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Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!

iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2010 06:39 pm EDT

Check out the Review, then Leave a Comment for your chance to win an iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch! We're giving away 1 a day for 30 days!

This is probably one of the coolest BlackBerry accessories I've tested out so far. The iGrip car charging dock for the Torch 9800 mounts to the windshield or dash in your car and lets you easily drop in your Torch so you can use a navigation app on the go. I fired up AT&T Navigator while my Torch was in the dock and I have to say its just as good (if not better) than having a separate GPS unit. The dock is totally solid and stays secure so you don't have to worry about it dropping off the window. I really like the latch that secures down over the Torch once inserted - it ensures the phone is held secure whether used in landscape or portrait mode. When you get to wherever you're going, just pull your device out and take it with you. The video above is a bit of hand-on with the dock as well as a bit of in-car action to see just how it works. As of right now the iGrip BlackBerry Torch charging dock is only available via Smartphone Experts, so click on over to learn more and pick one up at today!

Contest: We're Giving Away 1 iGrip Torch Cradle a Day for 30 Days! So the good great completely awesome folks at iGrip have hooked up a wicked contest for CrackBerry Nation. If you're a BlackBerry Torch owner living in the USA and want a chance at winning an iGrip Cradle for the Torch along with a BlackBerry Car Charger, then all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post (drop in some nice comments about why you want this bad boy while you're at it!). We'll update this post every day for the next 30 days with the previous day's winner below. 

Contest Winners:

We'll be collecting the winners a week at a time, so if you're a winner hang tight and we'll be sending you an email to get all of your info. 

Day 1: jmarkey77
Day 2: avelvethammer
Day 3: RedbirdGT
Day 4: SkySoldier
Day 5: Boldacious
Day 6: pmas76
Day 7: rontaylor
Day 8: mcdanielnc89
Day 9: dmann96
Day 10: cpw
Day 11: bmoot
Day 12: mor4u
Day 13: rlgwood
Day 14: RoninKSB
Day 15: spartacus802
Day 16: smokn05
Day 17: somainer
Day 18: ddtrujillo
Day 19: roefernj
Day 20: seldvm76
Day 21: Cracktere
Day 22: gritsinct
Day 23: angelicar84
Day 24: lauren25
Day 25: texasbid
Day 26: canadiansinusa
Day 27: rizzo269
Day 28: doodie1231
Day 29: Raistlin1
Day 30: ceramdoc

iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Photos


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
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Learn More about this Cradle @ ShopCrackBerry >>

princessdenise I have a reason for my hubby to buy me a 9800 :)


Looks sweet! I want one!


This would help prevent me from getting lost as many times as i do (crosses fingers)


This is an awesome addition to the Blackberry world! I just put almost 1,000 miles on my car this weekend and was wishing I had something like this. Then this am I log on to Crackberry and find one! Having the I Grip will my driving so much safer and I'll arrive faster if I don't have to keep stopping to check out the navigation or look away from the road. Thank you!


OK only have 25 more chances to pick me.


Looks great, I would love one of those babies...


I Have factory navigations in all my cars but it would be nice to have the igrip for when i go on road trips and drive other vehicles! Hook me up!


Hope I win one. This looks nice!


This would be a perfect addition to my vehicle. Thanks CrackBerry!!


I really want one of these...


Excellent, now if they would make a ball mount option(like RAM) then I can add it to my motorcycle as well. GPS on a MC is great - no more looking at the tank bag map and flying off the road (which kind of ruins your day you know?)


hope i win at leaset one cuz my t would love it in my lancer


great cradle for the 9800, tight and sceure hold


That looks great please let me win!!!!


Just got my torch and could definitely use one of these. Thanks!


This is really cool and looks solid. I will throw away my current gps in order to use this with my Torch.


Come on crackberry...I really need one of torch will be forever greatful it doesn't have to ride shotgun unprotected.......:)


I can't wait to get my torch on Friday!! and this is definitely a much needed accessory :)


Looks like a very useful device especially if you have a GPS program running!


beats the other gps only items. I will certainly get one for my BB. Super nice application.


This looks useful for navigation and hands free call.


