Hands-on with the BlackBerry Z3

By Derek Kessler on 25 Feb 2014 03:37 am EST

We go hands-on with the very first BlackBerry 10 smartphone manufactured by Foxconn: the BlackBerry Z3. Announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Z3 is set to retail for less than $200 and is bound for a launch in Indonesia (hence the "Jakarta" codename). It spots a 3G radio (no LTE here, yet), a 5-inch display, and is said to have a long battery (typical for a BlackBerry, that would seem), but for the time being other specs are elusive.

The design of the Z3 is simple, as BlackBerry 10 devices have been. The front is dominated by the black glass over the display with a BlackBerry wordmark at the bottom and a handset speaker and front-facing camera up top, the back is a sheet of grippy soft-touch with a camera styled just like previous BlackBerry 10 devices with separate lens caps for the camera and flash at the top, a BlackBerry logo in the center, and a grid of holes for the loudspeaker at the bottom. There's a Micro USB port on the bottom (a first for a BlackBerry 10 device) and the power and volume buttons have been located on the left side (as opposed to the previous tradition of top and right side, respectively). It looks and feels like a BlackBerry — but with the mass manufacturing prowess of Foxconn behind it.

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Hands-on with the BlackBerry Z3



I was hoping they could sell this for less than $100 given the fact that other handset makers are doing just that introduce smartphones to previous legacy users. How are they planning to compete against those prices is what I'm really asking myself. Partnering with Foxconn was to me part of that strategy (I was hoping) and the obvious inventory risk reduction and purchase power they hace. I guess we'll just have to see.

Still, I'm excited to see just another blackberry phone out of the gate! ;)

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Good point. We will see the final details, but $200 is way too much for a supposedly low end phone for developing countries. Nokia just announced in Barcelona an entry level smartphone for $29.

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I'm shooting in the dark here, but I think while we know that BlackBerry needs to get into that ~$50 market for the sake of getting their brand out they still want to be known as the "Rolls Royce" of smartphones. A Rolls Royce from '82 still goes for ~$15k. While you don't really see BlackBerry's everywhere and they are a much more conventional item, their premium brand still holds significance in the industry. Much like a 2014 Rolls Royce that goes for $340K.

Just a thought. Like I said, I'm shooting in the dark and could be pretty far off but it's the only reasoning I can come up with that would explain them not making a $50-$100 smartphone.

Well, I see your point but it's certainly not accurate. The 8250 was kind of the entry level blackberry here in Latin America and sold for less than $100. So no, I don't think they want to be the Rolls Rouyce of the mobile industry.

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I can certainly say the same thing about the 9300 series which still sells like hell here, with and obvious volume reduction due to the high proliferation of android phones in all different sizes, shapes and brands and a very similar, if not less, price. Adding to the fact that a legacy blackberry still runs on an data compressed network which to the carrier means a higher service maintenance price vs a regular 3G phone from competition. That translates to a higher monthly fee to the user which in turn, makes them choose an android phone with more options, apps, and service plans and their reach.

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It will be the factory unlocked / off-contract price. It's being targeted for Indonesia right now, where (like most Asian countries) there are no carrier subsidies and almost everyone just buys their device outright.

Well, I shot in the dark and missed. Possibly my opinion was biased as I view BlackBerry as a "Premium" brand. Either way, thanks for correcting me!

I think what you said makes perfect sense. BlackBerry no matter how 'affordable' they make it should still be a premium, and well built device known for its quality. You can make quality more affordable, but it 'technically speaking' shouldn't be cheap. It's something to aspire towards.

You did not missed completely. Blackberry is a premium device. Even Android users perceive their devices as cool toys, not a smartphone in the true meaning of the word.

I don't believe BlackBerry can have the luxury of this sort of thinking. Rolls Royce? Gimme a break. $200 is simply stretching the notion of 'low-cost' to an unrealistic level, in my view. I guess The Consumer will decide though.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I think $200 and under is good.
BlackBerry isn't a charity.

