Hands-on with an early build of BlackBerry 10.3

By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2014 09:49 pm EDT

Although the official update to BlackBerry 10.3 might be a ways off yet, a freshly leaked early build of the OS has landed and we've gone hands-on with it to have a look at what BlackBerry has been working on. All in all, the changes are not a huge departure from what is currently available and are rather subtle but it shows BlackBerry isn't standing still when it comes to keeping their OS fresh.

You can hit play on the video above to get a full-on walkthrough of most of the important changes or jump below to view some of the highlights laid out through screencaps. Keep in mind though, everything here is subject to change as this is not an officially released OS. What you're seeing here could already be gone or never actually see the light of day upon official release.

Set Wallpaper On Lock Screen, Home Screen or Both

Since the release of BlackBerry 10, folks have been asking for an easy way to set the home and lock screen wallpapers independently. As of right now, BlackBerry 10.3 looks to be bringing that function. You can now set it to Homescreen, Lockscreen or Both. Not sure why it took this long to put in place but, hopefully it'll stay there when 10.3 is released.

BlackBerry Hub Gets A New Look

At least for now, the BlackBerry Hub has been cleaned up a little offering a few visual differences. Most notably, the UI is lighter in color and the black bar at the bottom has been tossed aside. Along with the color change, the bar now disappears when scrolling through emails to offer a better look at what's in your inbox. 

Red Accents On Buttons and Keyboard

While blue accents have been the chosen color all throughout BlackBerry 10 since release, BlackBerry could be deciding to change things up with BlackBerry 10.3 if the leak is any indication. Some app buttons and call to actions within the OS have now been changed to a red / orange color along with the keyboard. It's an interesting change and one I kind of hope to see completed.

Music Player Improvements

Slowly but surely, we're seeing improvements to the music player on BlackBerry 10. In 10.3, there has been some polish added and things have been moved around. Creating and accessing playlists has been made easier and transitions are looking nicer. Still no equalizer or anything like that but it's been improved.

Camera Improvements

Out of all the changes in this 10.3 build, the camera arguably got the most love. It got all the red accents like most other things but there's also a new panorama mode that works insanely well as well as the ability to record 720p videos at 60 frames per second.

General camera focus has been improved including facial detection and access to recording videos has been made easier by removing it from the menu, and making it a one touch interaction. A timer has also been added as well as improved settings for where to store photos, whether to record GPS location, and more.

Advanced Interactions

Although the options don't seem to work, it's clear BlackBerry is working on something awesome here all the while looking to improve battery life for devices as well. Picking your device up from a flat surface, eventually, could enable quick access to your device while laying it flat on a table face down aims to help save battery. How? We don't know, but it's safe to say that it would detect orientation and possibly put some services to 'rest' when doing so.

Intelligent Assistant

In our top 25 improvements for BlackBerry 10 list, a lot of folks were asking for improved voice control options and if 10.3 is any indication, it's already on the way. Tapping into the voice control system is Intelligent Assistant and, while it's kind of half baked right now, it offers a combination of quick actions and voice control options in one single app. Given its lack of functionality right now, it's hard to say how well it works, but it's something to keep an eye on.

What we didn't mention?

If you've already download the leaked OS, then there's no doubt you already scoured it from top to bottom and noticed a ton of things, probably more than what we noted here. The browser has some improvements, the video player has got some polish on it, the icons no longer have a background, and every now and then in some portions of the OS, even the copy and paste function has been improved.

So, with that being said if you spotted some stuff we never covered then by all means drop them in the comments below. If you're on the other side of the fence and want to know more of the little things hidden in this OS then I fully suggest heading into the CrackBerry Forums and reading through all bugs, fixes, and improvements posts. It's a lot to take in but it's interesting, even if all of what is in this OS never makes it to production.

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Reader comments

Hands-on with an early build of BlackBerry 10.3



The new features are very cool!

However, the red is not good. The color selections don't work together.