This thing will be perfect. I have been using a generic mount for my former Curve 8310 for mounting to my window which is great, just a bit of a small screen. I just got my torch last week and except for being a bit more difficult to make phone calls, the thing is pretty neat. My iphone buddies don't treat me like a 90's techno hack anymore.
Anyway the best thing ever for me is 4x4s. I set my phone on the mount, plug it into the lighter and pull up Blackstar GPS or GPS Logger and track my trails, save waypoints, load it to my Nat'l Geographic Software for recording trails and also use it for my speedometer since the Jeep's tires and gears have the speedometer all jacked up anyway.


i really could use this


I need this in my car!


...I'll come clean. I don't actually have a Torch...yet.

But at this point it's definitely my next BB, and this is one accessory that my 8900 always needed but never had.


That cradle looks awesome. I have to stay, the torch is a bit tough to handle while driving. Good place to put it.



please let me win something crackberry!


This is the BEST charger/car holder I've seen so far. I LOVE how it charges your phone and also has a sticky for your dash. I just bought a "universal" car holder and could not stick it on my dash, so I had to stick it on my windshield and with the minimal vibrations of my car, the holder would slowly begin to fall. Just like everyone on here that's a blackberry lover, I would LOVE to win this iGrip!!!!!! Fingers crossed that I become a winner!!! :-D


by giving me a igrip cradle I would never be a distracted driver! :-)


I would personally LOVEEEE One, my torch would look so super duper sexy in it. and it would make up for the litte scratch i got in the casing today =( PLEASE OOH PLEASE CRACKBERRY GODS PICK MEHH!


This looks like a great device. I hope to win one!! Thanks


It would be fantastic to win this! Good luck to everyone.


I want one of these badly, hook a brother up!!!!!!!!!


This is the accessory I have been waiting for since I got my Torch. I think this could be effective in making sure you keep your eyes on the road. My current holder is potrait style and only mounts to the cup holder. It is very hard to navigate the phone in the car and see my navigation. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!


What a great device! This would be such a handy tool for me to win as I drive a truck 400 miles each day 5 days a week. If I don't win this one, I will be buying it because it is one of those can't do without tools. Being able to take it from one vehicle to another just adds to the coolness I think. Also, the 9800 Torch absolutely phone I have owned, much better device than my Tour.


this would be extremely useful for me!


This one would be sweet to win.


These look like a very usefull item, to be a perfect machine just need bluetooth Car Stereo System to be paired with Torch to avoid Talk and Drive and will work awesome to avoid text and drive. My only concern is uncover top edge because Sun can overheat the phone but is minor problem that can be solve with carefully location.

Congrats Guys this item enrichment Torch Life.


I was driving to work this morning...the first turn I made, my phone careened into my passenger door, then the floor. This may not sound like such a big deal, but it was. This was my brand new Blackberry Torch that is struggling to find a safe home in my car with my new move, new job, new state, and new phone. An iGrip Charging dock would be PERFECT!


I would love on of these on the windshield of my car.


Sounds cool, put me in the mix!


So want this, I drive a good 40 miles a day and having the phone in my lap isn't really that safe of a way to use it's GPS.


That is awesome...would love to win one..


I want one of these iGrip car charging dock for the Torch 9800.


Interesting car dock!


Ooooh, pick me, pick me!

That seems like 'must have' for the car. Think about the safety and ease of use. The way people are using phones in the car, it's the only way to go. Great thinking, folks!


This would be essential in my line of work!


Seems like a great all in one mobile product if you travel and need to charge, talk, or use the navigation products, or all three at once.


Awesome......a must,I'm on the road alot and could sure use this....


Awesome......a must,I'm on the road alot and could sure use this....


Awesome......a must,I'm on the road alot and could sure use this....


Would be a nice addition to have



I've been loyal to blackberry for nearly 3+years. Curve 8320, Bold 9700 & the TORCH.

Basically, I just want free sh_t.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



My morning drives would be infinitely more enjoyable.


Great safety item for every smart phone user. I could really utilize this item


please crackberry send this gift my way


this looks like its very well made and very easy to use


I could use this bad boy for realzzzz! I am always on the go, and as an active college student I can definitely see how this would greatly benefit my every day life. I would never have to worry about where I misplaced my phone in the car or if it will go dead when I travel home on the weekends. It's a fabulous accessory for my fantastic phone and I would love to call it mine! :)

Thanks y'all!


