Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!

iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2010 06:39 pm EDT

Check out the Review, then Leave a Comment for your chance to win an iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch! We're giving away 1 a day for 30 days!

This is probably one of the coolest BlackBerry accessories I've tested out so far. The iGrip car charging dock for the Torch 9800 mounts to the windshield or dash in your car and lets you easily drop in your Torch so you can use a navigation app on the go. I fired up AT&T Navigator while my Torch was in the dock and I have to say its just as good (if not better) than having a separate GPS unit. The dock is totally solid and stays secure so you don't have to worry about it dropping off the window. I really like the latch that secures down over the Torch once inserted - it ensures the phone is held secure whether used in landscape or portrait mode. When you get to wherever you're going, just pull your device out and take it with you. The video above is a bit of hand-on with the dock as well as a bit of in-car action to see just how it works. As of right now the iGrip BlackBerry Torch charging dock is only available via Smartphone Experts, so click on over to learn more and pick one up at ShopCrackBerry.com today!

Contest: We're Giving Away 1 iGrip Torch Cradle a Day for 30 Days! So the good great completely awesome folks at iGrip have hooked up a wicked contest for CrackBerry Nation. If you're a BlackBerry Torch owner living in the USA and want a chance at winning an iGrip Cradle for the Torch along with a BlackBerry Car Charger, then all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post (drop in some nice comments about why you want this bad boy while you're at it!). We'll update this post every day for the next 30 days with the previous day's winner below. 

Contest Winners:

We'll be collecting the winners a week at a time, so if you're a winner hang tight and we'll be sending you an email to get all of your info. 

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iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Photos


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
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Reader comments

Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!



WOW, this is long overdue! My freind resorted to applying velcro to the back of his BlackBerry to attach it to the dash so that he could access it. Seems almost barberic when you look at this Charging Dock by iGrip. This will keep me safe while navigating the roads. Great job guys!

I travel often and use this as my GPS. This would make my life so much easier, wont have to worry about the car charge wire restricting where I can put the phone so I can see it!

This looks awesome and would be very well used seeing as I am always using my GPS app to follow my kids around to all their sporting events. And with 6 thats A LOT!!!

I LOVE this idea. Best smartphone holder I have ever seen. I have used many, the ones that plug into the lighter, stuck on the dash etc. but nothing compares. I would LOVE to have one of these as it would solve my problem of where to keep my "precious" Torch when I am using AT&T Navigator. I think it will also work on my motorcycle windsheild. Sure would like one to try. Thanks, Mark

I have my 9000 mounted on the dash so I can see what tunes are playing through bluetooth in the car.

I'd like to put this unit up until I get the 9800. soon baby soon!

Would make traveling with my Torch even better. I love the fact that functions more like the snyc pod than an extra hand on my dash.

This looks like exactly what I need. Reaching to the passenger seat is probably not the best idea.

Being an outside sales rep in the car all the time, this would be a thing of beauty. Driving on the Palmetto Expressway in Miami all the time is nerve racking enough. Being able to see the GPS at a glance would help me a lot. Hopefully I may be one of the lucky ones. Nice offer Crackberry, you make the Blackberry world a better place.

I am anxiously awaiting for my torch and this would be the perfect accessory for it. I'm out on job sites and going around for meetings all the time and am constantly on the phone in the car. What a perfect tool to have.

I love my Torch and I am always on the go, this Dock with the charging ability is a must have!

I need it in my life! Go CrackBerry!

I need to be cradled! Oh, wrong thread. My Torch doesn't do so well on my dash board now. It slides from one side to the other!

I hate trying to talk on the phone and drive, avoid it as much as possible, my car is a manual! This would be perfect for talking and GPS with my new Torch! You guys ROCK, keep up the GREAT work!!!

OK, now that I read more, can definitely use one, give us crackberry addicts one, its a best investment promotion for ya, we are the life of crackberry. We are the daily crackberry addicts.

OK Kevin, lay one on me......

This will eliminate the clutter on my windshield now since I can use the GPS SAFELY without having to balance the BB Torch while driving.

I have been thinking about getting a garmin, but if I win one of these, there would be no need for a Garmin. Hook me up Crackberry.

How could you not want this, it is perfect for my future Torch, and in the mean time for my mom until I can get mine in a couple months time. I just fear the day I'll have to rip it out of her hands when I want it back.

The iGrip is an awesome addition to anyone whom like myself, is now using their blackberry as a navigation tool (gps) or traffic report, news, weather, etc. Even for videos for that bored passenger. A must have. I will have to win one or buy one that's for sure.