If someone can't afford a $200 smartphone, well, guess what? They don't need to be buying one, there are bigger issue at hand for that person.

Relax. They will sell. $150 - $200 is a good price for a phone outright and given what people are getting with the Z3, it will work. The only factor that will stop this from being a good seller is if people still want BlackBerry.

We have to get rid of that mindset that Blackberry has to compete with anyone, because...it doesn't. I as sure as hell hope Blackberry doesn't stoop that low to compete with Android devices. Volume of sales is not equal to a successful business model.

Agreed, if they can’t afford a $200 phone how can they afford the monthly dues? They have more problems than to be able to play Angry bird or get emails on the go!

And if they are on contract the phone will be $0 phone considering $700 phones are $150 - $200 on contract

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Spoken like someone who has no clue what its like outside your own backyard. Just because someone can't afford (or sees no need) for a $200 smartphone doesnt mean they have "more problems than being able to play Angry Birds"
You and many others have very little understanding of the "developing markets" where the Z3 is headed.

"$0 on contract"? Monthy dues? Really? You must not realize that in most developing countries there is no carrier subsidy so phones are sold full price and people mostly use Pay-as-you-go sims for their service, which happens to be super cheap.

Living in a developing country (where my total monthly expenditure on my mobile service including data might equal 10 USD) has taught me a few things; that most people are just like anyone else, that expensive mobile phones like the iphone 5s (750USD) and the Galaxy S4 (700USD) still sell like hot cakes, and that people need to travel more before they make silly blanket statements about things they know nothing of. Clueless.

You mean the Nokia 220? Is that a smartphone then? I would say that the cheapest Nokia smartphone will be the X at 89 euro. Still cheaper than 200 dollars of course, but no 29 dollars.

What 5" smartphone sells for $29. This isn't going to have the chap resolution of a samsung galaxy ace, s3 mini, s4 mini, galaxy fame etc. This is gonna be a premium phone on a budget. Plus $200 is the opening price, it will come down in the months ahead, not to get more expensive. Add to that all the promo deals that are likely to come.

Think bigger my friend!

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Especially for a 5" with great battery life! I don't think I've ever been this excited about an entry-level device! haha

Which country comes to mind when you think about developing countries? I've been to countries that are very poor and I'm always shocked by the amount of people that have iPhones. So if people will do whatever they can to own an iPhone, they'll be able to get a Z3, no problem.

Please elaborate, what countries are you talking about? what would be a % or number o people that would shock you to see they own iphones?

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Asian countries where electricity is inconsistent and water comes from a huge tank in the middle of the town.... YET, still seeing people with iPhones. I would want to maybe guess that it was acquired on postpaid contract but that's not common because prepaid is king.

I can probably imagine people living in that condition to have a smartphone, an entry level one at leaset, but not an iphone, that's very interesting.

Bs! Name the country! If you see a couple of iPhones in a very poor country that means almost no iPhones are sold there what to say BB which isn't used for status in developing countries.

$200 is not dirt cheap in developing countries. I was hoping the price would ( under 100 to compete with other low end phones. I guess they are going for the premium end of low end.

BMW 1 series is low end but because of the BMW logo you know you have quality and you know it won't cost you the price if a Kia. And people have aspirations to get get a taste of the quality.

I think BlackBerry did the right thing here

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$200 in some cases is half the minimum wage so yes, it is a considerable high amount of money.

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Agreed. There's a reason why the Nokia Lumia 520 is the best-selling Windows Phone by a wide margin (I've read it accounts for over 30% of all WP8 handsets sold). You can pick it up on Amazon for less than $70 (sometimes much less) and unlock it for $3.

That said, this is quite a shift down-market for Blackberry, and I'm glad to see it.