This would be pretty cool to get!


Just upgraded and this would be perfect! Thanks.


As a real estate appraiser, I'm on the road hours a day. With my phone within reach not only for calls, e-mails, music, txts, having this be my gps and also charging my phone is worth its weight in gold!! Less to clutter up my dash/car with and the ease of everything at my fingertips is a no brainer. A MUST HAVE!!


this is probably the coolest thing i have seen for the torch!!


In addition to discoverying a new feature on my torch every other day which makes me love it even more, now there is a brilliantly designed car cradle which will make me enjoy it much more and make full use of it in the car. Using this with the GPS navigation system, for emails and texts and a Radio station app takes using the Torch to a whole new level with a lot of future possibilities. I really hope I win one.


this will put my car with more style


If I win this blackberry cradle i will give away my garmin for sure


I would love one...please.


First of all I want to say that I love all your reviews. Thanks to you guys I got the gutts to buy the Torch. I love that your promoting this contest and would love to win. For me its very important to have your phone in your face while driving; you never want to be crazily searching for it. For my driving safely is very important.I enjoy the fact that you can also put it on your dash board instead of the windshield which for me it kinda blocks my view since I'm quite short. Also love that you can charge while your Torch is placed on the device.
I would LOVE to win this device because it would be extremely useful to me since I usually have to search in my purse for my phone.
I would really appreciate if I won.


First of all i want to say i love your reviews. Thanks to you guys i got the guts to buy my torch. Secondly i love this contest promotion and would love to win this item. I usually but my phone in my purse where I have to search frantically for it; or i put it beside me but usually falls on the floor. This device would help me be a safer driver and have my phone right in my face. I love how you can place this device on your windshield comes in handy. Anyways i wouLd LOVE TO WIN THIS and i hope you could give me the opportunity.

THANK YOU and please try to consider me


hello im desperate to get one of these bad boys please consider me


I just switched from iphone to bb. I'd love to have this cool accessory in my car.


With my 4 hours of commuting time each day, this would be so great to have!


No need to despair! 24 more chances to win! It'll happen?


Nothing tragic today. My phone made it work work safely on my console; however, I could hear faint cries...sobs even...that the Torch didn't have an iGrip.


Last night we where leaving the house in the Jeep with the top and doors off. My wife had her 8900 on the dash and it slid right out the door on to the road....But it was OK... I need this Igrip to put my 9800 in so this doesn't happen to me. Help a Poor Jeeper....


I was going to make one of theses out of a charging pod. I'm a so glad someone else did it first. I would love to use one of these


Oooooo! When I finally get my Pearl upgraded to a Torch the iGrip will look great on my recently replaced windshield! :)


As a truck driver I would love to be able to quickly drop my Torch into this holder to utilize my GPS as I change into a different truck daily. This is such a sleek and well manufactured unit that I will definitely be adding this to my Torch, however, I would love to find myself the winner of one so I can show it off to my fellow drivers and make them want a Torch and IGrip holder in envy!


Not sure if my last post counted for yesterday or today? Well, there you go!


This would be amazing when all the pretty babes ping me, one more time, while my Torch is sitting in my iGrip. I wanna see my Torch, in my eyes.


Although I never win anything I am going to do the same thing I always do and leave a comment. I would really like this product. It would help keep my phone in place in the car instead of falling on the floor board.


I really want to be able to charge while i use.


yes please! this would be sweet.


Last week I upgraded from an original Curve (without 3g) to the 9800 and have since been browsing for similar accessories and the iGrip not only looks well designed(latch for locking is dead on), but will perfectly help me use the 9800 as replacement for the GPS my wife keeps borrowing.

From day one the 9800, functions/features of OS 6.0 and new built in Web browser renewed my enjoyment of owning a smartphone -- Thank you Blackberry!


This accessory is genius and I love it!


Would be great cause I use my torch as my radio, so I won't have to worry about the battery.


