Hands On With a Dummy BlackBerry Storm 9530

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Dummy
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Sep 2008 02:04 am EDT

Wow. Maybe the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 is even closer to market than many of us have thought. The photo above, plus three more posted in the CrackBerry forums, are of a Verizon BlackBerry Storm dummy model taken in a Verizon carrier store. The word is these display dummies were sent out a week and a half ago.

BIG thanks to Diego (aka BBerry.) for snapping these pics and posting in the forums. Click Here to check out the rest of images. If you were excited about the Storm before, this should be giving you goose bumps!

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this phone looks sick! cant wait!

Jerry P

Can't wait for 10/1/08 and all the possible news/announcements, I am giddy just thinking about it.


I'm incredibly anxious to handle this phone . dummy or not .

I may have to sell a kidney to get this phone haha .


I know this is probably stupid question but is this storm going to be released on the AT&T network? if so when does anyone think? Looks beautiful and that browser sounds great from what I read about it.


This will only be released on Verizon as Verizon has exclusivity to the device in the U.S.


where's wifi and will this be on at&t, t-mobile, or Net10?

I have small hands, is this device suitable for people with small hands but with big fingers?


There is no wi-fi, and has been stated before, there is an exclusivity agreement with Verizon right now, so it WILL NOT be available on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Net10.


Is it me or does this thing look quite similar to the old Samsung i730. I'm having some doubts about this clunker. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong!


It looks nothing like that hunk of junk! This phone definitely not a clunker at all.

Brent K

For one, it doesnt have a massive Antenna, and the whole screen is a touch...basically the only thing that reminds you of it is the color scheme. Oh and the i730 is almost an inch thick, the storm isnt even close to that.

On a side note, how crazy would it be if Verizon pulled a fast one and released it tomorrow, i.e. oct. 1st. They did say they are going to release news every wednesday until its released...releasing the phone would be pretty big news.


just got off the pone with verizon and the guy i was talking to told me cough oct 20 cough oct 20 ,, who knows just thought i would share that information... this phone is gonna be so nice, i took the curve back to hold off to get this one.


So do all the verizon stores have this dummy out on display?

Snort Snort

"so the doctor said my nose wouldn't bleed so much if i kept my finger out of it"


How's the battery life on these dummy units? I hear they go for days without needing a recharge...


What is the screen like on the dummy? Glass? Plastic? Mushy?

Rob B

In the forum he said he wasn't sure if it was glass or plastic... But he said the "click" was a lot easier than he expected.


If i buy one of these Smart phones will wifi work in the right areas, even if you don't purchase the service from verizon?


this isnt wifi capable. it will not be possible to get a wifi signal anywhere!


plus expect verizon to charge a pretty penny for retail on this phone. my verizon curve was $490 with taxes. imagine what this will be?!?!?!?!


Don't ever pay retail!!!


can anyone tell me how to change the sound when an email comes into my inbox, thanks


Sometimes you can be SO off topic it hurts your brain...


Do any of the stores have a price for the device yet?


I take it that you cannot apply a thin protective scratch-resistant screen protector to a touchscreen device?


Not true. The iphone has screen protectors so does my LG Dare.


My Treo 700p, that I can't wait to trash, has always had a screen protector and has worked well with one.


www.mobilecityonline.com has the storm coming out tomorrow, oct. 1st and lists the retail at $699.99...???

Rob B

WHOOOOAHHH....haven't seen that yet....If that's true, I'll be dropping about $600 tomorrow........

Although for some reason I doubt that will happen




This phone is only Verizon and it would be a miracle if it came out tommorow, but if it does I hope it comes out for less than $500


I can't imagine the new price with a 2 year contract being anywhere NEAR $500! Competing with the iPhone for one but even if they believe it is superior and needs to be more pricey I would imagine no more then $350.


Any idea when this beauty is coming to Canada? And is it going to be Telus or Rogers?


I spoke to a couple different reps a two different stores, they said they "think" it will be in the $250.00 or less range with 2 year contract, they dont think much more than that. This is, of course, their "guesstament". but I dont think it will be to far off that mark as well, I mean..the curve is now 99 bucks with a 2 year contract.


Man I can't wait to get a storm, but I'm going to have to wait. Unless Verizon releases the storm AND finalizes the merger with alltel the same day (which I highly doubt happens). My hopes is to have one around christmas time which won't be that bad cause they will probably have dropped the price a little bit by then. But until that happens i'm stuck with my Glimmer "sigh"........


I can't waitttt!!!

This is going to be my next upgrade!!! =]

Zach Bat

In any case, the presumptive launch date for the BlackBerry Storm in Canada is November 2nd, so Telus and Bell will need to work out this scuffle sooner rather than later. It takes time to build up a marketing campaign, you know.

Thought this was interesting maybe thats the us release date as well??


I'm pretty sure that verizon is not gonna release the storm tomorrow ( according 2 http://www.mobilebond.com/blackberry-storm-in-the-next-week-from-verizon) because they haven't even sent out a pre order form like they did with the lg voyager, dare and venus. Usually, Verizon will release a pre order form if they are expecting to sell a likely-to-be popular phone(aka Blackberry Storm).

Anyone with experience pre-ordering a popular phone on Verizon: Did your phone arrive quickly or was it delayed longer than if you would have walked into a store?

It isn't worth it to pre-order popular phones from AT&T. The just collect the money and supply all the phones to the stores where they can make more sales. Pre-orders never come quickly. I'm wondering if Verizon is any better at getting pre-order phones out to customers.


No Price released
No other network than Verizon (In the States)
No release date

Sit back relax and enjoy the ride!!!


i know there have been papers leaked that suggest a november 1 release date, but a verizon manager i spoke with insists we may see the storm by mid-oct.

Brent K

Did anyone get an email update from Verizon this morning? Its Wednesday, and I have nothing in my inbox. I WANT UPDATES VERIZON!!!


I can't wait until it releases, BlackBerry needed a touch screen. My thing is I hope it has an optional stylus for us users with big hands.