$200 is very cheap off contract. If they can't afford to buy a phone for $200 outright, they can sign a 2 year contract and likely get the phone for free. The pricing of approx. $200 is perfect.

Agreed. And there is a point when you have cut all costs and now you have to cut quality!

Dome sub $200 DROID phones have 4gb of internal memory. Can't even install 1 high graphics game even if have 64gb MicroSD card

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Considering the battery life and screen size, I have to think that sub $200 is pretty much bang on price wise. Not even mentioned it's running BB10...that alone makes it ridiculously cheap.

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You are right. Coming from one of the target markets for this product, I know blackberry is seen as premium. I know 2 ppl other than myself who have used 8520 for 3 years+ and still have a phone that works. One of them has bricked his samsung in 2 yrs and come back to his previous 8520. Anyways the under $200 phones don't have 1.5 gb of ram. No brand-name manufacturer has a 5" phone at that price. People are ready to pay for quality at a reasonable price. Heck BlackBerry prices are so out of whack here that you don't get 9720 below $200. If I didn't have the Q10 (used, from US) I would have bought it immediately.

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Not for nothing, but brand new Z10's off contract are going in the $200 range right now. Seems to me they could have dumped any residual stock of the Z10's in emerging markets in the $1-200 range as well. By the time this phone comes to EU, and the Americas, the Z30 is going to be selling in the $2-$300 range, off contract as well. Competing with yourself may not be the best strategy.

The problem is BB10, which requires 1.5 gigs of RAM and probably dual core. Really, the phone should have had 2 gigs of RAM for BB10.

Mike L. intended for BBOS to continue to be developed for countries like Indonesia and enterprise. The road map featured a BBOS 8 and 9, which would be very price competitive. The real distinguisher was LTE. All LTE phones would be BB10, which would eventually be all phones made by BlackBerry. The people who conceived of BB10 never imagined it in this context. It was supposed to help recapture the high-end market in the developed world. This is just John Chen doing what the financial analysts want rather than what makes sense.

Still, I think this phone has a shot to he a hit in developing countries. The price isn't that bad and, as someone pointed out, BlackBerry should strive to be a premium brand even when they aren't making a margin on device sales. Still, whoever negotiated with Foxconn on this has got to be feeling the heat -- or they are stupid.

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Uh, who is selling a device with 5 Inch amoled device with proven reliability, security, availability to be used as an enterprise device with

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Who again I selling a device with a NEW world class OS, running SDK which will soon be integrated into all vehicles, has a 5" AMOLED screen, proven security, proven reliability, BBM!!!, and able to be used as a work device as well as personal for $29? Oh, that's what I thought. I had a NOKIA before, I always used it as a burner

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Unlike Android, BlackBerry 10 isn't free!! So, the 200$ pricing point it's just right! Anyway, it's pretty clear that isn't an "entry level " smartphone ! No need for BlackBerry to provide such cheap devices! Their business it's in software not hardware, and that is the whole point of Foxconn project. Peace! :)

Is it responsive enough with the rumored 1.5GB RAM? Any lag?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

My Z10 uses around 900-1100MB - I don't think I ever got near 2GB.

1.5GB should be plenty for a low end BlackBerry 10 device.

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Btw why should that be a rumour after a hands-on review? Didn't anyone see the About menu?
Can't anyone confirm tomorrow?

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What are your initial thoughts on the Z3 ? Kevin I don't mean to pry but is there a direct way I can contact you I just have a few suggestions and. I hope you take it in consideration and give me your feed back I've since you guys are better of in contacting blackberry !

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I doubt he will reply as he ignored to one of comments about last month I think unless he see's this comments of mines and decides to play the devils advocate.

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Why not? after all we are all on the same side, BlackBerry fans. It doesn't hurt to help each other out.

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Kevin, can you find out if BB is planning ever make a non-camera phone for sale in the US again? I have no better option than a 9930, and I'd LOVE something more modern!