Also, the weather app's 10.2.1 version was so clean, now there is a out-of-place grey bar at the bottom that doesn't fit at all with the clean look. It loses all visual consistency.

I mean: there is nothing wrong with using red, and nothing wrong with grey bars...

BUT : I don't see how these can be just 'thrown in' to UIs that were designed with a totally different color scheme and design in mind.

Did BlackBerry fire there designers and give UI design tasks to the engineers?

I hope they get some trained artists (e.g.: people who actually have training in art and design) at BlackBerry to ensure that the UI takes into account basic basic aesthetic sensibilities and takes things like consistency and matching colors into account.

It looks really thrown together, inconsistent, and -- frankly -- amateur at this early stage.

Again though: Loving the new functionality!!

Posted via CB10

Dude it's an early beta release so some things are rough and unfinished. Also of course they have real designers for goodness sakes.

Posted via CB10

That's why I mentioned "at this early stage".

I figure it's better to voice concerns and issues *now* than after a release goes gold (at which point it is too late).

And yes, I know they have designers, but it didn't look to me that any were involved in the decision to add red to the (currently) blue/black/grey/white color scheme.

Luckily, colors are easy to tweak, and they look to be doing very well on the hard stuff like panorama, intelligent assistant, etc..

Posted via CB10

I agree with you 100%. The red clashes with the existing aesthetic and looks completely out of place. I do hope it's only there to test the ability to theme BB10 to use whatever accent colour you decide.

I think that maybe BlackBerry has decided to give the red color scheme to os's that are in beta / developer stages so it can be easily identifiable as a beta or maybe even alpha. I wouldn't be surprised if the "leaks" for 10.3 and beyond carried the red color scheme just for easy identification purposes. Oh blue scheme, official os. Red scheme, developer / leak os. Just my thoughts though.

Posted via CB10

Maybe there will be a customised colour scheme ability in the official release so users can decide how there ui looks like. Would be a nice feature since some users apparently really like the red.

I agree but I like the red l, that's more of a personal choice. I don't see why BlackBerry would get rid of it, I would be cool to allow users to customize it with the colour of their choice

Posted via CB10

I like the red also. It's quicker to focus on when you bring up a screen to check current settings or looking for a button to touch.

Posted via CB10

They should go all black instead of creating confusion with those colors. Black background, black letters, black buttons, everything. Sure it'll take getting used to but imagine the battery savings! You won't even need to turn the phone on anymore. I'm on to something here

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

Does the use of color really make that much difference in battery life on a Z10? I read in other posts turning it black doesn't help anything. Z30 and others possibly.
I'm not 100% sure and why I am asking.

Posted via CB10

I think it would be cool if we could pick different colors. Yours could be blue, mine could be black, and B1aze's could be red (to match his Z10). Options!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Totally agree with you. I personally don't like the red at all. It clashes with the colour scheme of the OS. It would be nice if they allowed the user to pick the colour they want.

Agreed, BlackBerry is changing faster and faster. BlackBerry is going to very noticeable. I'm so proud to be an BlackBerry User. :P

Posted via CB 10, using  BlackBerry Z10 on the SaskTel Network.

Next time, it'll be like a game. How many times can I say Peevish before people aside from you notice. :)

haha, you also didn't bring up the new text-editing circle-thingy. I really wanted to see that bad-boy...though the offline time-shift is exactly as I thought it would be judging by what's in the forums.

Thanks though, was nice to see the OS in action.

I noted it in the post, it doesn't ALWAYS work and for whatever reason I couldn't get it to work for the video so yeah, I never mentioned it IN the video.

Fair enough. I was just nit-picking for the sake of it. lol.

Hoping to get to play with a build after this one - hopefully the STL100-1 will get one as well.

It was worth the 12 minutes. :) This "embryonic" leak is quite good. Like it and can't wait for the official stuff.

Good job you guys. Mightt I suggest provision for downloading the videos like you guys do with the podcasts. That way people like me who aren't chanced to watch can download it and watch at a later time

I prefer blue, not a big deal for me unless is a very hideous color, but I want BlackBerry to leave some colors to pick from for this

Posted via CB10

I agree! BlackBerry should offer some colour options for the UI to add some awesome customization.