This cradle would really help me during my 20-minute lunch in my car in which I inhale my lunch and watch youtube, this would really make things a lot less messy.


this is great for all blackberry lovers. it is one of those must get items


I drove over an hour to get the torch the day it came out, early upgrade fee? didnt care, i spent way too much for this phone, its about time it starts paying back :) Don't get me wrong I will forever wield the torch, as if a runner for the olympic games. (forever or untill a newer cooler BB comes out :) But until then, i really need a cradle!!! i have been to many a stores and even considered buying an iphone cradle (oh the humanity).
well anyway, cradle me like i am your baby!!


I drove over an hour to get the torch the day it came out, early upgrade fee? didnt care, i spent way too much for this phone, its about time it starts paying back :) Don't get me wrong I will forever wield the torch, as if a runner for the olympic games. (forever or untill a newer cooler BB comes out :) But until then, i really need a cradle!!! i have been to many a stores and even considered buying an iphone cradle (oh the humanity).
well anyway, cradle me like i am your baby!!


My wife is always fussing about me having the Torch out so this would be so nice to have a dock, would make me and my crazy self so much safer! Especially since I seem to be unable to put it down and use it so much that i sometimes have to charge it mid-day!


Great accessory.. Would look great in my car..


I'd love to have an iGrip because I'm driving for work most of the day.

My car gets kind of cluttered having my phone just laying around somewhere, plugged in to the charger, and my gps stuck to the windshield with even more cords dangling down.

If i had an iGrip it would not only keep my Torch from getting wrecked, it would replace my gps, and even allow me quick safe access to change songs on my media player.


That looks absolutely amazing!


Hoping to see this cradle on the dash of our car.... Great for finding the way to Grandma's house using a Torch!


great accessory. Thanks crackberry!


Look's cool! Would love one!


Plenty of time left! You still have a chance to pick me, so what are you waiting for?


cool...that would be perfect for my commute

Sweetthang kk

I have been wanting a gps for the longest but couldn't afford one so I alway used by blackberry. It was hard trying to look down and drive when using it this will be a perfect solution for me!! Please pick me!!



cmooooonnn I want one!


I work for a concrete company doing work all over Wisconsin. This would be a great addition for me to use the phone as a GPS unit as well, so, when traveling around the state I know exactly where to go to get to the next jobsite. Right now I have pencils placed into the vents of my truck where I place the torch for quick viewing. This accessory would be so much nicer.


Looks very snazy! would love to win one of these hehe


Finally somthing to keep my berry from flying across the car. Can't wait to get one!


A loser again! That means only 22 more chances! Still holding out hope!


you know, you should really fasten your seat belt...


It would look pretty spiffy on the windshield of my honda element!


OH OH OH ME ME ME! I need it simply because i haven't purchased a dock for my new baby yet....I HAVE however purchased about 14 sleeves/cases trying to find the perfect fit. *SIGH*


freaking awesome giveaway.... thanks iGrip and Crackberry


Day 9 request.

Food is running low - rationing will begin. Timmy will be going hunting tonight.

Pick me pick me for an iGrip!


This looks like an AWESOME accessory for my new Torch....great video to go over the details! Needless to say, I could really use one of these!


Save me a "grip" o' dollars and choose me!


I could definitely use one of these bad boys


I bought mine! Love it! Now I wanna win one for my girlfriend.


I really like the versatility of the iGrip! I especially like the way the iGrip swivels on the ball joint. I'm wondering why the folks at Garmin didn't use that design on all of their products? I'm forever having to stick and unstick my Garmin GPS from the windshield, b/c it's on crooked. With the iGrip, that irritation will be removed, along with the need for yet another device in my car.


I really want a cradle, cup holders are abusive! ill put a CB sticker on my car!!! :)


The IGrip Cradle gently holds lady torch while she rides in style, and charges her to boot! She shows me the way home from foreign lands without sliding off the seat and scuffing her gently ribbed back side. Think of the little lady and keep her safe to be gently poked to skip to the next Pandora song. She deserves to win and the iGrip deserves her a perfect match!!!


Such a simple concept and executed so perfectly. Phone in the face so you don't miss the call too. Sure would come in handy in the car... o_0


First I would like to say that the reviews on CrackBerry are amazing!
Watching the review of the iGrip for the Torch, really impressed me with the design and function of the iGrip, it seems very well built and for me that is important as I want to feel comfortable when my phone is hanging from the windshield or the dash.
Being able to use my phone to replace my GPS is a great idea having everything all in one handy place!


