Hands-On With Hong Kong's CSL BlackBerry Bold

Hong Kong BlackBerry Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Aug 2008 01:39 am EDT

The BlackBerry Bold is looking good worldwide! Our friends over at 友藏 | 黑莓时光 (BerryTimes.cn) just let us know about the hands-on BlackBerry Bold post they published. All of the photos and information are provided by YYjoy who scoped out the "Bold pre-selling situation" in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon.

I have no idea what the post actually says, but the pictures sure look good. If you're jonesing for a Bold, you'll definitely want to take a look! And if anybody wants to translate the story within this post's comments, the English-reading CrackBerry Nation would appreciate it :)

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Hands-On With Hong Kong's CSL BlackBerry Bold


you could jump from the post to the english version post now, the link is at the beginning of the chinese post top position.

Feel Bold in Hands at HongKong CSL

YYjoy, one of my friends who is in charge of his www.yyjoy.com (a nice tv game website), is not only a BIG game fan, but also a blackberry addict. He was at Hongkong these days and hanged around there seeking for Blackberry news in streets, and he get BOLD in hands in the CSL mobile shop in the afternoon for hours! Let’s check what he found… All the following nice photos are shot by Great Mr. YYjoy!

【CHINESE INPUT】( which is quite important to chinese guys… )

the CSL one has the CN input within, and YYjoy tried the 4.6OS CN input, much progress, points as following:
the input-charactor-frame follows your input position, whichd is quite diffrent as in OS 4.5;
more lines of to-be-chosen-charactors (like the situation in Pearl input), in OS4.5 only one line;
move the ball up and down, left and right to chose the charactor you might need;
no more numbers for each charactor, so maybe no way to press “alt+number” to confirm from now on?
seems to be more words combination to choose, comparing to curve 4.5 OS;
about input memorizing ability, (many guys focus much) not comfirmed…pity.


the buttom-press-distance seems to be short than curve’s keyboard;
pressing at Bold’s keyboard is “Not Bad” at the first sight;

what shocked YYjoy most is the BOLD Amazing screen!!! Though we all have known BOLD has 480×320 solution rather than Curve’s 320×240, “You can feel how shocking it realy is, once you get bold in hand”, said YYjoy.
BOLD is with MiniUSB, not MicroUSB;
PRICE: he asked the shop staff and most replies are, BOLD will release in HK in 1 or 2 weeks, price are quite a little not the same (the following price are no-contract-price):
CSL-1010:¥5188 (HK dollars, about $664 USD);
PCCW:¥4788 (HK dollars, about $613 USD);
He-Ji(和记):¥4188 (HK dollars, about $536 USD) with 18 month contract (68 hkd per month at least);
all the above three carriers won’t lock the BOLD as selling;
Smartone:about ¥4000 (HK dollars, about $512 USD) with contract, and locked bold selling
As we have read many reviews about bold’s system, screenshots and more, these are all for todays introduction, and photo coming now.

I don't know how to send pictures,so if you guys wanna see them,go to http://berrytimes.cn/2008/08/20/enfeel-bold-in-hands-at-hongkong-csl/

With a kind & gracious link back to CrackBerry.com, no less. Check the top of the page that is shown in the BerryTimes.cn website.

Kev (et al.), one thing that always baffled me with the BB is how it can be used in other countries with an english qwerty keyboard. Will this ever be fixed? Does it need to in order to gain further popularity in foreign countries? It just seems limiting to me that BB is fixed on only english characters, especially if the world is truly their market. Perhaps the BB Thunder will alleviate this problem?! That's one phone I am truly amped about...but I digress =)

Thanks for the post and thanks to the site for translation and link to CB. Very impressive. As to English keyboard, I am sure Thunder can handle that, if necessary. With an onboard keyboard options to format can be handle more easily. Now, if they will, who knows. I am happy to see how well RIM has done to reach out to the worldwide market! Keep it up RIM. I can't wait to see the Thunder!

I'll do a quick overview translation.

The lead in talks about how he was able to get his hands on the new Bold.

The first section discuss the new improvement on Chinese input system which is part of the OS 4.6.

next section discuss how it feels in his hand. He felt the keypad travel depth is shorter. In terms of button pressing feedback, "it's ok".

last section labeled under "misc".
He was very happy with the BOLD 480x320 screen. Even though everyone already knew that's going to be a big improvement. He said "you don't know how good it is until you have used it"

BOLD is still MiniUSB, and not MicroUSB

He then discussed price and contract condition for getting BOLD.

both berrytimes and mr. yyjoy are in beijing, beijing guys uses english as well. :)
it is a berry-sort blog from China anyway
hope my english version could be easily-understood

I'm also HK CSL customer. I will get a Bold a week later. HKD438 per month, unlimited data and 1,000 mins voice, 24mth contract: $0 for a Bold.

I asked my friend for a translation brief, he said the article says...

the author “幺幺的任天堂” is a fan of blackberry Bold. He has a chance to touch the real blackberry bold in HK. And attached some photos to share with readers

he listed some of the advanced features we saw posted pre release date.

Also some china specific updates regarding chinese input methods

It has very good handling?? not that its a car or anything, however the keys are not the best he has used. Guess they are too small for some and require nimble fingers. Im sure curve and other blackberry users are quite able to use small buttons by now.

He is very impressed by the 480×320 screen, and beleives you cannot tell what good quality it is until you feel it. Maybe something to do with the leather back, and very metalic frame.


CSL-1010: 5188RMB=763USD