Hands on with the good stuff in BlackBerry 10.1 maintenance release

By James Richardson on 30 Jul 2013 06:35 am EDT

We posted recently about the BlackBerry 10.1 maintenance release, but in true CrackBerry fashion I thought it was well worth showing you on video what I consider to be the best new features. Not only is the video aimed at current BlackBerry 10 users who have not got the update yet, but hopefully if you read this and are considering joining Team BlackBerry this may push you a little more in the right direction.

As you would have seen in the 10.1 MR announcement post, there are a ton of new additions to the OS but a few really stuck out for me with the main one being the ability to now use gestures to read through your emails. As much as I love BlackBerry 10 I did find it frustrating having to open, then close an email just to then open the next. Those days are now gone as from within a message you can swipe to the right and down and the next message will open - hooray! You can reverse this action to go backwards in your inbox by swiping to the right and then up and it works beautifully.

Although I never use a password on my BlackBerry (as it's never away from me) I did find it a little odd that with BlackBerry 10 the password had to be a word - unlike on many other operating systems where numbers can be used. That's now also been rectified and keying in a few numbers is so much easier and quicker than having to rely on using the full keyboard.

There's plenty more good stuff on offer so hit up the link below for the full list. If you already have it, who's loving the email gestures as much as me?

What's new in BlackBerry 10.1 MR

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Hands on with the good stuff in BlackBerry 10.1 maintenance release


I too agree.. I wonder if I can skip this update with the hope that 10.2 will atleast give you the option to choose the colour scheme. I rather liked the black theme and wished the whole theme across the phone was the same black. To me it just makes the whole Q10 experience unique, as well as adding extended battery life. I'm not happy if I have to do this update and then loose what I've come to love with BlackBerry 10 on my Q10. :-(

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

Don't update unless you don't mind losing alll your text messages!!! This is unacceptable.

Posted via Z10

Hi Babu, not sure why you would say this, but I did the update and my text messages are all there. The one thing I find annoying is the fact that you have to re-enter all the passwords for the Gmail accounts. No issues with any of my Hotmail/Outlook.com accounts.

Hi pepe68, I too took the update & have lost all my text messages. They were all there before the update, & even if I type up a new text message the old ones still don't show up...

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

I confirm that following the update, I also lost all my text messages...

This is not fun at all... :( Bad BlackBerry !

I'm on Vodafone UK, currently roaming in France.
I did the update OTA, via Wifi.

Posted via CB10

hmm I'm on Koodo & I didn't loose any of my text messages.

If I remember correctly I was coming from Package I did loose my text messages a couple months ago on a previous update. I wonder if maybe you came from an older OS vs?

I too lost all my text messages. I am on Etisalat in the UAE and I don't think it has anything to do with them. This is yet another fkup by BBRY. They need to get their act together.

Posted via CB10

I should've read this before doing the update. Like you, I lost all my texts as well. I'm on Globe Telecom, Philippines.

if youre missing the dark theme someone in the forums extracted the dark calendar BAR file, you can sideload it and make your calendar dark again, i had to do this because in (and many other releases) it was white by default.

The Calendar App is very nice when it is white.

However, I'd want it black. The Q10 very much so suits Dark Theme. I hope that the Dark Theme will be an option in 10.2... otherwise I will cry a bit.

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Well I'll be... your right! Ugly white calender!! And does that ever annoy me! I though we were supposed to get MORE dark theme with future updates not LESS! Hey, you could even give us a choice.

Next message gestures need a bit of work as they don't always work. But they are a welcome addition

Posted via CB10

I think I did not understand the thing with these gestures...
Doing them directly IN the HUB or in an eMail makes me show my home screen or the other side, my accounts?!? Am I to stupid?!

Posted via CB10

Yea I'm glad I saw the video because I was unable to get them to work...turned out I was doing them wrong. I do still find them to be a bit awkward though, but maybe with practice I will improve.....