This is the most versitile device for anyones vehicle. For anyone like myself whom has ditched their gps device for the simplicity and universal use of their torch, then this just made you 10x happier. Not to mention it now allows for better traffic alerts, news, upcoming weather additions, and even a video player for your bored passenger on long trips because the best part is, the iGrip is your charging station. Just amazing. I will either hope to win one or buy one soon. Either way, a must have.

Best dock since the one I had for my Nextel i90 that mounted directly to my dash. Nice and secure through all terrain.

I have a new job in a new city....in a new state even! I would love to "win" one of these docks to keep the Virginia State Police out of my rear-view mirror.

I just got my Torch yesterday and I love it. I have to admit to being a neurotic mess about using it in the car. I am afraid a sudden stop or dripping coffee cup will mar the beauty of this device. This sure would help to make sure that didn't happen!

Hi - I used a generic holder for my 9700, however it does not work well with my 9800. I use my device as a GPS everyday... would love this tool!

We should leave a comment once a day? :-/ I'm confused but this would definitely keep my kiddos safer while driving!

Looks like an awesome accessory, I drive a lot so would love to have this to replace my ancient GPS with my Torch!!!

This would make my 70 mile a day commute so much easier. Quality looks great. Just moved to the top of my "must have" list.

Had a Storm 2 with a dock. Now have a new Torch and I love it. It's my third Blackberry and the best one yet!!! The sound is soooo clear. We live in a rural area, and it would be great to see and charge your phone all at once. Love crackberry and all your info!!! Dock would be great to add to this device and devoted fan of Blackberry!! Thanks!!!

Definitely would like to get my hands on one of these to surprise the fiance to use with her Torch. Love the high quality of Igrip products and know this one will knock it out of the park too!

I bought my wife a torch since ATT introduced tiered data and we could actually afford a Blackberry for her. Calls from her to me proclaiming her helplessly lost have had a 100% reduction. With one of these maybe I can keep her from substituting those phone calls for the inevitible traffic accidents!

I was using the beta of BlackBerry Traffic earlier today and was thinking how much better it would be if I didn't have to hold the phone especially here in California where the cops will pull you over and give you a ticket for it. This dock would make life soo much easier on any BlackBerry Torch user in California.

I just perchaced my torch last weekend And was waiting for a GPS docking station for my car. I'm also new to CB and it would be great to win a contest within the first two weeks of joining CB.com!

This is best looking dock I have seen for any phone! I never liked docks for phones period but I would like to give this a try. It looks like it hold the torch tight and secure. I use my torch for navigation all the time and my commute to work is an hour each way so this would be a great add on.

I would very much love one of these! I sit in my car for at least 4 hours a day driving to and from work. I use my torch for everything, music, gps, work etc...and would find it quite perfect if it were easily accesible in my car.

awesome! :)

The compact, flexible design is great for anyone who changes vehicles often including the flying traveler who rents a car at his or her destination.

I hope to see several optional add-ons that I am sure the iGrip team already have in the works:

1. Alternate mounting attachments to replace the suction cup. Examples would include friction clamps and tube expanders (for cup-holder mounting). These optional attachment devices would allow use on motorcycles, bikes, boats, etc.

2. An extra-long power cord to access DC power outlets from further distances (e.g., the back of an SUV) or allow the user to snake the cord around the perimeter of the windshield or dashboard (i.e., to keep the cord clear of the field of view).

I have more ideas for this product that I'd be happy to share once I've won one.

I recently won a blackberry Torch from my job for selling a bunch of torches in the first week lunch!! So I want to try my luck once again, it would go nice in the fam van!

I have OnStar in my truck, and it is nice to have. However, I purchased a motorcycle in June, and the iGrip would compliment the windshield area AND give me directions as I go. I just upgraded to the Torch 9800 2 days ago, with this combination, it would have my Bold 9000 beat hands down.

I am totally obsessed with accessories, I love to have all the cool stuff for my phone, and this is COOL, so hook me up! I have so much for my Bold 9000 that my Torch is jealous. HOOK ME UP!!!

This looks like an amazing cradle. And since I just recently got a new job in the suburbs transit just isn't going to cut it. I am getting into a vehicle within a few weeks. This iGrip cradle would make an awesome addition to my new (ok used) car. I have already budgeted my new salary for the upgrade to a Torch. And my birthday is coming up in 10 days... so gifts are welcome!

Hey Hey I got to get one!
The igrip is a must.
Hands free and easy to adjust
Makes talking safe while driving,
Keeps us all surviving.

