Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!

iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2010 06:39 pm EDT

Check out the Review, then Leave a Comment for your chance to win an iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch! We're giving away 1 a day for 30 days!

This is probably one of the coolest BlackBerry accessories I've tested out so far. The iGrip car charging dock for the Torch 9800 mounts to the windshield or dash in your car and lets you easily drop in your Torch so you can use a navigation app on the go. I fired up AT&T Navigator while my Torch was in the dock and I have to say its just as good (if not better) than having a separate GPS unit. The dock is totally solid and stays secure so you don't have to worry about it dropping off the window. I really like the latch that secures down over the Torch once inserted - it ensures the phone is held secure whether used in landscape or portrait mode. When you get to wherever you're going, just pull your device out and take it with you. The video above is a bit of hand-on with the dock as well as a bit of in-car action to see just how it works. As of right now the iGrip BlackBerry Torch charging dock is only available via Smartphone Experts, so click on over to learn more and pick one up at ShopCrackBerry.com today!

Contest: We're Giving Away 1 iGrip Torch Cradle a Day for 30 Days! So the good great completely awesome folks at iGrip have hooked up a wicked contest for CrackBerry Nation. If you're a BlackBerry Torch owner living in the USA and want a chance at winning an iGrip Cradle for the Torch along with a BlackBerry Car Charger, then all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post (drop in some nice comments about why you want this bad boy while you're at it!). We'll update this post every day for the next 30 days with the previous day's winner below. 

Contest Winners:

We'll be collecting the winners a week at a time, so if you're a winner hang tight and we'll be sending you an email to get all of your info. 

Day 1: jmarkey77
Day 2: avelvethammer
Day 3: RedbirdGT
Day 4: SkySoldier
Day 5: Boldacious
Day 6: pmas76
Day 7: rontaylor
Day 8: mcdanielnc89
Day 9: dmann96
Day 10: cpw
Day 11: bmoot
Day 12: mor4u
Day 13: rlgwood
Day 14: RoninKSB
Day 15: spartacus802
Day 16: smokn05
Day 17: somainer
Day 18: ddtrujillo
Day 19: roefernj
Day 20: seldvm76
Day 21: Cracktere
Day 22: gritsinct
Day 23: angelicar84
Day 24: lauren25
Day 25: texasbid
Day 26: canadiansinusa
Day 27: rizzo269
Day 28: doodie1231
Day 29: Raistlin1
Day 30: ceramdoc

iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Photos


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
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Reader comments

Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!



This would rock for my 9800, as a frequent traveller it can be my navigation holder in my rental cars, eliminating the need for a garmin Nuvi or like product. Pick me please!

Sure would be nice , to win one of these bad boys!!! Hopefully, no more drivi around with the phone in my hand & looking at the GPS!!!

heading up to Wisconsin Dells in a few weeks....would be nice to use this on the trip....pick me CB!!!

Thanks for offering all the free stuff!!!

I could really use one of these to go with my new torch. Hoping I'll win one so I can spend my money on a desktop cradle.

My poor little BlackBerry Torch has to sit in my car's door handle! This is one of the coolest car accessories ever! Pick me! Pick me! I will buy one if you don't pick me, but I'd much rather win one and tell all my friends to buy iGrip products :)

I have a BlackBerry Bold 9700 with an iGrip mount and love it. If I can convince my wife that she should have a Blackberry, I could get myself the new Torch 9800.

I've been wondering that, too. Not very fair of CrackBerry if you ask me. I could understand if there were only a handful of entries and 30 to give away there would be doubles. There are so many comments/entries that doubles shouldn't be allowed. I'm disappointed in the CrackBerry team.

Hi Im alen and i totally want one of these!!! I cant write a rap, i cant really make cool videos, but i use the snot out of my torch doing random things! sooo if ya wouldnt mind sendin one my wayy id appreciate it :)
also keep up the good work at cb because otherwise i would have 0 things to do at work. thank you =)

I'm starting to get a complex that out of the hundreds of requests to win...I haven't won. yet.

What's up with that, CB??

I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight.

When can I win? Which day is for me?

avelvethammer wins twice? Not fair! I only have one car - and only need one.

Not hating but its not fair to allow someone to win more than once. Anywho, Avelvethammer is lucky, congrats!

this awesome cradle - no more digging in my purse as the phone is ringing, no more holding up the phone so the kids in the back can hear their dad on the phone, no more getting lost on the way to a meeting or birthday party....

Only a few days remaining! I would love to have this for my long drive fron Indiana to florida. Pick me!!!!