Posted via CB10

I am curious if they could tie it into themes or consider naming the UI Options:

i.e. Current Blue - as Professional Mode
Leak in Red -- Power Mode or Beast Mode


Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Love the features but don't get the red / black / grey / red / blue color scheme.

Posted via CB10

Keep up the good work Bla1ze

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Red & Black? Yeah, now that's business! It screams work hard, play harder. Love it.

Posted via CB10

I for one don't care for the red at all, or the cheap looking toggles. Less isn't always more when it comes to the UI in my opinion.

well my hair is red, my last name is Green, and my favorite color is blue. Go figure huh.

Agreed. There is no subtlety to it, and it makes things difficult to look at. The contrast between the red and black is too high.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Someone noted in the forums that red has always been a call to action/an unattended notification (blinking red light, red notification bades), and having a red UI defeats that original occasional and important pop of red colour.

Good point. But that keyboard thing is really good, makes it easy to spot what you're typing on your Z.

Grey in grey is not so nice...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I just don't like the toggles. Too minimal. I liked the look of the switches, I'll get used to the red, but like others I wouldn't mind seeing a choice offered. I have to admit that I miss the customization of legacy.

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

For some reason the notifications don't really work..its only on silent despite changing the notification profile...anyone know how to fix that?

Yeah, I guess I'll go back to 10.2.1.. I was hoping to prove everyone wrong and use 10.3 on the daily haha. Doesn't look like thats going to work

It's a leaked OS, you knew that when you went into it. Look in the forums and see if anyone has a fix or you know, run a different OS.

@ spike You're right, I deal with that on a daily basis. It's a dying art. The golden ages in the 80's and 90's, when RTFM was a daily thing and no one complained...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Glad they're changing it up a bit. I really hope they let you choose between accent colours like WP and minimize the clash between the rich and minimalist styles.

I like the red too, but what I would like more than that? The choice of different colours. That would be awesome...er. lol.

No. LoL

The only fix is to install an official OS or wait for the next leak.

Posted via CB10

looks cool.. i don't really care for the red either.. or the washed out look of the hub.. but as they say its and early leak.. but alot of the features look good..

Great someone know if the music player will finally support lossless m4a or m4b? Also can one now finally lock the device without waiting one minute?

If you press and hold your power key it pops up the option to immediately lock you device...

Well the video is long but it's informative and answers to almost every question we might have for this leak, and for anyone complaining about bugs, you knew from the word go what a "leak" was... hahahaha

... another one more polished will come out, in a few days, I can already SMELL it! #LoL

Posted on a sexy QTEN

Yes I know though it still takes longer than usual. Would like it in the settings so one can lock immediately on pressing the power button. Also yeah I don't complain about bugs in leaked versions since it is not an official release. Though one can list them for Dev help purposes.

Great work Bla1ze. Really nice layout and video.
Just wondering? I realize they will have dual wallpaper function now , but did you notice an option to keep the lock screen display on longer. The wallpaper looks best on lock screen and there is no way to keep it displayed. Drives me nuts. (I'm strange)

Powered by BlackBerry

Great Bla1ze! This is what we need to see after every leak; please and thanks.

Everything looks good so far, but would like the red color thing to be optional. I kinda like the 'Batman' look that my Z offers, and blue is good for me.
Also, would be nice to see (as mentioned many times), an all black theme for at least 'Night mode'.

Go BlackBerry!!!

I know that you don't mean "all black" theme but whenever I see someone request that as a feature, I smile. It would be a great battery saver as well. I would also like a "best guess" dark theme. Where at night it would invert and white to black. It would be cool to see an option for red or violet on black as a night mode.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Stop with the PlayBook teasing... you're killing me! LOL

Check out my AZ MTB Channel C0006F5EB

Would love to see the PlayBook run BB10, but be tethered to a bb10 device for the processing power. Just image the bb10 browser on the PlayBook....

