Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!

iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2010 06:39 pm EDT

Check out the Review, then Leave a Comment for your chance to win an iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch! We're giving away 1 a day for 30 days!

This is probably one of the coolest BlackBerry accessories I've tested out so far. The iGrip car charging dock for the Torch 9800 mounts to the windshield or dash in your car and lets you easily drop in your Torch so you can use a navigation app on the go. I fired up AT&T Navigator while my Torch was in the dock and I have to say its just as good (if not better) than having a separate GPS unit. The dock is totally solid and stays secure so you don't have to worry about it dropping off the window. I really like the latch that secures down over the Torch once inserted - it ensures the phone is held secure whether used in landscape or portrait mode. When you get to wherever you're going, just pull your device out and take it with you. The video above is a bit of hand-on with the dock as well as a bit of in-car action to see just how it works. As of right now the iGrip BlackBerry Torch charging dock is only available via Smartphone Experts, so click on over to learn more and pick one up at ShopCrackBerry.com today!

Contest: We're Giving Away 1 iGrip Torch Cradle a Day for 30 Days! So the good great completely awesome folks at iGrip have hooked up a wicked contest for CrackBerry Nation. If you're a BlackBerry Torch owner living in the USA and want a chance at winning an iGrip Cradle for the Torch along with a BlackBerry Car Charger, then all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post (drop in some nice comments about why you want this bad boy while you're at it!). We'll update this post every day for the next 30 days with the previous day's winner below. 

Contest Winners:

We'll be collecting the winners a week at a time, so if you're a winner hang tight and we'll be sending you an email to get all of your info. 

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iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Photos


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
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Reader comments

Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!



This is a product that I could really use. I have the desktop cradle and it is great and I think this cradle just one ups it. Besides, it's my turn to win something, so there you have it.

What a great addition to the Torch! Was going to buy a new GPS but don't need to know with this beauty and charges to boot!

Defo love to win one!

I just wanna say that this is an ingenius accessory to develop and to have. Very useful in a way where we can actually use our berries as a real live GPS with speech and connected to our charger. Very well made and thought of.

The iGrip would be highly utilized if I won this contest! Along with it's utilization I would be able to safely operate my Torch while driving. Many people get into car accidents everyday because they just happen to look down at their phone. It would also be awesome for navigation! Thanks for the opportunity CB!

I'm getting a torch on the 24th when it hits Canada and I would love to have this for my car. it would be an amazing accessory to have! hope I win!

The day I bought my torch (this past thursday) I placed an order for my charging/sync cradle and holster case. I really wanted a car mount but did not want to get one NOT made specifically for my torch. After searching shopcrackberry.com I did not see any that fit my criteria so I placed my order and had it overnighted. Then the NEXT MORNING they put up this car cradle that matched my criteria exactly to a T! Imagine my frustration. If I was to win one of these it would rock tremendously! Help a brother out! I would mount this in my truck and have a secure place to have my phone within eyesight rather than sliding around the seat. And I think it is a plus that you have to add your own charger to plug into the unit (similar to the sync/charging cradle). That way I can just run a usb cable from my carpc to the cradle and run tether to keep my carpc updated! Woot!

I can tell you that I have enjoyed my Torch so very much. I have although had my difficulties moving from a curve to the "touching" of the Torch. I would be most greatful if I had an iGrip charging dock. The one area that I have had the most difficulty is with using my usb port to charge my Torch. To tell you the truth, I dont think it has ever worked. This would be the perfect solution. I dont enter for everthing, only those things i really need so PLEASE may I have the charging dock?

Love it - need it -- thanks for the review -- I have been loooking at them and trying to make up my mind.

Very Helpful -- the bomb of reviews as my students say :)

Crazy.....was looking at this in the ShopCrackberry store earlier with a friend of mine who owns a Torch. He just put all his music on it so he could use it in the car instead of his IPod. He didn't order it....i'd LOVE to win it so I can give it to him!

I would love to have this because i always use my gps and its sitting on my lap or I have to hold it so this would come in handy

I was THIS CLOSE to buying a generic one off of Amazon and just hpping it would fit. I would love to have one not only made to fit but that will charge my Torch as well.

i need this for my car my bb gets out of battry easly soo with this cradle im not gonna be empty of battery!!!!!!!!

i need this for my car my bb gets out of battry easly soo with this cradle im not gonna be empty of battery!!!!!!!!

