Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!

iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2010 06:39 pm EDT

Check out the Review, then Leave a Comment for your chance to win an iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch! We're giving away 1 a day for 30 days!

This is probably one of the coolest BlackBerry accessories I've tested out so far. The iGrip car charging dock for the Torch 9800 mounts to the windshield or dash in your car and lets you easily drop in your Torch so you can use a navigation app on the go. I fired up AT&T Navigator while my Torch was in the dock and I have to say its just as good (if not better) than having a separate GPS unit. The dock is totally solid and stays secure so you don't have to worry about it dropping off the window. I really like the latch that secures down over the Torch once inserted - it ensures the phone is held secure whether used in landscape or portrait mode. When you get to wherever you're going, just pull your device out and take it with you. The video above is a bit of hand-on with the dock as well as a bit of in-car action to see just how it works. As of right now the iGrip BlackBerry Torch charging dock is only available via Smartphone Experts, so click on over to learn more and pick one up at ShopCrackBerry.com today!

Contest: We're Giving Away 1 iGrip Torch Cradle a Day for 30 Days! So the good great completely awesome folks at iGrip have hooked up a wicked contest for CrackBerry Nation. If you're a BlackBerry Torch owner living in the USA and want a chance at winning an iGrip Cradle for the Torch along with a BlackBerry Car Charger, then all you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post (drop in some nice comments about why you want this bad boy while you're at it!). We'll update this post every day for the next 30 days with the previous day's winner below. 

Contest Winners:

We'll be collecting the winners a week at a time, so if you're a winner hang tight and we'll be sending you an email to get all of your info. 

Day 1: jmarkey77
Day 2: avelvethammer
Day 3: RedbirdGT
Day 4: SkySoldier
Day 5: Boldacious
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Day 8: mcdanielnc89
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iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Photos


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
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Reader comments

Hands on with the iGrip Car Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800; Contest: We're Giving Away 1 a Day for 30 Days!!



What an awesome charger!! That can come in very handy. I thought it would be useful as a "GPS" unit while charging too. Great concept. I'd love to get hooked up with one of those!

Thanks iGrip and Crackberry. You rock!! Send em my way!!

Very nice, should've come out with this earlier so I could have used one with my last 4 BlackBerry's

I hope I win one of these. I use the Bluetooth Speakerphone and this would make a great companion for when i'm using gps and listening to the CrackBerry Podcast!

I don't have a Torch yet as I'm still waiting for the Canadian release next week. But, my manager has approved it so as soon as I can get my hands on one, I'll need this lovely unit. Would be stellar for navigation and streaming tunes on the road.

Would be great cause I use my torch as my radio, so I won't have to worry about the battery. Plus its also my GPS.

This would be an awesome gift for my new torch. It looks great and i already have the perfect position in my car waiting for it! PICK ME, IM AWESOME!

This thing looks sweet. As a new torch owner, owning this dock would revolutionize the way I use my torch in the car. I want one!!

As a guy who has multiple restaurants I'm always on the gO and on the phone. This little beauty would be a great help with charging, phone display, usingTelenav, and more! This would make a great gift for me.

How about picking me on the 24th? :) would make a great birthday present to myself, to coincide with me picking up my Torch! (Cause were slow in Canada!)

I have always had a car cradle for every Blackberry I owned. After I got my 9800, my wife told me I can spend no more money on "gadgets." Therefore, right now, my 9800 is "cradleless." My 9800 sits in a cup holder while I drive. :(

With my wallet on lock down by my wife, I really could use a free an iGrip cradle through this contest. Thanks iGrip for being so generous.

I was just on amazon looking at this!! I would really love to win one of these! The pics in the review are great. Much better than the ones I saw. Thanks so much.

This looks like an awsome accessory for the Torch. I hope some forthought went into making it so a phone with a otter box commuter case on it will fit in the dock. I tried to by the accessory dock for home from the local AT&T store and got home with it only to find out I have to remove the case to have it fit the dock. Not something I want to have to do everytime I get in the car. I fumble the phone enough, I don't need another excuse to drop it on the ground and muck it up.

I think ever Torch owner should own one of these should it prove to be fuctional with a case on the phone.

I've been eyeing this thing since crackberry's first post on this!! Here's my chance to get one without putting my wallet on a diet!