Sandra Richardson

I drive a 1998 VW Beetle...yellow. Man, if I had one of these, all the attention would go to the Torch! No more ridicule. I'll be the man of the hour...a man can dream.

I think the people at iGrip have come up with the perfect fix for a common problem. First, the usb charger does not work very well if at all in my truck. Second, never have found a holder for my Torch that does a good jod. Third, when I'm charging the darn thing it slides all around the truck and always ends up on the floor. The fix for it all; the iGrip! I really have to have one of these. There are the nice things that I would like to have, you know the games and apps, those are things Id like to have. This is really something I NEED. I would really appreaciate a free iGrip. I would send letter of thanks to each person at iGrip as well as all at Crackberry just for the opportunity. I'd even pull my name from ever winning anything again! Please pick me!

I'm always traveling for my company, I'm usually gone 8 months out of the year! I use my torch's G.P.S. All the time & it gets a little complicated trying to drive with it in your hand & trying to shift gears! Yes, I got a 6 speed 2004 Nissan sentra spec-v, so this I-grip would come in handy big time!

i always end up with it in my lap when its charging. It would be nice to have a secure place for it to sit when charging.

Sixty dollars for one if they made it for us Storm 1 or 2 users, and it had a built in speaker that was much louder. I could even do without the speaker. Great device though.

The iGrip charging dock is a must have for any commuter or road warrior! Job well done, iGrip rocks!

This looks very cool.... now then...with one of these bad boys I could finally lose my sat nav and my ipod, thus de cluttering my dash... now then next up.... i think i need to test this on my motorcycle... so come on give it up crackberry!!!!


Oh how i need this. i use my GPS daily for my job, and being able to completely replace my gps with my phone would be the sweetest thing ever. also, it would really help with the new Georgia law that states you can't be holding your phone while driving even if trying to use it as a GPS...

This would be so cool to win, please consider me, for this prize. This looks like an awesome charging dock for my BB Torch. I have many BB fellow users where i work and if they see this they would probably all want to buy one.

I use AT&T navigator so this would be perfect for anyone who is using their blackberry as a GPS! I had one like this for my previous windows phone and was great. Awesome product!

Great review Adam! This is just what I've been looking for: a car dock that has its own internal charging! my car looks like a mess with wires everywhere. This will keep it nice and neat!

I had one for my 9700 but its was too small to open up to support the wideness of the 9800.

Thanks again for the opportunity to win one of these!



Wow - what a great accessory! I love it and that it swivels from landscape to portrait modes! Thanks for an inspired accessory for my new BB Torch! Can't wait to try it out!

Looks useful although I do wish there was a neater way to attach it to the dashboard.

Will definitely get one once I upgrade to the Torch

I'm holding off on getting a BB Torch in the hope that they will come out with an update that has a higher res screen - I have always loved the sharp images on my Bold but spreading that same number of pixels across the Torch's 2½ times bigger screen seems a step backward.

Make the road a safer place without me on my BB while driving (usually Gmaps) this would be perfect for charging, navigating, and I can run my aux cable. Ditch 2 devices for the only one that matters, BB!

Btw, .225 for 9800 is amazing. Get it if you haven't already!!

Hook me up CB!!

This would have been PERFECT for me a few weeks ago when I went to Louisville with my husband to pick up our new car. My current holder didn't allow my Torch to be plugged in to charge and it was running Google Maps for a good 5 hours. It also bounced around a lot (the roads were somewhat rough). While it didn't KILL the battery life, I still needed my Torch the rest of the day. I would love one of these to put in the new car!!

Well this I know I'm going to need. I'm actually picking up my Torch this weekend and it would be a great addition.

Having the iGrip would be really really cool. I take road trips frequently to visit family and having it held in a cradle either for map/directions would be great. Having it while being a passenger and playing with the phone (still figuring out video capabilities) could make it awesome. Who needs to nap when you've got that?!

My phone has become my de-facto navigation tool since my Garmin was stolen. Now that I have a Torch, this would make navigating with it so much easier!

This would definitely be better than me putting my Torch on the shelf behind my steering wheel and against my speedometer...

Sometimes it falls from there on to the ground, then I'm terrified to hit the brakes or move my feet.

Hopefully you end up selecting one of us super crackers, that are addicts with our blackberry through thick and thin, we still are loyal to crackberry. Show that great appreciation and throw me a mount, could use one in my truck.