PlayBook bb10 dumb-tablet anyone?

That would be a cool idea, just use the playbook as the video output from BB10 and the playbook as the control input for the BB10 device.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Really liking the improvements! I personally don't like the red accents throughout the OS, but it may not be final. Now I just need a new Q10 variant to run 10.3 ;)

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the walk through, getting more excited. Now just out of curiosity, doesn't the panoramic seem dated? I mean wouldn't it have been so much better to have the video recorder record the view and then generate the panoramic view from the video? Please correct me if I'm wrong here, just seems easier to just pan out rather than having to line up the boxes.

Posted via CB10

True I probably could (would take me forever) , but my point is the competition has this already (iPhone) and the implementation of this seems dated which make the overall experience dated (panoramic photos I mean). I think BlackBerry really needs to step it up against competition and be productive at the same time. What I'm trying to say is make the experience better and easier . Take for example, I love the keyboard on the Z10, it really takes the keyboard to a new level compared to all the others. I hope they also implement soft keys for reboot, shut down and lock.

Posted via CB10

You are right. Blackberry should always try to up IPhone because there are lots of crappy features on IPhone.

REALLY don't like the red....subtle red on black is hard for me to see.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Love the Red. Just wish it didn't have that hint of Orange in it. Pure Red would be the best. Who knows? It will most likely change by the final build. Man, I'm starting to sound like my wife.....I do love her though :)

Powered by BlackBerry

Also...didn't anyone notice that this is an early build? Why all the complaints? It was clearly stated in the original leak post...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Yea, the more you state something on this site, the more likely it is to be missed. Never understood why?

Powered by BlackBerry

... The leaks aren't coming quick enough
... Oh sweet the leak is here! Wait, they released an early leak and it doesn't have everything I want and it isn't perfect
... I've had it with BB if they don't make the changes I want I am going to buy an iPhone

.... Oh and by the way the person kind enough to share the leak, can you fix all the "issues" I have with the work in progress

Am on telcell carrier but I don't see nothing on the list for st Maarten are the netherlan antilles so can I get some help on when will get the new softwear update. Am using a z10 ios.

Woah Woah Woah easy blackberry that advanced interactions page looks just like IOS7 but in red.. be careful

Posted via CB10 for Q10

The new features are great, but I can't stand the red or the new icons in Hub and Weather (for example). It completely clashes with the look feel of the OS. I truly hope they toss the red, or at least have the option of returning it to the correct colour.

Why do I see so many complaints about Bing and wanting Google so bad, but so much Android bashing... the comments sometimes I feel like are the squircle

Posted via CB10

Screw Scroogle, I like Bing.

Or make duckduckgo.com the default like on many Linux OSes, if we can't decide on a winner....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Whenever you say scroogle I think of the now non-existant Scroogle Scraper that would use Google for searches while removing identifying information. I used to use that one often.

Do blackberry or crackberry and schoolboy q have a deal together or something?? Second time I'm noticing him used in an article

Posted via CB10

Not digging the red at all. Looks way too loud, and if BB is trying to take the business or enterprise route as it was once thought, certainly does not seem to fit in with that. Blue is much more subdued and looks classier and more professional, IMHO. Or as others have said, give someone full customization of it and let us choose our own color.

The red just seems to give off a hazard look, in the way it jumps out at you. Hopefully this will change and the red is not final. This is just one change that i can honestly say I would never get used to

I agree it is a loud red. I wonder if it's only to help the testers pickup what has changed.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

I have this leaked OS 10.3 on my Z10 and I like the red accents especially in the dark themes; makes the highlight easily visual.

LOL WincyUt, I need you to fix why the autoloader isn't working on my Z10 -1! DURR!!! WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING ME!!! RRRAAAAAAAA!

I think the red looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to a later build with those advanced interactions working (and a build that works on my phone).