If I can win one of these, I will have one more good reason to shell out some money for a Torch and renew my contract for two more years!

I need one of these so bad. I travel a lot and my Torch serves as my GPS when I drive. I also have it hooked into my cars stereo to play music on. Navigating through the menus is just unsafe while I drive because my Torch sits on the center console behind my gear shift (only place to put it in a tiny sports car).

Maby I'll get lucky and get one :P

I was THIS CLOSE to buying a generic one off of Amazon and just hoping it would fit. I would love to have this one that would not only fit right, but charge it too!

What about future Canadians getting it? Are Canadians cut off for this contest for some reason or are you saying that cause AT&T got it first and Americans are already using Torch? Should perhaps clarify. BUT, if Canadians are allowed in this one, PLEASE consider this my entry!! This is about the most awesomest, craziest, sweetest, most essential Blackberry Torch accessory to date!

I would definitely use my Torch as a GPS more often if I won this accessory! I would use it all the time! It would also be a great way to charge and keep my phone in place while on the go!

This is awesome charge to have esprecially if you use it like I do. I sometimes run low while on the road and the igrip will come in handy. So let me be one of the lucky winners :0)


I'm getting the Torch when Rogers releases it. The iGrip would be perfect for my car! Also great if I decide to use Rogers Telenav. I'm very impressed with AT&T's Telenav, so I'm going to try the one with Rogers.

Looks great. I volunteer for our local fire department and attend house fires at all times of the night. Great way to have it set up as a GPS and a handsfree device while on the road to a fire call. Looking forward to having one.

I saw the blog on this last week and was thinking what a great companion this would be for my new baby on all the trips that I use the navigator. Love my Torch, CB and Smartphone Experts!! iGrip rocks for giving out this super cool accessory!! I sure hope I win a free one so I can spread the word on how great it is!

This is perfect. My Nuvi just died on me, and pairing this up with the Torch will save me the hassle of buying another GPS unit.

This IS the reason Crackberry.com is the first site I check once my computer is humming!!! This is an awesome accessory for the Blackberry Torch!


I SERIOUSLY hope to win this contest... I may have talked my way into getting a Torch with college money, but I won't be able to get much else this year, so hopefully CrackBerry and iGrip can hook me up with this sweet car charger/cradle.

From the review: "If you're a BlackBerry Torch owner living in the USA and want a chance at winning an iGrip Cradle for the Torch along with a BlackBerry Car Charger, then all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post"

I've noticed a lot of other Canadian residents commenting on here to win. Given the above - Are we good to go in this contest or not? If we are I wouldn't mind being picked lol!

I have been looking everywhere for something like this. I can finally have a chance at something that would work great in my car!

I don't even have a torch,but if I win this I will get on for shore.This 8130 pearl is getting really slow.

That is exactly what I need. That will save me the expense of buying a "stand alone" GPS unit for my car!

I spend a ton of time on the road in a work truck. We only have so many outlets to charge with so to have something like this that's solve two problems is great. and it free up some windshield space too.

Thanks Crackberry and Igrip!

Already 3 shocks on my Torch because it fell down in the car while driving with the help of google maps :-( ....

Please help me not to add anymore shocks !!! =D

I am anxiously awaiting the receipt of my torch tomorrow (upgrading from 9700) and loved the review you gave the iGrip! As someone with absolutely no sense of direction (I get lost in my house!) I rely heavily on Navigator. With the new cell phone laws while driving... I can't risk holding my cell in my effort to use Navigator. The iGrip seems to be the perfect solution for this particular problem and I'm excited about it!! Great job!!

i dont have a torch i just want it!!! Then maybe i will just have to get one!!! Really though I think that is something I would use!!! Love it!!!

damn, my GPS unit is out dated, back from 2006, time for new GPS, but I have no fund for new GPS as I just blow it all on Torch. so I will put this as a good use if I win it. :D please please

What a wonderful device! This is so cool! I would love to have this in my car! Would be perfect for my torch! Please send one my way! :)

I don't normally take the time to post comments to contests, but this is such an awesome accessory I had to. CrackBerry.com and iGrip keep up the good work.

Great looking product. It will really make the Blackberry a much more appealing alternative for a GPS. I could really use one since I'm currently resting the BB in my lap for nav... Thanks CrackBerry for a great giveaway!