Some places (usually highly secure) simply won't allow a phone with a camera. It doesn't matter if it is disabled by BES, no ifs, ands or buts about it. If BB is going to be in regulated markets, it's something to consider.

That is correct. Even gouging out the camera components and filling it with epoxy will not stop you from getting fired.

Agreed. I held off for years on getting the phones I otherwise wanted, because they all had cameras in them, and that meant I would have had to check them into security at reception, instead of being able to take them into my office.
Also, (in the old days anyway), you can't take camera phones into some poker rooms....

Yeah, I don't see how one can have a "hands on" and not put the specs in there.


Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Kevin u dawg....come on bro post some more.... we're practically salivating here

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4.5"n or not?

Z30 is 5"

Kevin, can you take a photo with another phone next to it? (Z10, Z30, P'9982)? I am sure I'm not the only one who would like to see that.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Are you prem watsa from fairfax? You sure seem to be him. If you are, thank you for supporting BBRY- its the company that makes the best phones :D

Narendra Modi for PM and Congress free India 2014

Yep, it is already confirmed to be a 5"...which is why coupled with a big battery, this will be very impressive for under $200!

Yeah, I hope the carriers in the US offers this device. Maybe have it available in the actual stores - only one US carrier currently offers the Z30. Hard to gain market share in the US with limited choices / jumping through hoops to get an unlocked device.

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OK I'm going to bed. I stayed up late in Montreal to see the press conference all the way through, and I'm glad I did! Lots of excitement might keep me up though lol!

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I second getting very late in Toronto but worth while staying up for all that good news. Very Happy for BlackBerry you go Chan.

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Didn't expect that about the power lock key. It looks generic enough to complete in the Asian market. 5inch screen you say, now that it a bonus for a power budget user.

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under 200$ this will kick ashes ……and of course bring money to BB .
from the sales of Jakarta will depend on whether the company will rise again or totally …..die ….
Hope the first happens ….

Simple with minimalistic design. Personally I think it looks better than Z30. Now, please market this well in Indonesia and other emerging countries.

I want it to emerge here too (Aussie), $200 on prepaid, what a steal!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Blackberry should sell this outside of Indonesia, internationally even. The reason why Windows Phone is suddenly in 3rd place is because of all the cheap, accessible low end phones available everywhere.

a like it! under 200 $ it is awesome. right move BBRY. hope this will help spread BB10 among casual people

The Z3 and Q20 are all fine and nice. But is there any word on Z50 or any other High(er) end device for this year? No way am I waiting for 2 years for a BlackBerry that I want!

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Totally agreed! No way am I waiting for a next high-end BB with a larger screen to come out in 2015, either! Any word on Z50 or better for its launch sometimes later this year? John Chen teased us about some high-end devices besides Q20 being in the work at the moment but the question is when are they gonna come to fruition?!? The suspense is killing me! Come on, JC! Spill the beans already!

Possibly but it's just a rumor for now. It's just that I would be thrilled if JC was to spill the beans already on the "Ontario" and whatever else that JC said are in the works while he was at MWC.... Besides Q20 for the corporations & governments and Z3 for the emerging markets especially Indonesia. Guess we will just have to wait a bit longer to find out. Patience is a virtue, but still, come on. I wanna know now! :-)

I don't think so bro...maybe the shape a bit yeah but the premium look and feel of the back....cant compare that

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Unfortunately that screen does look pretty low-res.

If it is that weird rumored resolution.... SMH. Throwing away compatibility with all the existing apps? IDGI.

Looks like the leaked pictures and specs are spot on!

I think thats the most beautiful sub200 phone on the market by far.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Does anyone know any actual specs of the phone, like resolution, camera, processor, ram, battery, etc? Also, would this be considered an upgrade from the Z10 with it having a bigger screen and all?

