Want an amazing BlackBerry 10 Twitter client? Check out our Blaq hands-on video

By James Richardson on 18 Apr 2013 09:05 am EDT

We told you recently that the super Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 - Blaq - is now available to download from BlackBerry World. Priced at £2.00/$2.99 it really is a bargain. Sure, we already have a native Twitter client built into BlackBerry 10 and I will continue to use that for my mentions and DM's due to its Hub integration but for doing everything else Blaq is the way forward.

Blaq itself has been around for a number of years. First we had it on legacy BlackBerry devices and then things really heated up when it was released for the PlayBook. Step three is now here for BlackBerry 10 and it rocks!

The user interface is beautiful. The traditional Blaq colors have been kept so if you have been used to using it on the PlayBook things will look a little familiar but with the BlackBerry 10 edition we get some nice peeking action on top of a ton of additional features.

I'm not going to waffle on too much about it - just watch the video and then I'm pretty sure you will feel the urge to download it. Trust me - this one is a beauty and if it doesn't shoot straight to the top of the paid apps in BlackBerry World I will eat my hat!

Features included in Blaq include:

  • Beautiful, intuitive NATIVE user interface
  • Fast scrolling - no need to wait
  • Interactive gesture engine for quick actions to keep you moving
  • REAL-TIME Twitter streaming support
  • Power-conscious - When minimized, Blaq goes into low-power mode to save battery
  • The most advanced muting system - mute based on multiple criteria
  • Sharing - Share from just about app to Blaq and vice versa!
  • Active Frame - Know when you get new tweets, mentions or direct messages
  • BBM™ integration - share tweets updates with your BBM™ contacts
  • Native or editable retweet support (hold down on RT icon in detail screen)
  • In-app notifications
  • Twitter Username auto-completion
  • Full user profile view
  • Image previews within Blaq
  • View your lists curated from Twitter.com
  • Multi-account support
  • Search people and tweets
  • Photo posting - Twitter
  • Q10 support

More information/Download Blaq for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Want an amazing BlackBerry 10 Twitter client? Check out our Blaq hands-on video


Love it! Favorite app on the phone now! (Sorry CB10, you're #2 now) :/

Sooooooo worth the buy, and I wasn't even big into twitter!

Fantastic app. QQ, does anyone know how to quote a tweet in the app? Haven't figured it out yet. The only thing that's missing is the ability to add people to lists or remove.

Posted via CB10

To quote an tweet, tap on the tweet so that it comes up in another screen. Tap and hold on the Retweet icon. Works like a charm! Turns out, it's how you do that on the PlayBook too (didn't know).

"the only thing missing" is a legend explaining what the icons on the left mean. They look purdy but what are they? Are we supposed to remember from the one time demo at setup, or am I supposed to be singing like a bird so much that I 'just know'?

The pure speed of the app, it's wickedly fast. Also, multiple accounts are kind of a must for me as I have my company twitter as well, not sure if that's in Neatly. The app just looks beautiful, honestly. It's the quickest twitter app that loads from start to finish in a matter of 4 seconds and you see all of your feeds from a fresh boot. Twitter client for BB takes almost 10 seconds, and I don't know about Neatly though. Trust me, it's worth it!

SO much better than Neatly. I had Neatly and quickly replaced with Blaq. If you think Neatly was nice, Blaq is gonna blow you away. So much smoother and way faster. Better implementation of Cascades. Truly beautiful app, IMHO its the best Twitter client on ANY platform.... period!

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10. Go Scuderia Ferrari!

T4BB it is! Honestly, look on other devices too, Blaq is nicer than the free twitter clients on iOS and Android, why not give it a chance? If you're a hardcore twitter-er then it's definitely worth the buy.. If you aren't it's still worth the buy because you will start using twitter more (as I do now).

I was kinda shocked that I had to purchase it again, but I'm so glad I did. It is a complete rewrite from the PlayBook app, and is awesome. Easy to use, and I love that I can tap on a picture, and it comes up on the screen (no going to the web to see it). Now to have it, so you can turn your phone and have the picture fill the screen. That would be awesome! Thanks Blaq for a quality app!!

Neatly is better and more intuitive for sure. I mean blaq has potential but the menus are confusing and not the best looking and kind of hard to use. Also it lacks the message count. The only positive option in me perspective is the faster connection

Posted via CB10

How is it for viewing photos and tweeting and searching for your followers. A lot of short comings in the actual twitter app with these. Any of these solved?

Posted via CB10

Viewing photos is great, (can't go to someones profile and just go through all of their photos though, probably coming later). The search feature works perfectly (as long as you can spell correctly). I HATED the actual twitter app for BB, and I didn't even use twitter much.. I find myself using Twitter a LOT more now because of this app. Favorite app on my phone now :)

So far one thing I liked more in the PB app was that it wouldn't close down Blaq to then open the browser. It would do something kinda like what CB10 does is open it still in-app. I'd prefer to not have to leave the app for links if I didn't absolutely have to.

Viewing pics is great in-app though

Im not a fan of blaq becasue it doesnt do what ubersocial does, where I can have a "circle" of friends that I click and dont miss a tweet... but I have to say this is better than whats on the phone now.. drives me nuts that it puts them in my contacts

i liked that about Uber also, along with a bunch of other things. and i may be biased, but id go as far as to say that this is the best app ive used to date, second to uber on a qwerty device.