I haven't found a sturdy spot to keep my new phone when using the navigation so this is exactly the type of thing that I was looking for.


This is the perfect dock for all the road trips I take!


This would deff be a awesome 'toy' to add to my car, also wayyy more safe thn looking down than up, down - up, down - than swirve to not completely crash my car.
also would be a awesome pre-xmas gift to myself =] hope I winnnnn one*




This is so beneficial while driving and getting directions! :)


I drive quite a bit while traveling for work. I constantly use my AT&T navigator to keep me on track. In the past (with Bold 9000), I have just set the phone in my lap while driving. Unfortunately it would always end up between the seats or on the floor when tapping the brakes. This can't happen with my precious Torch! I need to provide the security my baby deserves!


Thanks for the review... Looks like a nice package; glad to see the clip on top does not interfere with the headphone jack. Send me a freebie pleeeeeeeease.


1 in a thousand to win? pick me! i want!


My cheapo cradle just broke on me and what timing! I just got the new Torch, so this would come in very handy!

Thanks for the opportunity!


Great looking accessory! Can't wait to get my hands on one!


Looks nice, me likes!


My Torch arrives next week!


Nice review, I want one of these. Right now I put my Torch down in the cup holder between the seats so I have to glance down occasionally. Keep me safe and send me one of these, you never know I could live in your neighborhood ;-)


hope today is my lucky day!!! Thanks Again CB


I got my new torch yesterday, now the only thing i'm missing is this dock. Great idea.


waiting to win, wanting to win


My current universal mount is old keeps falling off of the window.


I have a Torch and I have been buying accessories for it, so it would really be nice to win the dock.


This looks so simple to use even a Caveman can do it!

Most of my motoring time is spent catching up on calls for both business and personal. This would be perfect and less of a distraction while driving.

Also using my AT&T navigator will be sooo much easier. Awesome Product!!!


This would be perfect using Navigator and my VM605 Bluetooth hands free device!


this looks like what i have been wanting and needing very much since i have the torch. I love this phone and everything is does


Looks awesome, if i dont win one..i'll go pick one up, att nav is pretty good anyhow. Send one my way crackberry! Thanks!


what does it take to get a free charging dock?


I must get one!!!!! Love it..


This would be an absolutely divine accessory to go with my new torch. Thank You for the contest Richard


What a great product for people who are always on the go!

Great looking Holder. Very Sleek and looks Secure.


currently i have my torch resting on some a makeshift stand that i have to readjust everytime i go over bumps on the road. this would be very very very useful!


hope this time works..


I would love to have this!! It would solve my problem of charging while listening to Slacker and my music through my FM modulator!


still not losing faith....hope today is the lucky day. Thanks CB


this is fantastic i just received my torch yesterday and this would be great no it would be fantastic . Its so hard to find a good place to keep you phone on any trip in the car long or short this is perfect!!! it would be crackberrytastic !! thank you .


Love my Bold and just upgraded to Torch. Can't wait for it to arrive next week.

iGrip is such a sweet product it would complete my Blackberry experience

Please please please pick me I will shout praise to the rooftops about the iGrip


My personal iphone...the volume button stopped working today due to the phone being dropped.

BOY I wish I had an iGrip for my work torch so such tragic things wouldn't happen to it!

Antoinette Brown

I love the thought of the itouch cradle. It would assist me in my new move to a new state. I have many places that I need to find. I now go online to mapquest to print a map.

This is a great item.


An iGrip would be quite amazing.


I want one! This is perfect.


great grip! beautiful and clean! i would like to use it soon in my torch!


That thing thing is definately a must have fir any torch usrrm I hope I win one


I need it...I want it......come on crackberry.....


I need one of these - both my kids and my husband have Garmins - I am left to be lost driving in circles.


I am the Ultimate Accessories hound! Had everything for the Curve 8320, had everything for the Bold 9000, and now i am starting with the Torch 9800! Got the cradle and now i need this!!!!


I really want this charging dock for my car! I'm a traveling consultant who moves from place to place- mainly to places that I haven't been to. Looking down at my phone in the cup holder while driving trying to figure out where I'm going is not only too much work but its dangerous. If I can have one of these charging docks to use in the car from place to place it would make traveling from one place to another easier.


i want one! it would make my car look cool.