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Specifications of Z3
Display: 5" qHD resolution
Chipset: 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400
RAM: 1.5GB
Internal storage: 8GB
Expandable: No information yet
Camera: 5MP Primary + 1.1MP Secondary
Additional Feature: FM Radio

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Specifications of Z3
Display: 5" qHD resolution
Chipset: 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400
Processor: Cortex A7
GPU: Adreno 305
RAM: 1.5GB
Internal storage: 8GB
Expandable: Upto 64GB
Camera: 5MP Primary + 1.1MP Secondary
Additional Feature: FM Radio

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Specifications of Z3

Display: 5" qHD resolution (540 X 960) (~220 pixel density)
Chipset: 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400
Processor: Cortex A7
GPU: Adreno 305
RAM: 1.5GB
Internal storage: 8GB
Expandable: Upto 64GB
Camera: 5MP Primary Auto focus and LED Flash + 1.1MP Secondary
Additional Feature: FM Radio

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I disagree, definitely better looking than the Z10, but definitely not the nice ergonomic shape of the Z30.

Posted via CB10

Really good move, blackberry needs to take market from Samsung with those entry level phones, they may also bring them to Latin America

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Only trouble is Nokia are set to do it for £110 in the uk with 5inch on the new X range

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Microsoft is already talking about cancelling the X when their take over of Nokia becomes official next month.

So much nicer looking than the Z10. I have loved the BB10 OS from the get go but the look of the phones is horrible. The silver strip on the front of the phone and the weird plastic back make the build quality seem crappy.

The "silver strip" on the front is the z30. The Z3 is the all-black on the right. I agree with you, the Z30 should be all black.

This is half the storage of the Z10. In no way is this a replacement device for it. This is entry level

Good news. I hope they push carriers to promote it ! And it is available quickly now. Should become big seller so more people get to know and appreciate the BlackBerry 10 OS!

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The definition of a black rectangle....

I don't think Foxconn put any design work into that at all...... Its frankly a little disapointing.

I know that this is essentially what all phones end up being but it would have been nice for a little bit of polish here and there

I like the device. Now the key is to get some apps people want in the region. If there is not an application plan than this is all for not. I'm. It sure what the must have apps are in that region, but they need to be in the app world l.

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This phone should sell very well. Foxconn is a company that means business, and they know how to push devices out the door in a positive manner. Looking good indeed. Smart Move by Chen for sure.

This is all good, but with Foxconn assuming almost all risk, the margin on this unit for BB will only be a few bucks per unit. It will be good for name recognition in these markets targeted.

it's a little bit awkward to see that blackberry z3's screen is bigger than z10 and the same size as z30 given the cheaper price tag, but anyway it's a good move from blackberry to hit back samsung, apple, and nokia's sales in emerging markets, especially Indonesia

Good job blackberry but now we need to see if he can advertise and promote the product.

It's a good start and I hope of takes off cause the 5 inches and low price point is a great feature.

Word of mouth people, only we can help spread the word out to our friends and family.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Phone looks good but they provided Google maps in it by default but they didn't provide it in z10 and z30. Why?

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:) Why are you worried? Were you going to buy one? It's for the emerging market and maybe for those on a budget if and when it hits the developed world.

I really, really, hope they price it much lower than $200.
if they can get the $149 price it will make it much easier to sell.

break even if need be. hell, lose a little, if they want to bother being in the handset game, they need to get the handset in peoples hands even at a lose.

Yes sell phones at a loss. Great business sense. If you can't afford $200, $50 really isn't going to break the bank.

Sell these in North America at that price point it would be flying off the shelves if it had the LTE radio.

Want a $150 and under phone by a cheap junk HTC. Or cheap pay as you go..

well sparky,

I guess you have never marketed anything before.
whats cheaper millions and millions on tv, print and online ads, or just getting a phone in the hands of new customers or upgrading customers and then slowly crank the prices up.

your from BC, isn't the first bong free and after they get you hooked you pay anything.

come on, obviously i'm not suggesting they give away the company (although they almost did that with the z10) but I think if they get their rock bottom price that is a break-even or a slight lose to make the price point look attractive, it will pay dividends in the future.

marketing 101, look it up. when you are bottom of the heap, you need to take extreme measures sometimes.