:) sorry Nharzhool, I believe there is a 6hr time difference between us; I was sleeping. Just woke up. Have you been able to get the autoloader working?

Haha, I was just being facetious. The STL100-1 needs its own OS and radio file since it uses the TI OMAP4470 SoC. Just woke up(working night shift) so haven't checked for an OS yet.

Lol!! You got me there. I know you are more technically savvy than me (and trust me, I'm a novice) so I was sort of surprised at your statement. Lol!!
It's all good. :) Hope one day I will visit that part of your continent when I am visiting the continent with my family.. Cheers.

I don't have the leak installed, but in another thread something share a screen capture showing the camera being able to detect if conditions are ideal for HDR.

There was a notification on the screen asking if they wanted to use HDR mode.

Yeah, it does this for HDR and Timeshift. If it detects contrasting light conditions or faces, it pops up letting you know that it detected these and then asks you if you want to use that feature...you just tap on the notification and it enables that function.

Update please please

I hope the q20 will have finger print recognition. Dont like feeling left out

Z10 ... Bring on the Q20

You mentioned the feature of "swipe up for browser history" is that a new feature for 10.3 because I don't have it on my Z30 with official Verizon software...

From the Z30

I am running 10.2.1 in Canada and it works on the Z30 here. You have to swipe up on the < symbol in the bottom left area of the browser.

Personally I love the changes. Makes things look fresh. And a little red never hurt anyone. I don't stare at the little highlights nor do I really notice the keys lighting up blue as I am typing this so it won't be an issue for me if they light up red. I do however agree with the people who would like the option to change the highlight colour to their liking. It may be the first step to a more customizable UI.

The containers around the icons on the app grid disappearing is a welcome change since the containers made BlackBerry 10 look like an ancient version of Android and fugly at that. I have android and iOS devices as well and I never have a problem reading the app name. Nor do I really have to since that is what the icon is for. You see the colour and shape of it and recognize what app it is.

The improvements to the camera are looking good and I for one cannot wait until the official release to use them. I like having a dedicated button for the video camera vs having to long press and then select. It makes capturing those special moments of my kids easier and quicker so I don't miss them. :)

The bottom bar in the hub turning a lighter colour sort of flies in the face of what a lot of users wanted, namely a dark themed hub. I will reserve judgment until it's on my phone though.

As for the music app I think it still needs a lot of love, but BlackBerry isn't standing still so I hope the improvements keep on coming. More gesture based navigation like in the Google play music app would be nice perhaps. Although a different implementation to make it more BlackBerry of course.

Also some suggestions to BlackBerry, if you are listening or rather reading this:

Please overhaul the contacts app. Perhaps start from scratch. It is horrible.

Also I would really love it if you stopped correcting the word are to ate. Are is perfectly legitimate as a word. :p

That's my 2 cents worth...
...and sorry for the long post to those who are impatient ;)

Posted via CB10 on a Z10 running on BB10

Can someone tell me about what happened to us over here in St maarten under telcell carrier with the new software update pls reply me soon

Posted via CB10

My favorite part of the video :D
Hey, shows its getting used plenty!

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

As noted above, some more "Rock'n'Roll" within serious matters is a joy to me. Bla1ze character is in CrackBerry DNA, it's a precious! Not sure I can say that since we don't know personally, but yeah, love you too Bla1ze :)

The white borderless bar is terrible! Why follow all the bad sides of iOS design! If you want to copy, at least get the good points e.g. like their folder view not this weird minimalist nonsense!

Posted via CB10

Changes are kind of late compared to other Phones but atleast changes are being made. Blackberry will always be my favorite phone now let's keep reminding people of what Blackberry is and will always be.

Posted via CB10

I also think the text messages should be improved upon too. They look way too simple and nothing makes them stand out at all. Seems funny to me when you send a text and you see the persons name that you are sending it to, and then in your box it appears as "Me". I realize "me" is who it is coming from, but even my old 9850 let me select a name. Also, please just bring back the fonts that we all know and love

Really not a fan of the bottom menu bar being set into just two squares on either side. There was nothing wrong with the current set up. If anything, they should have made the entire bar disappear when scrolling.