I have been trapped in the garage under an old pile of newspapers and was unable to post for many days. Now after an ingenious escape using common houshold items I found in a box nearby, I have returned. Please pick me for this sweet accessory. C'mon you know you liked the Principal Skinner reference from 1994. My awesome torch needs this awesome dock. I promise to mention iGrip and Crackberry to everyone that rides in the white shadow.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Charging Dock. I hope that it has worked out as a good accessory for all of you, though I am pretty sure it has been as good as advertised.

If I was stuck under a pile of papers I would entertain myself with a paddle-ball until I could free myself. Knowing that if only had an iGrip I would not find myself in this predicament.

If I had an iGrip, I would put a bumper sticker on my car saying "my car has an iGrip - what's yours have?" or "my iGrip is smarter than your honor student"

I am a new blackberry torch user and I love this phone. I live in the city and am always driving around and getting lost so this is exactly what I need. This car charger looks amazing, I definitely need to pick one up.

I am a current torch owner and believe this is a wicked product. Much better than holding it while driving which can be very dangerous. Safe driving!

Wicked giveaway!

I just saw this post today. I have Torch and I am looking for IGrip for a while now. I hope I win in this last 3 days.

This would be a great addition to my Torch. It would elimnate me carrying around my Garmin when traveling. One device to rule them all.

This looks awesome for my torch. This would make traveling a lot easier, as oppose to keeping my phone in my lap, as well as keeping my phone charged while in the car.

So I was digging the Storm 2 for the past month...swearing I wasnt ever gonna get rid of it...then in came the Torch! Awesome unit and not sure I could live without, especially now that my Garmin stopped working yesterday. So I figured lets use the Torch but holding up my Torch while I drive may not be the safest; so this iGrip would be a perfect replacement.

I love this accessory. I've seen so many accessories for my Torch but because of College I can't but it would be amazing to get this.
I love all the accessories for the Torch so far. Especially the alarm clock cradle for the Torch.
GO TORCH!!!!!!!!!!
Go CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow is the IGrip the perfect accessory for my little friend. The Lady Torch has been ridin along the shifter with her headphone jack auxillary cable pinched in the cupholder door just to stay safe. that is no way to treat a lady! I really need to pamper her highness with a soft cushy iGrip charging Dock. I'll make a deal. I will buy a charging cable and holster if you spot me an iGrip charging Dock. She will be mounted perfectly up high where she can see what's coming in the future rather than only staring into the past.

I went from a 8320 to a 9000 to a 9800...still trying to get used to a touch screen but I'm getting there. this item would be very useful for finding venders.

This will definitely come in handy as a GPS holder plus charger! I love to have one for my soon to get Torch 9800!

Thanks iGrip and Crackberry!

Typically you can only enter once for a contest but I did notice on this one that it did not state that. Now, I have forever blown my chances of ever winning a iGrip or I doubled my chances. I feel that I probably screwed myself but in reality I do want one of these things and my wife tells me I dont need it. She has me in the iDeath grip. Yes, it is true I sometimes blurr those things I need and those I want. Thus is the case with the iGrip. Please give me the upper hand in this one. I promist to tell her I bought it. I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, the Torch is an absolutely legitimate piece of machinery. RIM is finally starting to catch up and compete with its competitors with the Torch. Plus the seamless integration with the blackberry playbook.

The device looks perfect for my Torch and would make a nice addition to my vehicle. Keep rolling with the ideas they just keep getting better and better!

My wife constantly nags on me for looking at my blackberry when driving and trying to navigate to our destination. This sweet little accessory would go a long way in stopping that.

Awesome, I need one, I used to have the Bold and used a generic dock, it would bend the prongs on my car charger and I have had to replace three chargers. I need this!!

It would be nice if I win... since I'm always on the road it would be very useful to have and will keep me safe while driving.

I have been looking for one of these forever, I am so glad it's review you guys at CB have made show how durable and easy it is to use.

I hope I win one of these too. I really dont have a good spot in my car to put my 9800 torch. If I have to stop quick, on the floor it falls. So I have to keep my phone in my pocket which is a pain if I get a call. This would solve the problem without a doubt!

Wow...perfect for my BB Torch 9800. Best Car mounting device I have ever seen. Will also work on my motorcycle.

Sign me up for a free one.


I hope that you run this contest again for Canadian users. This looks like a great accessory that makes it worth upgrading to the 9800.