I have ALWAYS wanted something like this and it would be amazing to use with my new Torch!! Please pick me for one of the days!! :)

Just got my torch today and I LOVE IT!!! Had to use navigator and after having seen the iGrip review... I want one!!! Complete hands free navigation baby!

This is by far the coolest neatest little gadget made for a smartphone that I have ever seen. Awesome. The idea of having a charger built in is supurb. Great Idea, thanks CrackBerry.

You love to have one! A wicked smart accessory - thanks iGrip for making such a practical solution! Send one my way - it will defo get used ALL the time!

That looks like a great cradle. I am a paramedic and could use it in the ambulance when I am running google maps looking for and address.

Wholly molly. This is definitely the best giveaway of all time on Crackberry. Way to go for doing this iGrip.

I always wanted a stand like this for my torch & all of my damn friends have one for their ugly iPhones. This will shut them up big time. Lol.

Let me tell you I will be spreading the word.


because its beautiful, useful and perfect! to keep your Torch in the car! in a safe place! where you still can use it! and! charge it at the same time!

thats why!

thanks CB for this amazing giveaway.. one of the best!

This has to be the greatest torch accessory I've seen, it might just make answering phone call interesting for a little bit until I get the hang of switching

One of the coolest BlackBerry accessories I've ever seen, it would fit perfectly in my car! Thanks crackberry.com for the opportunity :)

This is by far the neatest accessory I have seen for the torch. It makes it a better competitor for the Garmin phone. My mom loves hers, but i am a blackberry all the way. This would be the best of both worlds. Really hope I win!!

Awesome cradle for in the car to charge the Torch. One thing that would separate the Torch from its competition in terms of style in the car

I would LUV to have this for my truck.. I just got my torch a few days agi and luv it so far... I wish me luck.. Thanks Tammy

I travel through out the US for my job and this would be much better then hoping to get a rental that has a GPS.
I can also see advantages to hands free talking with out the fuss of a blue tooth.
Please hook me up with one.

This looks like an incredible mount... what a perfect way to use the new Torch. I just got the BB Torch yesterday and already looking for great ways to use it. This makes an awesome phone even that more functional!

Well done, iGrip. Looks like a winner!

This is a really cool device. It would be very useful for me whenever I travel and also very nice to keep my phone charged.

I was skeptic at first about getting rid of my iPhone 4 for the blackberry torch but I tell you what, I have never seen such a cool accessory than this one! Knowing I have a real GPS that I can use in my car AND charge it is quite refreshing especially knowing that the phone is strapped into the device, HOW COOL!!! Can't wait to eventually purchase this for my car! And you know it has to be a good product being that its made for blackberry's!!

Just finished a 5 hour drive--messing with my Torch without it docked is scary on the highway even for an avid multi-tasker like myself.

Pick me!

Ok..so I broke down and bought one for my wife yesterday.....my birthday is on WEDNESDAY......please make my wishes come true and make me a winner!! Thanks iGrip and Crackberry!!!

Please pick me. I really want this cradle for my car. I travel and I want to set up bluetooth in my car so I can listen to Pandora over the radio.. Please pick me.

i love it!!!!
i love the touch screen AND keyboard combo of the torch..
*crosses fingers* i hope i win the cradle!

My Torch is always vibrating with messages and I always need to us my maps to find my way around Los Angeles, this will be the perfect device for me I just hate having to always pull my Torch out of the case and with either the potential of dropping it or even worse get in a accident. So yes please Crackberry hook me up with this Life Saver

Supercool contest! Checking everyday is very exciting....
Echoing an earlier comment - are the winners chosen from the posts of the day, or from the entire pool since the beginning of the contest?
Thanks Crackberry!

What a fantastically engineered mount! I have been looking for a nice fitting mount so that I can use the GPS feature of the phone and this is the mount for me. This will kill 2 birds by allowing me to charge my phone at the same time. IGrip really came through with this one!

This is an awesome product . I just recently switched my phone carrier to get the TORCH and I also bought a car but was unable to get the navigation package. Winning this product would be perfect timing, please consider me as one of the lucky winners. KUDOS to making products for The Blackberry family that are of exceptional quality like this one.

My twin sister bought a gps for our car, but it is old and doesn't have updated maps. I've been using my torch for directions, but it's so hard to handle my big expedition AND look down at my phone all the time. This would be perfect for helping me stay focused on the road and only having to glance at the windshield for directions :)

I think the new torch totally rocks.. I had the bold 9700 and luved it but wanted the torch so thinbs up.. And I would sooo luv the igrip so I can be hands free while driving . which means no texting too...

this thing looks great. Even has a charging port built in which is great. finally something that will hold the torch and charge it at the same time.