Posted via CB10

I thought I read somewhere in the forums early this morning that Google Play Services wee working now. There were pics and everything. Anyone else hearing this?

Posted via CB10

It was later posted that it was premature (insert Captain Obvious joke here) and did not seem to be the case after all.

Don't listen to Bla1ze, he knows nothing.

Yes, it is confirmed....by Google themselves. It was announced on their Homepage. Also, Apple has made their OS open source and BB is creating a runtime for that and we will have access to every Apple app as well...Microsoft hates us so nothing there...

No, Nick. If it were confirmed, it would have been all over the CrackBerry site.

Good walk-through Bla1ze. It's pretty apparent that 10.3 isn't ready for prime time. However, it does look really promising!

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

I have the new update. The lock screen notification does work for me. When I receive a message my screen lights up with the message!

Posted via CB10

Red is an important color because it doesn't kill your night vision looking at black and red in the dark is easy on the eyes, fyi

Via Z10

That's why the dash lights in most cars now is changing from the red or orange to blue as in most new cars that I have been in. Blue is definitely softer and easier on the eyes. Almost every car had red lights at one point. Where are they now?

I don't like the red... I'll be happy when 10.3 leak drops for z30 though. I want it.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else waiting for the "if they just implement this feature I can convert 20 of my iPhone friends to BlackBerry right away" comments?

All these improvements yet they still can't give us digit grouping in the calculator? It would take them no more than 15 minutes of work to implement but would make a huge difference in usability. For example: 1000000000 is a lot harder to read than 1,000,000,000 !!!

They haven't "given" you anything, it is a "leak".

Provide feedback (good and bad) but don't assume this is in anyway near the final working version of OS 10.3.

Who knows maybe that is what BB will do with their last 15 minutes before the release :)

They have "given" us plenty of updates so far. In one of those updates, they changed the calculator yet still crippled us with no digit grouping!
I know it's not the final working version and haven't assumed anything. What I did was request that they do something basic such as digit grouping. If they went through the trouble of changing how the calculator behaved (no more landscape scientific mode), then they should have given included digit grouping from the very beginning.

10.0 does...the problem is your (and my) fat thumb. You keep hitting "i" instead of "o" and the phone learns how you hit the vkeys so it figures you mean "live" so it gives you "live".

This has been explained and debated at great length in these forums...it is human error. I do it all the time as well...

At the meantime, I'd just want to know if BlackBerry is planning to include Changjie (one of the major Chinese characters input method) or not. It's just painful and awfully slow to write with my finger on the screen. The convenience of typing words is one of the major reasons I keep using QWERTY phone, and changed to BlackBerry from Android. Doubt if it'd come before the world ends.

From Q5, Hong Kong

10.3. It does not look too impressive. No innovation. Nothing as dramatic as was suggested. Where r the 25 top features in the wish list- is the contact it's fixed. Really, not in 14 months!!! BlackBerry needs to do much better. Red. Wow. Color me disappointed.!

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the video Blaze, some of the features weren't done justice in the forum write ups. Nothing like seeing it live. In particular I think the Panoramic feature is ingenious.

My first impressions of the red UI is indifference but I have to admit I liked the look of the clock. Change is naturally uncomfortable for people, but often is how we grow, and I think is the same for the BB10 OS.

On a side note, loved the efficiency of swiping through a couple of app panels to get the the camera app instead of reaching all the way to the bottom right icon :)

Great video. Nice to see they are working to improve the photo album and music player. Remember could use some UI love as well.

Posted via CB10

Will installing this lock my phone because my phone is an unlocked Verizon spl4

Posted via CB10

No. It won't lock it. May brick if don't incorrectly. But always make a back up or 2 prior to installing a leak.

