Hands on with the CrackBerry Forums app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 3 Sep 2012 10:41 am EDT

We gave you the good news just the other day that our new CrackBerry Forums app is now available to download for the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you have not tried it out yet we will forgive you, but if you fancy having a quick look at what it is all about then you can do so here. The application is in fact a port of the Android version and once again this not only highlights the benefit of being able to port Android apps to the BlackBerry tablet OS, but also how easy and quick it can be to get the process done.

Remember; we also have the forums app available for BlackBerry smartphones which offers the same wonderful features. If you are not a member in the forums why not join us? It only takes a minute and as well as sharing your knowledge you may well pick up some tips from others. Failing that, we are all friends so why not pop in for a chat. If you love your BlackBerry there is something in the forums for everyone.

Our CrackBerry Forums for PlayBook app is FREE OF CHARGE, and offers these great features: 

  • Auto-save your account information! There's no need to login every-time.
  • Guests can browse without logging in (join here if you want to be a member)
  • Super-fast loading of forums and topics. We're talking FAST.
  • You can Create, Read, Reply and Quote discussions (SWIPE DOWN for options)
  • You can Send and Receive Private Messages (it's true!).
  • Attach files including pdfs, images and zip files
  • Advertising free experience
  • Plus MORE!

More information/Download the CrackBerry Forums app for BlackBerry PlayBook
More information/Download the CrackBerry Forums app for BlackBerry phones

Reader comments

Hands on with the CrackBerry Forums app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


It's Tapatalk skinned for CrackBerry. That's cool it works well but were is the option to change your signature????

I prefer tapatalk. There are less features, runs slower and this is the BIGGIE not mouse friendly. I have also found that the return to previous screen doesn't always work.

This video is a good example of why you should have a script if you are going to do a demo. Also, maybe talk a little slower for those of us whose first language is not English.

Budgetary constraints? Stopgap? I'm quite happy with the browser experience until(?) the native app(?) appears with REAL value added over and above the full site browser experience. Vast majority of website apps don't rise to this benchmark.

I am running 840 beta and still maintain the app is less not more than the original tapatalk app

I open the app(after the 10 attempts it took to get it installed and working properly), click on one of the topics, and then I'm stuck... There's no way to get back to the topic list!! I tried clicking the Android "back" button but nothing happens. This app is far from intuitive!

Instead of buying $500 apps for shits and giggles, maybe the largest BlackBerry fan site should invest its money in creating a quality, native BlackBerry forums app instead of porting Android crap.

As they say, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Porting android is NOT "doing it right".

Other than that, big fan of CB. :-D

Also, when reading a topic, the background colour randomly changes from yellow(ish) to white and vice versa whenever your finger touches the screen... annoying. Please leave the background plain white. Thanks.

It's true that you can't please everyone but I think it should be noted that having 2cb apps is not helping anyone. Hopefully we will get a fully integrated forum and blog app from the CB team by bb10. Thanks for the effort, it is appreciated...

Ps gotta admit it "feels" wrong having the biggest bb fan site app being a ANDROID port. Lol but hey that's just the playbook right! Native for 10 please...

I'm deleting it - as soon as I went in to it and tapped on a topic, it froze my Playbook (that was a first !)

seems to work fine for me except that by staying logged in it scared the crap out of me at 3am when someone commented on one of my saved threads as it omittes an audible alert. haven't played with it enough to see if that can be turned off but it shouldn't be a default setting as it can be pretty annoying if people make comments every 5 min... and if you can't turn it off then i will most likely just delete it and stick with the browser version.