Come on i really want to get this Igrip. If i dont win it im still gona buy it.......Send it to me.....ahahahaahahah

I want the iGrip for my new Blackberry Torch because I LOVE IT!!! The iGrip looks cool and very handy, I love to have to so I could easily gain access to Google Maps on my phone not have to take my eyes off the road too bad. :)

This is one of the best charging dock that Crackberry have in the shop, i have a Blackberry Torch 9800 I REALLY REALLY REALLY would like to get this charger, guys you don't know what this have of amazing?
It's small, it's nice, it's cute, it's PERFECT there are a LOT OF THIGNS MORE but the most important of this charger is that CRACKBERRY HAVE IT ! THE BEST PAGE ON THE WORLD HAVE IT!

Hope to win this awesome charger, sorry if my inglish it's not perfect, im from Panama in Central America, we speak spanish here :P, I AM ALL THE DAYS ON THIS PAGE I DON'T CARE IF I HAVE TO USE TRANSLATOR OR ANYTHING THIS IS THE BEST PAGE WITH THE BEST CONTEST!

This is a nicely executed hands-free holder for the Torch...since hands free is the law and I use GPS ALOT plus drivesafe.ly this would be VERY useful!!

As a person who is on the road quite often, this is THE ideal piece of equipment. I don't like to have a ton of devices and the main reason I got my BB is for the GPS. What a novel concept to charge the phone while mounting it safely on the dash. I really could use one of these.

Very nice, im using a kensington one now, that clips on. not fun driving around and have your blackberry land in your lap. but it cost 50 bucks so it will do. but very nice idea!

I was on a Toyota truck website and saw one of these mounted next to the gear shift on a Tundra. The guy did a sick job and the mod was as clean as a whistle. I just might do it one day if I had the time. Nice Device.

Perfect! Returning my TomTom before the 30 days are up! Besides TomTom could not get the bluetooth traffic services to work with the 9800 or anyway.

I'd love to get my hands on one of these and stick them in my car and then be able to move it into another car if I need to.

CB, you should feel the freedom to send of one these my way!!!

Man y'all dont understand how useful this would be for me!! I am a traveling sales rep for a wireless company and this would help me so much!! I use a standard / "universal" one the company provided but it's not half the cradle this!!!

Whow, what an amazing accessory. The demonstration on how to use this was awesome. Very simple to use and very handy. Seems like everyone with a torch should be wanting this. I know that i do. Once again, another great phone from blackberry and another great accessory to go along with it.

I usually like to keep the inside of my car clean and factory looking. But since I got my Torch, I just want to show it off and I've been eyeing this cradle for awhile. This cradle along with my Torch is definetely worthy of putting in my car.

You only have to more chances to pick me. I am traveling from new york to kansas next month and would love to rock my att nav on this for the trip home!!!

I just upgraded to the Torch after using/abusing my Curve for 2 years. I love the gps function and with the Torch it works even better! This would be a perfect accessory for my on-the-road job.

I cannot wait to get this! Had my torch for 2 days and absolutely love it. Got rid of my iphone(company issued). Had a curve a year ago and the new OS with full browser is a great improvement. Glad to be back in the BlackBerry world!!!

I would like to be able to show off my torch through this mount. All the world to see through my windshield as we cruise.

Would love to win one of these, so hard to drive and check GPS on my Torch with it sitting on my lap. Besides it being hazardous.

what a sleek design, and I love that it holds the torch horizontally! (My old eyes can focus on the wide screen so much easier!)

Would love to have one of these for all my travels!
*crosses fingers!*

Handsfree accessories for your Blackberry is a must. Be safe and not sorry with this awesome cradle. We all should have one.

Very good review. I'm glad you did a test run in the car to show the real world functionality. It's too bad the doesn't have a telescopic arm but being able to mount it almost anywhere helps. Are there any cons to this accessory, other than the obvious hanging power cord?
This is absolutely a MUST HAVE, especially in areas with hands-free laws like mine.

I bought an iGrip for my Storm 2 and have been using it for my Torch. Really good quality accessory and this new one for the Torch looks even better. Charging point a great idea may save wires over the dashboard.

I want one

This is a nice little device. I'm able to charge my phone through my USB cable because I have a 120V receptacle, but this would save me having to lug around the cable wherever I go.

This is a completely awesome device, I bought one just in case I did not win one. It is outstanding to put my torch in the cradle flip up nav or POYNT, even watched a movie sitting by a bad accident. Could use another for my work vehicle

I like the fact that it supports portrait AND landscape easily. This is definitely an accessory that is pretty much a must have.

A device that doubles a cellphones utility factor. This clever little device not only provides a stable cradle for navigation it doubles as a charging station. The NavCradle is a wonderful addition to aid the driver as well as the passenger. I'm sure it will double as much more than a nav aid.

igrip is superb...

Why do the igrip makers think about an igrip with bluetooth connectivity???
it makes simple to attend call also in driving......