I could use one of these , so I don't have to use my G.P.S. & drive a stick shift at the same time!!! Hopefully I get picked , wish me luck!

I had never had a smart phone before. My hubby has a GPS in his car and I do not. The main reason I upgraded from a regular old flip phone was for the GPS feature. I don't like to carry a lot of stuff around, not even a purse. This would be the cherry on top, as far as accessories for the Torch goes. That is why I would very much love to have this accessory.

I bought a Torch a few days after it came out and I absolutely love it. I work in a small town that is very far from my family and friends and thus spend a lot of time on the road driving. Having this dock would be incredibly useful to me as it would lead to safer driving for me and help make sure I don't get lost when I am traveling somewhere new!

Winning one of these will greatly speed up the drive and date in which I will have one in my possession. Honestly, the charging dock is one of the nicest accessories I've seen contested on the site. I would love to win one! Thanks!

I had an iGrip for my old 9000. Excellent build quality and recommended highly. It would be great to win one for my new Torch.

This sure would be a better place to put my Torch than in my trucks cup holder. My Torch needs a place of its own.

this is one of the best accessory for the torch by far. i would be replacing my tomtom with the torch igrip.. i cant wait to win it. :-)

i love my torch and have used it alot in my car while driving.. the I-Grip will make it safer to use will driving and provide a convenient recharge point as well. i would love to win a new I-grip if possible.

As a commercial driver this would be a necessity not just an accessory. Would love to be one of the first to get my hands one one for my Torch.

being in law enforcement, having easy access to my gps and phone is something that is very important to me. so much so that i'm switching from my non functioning captivate to a torch. This would be an awesome addition to my unit!

This Friday my wife and I will be taking our daughter to Disney World for her birthday. My wife has the Motorola Droid and has always been a "show-off" while I had my Bold 9700. I would love to be able to display my Torch and all its features for 3 hours straight while we drive to Orlando :)

I have been using a rickety universal vent mount for my Torch. This phone deserves something more rugged like the iGrip. I like that it has charging as well as the ability to rotate. I use the torch as GPS navigator as well as mp3 player in the car. With about 2 hours a day on the road, it has become a trusted friend. My friend needs a better mount!

i could use this everyday. i use navigation SOOO much and im moving to a new city in 2 months i'm sure it'll be used daily LOL. if I win one that is :)

great unit that allows the torch to be used at all times, and safely! now its not just the droid people that can look at their phone while driving. plus i think the torch, my torch looks way better...

Had the torch about a month now and love it. Learing something new everyday lol. Love all the accessories found here and this cradle looks awesome!!

This is an outstanding piece of equipment for the new Blackberry.
Very easy to use and appears to be a high quality item.
I would recommend the product in a heartbeat.
I t would be nice if these types of innovations weere more available as newer blackberrys come to market.
Can't wait to get one and I would go nutz if I could get one for free through this contest.

This would be perfect for all the driving I do. My GPS got broken and I hated to replace it because of the navigation on my Torch works great, but it is too awkward to hold it or lay it down and still use it. This will the be the perfect solution!

Thanks for the great review of the product. Looks like I found a good car mount for my wifes Torch after I buy her the Torch for her in early October.

Awesome looking charging dock. The landscape orientation is perfect for the Torch. This will be a perfect companion for my Torch (when it becomes available in Malaysia). another great giveaway. Crackberry is Awesome!!!.

This is the perfect Accessory to keep me off the rumblestrips when giving the thumbs up on Pandora! Great idea and amazing engineering with the multiposition arm and charging feature.


Its window dock that I would love to have since I dumpped the iphone last week. Replaces the GPS and it unscrews so it could be mounted to my motorcycle techmount making it a two for one accessory..Send me one and I'll post pics of it on my bike

pls i want this sooo bad! my car will look bad ass with this on the mirror! TY for the opportunity! I LOVE CB!!!

What an awesome idea. A charger and a cradle,. This will make me use the navigation features for sure.

Hope I get 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realy need this, The Traffic beta is going on, I am evaluating ATT Navigator, and a number of other aps to allow me to replace my Garmin.

Great accessory, I would really like to have one of those.......Come on IGrip and Crackberry send me 1!!!!!!!

Ahhh i would love this! I was about to buy it but what a better way to get this than win it! lol I need this since i live in chicago i can't hold my phone and use the GPS or i'll end up crashing since it's a hectic city! I hope i win!