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Hands-on demo of Bluetooth file transfers on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2012 11:10 pm EDT

While checking out the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B today, I wanted to see some sample camera and video shots. With no direct way to offload the files, I decided to test out the Bluetooth functionality and found some small but awesome touches built into that scenario.

As shown on the video above, when BlackBerry 10 is released your Bluetooth file transfers will take on some rather elegant notifications to keep you in the loop as to what is happening.

Check it out for yourself, it's pretty slick over what we know them to be on the current BlackBerry OS and it's a really nice touch.



Looking well thought out


The flow is really sweet, I wanna pelt my Bold 9900 through the window right now. Damn that EDOF camera


Why? There are allot of digital camera now using EDOF cameras. Newest smartphones, some of them, are using it too. That 9900 is such a fantastic device.


Looks so effortless, that's BlackBerry. The RIM Devs are obviously hard at work. It shows.


I love how late you guys are still posting. Keep up the great work guys. It's helping me get through a long night :)


My god seeing all of this is just making me want BB10 even more. I can't wait till official release :)


How about NFC file transfer? tapping them together and all?


Notice how you can still swipe away the camera app even while having the "clear history" screen in focus. BB10 Multi-tasking FTW!


hopefully it will do file transfers between any bluetooth devices
aka /android/windowzz/macOS/

plus USB OTG enabled

plus Skype

and I am da happy fella ;)


Skype is left up to Microsoft or skype to make their app for blackberry 10, not rim.


This looks really good!

Where can I get a copy of the sound used at the beginning of this video?