This is an awesome item I surely picking it up win or lose.


that looks amazing!! really hope i could get one and give it a tryyy =)
- Debby


This would be ideal for the car. Looks fancy too! I'd like to win this


iGrip would go great with my new car and my pre-ordered Rogers delayed Torch (sigh)


Would LOVE to have this on my hand, especially when helping me during driving the hopeless traffic in my city...
Well, starts *finger crossed* from now... :)


Just got my new Torch and this is the one accessory I really need to complete the experience!


Amazing, simply amazing. Wish it came out earlier will definatly buy one. Way to go.


Boo iGrip - the Crackberry Store ships to Canada too, so what's the problem?

I'll be buying one anyway when they become available in Canada...


This looks amazing. Could have used this the last couple of trips I took.


This is an awesome piece of equipment. It looks like it would be the best at actually holding the device in place. I've used many different car mounts and they all fail at holding the phone in place. Not to mention this will also charge the phone....brilliant.


OMFG could really use one of them my work requires me to use my gps all the time and it sucks holding it in my hand wile driving. i have a torch and loving it every day! Being able to get one would help out so much... Thx in avance if you pick me to get one :)


As a new Blackberry convert I would love to get my hands on a iGrip charging dock for my torch.


I have the iGrip 12V plug mount for my Bold, well, did. My bold broke and I was hoping a similar mount would be developed for the Torch so I could just buy an adapter and do it that way. It looks like this is the only option iGrip offers for the Torch though. This thing looks pretty sweet! I loved the functionality of my other product and this looks like its pretty quality as well! Once I come up on some more money I'll try to purchase one of these puppies!


This is my first Blackberry and I am ecstatic! I absolutely love this phone and would love to be able to make my friends (all of whom are long time blackberry users) completely jealous! Come a girl out!


I just upgraded from my beloved Bold 9000 to the Torch. I hated leaving behind my 9000 keyboard but didn't hate getting rid of the trackball. I would really love to win an iGrip windshield mount. I already purchased the car charger...


I just keep looking at this and thinking about it... if google maps for the blackberry get turn by turn directions.... this will be awesome!

I have GPS built into my car.... but this will make it absolutely obsolete!...

I want one... badly


This is an awesome device! I wish I had seen it before I bought the mounting device I have which only kind of works for my torch. I would love to have this one instead.


I drive quite a bit while traveling for work. I constantly use my AT&T navigator to keep me on track. In the past (with Bold 9000), I have just set the phone in my lap while driving. Unfortunately it would always end up between the seats or on the floor when tapping the brakes. This can't happen with my precious Torch! I need to provide the security my baby deserves!


Would love to win one to accompany my brand new Torch! Thanks in advance Crackberry


i need one so bad i had my torch for a week before i placed it down on the cars center console and it slide off and got scratched it my dream to own this thing it like make s it so much sexier... please help me ...


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 xoxo 143 i love you lol


still trying to get one of these things. It is so nice. Not just for using the gps, but for so many purposes. Listening to your music player. You could stick it to the passenger window in the back to play a movie and entertain the kids during long car rides. You can use it with the blackberry traffic app. google maps. when using bluetooth so you can see the much more.


What an awesome way to cradle the phone while in the car. Makes viewing the the phone easy and should work great for gps driving! Very nice!!


A big HOOAH to iGrip!!!

Don Turow

Awesome product. just got the new torch and i have an older phone holder in my car that doesn't quite work. would love to have this.



I drive quite a bit while traveling for work. I constantly use my AT&T navigator to keep me on track. In the past (with Bold 9000), I have just set the phone in my lap while driving. Unfortunately it would always end up between the seats or on the floor when tapping the brakes. This can't happen with my precious Torch! I need to provide the security my baby deserves!


This thing is pretty slick! I could definately sell my standalone GPS unit with this cradle/charger/dock in my car! With the torch in the mail on it's way to me, wow would this make my day!

Thanks for the review CrackBerry - great as always!


Got in a car accident trying to navigate with my torch laying in the console last week!

Can't afford an iGrip AND a new car!