Oh wait, maybe BlackBerry/Foxxcon should give it away for free. Lol!! By the way, how did you arrive at your magical price of $149? SMH.

well, to most people, $175 may as well be $199
so $149 sounds closer to $100 than $200

like I said, its simply marketing.
the bottom line, I hope bb takes that into consideration when pricing this phone.

nothing worse than charging big bucks to start and then dropping their pants bigtime after the sales are slower than expected... but we haven't seen that before.

I am a huge bb fan, I want them to succeed, this is why I suggest they start with drop-dead bottom pricing. lure the quick and eager at the start and then slowly bump the price up.
create a frenzy of purchasing the new devices in the first month.
bb needs to get bb10 in peoples hands. it will boost bbm, boost bbm money and boost bb.

get them hooked on this new os. I know I am and you probably are too.

i assume you live in NA, would you pay $200 for that exact phone? and guess the min wage of NA vs Indo... bigtime different. this would be it about equivalent of $1000 US dollars. would you pay that for this phone?

Marketing 101: In consumer electronics, once something is on the market you can NEVER crank the price up, only down.

Or, its called a promotion.
so maybe the first 10,000 customers get it at a certain price and then the price goes back up.
trust me, in electronics, the prices CAN and DO go back up after promotions.

furthermore, another way is to add value. so if this phone has an sd card slot, then there again, BB offers a free 32gb sd card for free, after a while, that disappears. there is another way to effectively lower the purchase price

There is options.
I know I bought my T4i on sale when it came out and then the price actually went up for the next 6 months.

I hope BB figures it out and offers it at an attractive price point right from the start. I want this to succeed as much as everyone else here

It was great turning on the news this morning with great positive news about BlackBerry! The news also announced the trackball and the Ford deal.

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

That is the device they should have released a year ago, but with lte. It would have rocked the world. hopefully It will have the same effect now. Just bring it to North American markets as I think it is an emerging bb market as well now.

Nice hand modeling, Kevin. It looks okay, but I'd rather pay the extra $ for an added 0. I'm saving up for a Z30... unless there's a Foxconn high-end piece.

Posted via CB10

Finally some smart design choices. USB port should always have been on the bottom. Volume keys should always have been on the left for the 90% of people who hold their phone in their left hand.

Posted via CB10

I think I've seen maybe 3 people in my entire life hold a BlackBerry in their left hand. So for me that would be less than 1%.

They still haven't learned from their mistakes and put the logo in the centre of the phone... Otherwise, it looks like last year's Xperia Z with too much chrome. Nobody will mind when having bought that at $150

This bad boy looks really nice. People in the emerging market will see Z3 as a very good bargain. It will sell!!

5" phone, BlackBerry 10, gesture...all for $200...a 5 inch phone...BlackBerry 10... way cool!!!! Woohoo

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

This design looks nice ... I kinda like it ... Now I can't wait for the rumored 64bit octa-core device... sweet ..

Great battery life is typical for Blackberry minus the Z10. It's has the worst battery life of any BB I have ever used. Thank god for the Z30.

I agree in some part. I hate the fact that there are so many legacy users in wealthier countries. They keep comparing those legacy devices to the new phones other than BB. How about comparing them too BB10 devices. I think the Q20 is the target market for legacy holders in the UK and not the Z3.
Disclosure: Own a Z30

Posted via CB10

On a more serious note, there are more iPhone 5's and 5s's in Ghana and Nigeria than u can imagine...as for S4 and S3 i'm even tired of seeing them as wel as hTc one. People queued in Ghana too for the iPhone 5 and within the first week the apple store in was out of stock. BlackBerry I must say is only doing well in South Africa and Nigeria but not in Ghana....and it has nothing to do with cost.