Posted via CB10

I actually like the red, its bold and it pops. The highlight colour should definitely be optional. Also with the icon borders gone, there should be an option to adjust the spacing between icons. Make them bigger or even squeeze in a fifth row / column of icons. I kinda like the new hub too, though it looks a little rough and early. Overall I like the direction they're taking with the updates.

Posted via CB10

It's great that they upgrading this OS but still don't know that they even have great phones out like the #blackberryZ30 of #q10

Posted via CB10

My bottom bar disappears when I scroll down in the hub. Is that just on the Q10? Running

Posted from my awesome Q10

came across something awesome in the settings. blackberry protect has a "restore" function that states that "this one time feature allows you to quickly and easily transfer your previous blackberry protect backup from a previous device"

what this says to me is that they are re building blackberry protect as a back up system akin to what we had in BBOS.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

• Fix the contact notification issues!!
• Add the date back to our homescreen!!
• Darken our hub
• Implement custom led's like bebuzz
• Give me my trackpad back!!
• Add notification icons back to homescreen, instead of peeking
• For the love of God, put the charger on the bottom of the phone and bring back charging contacts!!
• Add our Ringtones folder back!! No more bs!
• Themes? Or something similar, no??
• Original profiles... what happened!! still pissed!!
• I missed adding music playlists to my home screen!! I miss the old music player, I think it was more efficient!!
• Get iTunes... so much easier to get music on an iPod!!
• Hell I miss adding anything to my homescreen. Bbm, whatsapp, contacts... where'd all these goodies go???

Posted via CB10

I should have said show today's date in the peek view. Just like how you can see the battery percentage... show the freaking date in there too!

Posted via CB10

That, right, weekday and date.

Been missing that since I got my Q10. Always had to swipe to Hub or to the screen where the Calendar App is located. Too much effort, it needs to be visible when peeking.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nice video. Wish I could play with that OS bit can't get it to work with winrar or 7zip. Sux. Now to wait to another leak for either my Zed10 or Zed30

Posted via CB10

Reds my favorite color. But why not have a personal feel with any color for hub and accents? New camera features are cool, GIFS would have been a nice feature. She's all looking good gang, can't wait:)

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Any idea on the time frame when it will be release?

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

I mean for the Official 10.3, not this leak one.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

The leaks's out for a few hours and someone asks when it's gonna go official. For sure, we need an oracle at CB.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

When you search contacts, is he search bar still at the top? I would prefer at the bottom like it does for the browser. That would make an easier one hand option to start typing.

Posted via CB10

Actually it is better, that's why we can't use this OS.

The TI OMAP4470 is more powerful than the Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 in the others.

The STL100-1's hardware also support FM Radio and Miracast - just need them to enable it in the OS.

I thought we were all rooting for a dark hub. They just turned it in to a more brighter variant.

Awesome hands on video. This time around, I won't wait for AT&T to release an official version. Once there is a stable enough of a version to be used in every day use, I'll be auto loading it . Bla1ze keep up the good work.

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Wow very nice. I hope there's a customization of the color, more colors to choose from aside from Red but I really love it. Thanks!

I like what I've seen so far, and I like the red too, but BlackBerry stands for choices, so maybe a choice of colours would be good. Living the fact the camera may be updated and the overall look is stunning so far and I'd say definitely makes the UI stand out from the other OS available. BlackBerry certainly appear to be moving in leaps and bounds. Hoping that most of what's been shown stays in the final draft and they continue to improve the OS. Keep up the hard work BlackBerry your doing grand :) thank you.

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It's nice to see so much work on bb10. We can talk about BBM, qnx, and the assets of BlackBerry. But this operating system must have huge value. This leak is too early for me but I am sure anxious to get these features. Keep up the good work you programmers of BlackBerry.

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Ok BlackBerry. New style of system, fine. But DO NOT forget to remove the 'blue title bars' from HUB and system dialogs. As you probably see, are horrible.

And where's BlackBerry Traffic??

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Color of the ui could have a option of colors to chose from and a auto setting that works with blue tooth. For example when connected to your cars blue tooth the ui matches the light color in that vehicle.

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