I would like this for my dad's Torch so he won't do the velcro thing to it like he did his last phone.

I've had several items from the folks at iGrip.... they have the most awesome products... This one seems to be no exception. I hope I win one...

This is a very nice accessory.
With this I don't need a separate dock for my GPS and a separate dock for my mobile phone.

This looks like a great product. I travel up and down the East Coast and this would be a great asset to me.

I could SO use this..since my teenagers unplug my charger to use their iPod chargers....they can't reach this!

Looks like a sweet accessory for the new Torch. Something I can definitely get some use out of.

This would be used constantly when I am on the road. No matter if it is for work but also when I am travelling to see the grand kids. Thank you for a great give away.

I would love to have this to keep my baby safe (who likes a dinged berry?)and don't want to be unsafe driving holding my berry either..thanks CrackBerry and SmartPhone

I love my cradle and I know I will love my "car cradle" too. A torch needs to held with care and this iGrip sees the importance of that fact.

I hate leaving my phone on the seat to charge while driving...it's just uncivilized. Would love to win this!

This is probably the coolest BlackBerry accessory I have ever bought, I got mine yesterday... While driving home from work this thing caused me to have my first real complaint about the Torch. I was very disappointed that while I had the Torch in the cradle on my windshield, I could not real the speaker phone, AT ALL!!! I knew it was bad, that that is awful. What I don't get is that on my Torch the volume for the speaker when I'm listening to music or watching a video on youtube is like 3x louder than the speaker sending out a phone call...

Either way, very cool accessory! ...Now I'm off to buy a bluetooth headset.

This setup and functionality look great! It would really help me with clock in my car, since my dash clock LCD is all messed up!

Having one of these might make having turn-by-turn navigation worth putting on my Berry - plus it just looks so darn nifty!

Very god review. This is the first thing on my list of things to get when I get my torch this week and this review pretty much sealed that fact.

Though Adam... Driving around with no seat-belt on? Whilst distracted with a video camcorder and a mobile telephone? hehe!

This is the greatest invention ever! I can use it as a gps and charge it at the same time!! Hands free gps or whatever I can do with this!! Very cool!

I was just looking at this yesterday!! I got a new car and I don't have a good place for my phone where I can see the screen now. This would be perfect.

I have a 2000 jeep wrangler and no place to put my 9800 without it sliding out of the jeep. This would work great on the windshield.

Great idea - my Torch doesn't fit into the holder I had in my car for the Bold. Looks exactly like what I need.

It would be great to have this iGrip. It would make driving a lot safer having your Torch in a true hands free mode and conveniently mounted on your windshield. Watching the GPS would be nice, since it is difficult to do that without one (iGrip). With all of the great features of the iGrip, you can focus on your driving. Sure would be great to have one...hint-hint ;-)

That would make a great addition to my car when traveling. No more holding my phone on the wheel, or trying to prop it up in the cup holder so i can see the GPS directions while driving.

I really need this....to keep the flame alive for my Torch....to hold her tight with my new iGrip..........please help me out Crackberry!

...As someone who lives in his vehicle, this would be an awesome thing to have. I'm getting tired of leaving my phone in the cup holder!

I hope I can get one of these. It looks built really well and has a very nice design. It's just what I've been looking for.

I need this bad i am tired of Storm II sliding around whil its charging and it would be so much easier for me to look at GPS while driving

WOW! Now this would kick major butt! My radio does not work in my car, so I use my Blackberry to stream music using the working mp3 aux port on the radio. Needless to say it has to sit on the passenger seat AND I have a 5 speed convertible Mustang, so nothing like trying to keep a wire out the way AND having the sunglare trying to look at the screen as its perched on the seat. THIS RIGHT HERE would make my life complete, seriously! Let me advertise it for you, cause while I have the top down, people will see it displayed quite easily that I hve an iGrip holding my Torch! :)

First off this cradle is totally awesome!! I live on a military base and are not allowed to talk on our cell phones without a hands free device and they are not shy about handing out tickets if your caught on your cell on post. They even do checkpoints to catch you!! I have 3 kids and am involved in many activities so I am constantly in my car, on post without a hands free device. With a family member deployed in Afghanistan and one in Iraq right now its just not in my budget to be able to splurge on this cradle. It would make my life a whole lot easier. Plus my best friend has the Droid which has a cool (but not as awesome!) cradle for her car and she is always showing it off to me!! If I got this one then I could show it off to her and all the other Blackberry Torch owners on post!! They would definitely go out to buy one after they saw mine!!!