Thanks iGrip!

what a great product for all the lucky torch owners =)

man ever since the torch came out, every other blackberry has been kicked to the curb!

this would be a great thing to win for us bold 9650 owners since our phone is new as well lol

best of luck to all the torch owners =)

Wow, this looks amazing. I would DEFINITELY utilize one of these on a daily basis considering that my job consists of a lot of road time.

be a great item to have in the car. Mount the bad boy on the windshield and keep those eyes on the road. I'd love to have one. Thanks iGrip and CB!!!

I love my Torch and use it for Navigation all the time in the car. Please hook me up because this looks like the best option for what I need! What a great looking product!!

I couldn't even watch the whole video through just to rush over and comment--- awesome! Would luv this for my travels on the road. Thanks iGrip and CB for the offer!!!

I travel a lot and use the GPS all the time. I am on the phone so much, I always need to charge and plugging the cable while on the run is a hassle. I like the charger feature so I can just drop the phone into the cradle and grab it when I get out.

I had a charging dock for my Bold 9000. Now after upgrading to Torch it would be nice to slide my baby in and fire up Garmin Nav.

I would love to win one of there I'm always driving with the in my hands specially when I'm on google maps very dangerousem. I like to use GPS a lot you know to find my way around lol I know that this accessory will reduce my chances of a vehicle accident. I like the accessory I've been wanting one for a while well since the day I got the torch but just haven't had money. So hopefully ill be one of those 30 lucky winners

I'm in my car driving 6-7 hours a day. I think this would be a great way to display use and charge my phone. I use it a lot already for gps and think this will make it even easier to do so and keep it charged

About time somthing like this comes out for a Berry! Its so nice to have GPS on the handheld but if you're fumbeling with the device as you drive its a safety issue. This solves that problem and more!

this is just simply to put; one of the coolest blackBerry accessories for the 9800 that is out there. this is just too much,!

That's an awesome charger/dock I really need this. I purchased the dock for the 9000 and loved it....now I need one for my torch... I would really love to win this.
Would be perfect for my Torch.

Well I have some making up to do with the GF (cause I got my torch and she hasn't yet). So a brand new Torch and this beauty may just get me outta the doghouse with her. (Not likely, but worth a shot). Help!

My job takes me to new places constantly. Gmaps is always open. I'm on the road constantly and have 2 chargers in the car at all times. This would be an awesome accessory to keep the map in front of me so I don't have to keep looking down to see when my next turn arrives. Just having a dock for charging will keep it out of my lap!

What a great way to show off your new torch!!! I get my torch next Friday and would love to show it off in in the igrip...great product! Hope I win :)

Glad to see someone is making great accessories for the Torch. I would love to use something like this when I am traveling and don't want to use a rental gps. Thanks for another giveaway!

i need one of these babies for my soon to arive torch!! if i don't win I'm still gonna buy one from shopcrackberry.com

I just got a torch and love it. I would love if I could have a car accessory to go with it. Please pick me.

I would kill for this. Love my torch and I want a good way to show it off in the car! This is it! Thanks in advance CB!

In my job I travel house to house everyday installing an unnamed satellite tv service. This would help out so much for gps instead of holding my torch in my hand while driving. So, I could really use one. Good job on the promo and thanks for thinking about us crackberry users and abusers.

While it looks great for someone with a car, how well would this work in a truck? Guess I'll have to win one and find out :-)

Would greatly appreciate the chance for one of these. I've been searching for a way to integrate the charging pod into my car but this completely solves that issue.

Hey i really like this Igrip. Since it came out i was thinking about purchasing it. It would be great to win it though.

I would LOVE to win one of these for my 9800! I'm on the road nearly every day and use my BB (AT&T Telenav) to find my destinations, but currently I just put BB on dash and hope it doesn't slide off! This would be amazing.

This would be a great accessory for my new Torch! The one I used with my 9700 broke and laying on the seat to be hooked up to charge while listening to a audible book could lead to trouble.

I was going to get this when it showed up on the canadian site. I believe this is a necessary accessory. I drive lots and with the handsfree laws, well, gps looks a lot like texting.