It seems rather ridiculous in my opinion. You should be able to swipe between all of the messages including the text and call logs. After all, BlackBerry 10 is all about the flow and this incomplete swipe gesture features break the flow.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. The current gestures aren't intuitive at all. We should be able to navigate from a message to the next to the previous one super easily, in one motion. As we can do on legacy BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

Nothing in Singapore either. Been getting pretty quick updates. So hopefully soon :)

Posted via CB10

Just so people know. Simple Password works in Development Mode as well. I never use a password unless I am forced to with Development Mode, so I am glad Simple Password is there. Yay!

The new hub gestures... do they only work within the email... Iv tried swiping right then up or right then down and it only Brings me to the next message within the email app not in text or anything else.. thanks in advance

Posted via CB10

the new gesture doesn't work in text messages and of course doesn't work in call log... works in all the others...in FB, when you hit a photo update notification, you get stuck...once you click done on the FB pic, it takes you back to message list

I think you are badly mistaken if you state that the password had to be a word!!!! You decide what you wanted as a password. Numerical, alphanumeric, or alphabetical. That's a error on your part regarding the password setup of old!

Posted via CB10

Any idea If or When will this update will be available for z10 STL 100-1 users?? I'm using and tried checking for updates.. it says " your device has the latest software "

Posted via CB10

Seems to really slow down the hub. After a reboot my conversations are all messed up and take 5-10 minutes to reload from a blank conversation to one with messages... quite annoying when you want to talk to someone but have to wait...

Posted via CB10

Yeah if you liked your calendar in the dark theme, you won't be happy with the update as if has returned to the white version :(

You don't have to wait for the lock timeout to occur. You can lock your device by holding down the power button and selecting lock.

Yeah I know that I was replying to the guy that made this video that waited for the phone to time out show he could show the simple password lock feature

The gesture is OK, but why have that silly back and forth animation? It's still less efficient than using BBOS7

I like the back and forth animation. Gives you a "Peek" at what the next message is. Lets you think if you want to go up or down to the next message. Makes sense to me.

I don't mind the peek, but why hide the current message and load the new one?!? Just bring back the message view and update the content with the next message. Use a spinning icon for improved usability.

Still not showing on my phone in Sunny South Africa.

Service provider confirms that it has been rolled out so I guess I will have to keep trying!

Posted via CB10 using my Z10 STL100-2 running

The update is available for my Z10, but not for my Q10. Does anybody know whether the update is for the Q10 as well?

Posted via CB10

as for the battery life, you'll see the difference within 24-48 hours after the install. you'll tell the difference, for sure!

i received the Update yesterday .... by BATELCO network ..." Bahrain" \
and i did the update

it's so smooth on my BB z10 STL100-1 ,,, and i am happy XD ,,,, Finally ^^

i hope more " official updates" on the way ,,,*finger Cross*

Swipe gestures seem to stop at text messages, which is a problem when you're browsing the full hub; no problems when I'm focusing on a particular email account.

Posted via CB10

Am I the only one having problems with texting with the new update? It won't show my conversation and what I'm typing. After I put the keyboard down I can see what I typed but then I can't send the message either

Posted via CB10

loving the simple password with the bigger keys, as I often fat-fingered on the qwerty keyboard. Also, pleasantly surprised about the next/previous swiping. I also agree the swiping could move along a but faster, but this is a step in the right direction.

Here's the deal with the update. For some this is not just a 10.1 MR update. I had 10.1, but an earlier version. I did a manual check and was available on the Telus network.

With regard to viewing current, previous and next messages, while you have an email open swipe from the left bezel to the right side, but not all the way. Keep your finger on the screen and slide either up to the next message or down to the previous message. You can get into text messages but the process is not available while viewing a text message.

Clear as mud?

Carriage return ? I could only do it before entering a contact name in the box. If there is one I see send on the keyboard and can't use carriage
Am I missing something ?

Posted via CB10

Got the update on Vodafone NL just an hour ago :)!

