Hands-On with the BlackBerry Soft Shell Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2011 01:08 am EDT

We first got a preview of BlackBerry Bold 9900 cases back at BlackBerry World in May, but at the BlackBerry 7 Fan Night event I actually found a BlackBerry Shoft Shell Case in use by a RIM employee and managed to get a hold of it for a few minutes and put it under the CrackBerry cam. 

The Soft Shell Case for the Bold 9900/9930 is really nice! It's not your standard soft rubber BlackBerry skin, but rather is more form fitting and a little more tougher/durable than a standard skin. And just as the phone itself has that polished band around the edges, I really like how Soft Shell Case mimics that look (and it comes in a bunch of colors!). Keep it locked to ShopCrackBerry.com... we'll be getting this and tons of cases and accessories for the new BlackBerry Bolds in stock soon!



Any idea what colours are available? I'd like to get a red one to match my car :)


are you using playbook to capture this because usually the pause on the video is PB signature.


Yeah, I hate that... Excellent quality, but man does it freeze/pause on just about every video. It really diminishes the experience.


Is there a similar case for the 9850/9860?


there goes your metal frame, I don't think so! Mine will go NAKED!


I'll go with the pouch. That way it is naked when I'm using it but still protected in my pocket.


Ditto, but hoping for holster.....


I imagine the move to a "harder" and more "firm" softcase is to make sure there is no impact on the NFC antenna. Perhaps.....


Boy! What a dilemma!! Cover up the beautiful SS band with this sweet looking cover, or go naked to show it off and always worry about scratching your beautiful new Bold 9900.... what to do... what to do......

and I thought it was hard choosing between the 9900 and 9850!