 for iPhone not Android.

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Why not video chat? Let's make Skype obsolete!

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Dave Bourque

Video chat is there ? Is it not ?



The video only mentions BBM voice for thé moment :'(

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It's important they keep making these press releases even if it's not ready. Just to keep the buzz somewhat alive especially now after the festive period.

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It is not.

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Nice, now a quick release and we'll be golden.

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Excellent. I hope it comes out of beta soon and flies back up to number 1 again.

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sweet. hopefully video call and more options (i.e. sound profiles) are on there way too

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Coming soon

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I thought i heard him say : next couple of months...


What about BlackBerry's own BBM any updates soon?


They are working on that too. I know there is the version of BBM in beta right now which has the new emoticons and more. But it makes more business sense to dedicate resources towards building a uniform experience right now across all mobile OS platforms, so BBM can see bigger user numbers.


Can wait for the new bbm and 10.2.1

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Well that was a major fail on that BBM Channels demo. For gods sake, use the 4G and don't rely on the convention's WiFi, Hello! Sloppy, real sloppy.

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yeah, triple facepalm


Why is it major fail? Does BlackBerry have control of the wifi or internet reception at the CES?

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That's why Frank suggested relying on 4G instead of some 3rd party wifi.

Could be they tested 4G, but because there is so much happening in the CES area, there might have been some tower overload. Thousands of smartphone hardcore users in one spot, so they decided to go the wifi route.

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Hey Kev or Adam, what's the 4G situation like at CES?

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The 4G connection there might not be very good.


Hopefully video chat with screen share will be up next. For bbm channels, I hope they add snap chat ability to set time limits on shared pics and videos. And a windows bbm version and we will have a bbm monopoly on our hands lol



And a full desktop version too



Lol, couldnt care less actually :) non of my friends have it, non even know that blackberry has some sort of messenger. So only me and my gf with her icrap 5s are using it and just because she is in Turkey and sms eu->tr are expensive... oh, and bbm is the single best working messenger app in BlackBerry10, as whats app is crap :)
BlackBerry needs some marketing for us, who have never heard of BlackBerry few years before, and for those to whom BlackBerry only asociates with old days symbian nokia - almost extinct and not atractive :)
Dont get me wrong, i love BlackBerry and my z10, but i dont see any advatnage of bbm for a regular user of android/icrap

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True BBM adoption by ios and Android users who have no history with BlackBerry is a tough sell. It will need to have some compelling enough features to get people to use it. I use it extensively with family and colleagues particularly since we have global offices at work and my family is also in different parts of world. But the thing is that we have BBM history.
A desktop version could get bigger adoption at work for us as Skype and hangouts are what we use now. But they both have major issues with respect to reliability. Maybe video conferences via a more reliable private network would get better adoption for bbm. Our entire business relies heavily on reliable and free global video conferencing.

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Well if your business relies on free video chat then what's the complaint? Its free.

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jojo beaconsfield

They should have scrapped the interview and wait till a better connection was made possible which I,m sure they are working on right now.Too bad BB had to be first,Oh well


How about being able to share pictures in a group chat!

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They should market why BBM sharing is not available for iOS. "We would, but the OS does not offer that flexibility"


Oops I meant screen sharing. Joke ruined by typo.


NSA leaker Snowden revealing apple and Google smartphones can be used to spy on the users. And Google asking for all sorts of app permission to learn about you and sell ads. I think BlackBerry should capitalize on security of BlackBerry and open the masses eye via smart marketing. Even the Whitehouse is required to use BlackBerry.

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Children should not be allowed into the adult areas here on the internet.

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Love to see a BBM update for BlackBerry soon. Channels could definitely use some polishing

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How do I get into the beta biz?
(download the beta version)

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Anyone know if 2.0 will allow landscape mode typing? I've heard this is a major complaint from more than just Android users. BlackBerry users can't even bbm in landscape from the bbm app...just from the hub for some reason.

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Video chat is needed.


I hope they fix the massive massive battery drain (wakelock) on Android.


Did he say "a couple of months" smh


Get this going right the first time so we can say goodbye to What's Crap and Viber

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Hah...oops. please delete.

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"In the next couple MONTHS" lol!


I prefer using my native BBM on my z10 than android or iOS bbm works perfectly on BlackBerry!

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So is BBM 2.0 already available for android and ios?

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Great updates imo! ;)

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So is it release yet? Cuz my friend's IOS still available only for old BBM version instead of 2.0...

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would be nice to know it :(


Please get rid of the need for the persistent notification and please make it correctly compatible with missedit!

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So any news about when will be out ? or how can i get an beta invitation im a beta zone user from 2 years ago