Only weird thing is that I had to re-add my gmail account again as it became inaccessible for some reason... (now seems to use the 2-step verification of google)

Re reading email we can already advance or go back using the P for previous or N for next or at least I can on my Q10 (from mail not the hub). Seems the gestures just add another step. Plus all for anything that keeps my fingers off my screen!

And re passwords mine is already a number. Is it just the Z that currently doesn't allow numbers for passwords?

Posted via CB10 with my BBQ

Im based here in qatar and upgraded to 10.1 MR this morning. After downloading, it required me to restart my mobile and waited for a long time. The downloading stops at 100% and it never move on. I am bothered that until now(5 hours has gone by) its not getting back to normal. Anybody experience this kind of error during the upgrade...I need help on this guys...

Just noticed the Tutorial App from the 10.1.04 release can be deleted, Big Mistake Blackberry, this should be a non deleting app and actual should be updated in BlackBerry World for any further tutorial updates...Come on Keep Moving BlackBerry

Nope, their mistake is the the tutorial app doesn't even include the new swipes! That's why it's of no issue deleting it, it offers nothing new.

Posted via CB10

He didn't show us the keyboard you can now swipe back anywhere on the keyboard to delete words it doesn't have to be done from the delete button anymore

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Just did an update search and there's a 1023 MB update to waiting for me on T-mobile NL. On my Q10, coming from

Unpolished update, should re hire the 250 to see if they can get next msg to work with txt and call logs

Posted from my amazing Z10

I downloaded last night the MR version from Orange, to find my Facebook account signing out all the time. I tried deleting the entry, the account on the hub, it would not delete, and deleted the app, even worse. Ended up doing a security wipe and then starting from the beginning. Was resolved this way.

Updated but now I get "network out of order" when I text. Not sure if it's the update or something with Telus. I did need to re input all my email passwords after the update which was a bit of a pain since I have 8 email accounts on my phone.

Posted via CB10

This update messed up my email settings. Make sure you know what yours are before updating.

And even worse, it's completely messed up the network connectivity. I no longer have cell coverage.

They should give you more time between locks on the passwords. Simple or not. I want longer than 30 minutes before it locks. Gotta give you 1 hour through 4 hour option.

Posted via CB10

Simple Password is definitely a cool feature.... but just wanted to mention that I've had a numeric password on my Z10 since I got it on launch day. Mentioned in the article and video that you couldn't use number passwords prior to this, which I thought was strange.

anyone else had any problems since installing this
my phone seems slower and data services are only working through wifi

I actually found out I had all the update features in the 4633 in CZ coz I am not aware of dowloading any updates today.

Noticed the booting time is much faster and also all my messages in BB Hub are still intact! #KeepMoving

On the Q10
I don't see support for caldav and carddav, or do I see a fix for the text box expanding to accommodate text font size larger than 8 in sms. ???

It is a rudimentary, temporary solution. At least I hope it is. It should just go from one email to the next, not start showing the inbox between emails.

I noticed in BBM you can't swipe the conversation to bring down the keyboard like you can in text etc. And it would be great if there was a one-touch solution for silencing notifications, the option in the pull down menu is just a link to settings.

Posted via CB10

For your second issue, tap the alarm/bell icon instead of the text to the right of it. Wasn't obvious to me either. :)

Posted via CB10

I got it to work. Nothing like a good old fashion batt pull to get a BlackBerry working smooth again. Lol. Shouldn't be that way, but alas, I love thee still.

I love thee *sniff* still

Posted via CB10

Wow. e-mail messaging, calendar and BlackBerry World are so much more zippy with this update. Lot's of bugs removed too - it's BlackBerry messaging love all over again like we had in BB7. Hats off to BlackBerry, this update ROCKS!

One bug I still see is trying to share to BBM Groups. The screen flicks away and does not share the link.

That new inner message gesture to switch between messages should be included for the crackberry app :)

Posted via CB10

Nice segway into the 10.2 version, which will really turn some android/iOs heads, especially if it offers the 'toast' notifications!