I would even put the crackberry logo on it.


this is awesomeee! I definitely could use this in my car. I'd call myself a moderate to heavy user, especially in my car. I have bluetooth connected to my radio, streaming slacker, and occasionally get phone calls. So this iGrip would be a dream come true! Please pick me Crackberry!

i so want this because i wont have to use my cup holder to hold my torch and potentially damage my beautiful torch and make me really upset


This is such a great innovation. Since my phone has replaced my Garmin, might as well completely replace it with the window attachment and all! It's ridiculous how my Garmin won't even find a signal before my blackberry has already found it and given me all the directions to my destination! Hope I win!!

...Pimp my ride with this. Plus, as I work for ATT and sell this product, having one would be an even better way to position the product.

Great video and pics! IGrip makes great accessories. I had the one that plugs into the lighter for my old Bold 9000 and loved it, BUT it doesn't charge. I've been waiting for something like this since Sept 12.

Could really use this for my moms new torch that I got her for her birthday next week. She's always on the go and as she listens to slacker and Pandora needs to recharge the battery.

I would love one. I need someplace to show the torch some love while driving, rather than the cup holder.. :)

Thanks Crackberry - Keep up the great work

Sol H

I love having GPS on my Blackberry. Having the docking station in the car would make using GPS a lot easier. I would love to score this IGrip Charging Cradle for my new Torch!

Well I do travel a lot so me useing my blackberry as a navigation system is a convient tool and haveing this docking station for my car will make things even more convient in my travles.

BTW I'm posting this from my torch its an awsome phone.

Man this would be great to have! I use my gps a lot and I tried going to a few stores looking for a good universal windshield mount. I found a few that were ok however they either don't secure the device well or they fall off the windshield. This would also solve my charging issue and keep my torch "juiced up" ha ha. Pick me and I would refer it to all of my torch owning friends...

I just got the BB Torch 9800, albeit I had to exchange it once already, and I would love to have a secure place for it in my car as I drive, to answer calls, or just listen to music (music being a huge part of my life and my Torch has better music on my 16 gig chip than most radio stations play, lol). This would be wonderful for me. Are we allowed to post a comment daily for 30 days? I am new to this site so I don't know. If you could advise, would be much appreciated.

Saw this awesome mount the the other day, what better home to a devoted Crackberry addict. PLEASE GIVE ME MY CRACK HOLDER!

Thanks for reading,

Oh the countless times I've used my Torch's apps to while on the road. Whether it be GoogleMaps to get me there, music to listen to along the way, or maybe a video I have saved on my SD Card. Unfortunately, I've done this all without the use of any kind of holder for my phone! iGrip and CB, I'd love to get my hands on one of these. Thanks!

intelligent design - would like to try the navigation - and makes handsfree even friendlier! not too bad a deal at $38 - but winning one is even better!

Please pick me!!!! It'll keep us all safer and wiser! (-: Crackberry ROCKS!!! Thanks guys for the opportunity!

This would be a really cool contest to win! I spend 12+ hours a day in a car on the job. How handy this iGrip would be to have!

This is sweet!!! My awesome Blackberry Torch would look extra Sexy in my Yellow 350Z. I Love this Torch, It's the Best Blackberry ever!!! My Torch would Love to ride in this Sexy Cradle. It would be the Envy of all Blackberry devices!!! Go Torch!

I would love to win this! I go on alot of road trips and if i had this to use as a gps navigator it would make life so much easier!

My friend recently bought a droidx. He showed me all of the "cool" stuff it did. I was not impressed until I saw his car dock. He put his phone in the dock and started google maps as we went down the road. I loved the idea of having my 9800 mounted to the windshield and double as a gps or hands free device.

The point of the story is that I was not impressed with his phone but with his car dock. This is a must have torch owners.

The concept of this is great. I am surprised that someone has not come up with it before. As someone who travels a great deal this would mean one less device I have to carry in my bag.

again what a great idea.

Since I picked up the torch, I've about thrown away my Garmin to use ATT Nav... This would no doubt seal the deal!

I'm in sales, so I'm in my car and on the phone all day. This would be the perfect way to keep my phone charged and within reach.

the things you can do with your Blackberry is Endless..
with this great accesory, who needs another Garmin or Tomtom GPS? i'm so loving my Torch up to now.

Hey guys. Canadiens also get Torch NEXT WEEK. What a nice start to get this fantastic iGrip to come with. IGRIP people, you're on fire!!!!