Great giveaway, but is it really restricted to only the Torch. I would love one for my Storm II.

I do a lot of driving for work and this would be a great addition! Thanks for the give-aways guys! Crackberry Rocks!

Ive been looking for something that would keep my phone locked and sturdy while on the dash... always too afraid that it will slide off on a turn or when I speed off... perhaps this would be the one!

I drive quite a bit while traveling for work. I constantly use my AT&T navigator to keep me on track. In the past (with Bold 9000), I have just set the phone in my lap while driving. Unfortunately it would always end up between the seats or on the floor when tapping the brakes. This can't happen with my precious Torch! I need to provide the security my baby deserves!

I would like to have one for my car, it would definitely replace my big clunky GPS system and it would be great for hands free conversation, not to mention I do need a car charger for my Torch.

This is a great accessory for someone like me that travels a lot in my vehicle. I am constantly on the phone and use a GPS unit now. Having this would keep me hands free and eliminate my old GPS unit.
Send one my way!

The GPS in my wifes Benz leaves a lot to be desired (does not do door to door directions.. this is a 2008 Model)

Having a dock like this would help us not get lost :D

Google Maps + Leave it On == Save Marriage...

This thing looked pretty interesting and was thinking about picking one up. Would be great for holding the phone for Pandora in the car

The igrip charging dock is a must have! I travel alot from state to state and just around town so this item would really suit my needs! I have different appointments around town that I don't know how to get to and having the navigation right in front of me instead of on my lap is great and I want have to worry about having another accident!! LoL I'm ok I live to see another day but I really could see several more days with this igrip charging dock!! If I don't when it I sure will try to buy it that's if I can afford it lol!!!

I am counting the days until the release of the TYorch with my carrier.

I would love the dock. It will sit nicely beside my Sirius and keep my hands free.


What a good idea! This is an awesome car charger and would be a great way safely enjoy many functions of the Blackberry Torch 9800 while driving.

Nice review Adam. I just traveled to Chicago and used the AT&T Navigator on my Torch 9800. It would have been nice to have the iGrip Dock to hold the phone while driving, but I didn't, so I had to either lay the phone on the passager seat or sit it in the cup holder, and then hold it in my hand when I needed to read it. Again, good review, of a great product!

i've never fully embraced navigation systems on mobile phones due to not being able to have it set up as nicely in my car as an actualy GPS Unit. Also, I've always had berries with a keypad, meaning a smaller screen.

Now that I have a torch with a large screen, this car dock practically changes the game. Why do I need a gps unit now when I can have the exact same setup in my car, but have it running through my phone! I've already pretty much eliminated the need for my ipod, looks like my Garmin may be next!

The best dock I've ever seen. I had one from them for my Bold 9000 but it didn't have a charger built in. I even know someone who won't change from his razor because he has a car mount like this for it. Amazing mount. Now, I wanna win one!

I live in the suburbs of Chicago and I drive all over the place and use the navigation software. Would love to have one of these so I am not always holding my phone to look at the navigation while driving. Crackberry Rocks!!

an iGrip...

I use my BlackBerry(Torch) for everything in my car; it becomes my bluetooth media centre, my "what am I getting for dinner?" device.

I store all my music on it, I have about a dozen podcasts that I never find time to listen to all of them, I have pictures of my pile of dirt (soon to be house), videos of my niece as she grows up.

Having an iGrip would be a great addition, just so that my BlackBerry can stay with me, stay charged, and keep me organized.

I have the torch 9800 and of course I love it and I really need the igrip charging dock. I travel around my city and out of town sometimes promoting my best friends hair products Eukivi products and I'm always going to new locations that I have to use the navigation. I have my pun on my lap or in the passenger seat and I have been in an accident before because of that so if I don't when it which I hope I do I will have to ask my best friend to buy it since she has all the money lol!!! Please let me win it i ask her for to much money anyway lol!!!