Posted via CB10

I hope it deals with the numerous random reboots and constant software update notifications that I got even after upgrading to the latest software over and over again. The reboots made the use of the Alarm clock at night virtually useless because it would take it out of night mode.

When i get this update i hope it sorts out this problem with the alarm clock etc.I charge mine at night but im going to see if it reboots when not on charge,if it dont i'll full charge it pull the plug and see how much battery i use and see if it reboots in bedside mode on the next night.

I know this sounds weird but within the Facebook app/ HUB email addresses are not highlighted on posts and the copy past feature is disabled for some reason. On BB OS all you had to do was tap the email and you would jump directly to a compose message. I do a lot of emailing from the companies I follow on FB and now emailing them on my z10 takes 5 times as long cause I always have to double check my spelling. I really hope we see this change on the next FB update.

with the email you can also use the blue tab above and move it to the right and to hold it you can do 2-3 steps down of up to read the next.

You can now add a new line in text messages and BBM now! Press shift + send and it will jump to the next line! Finally, I used to use the new line a lot and was a little upset that BlackBerry 10 didn't initially have it.

Posted via CB10

MR deleted all my text messages. Anyone know how to retrieve. No I didn't do a back up right before software update...

That new gesture for moving thru hub is nice, but does not work out of SMS messages. I can move from an email to SMS using the gesture, but not out of the SMS back to email or forwards

The upgrade download and install process was quick and flawless. Including an extra restart (the "20 second power button hold down" restart, which I added at the end for good measure), it was easily less than 75 minutes, but sorry I wasn't timing it.

After the last restart, I gave it a few minutes to update all the databases. Left it alone for maybe 15 - 20 minutes. Came back all was working. Love the new gestures. Was looking for something like that. The laundry list of other items is all good. Nice to tide us over till 10.2 is released.

Posted via CB10

I should have specified that all my emails are there, all my text messages, bbms etc, and yes, my WhatsApp messages are still appearing in the hub...

Posted via CB10

I cant sideload apps anymore via the debug token way and converting apk. Its not working anymore. How do u fix this

BlackBerry Z10 CB10

Took a few hours for my Z10 to reboot, thought I had baked it, approximately 3, seems hot after update, but will see how it settles...

Posted via CB10

Still no autoloader for this? Not a lot of us use our beloved BB in carriers that have them, me for example i bought it unlocked and I use it in a carrier that doesn't sell them so I am sure there will be no update for me except if its in Autoloader.

The swipe action to go to the next or last msg does not work for text messages to my knowledge. Seems to work fine everywhere else.. am I missing something? Why leave them out?
Also, text messages still show as unread after you open them. They only show as read after you return to the hub.
Just something else for 10.2 I guess..

Posted via CB10

I lost all my text messages too.
And the worst thing is that I no longer get WhatsApp message notifications. Neither by sound, LED, or BlackBerry message icon notification. I can only see the messages when I open the app directly. They don't even appear in the HUB anymore either!?! HELP!!! :(

Posted via CB10

You might need to reenter your account password for certain massaging services. I had to do this with Gmail and Yahoo mail. Afterwards all was fine.

Posted via CB10 on Zed10.

The most important thing in this MR is that BlackBerry seems to have fixed the issue with album artwork disappearing on the SD card when syncing with Link (although on one test it disappeared shortly after the sync, a reboot of my Z10 resolved the issue) .

Posted via CB10 on Zed10.

Whats with sheets displaying from the right. Previous to update they displayed from the bottom. Imo not a good move by bb.

Posted via CB10

Still no 10.1 MR love for south east Asia? Friends from Malaysia, singapore, thailand, indonesia, Philippines any news?