I made a private Twitter list to do this for me. Every time I updated my OS on a BB6 or BB7 device when I used UberSocial I had to rebuild the 'inner circle' manually. Gave up and started using lists instead so I had the same functionality on the desktop, or anywhere really.

anyone having problems tweeting a picture? i seen in the video that he was able to, i follow those steps and nothing..

Fyi...Blaq is also integrated into the hub, and on the Twitter tab not just notifications.

Posted via CB10

I bought it and was disappointed. Find it clunky and slow. Gone back to the Twitter app. I'd kill to have Ubersocial back again.

Posted via CB10

I may be wrong, but i've seen a few people(in a few different threads) say they thought the menus were confusing, and it might be because i tweet ALOT, but they seem pretty straight forward. back arrow = reply. @ symbol = mentions. envelope = dms. star = favourite, etc, just like every other twitter app, or desktop version. wheres the confusion?

Because why should you have to pay for the same app on multiple platforms when you're sticking with BlackBerry? I didn't have to purchase Book Reader again.

Oops, lemme just hide these pictures because I don't know what might pop up! #EPICWIN!!!!! LMAO!!!! Blaq looks to be a top notch app for sure. To bad I don't tweet much.

I'm considering getting this app but I was wondering if it tells you if a user is or isn't following you like ubersocial did? Does anybody know?

Posted via CB10

It does indeed tell you if they follow you, the notification is at the bottom of the users profile page. Sometimes it takes a second or 2 to update, says NOT following as default, then updates if they are.

It does when u check the user profile it tells u if they are or are not followers at the bottom of the profile page.

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And PS for those having issues opening the app store it works if you open it through the music player menu.

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I think Neatly is a better option simply because you have the option of multiple accounts. Only two accounts permitted on blaq.

Blaq is the absolute best app so far for The 10. Only one thing I noticed, I can't seem to hold on a tweet and get the share/Open in/copy menu to open on the left. I can get the other menus on the left and right when I drag either way but can't get the three options to open with a long press. Any ideas?


The option for share, open in, copy only appears on links within a tweet.
If you press and hold on the link, the 3 way menu will appear.

I have held out for so long but thought I would bite the bullet today and give Blaq a go. Now I wonder why I waited so long. Beautifully executed app, and does what it says, and VERY well too. For the small price its leaps and bounds above the native app.

lol @1:46. remnants of that awesome chicken sandwich you just ate? peace!

sorry just can't help it. =D

When I get my Z10 this is the first app i'm downloading..unless ubersocial is out before then but I can't see myself using any other twitter clients besides the 2 of those!

Just downloaded it and been playing with it for a while during down time at work. The app seems pretty solid and anything is an improvement over the stock app. I would like to see an in app browser in the future. The long press is not working for me. Anyone else having problems with it?

I love this app, great review. One thing James forgot to mention is that when you are composing your tweet, there is a green status bar that expands as you type. I find that rather useful!

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does it have Hub integration ? i mean, can you reply or twit from within the hub without opening the app ?

As of right now no. Maybe when Os 10.1 gets released and a upgrade on v1 of blaq comes out we may see that. I'm sure that the developer has that in mind. Regardless its a phenomenal app and a wicked twitter app for all.

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Is it true that multi account for blad means actually just two accounts?

I have four companies and a private account and are looking for the best suited twitter client on BlackBerry z10.

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Just picked this up and it is certainly a nice client. The real time updates is great. However I would like to see more customisation options. And I am not overly keen on the swiping for retweet and such. But otherwise brilliant. Just need hub integration.

Posted via CB10

Wow, love this app! Much better than the native client or Neatly! I like how it launches links, and how you can open up photos and Instagram pics within the app. Kudos to the developers!

Posted via CB10

neatly was alright. But should have waited for Blaq. It just feels more complete. Good job I didn't pay full price for Neatly.

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I have a question: do we have to change any setting for the Twitter app that came with the the phone? Or does it even matter? Cuz my thinking was that both Blaq and Twitter will be updated throughout the day therefore draining battery.

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Is there a way to see what is trending at the moment or for Blaq to suggest people you should follow the way the native client does?

Not straight up. Go to the search engine in the app ( left swipe for magnifying glass) click. Then scroll down and click trends. :) there u go :)

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A really great app for sure. My only slight qualm is that it doesn't appear to search usernames or Twitter handles unless you know the exact "@" name you are after.

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I dropped neatly for blaq. Blaq is so much better n smoother. I used blaq on my PlayBook too... nothing close to blaq bb10.. totally amazing!

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How do you see new followers? Is there a notification when you have a new one

Posted via CB10

When I click on a someone's profile and I want to read a bunch of their tweets to kill time, I'm limited to only a handful of them and unable to load older tweets? Am I missing something or is that it, like 15 tweets?

Posted via CB10

Wonderful video! Thank you for posting it. I'm only a few days in with my Z10 (still getting used to the full touchscreen experience) and I'm running the native twitter as well as @blaq, which I'm loving. What I can't figure out is how to add Blaq to the hub. Can someone please help me?

It doesn't have hub integration. I assume once 10.1 gets released the developer may be able to give that access :) blaq is quite superior to the native app but I really miss the native app features from my Bold9900. That said. This is soooo fluid and easily handled with one hand. I can't imagine how I lived without this swipe access.

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Just curious. How come u still run the native app also? And open question to all. Has anybody used the bbm video yet? How fluid is it?

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