Getting ready to replace my Bold 9000 with the Torch. This iGrip Charging Dock would be perfect for me to use in my Jeep. Us Georgians are now under a texting ban, so having the phone on the windshield would be perfect. A quick glance tells me if the email or text I have received is important enough for me to pull over.

This would be an awesome addition since I use my GPS app all the time to follow my kids around to all their sporting events. And with 6 that's A LOT!!

For the Torch to be released in Canada. I'll be picking one up once they are. This would be very handy...

Thanks again,

I've been waiting for something like this to replace my ancient Palm and Tom Tom mount setup. This is such a natural setup for the Torch for GPS and car use.

At first I thought this was a useless device but now after thinking about it, it could be very helpful. Hope I win one.

Wow! This would be great. I'm a Pastor and use GPS often. This would help me tremendously. This has got to be one if not the best accessory yet for the Torch. Way to go iGrip. Way to crackberry.

This is a must have for me! I actually tried to build my own because I couldn't wait. Then I see this finally came to market. I would love one!

I am a proud new owner of the bb Torch and would love to have this iGrip dock so i can easily use my AT&T navigator which works awesome on this device. Thanks for all that you guys do at CRACKBERRY!!! YOU GUYS ROCK

This would be so useful while driving. I love my Torch, and I don't want to risk dropping it while driving, AND I can charge it! Crackberry user's dream!

Wow! Thanks to the guys (and gals, I'm sure) at iGrip and Crackberry for this opportunity!! Personally, I hope to win one because I live 2.5 hours away from where I work so I have to drive at least 4 to 5 hours each day to get to/from work :o( So I use my phone as a navi system ALL the time...especially to get traffic and weather updates along the way.

This is one of the main reasons why I got the Torch (I only got it a week ago). After seeing how zippy the navigation (and overall the OS as a whole) is, I had to switch from the 9700. The touchscreen feature is EXACTLY what I needed to make using my phone as a navigation / traffic / weather assistant perfect!

I now have no need for an MP3 player, a digital camera (for my everyday personal use), a navigation unit, nor a video player...all because of my beautiful Torch!

This cradle would be the PERFECT accessory for me! I hope I win one.


It would look so awesome hangin' off the window of my beat up '99 Ford Ranger. Right now, my torch has to sit on the seat beside me and that is just sad. What would happen to the poor thing in a car accident? Since it doesn't weigh enough, I have to turn off the airbags and it can't fit in a seat belt. Please help me help my Torch stay safe.

Ok, now this is just too cool. Easy access to everything I need (and no more GPS map updates from the old clunker). Yes, please.

I would love to have one of these, very cool accessories for the Blackberry Torch. My Torch absolutely needs one.

I absolutely LOVE my new Torch!! It is the best thing that blackberry has come out with. Love the idea of the iGrip, now i can use my blackberry without hassel of trying to find a place to put it for use with the GPS. Nice job blackberry!!

As a truck driver trying to make ends meat, I am on the road over 12 hours a day with my Torch in hand giving me directions. This iGrip Charging Dock would do me wonders!
Crossing my fingers hoping to win this fabulous product. Over-and-Out.

I NEEED THIS IN MY LIFE! It will definitely help me avoid "txt adn driving" tickets when I'm ONLY using my friggin GPS on the phone....

Crackberry.. you would save me tons of TICKETS with this! Pick me puh-leeeeeeassssseeeee!

This is great for me because I'm tired of lugging myTomTom, plus mount, plus charger when a travel. I need y Torch car charger anyway, so this is a no-brainer. Would love to win rather than buy though.

I can't wait to get one! But in Canada Crackberry doesnt have it in stock yet. I talked to customer service and they put me on a waiting list to email me ASAP. I've waiting for something like this. SO stylish and it fit perfect for the torch. NOT JUST ANOTHER HOLDING CLAW!!! :-)

What a great tool for the car, the ability to utilize the navigation and keep us safe while focused on the road makes it very useful. When you have an incoming call the Torch can remain in place and the call can be handled via either the visor system or ear piece all the while keeping a good charge for the battery... over all a great asset for those of us that comute everyday... I would very much like to own the iGrip charging dock, what a great way to find my way and keep me and others safe while staying conneted...

this is the usefull thing for my torch, and very comfortable with my car. please give it to me 1, to my special torch star.

This absolutely looks like the best holder I have seen to date. Combine this with the Jabra Cruiser and you are set for hands free traveling!