Posted via CB10

I can only select the next email or previous email using the new peek and scroll action. Not too helpful if I want to review an email further back/forward. Any one else having this issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

Oh my gawd Oscar, I thought I was the only one who noticed it and I was OCD! It drives me nuts and I have a hard time watching his videos. So sad because he's a great guy but it gets to be so gross after a while. LOL, no offence james, but work on that... LOL

Ok. I may have jumped the gun with my previous comment. A second reboot of my phone took care of all the issues I mentioned. All my text messages returned as well.

I don't, however, like the new white theme in the Calendar app. It was much better-looking black.

Posted via CB10

I am using a leak
Do I need to downgrade to previous version so that I can get the 10.1MR?

p.s. I am using Q5 (Network: 3HK) and Q5 not officially sell in Hong Kong, is that means I need to wait forever?

Posted via CB10 from Q5

FAIL! Like other users, I lost all my text messages on my Q10. Nice going BlackBerry! Seriously?? I had YEARS worth of text messages that I've migrated from many devices...and one lousy update from BlackBerry gets rid of all that? Wow! No wonder you're bleeding customers BlackBerry (and this coming from a BlackBerry fanboy).

Also not liking the white calendar theme.

I too lost lost all my text messages. BBRY must release an immediate fix to get them back, I hope they are there on the device like, just not being retrieved.

Posted via CB10

I lost past texts as well. It was a nuisance, but its not exactly the end of the world. One should not view a text as a secure way of storing things in an IT system / device.

Really like the improved alarm...setting it is much better now, and I really like how the AM and PM are separated by red and blue and how the dial indicator enlarges. I can't wait for the native alarm clock update in 10.2 multi alarms.

Posted via CB10

Search much better on Z now. Can now type call john or bbm john etc. I think only the Q had this before

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4687

When i do this new gesture the emails/messages thing when there is an sms it stops there or even if I am at an sms I cant perform that gesture to continue browsing up or down.
Its fine browsing between emails and whatsapp and even notifications but not with sms.

Any one noticed this aswell?

Posted via CB10

Lost all my texts (rebooted countless times, reseted the Hub multiple times as well - didn't help) and the battery life is worse. The white calendar theme is a step back - subjective, of course.

(Q10 on Vodafone.de)

Posted via CB10

Did this update, now Whatsapp notifications aren't showing up, nor is it in the Hub. Anyone else have this issue?

Sent from my Z10!

Always look forward to an update... but I'm scared now as I like my black Calendar.

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

Sorry for double post... im in France and I just got it. well, it's waiting to download.

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

Just wanted to say that I installed the 10.1 MR and today my battery life on my z10 seems to be much improved; I don't think I've ever made it well into the afternoon with 70% remaining. No negatives.

Where was the user demand for anything other than a fraction of what this "update" changed? That bizarre wishlist in Blackberry world, what's that all about? Please can someone point me to all the threads on Crackberry of users screaming out for a wishlist because I've missed them. Even simple stuff like changing the calendar to eye burning white, where was the user demand for that? Why did Blackberry change it and why do they not simply offer the user a choice, black or white, it's not difficult. There is no other manufacturer besides Apple that is so prescriptive and averse to providing the user with option and choice as Blackberry. Why?

Added some great features for the Q10. "U" shortcut to jump to unread emails, email chain gesture....BUT why is my battery life suddenly garbage? I sold my Z10, bought a Q10 specifically for battery life. Now, after this maintenance update.....i'm seeing Z10 type life....brutal!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Pretty poor experience on the update for my z10 on O2 UK. It crashed/froze three times on the reboot after last install (178mb+728mb+13mb files). When I finally got past the crash (several battery pulls and 3 reinstall of the 728mb file) my phone updated but lost all txts. It also wouldn't allow viewing of any message from hub. Contacts and calendar crashed on opening. On 2nd reboot phone bricked (couldn't get past blue Sq load screen, and had to wipe and reinstall everything. Txts still missing and it's not reading history db for bbm chats etc. All in all pretty piss poor day. My one and only since I got my z10; up till now I've loved every minute.

Posted via CB10