I love my Torch and use it all day long. The IGrip charging dock would make my Torch hands free for the AT&T Navagation and phone calls. The more I see your device the more I want it.

Cool very interesting and looks like it could be very useful especially for me because I travel so much.

I'd love to win one of these. I love my docking station. This will bring the same beauty into my car!


I Wanna win this! Since Im receiving my Torch from amazon in a couple of weeks I Wanna add this to my car! :D <3

My Name is Sexy!

Talk about adding value to your purchase. This is just perfect! This completely eliminates the need for a GPS, allows you to charge your phone at the same time and it's just pretty damn cool!

I reaaaaaally want one.... m getting my phone soon and this would be a great gadget to have!

I was just looking into this debating whether I should purchase it or not. I rely on GPS a lot and this would make using it much easier and SAFER.

I always have to put my phone in my lap when I'm using the GPS and I've already dropped it a few times. The iGrip would be an awesome solution. Hook me up crackberry!!

I would truoly love one of these for my new Torch! I am completely in love with my Torch and cannot live without it! So please let me have one of these. I also have a birthday coming up soon so one of these would be a really nice gift for myself.


my torch would love you forever!!!

sure come in handy on my long trips from miami to orlando... and also for entertainment since i use my torch now instead of my ipod for music

I can't keep my eyes off the Torch. With this I can keep my eye on it and keep my two hands on the wheel!

That baby looks awesome for my new torch that I will be receiving in the upcoming days wooop wooop I want to win please please pick me

I had a car cradle for my Blackberry 9000 and loved it for long trips. I'm glad to see this come out so soon and it would be even better if I could win one.

This would be great for my upcoming move from North Carolina to Texas. Moving back there after serving 22 years in the Marines. This would help guide me along the back roads that I will be driving in my classic vehicle.

Since I have already went over budget buying other accessories for my beloved torch, i could really use a free gadget!

Great giveaway! I've considered this many times. This is probably the one accessory that would make me take off my Otterbox.

I have been hoping for a solution for using the Torch with a quality windshield mount. I believe we have found the solution. Outstanding compliment to any Torch user!!

OMG This is so awesome. I can use the speaker phone and avoid breaking the law. Nice minamilistic design too, Hit me up please

Please! Thank you! I would like to have to be able to drive safer with being able to glance slightly right to see my navigation rather than down on my leg taking my eyes completely off the road. This would apply to not only navigation but phone calls as well.

This looks like an awesome device! This would be great since it will allow me to place my device somewhere in my vehicle when driving and using GPS for navigation.

Since this is the 1st day I am the actual owner of a Torch (bye bye Bold), this review could not come at a better moment. This looks like a solid replacement to me dragging around a GPS when I fly across the country and have to find my way. One less device to carry around my bag on a plane is cool. Hook me up :-)

That's an awesome looking cradle for the Torch. We just did a 2000 mile road trip last week and that would have been great to have.

This is perfect timing! was checking this bad boy out when it first was announced on crackberry... with work now requiring me to be on the road 3 hours a day, I have been using Telenav at all times! this would be very useful for me on a daily basis!

I had the proclip for my car and the 9700. However, after speaking with customer service, it seems that they are not much in a rush to create the cradle for the Torch. I currently do not have anything to hold it in my car and this would be a great addition to my BlackBerry Bluetooth unit!

Please Please Please pick me!

I definately could use that. It would come in very handy, espically since I am constantly going 2 new doctors all the time. And the gps comes in very handy. And some of them r hard 2 find. This would make it easier to see and operate instead of holding it or putting it in my seat. I could really use that alot

I currently use the TELUS Navigator + Blackberry Visor Mount to give me turn by turn audio while I'm driving. It works but sometimes I need to look at the map while I'm driving.

This product will allow me to keep my hands off the phone. The way I see it, if it makes the roads a little safer and saves me from getting a ticket it's a win win.

Lets go, I could finally win something!!!

Great Addition, to the torch, so much better than holding it looking at the map while i drive.

OMG! I'd LOVE to have one of these bad boys! I travel a lot and coming up in the weeks to come I'll be traveling through different states. This would be terrific to have up on my dash for me to use my att navigator! Please pick me as a winner!

Even though I don't have a Blackberry torch YET, eventually I will be purchasing one when Canadian Carriers come out with it!

I would love to win one for my car!

Pick me!