So please do not underestimate developing countries. Sad to say but we spend more on trivialities such us phones even when we have more important things to worry about which is why an $850,000 apartment gets sold even before the foundation is laid. And the most annoying part is you'll get twice more value for the same cost of an apartment in the US.

Posted via CB10

Not liking the Nokia - like sharper corners.

Much prefer the soft corners of my Z10.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Z3 under 200USD + free BBM from carrier (BlackBerry/foxconn deal with carriers) even if prepaid will start the ball rolling for both pillars of chen's business portfolios (device+bbm). Like with fb here in the Philippines, push bbm for free for every prepaid load loaded by a consumer. For post-paid, offer z3 for free on a cheap data plan (since it will be just 3G) that includes bbm messaging.

Sell low to sell more. More bbm (and BlackBerry) users, more people will want to use it to communicate with family/friends and maybe just maybe, BBM (and also BlackBerry devices) will reclaim it's former glory in consumer industry.

It can be a domino effect. A chain reaction. A catalyst for positive change. Careful planning together with a forward-looking perspective may turn things around for BlackBerry.

Q10 SQN100-3 /

Excuse me!!!!!, but the Z30 has a Micro USB port, just above the charging port on the left side.
That is not a first for a BB10 device as you reported.
Thank you.

Posted via CB10

There's a Micro USB port on the BOTTOM (a first for a BlackBerry 10 device) ----> this is what he reported. First BlackBerry 10 device to sport a bottomm-located micro USB port. Read the report carefully and comprehend.

Q10 SQN100-3 /

Wow, that actually looks quite nice...edge to edge screen and all. If they're avail thru bb.com or ebay im grabbing one as soon as its out. It'll a nice companion to my Q... LTE wifihot spot from Q to the Z3 = nice lill combo.

Iam Gadget lover from Jakarta, using Z10, Galaxy Note 8, 10.1, Hisense dual CDMA-GSM, iphone 5. I think price setting $200 for Z3 is too high compared with others Android China Brand that iz popular here. User will not consider BBM as favorite messaging anymore. The people is price sensitives. Z3. specifcation only suit between $80-125 only.

I just checked Rogers and they have a no contract Nokia 520 for $125 Cdn. But that would still be locked and you would probably pay $50 for that. So I see $200 for an off contract unlocked phone if that is the case to be a good deal. Plus a lot of high end phones do not offer removable battery, expandable storage or HDMI port. Specs you find on most BlackBerry 10 devices. That drives up the cost. Google Nexus 5 wants $50 for the model with 16 GB more storage where I bought 64 GB for my Z10 for $5 more than that.

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Price $200 or less is the best price for this kind of smartphone. John Chen said he does not want to make phone that cost under $100 so does Apple. Don't worry, it will sale millions for this price! They don't make much money like the Western world/USA/Canada, but they save more so $200 or under is no problem for them.

So sad that they don't do a refresh of the Z10 physical design wise and Battery wise it's lacking but otherwise it's one of the greatest phones outthere

If this sells in indonesia (where i live) i'm sure after all he taxes, customs n stuff it will endup being around 350usd.

The last of keypads the 9720 sells for 210 usd without contract. How much does it sell in your country?

Blackberrys are still considered luxury phones judging by the steep prices slapped on by retailers here...oh dear....

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Same specs as Z10 or greater amd lower price would be awesome.
Lower specs? Not cool at all.
Their are other smartphones which is lower but has good specs.

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This is confusing, Thor was very specific when he said that the Z10 will be the first and last device to have an 1280x768 display resolution, every next device would be 1280x720 and the keyboard devices will be 720x720. This was supposed to make life easier for developers. So how will already existing apps run on a qHD screen?

the only thing blackberry can do to strive is switch to android because that OS is pure SH"T i threw away my Q10 because it was so shitty!