See its like this. As I have to 8830 and have dropped it at least a million times so I figure I'll get the torch to see if it is as robust. My phone has worked while being used in the rain and has split into three parts everytime I drop it but it keeps on tickin. But the one place I don't want to drop it is in my car. So the cradle would be a great help towards my continuing BB experimentation with rock solid Canadian technology and manufacturing.


I just bought a torch yesterday, I would love to win one of these docks!


I don't usually pay a lot of attention to all the available gadgets on the market but this one is really practical and sold at a fair price! I'd love to get one to finally toss my garmin out. You should make an exception to your contest and send one up to me :)


Very neat and well designed for quick attachment


I have been looking for a good car holder that would allow my new Torch to take the place of my GPS. I found a different holder, but this is exactly what I have been looking for, solid hold, and a charger also. Great job!


I fly my own plane to new cities all the time. This is a great addition to the rental cars that I use when traveling.


I think that looks awesome. I'd love to have one. Right now I set my phone in my console and just listen for the direction changes.


I work with the Alabama State Dept of Public Safety. As a drivers license examiner I see soo many people using there phones while driving. Well I recently got my torch and I think it is the best thing since air. And I just got custody of 3 year old twin girls. So as you can see I am constantly busy. I need my hands free while driving. Not only to set a good example but to also take care of the girls. So please consider me for one of these. P.s. LOVE THIS PAGE


great review! now I can safely use my 9800's GPS without having to hold it!! Even still, I'd probably end up purchasing one even if I don't win!


Just got the Torch, and loving it! That handy dandy iGrip dock would be GREAT to have!


Figured I would leave another comment as we approach the halfway mark. Still would like to win one of these before I have to shell out the bucko's to buy one.
Thanks Crackberry


How cool is this accessory for the cool Blackberry torch. This goes on my Christmas wish list if I dont win one.


Looks Like a wonderful device... P.S. Love my torch!!!!


Just got my first bb last week and I love the Torch. As a nursing student I am always on the go and the iGrip would be the perfect complimentary device for this phone.


Would definitely keep the device out of reach and insure SAFE driving. I try hard every day to not look at it, let alone text from it during my hour long commute. Great idea.


checking daily. I travel alot and would love to leave the garmin at home. Just activated ATT Telnav in anticipation of this


looks pretty amazing. i'd use one in an instant.


This accessory looks awesome! I'd love to have something like this.


Last night I busted my OEM leather holster for my Torch by catching it on a countertop. $29 down the drain. Winning this iGrip charging dock would really brighten my day!


Work is catching up to me! I haven't been able to make my plea for an iGrip the last few days.

Sooo...PLEAAASEEEE pick me?


Wow, this dock/charger could seriously come in handy. No more charging my torch in my cupholders and no more looking at my lap while using my GPS app. This would really help out when taking incoming calls while driving as well. Overall looks like an awesome accessory.


Boys aren't the only ones who love their toys.

Torch arrives tomorrow need this wonderful accessory to protect my new toy.


Man I really want one of these!

Conan Kudo

Definitely want one! It would go great with the BlackBerry Torch I'm getting for my brother!


It's Wednesday...Wednesday is always my lucky day!


I really want this dock for my truck! Getting tired of dropping my new Torch on the floor!


Just picked up my BBT yesterday and this looks like it would be an awesome accessory to the phone. I like how holds the phone and has multiple ways you can attach it to your vehicle.


This really is such a great idea!


Please send me one of these


half way through!
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a home for my torch.


i finally have my torch!!



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Beautiful day in Blacksburg - beautiful day to win an iGrip and keep my Torch safe!

Go Hokies!


would help me out BIG time.


I need one of these!!! Can't drive & use my GPS at the same time, hook it up Crackberry!!!!


I will take one.......thanks iGrip and Crackberry!


This would look great in my vehicle.


back to the drawing gonna keep trying until I get chosen to win one of these


Got my wife her Torch 2 days ago, she loves it. She wants a car mount, showed her this one, she now wants it. With all due respect to the cb store, is the $37.95 they charge for it the best price out there?


*charliebrownhandraise* *pickme-pickme*


After 19 days of waiting... I hope to see my name on the list... I really do...


I would love to be one of your winners. I love my new Torch but live in fear of scratching it up. I hate driving with it holstered so I always have it out but don't have a good (and safe) spot for it in my car.