Going hands-on with BlackBerry 10... My initial thoughts and lots of sexy photos

CrackBerry plays with BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 14 Jun 2012 04:26 pm EDT

CrackBerry's James Richardson went hands-on with BlackBerry 10 today and brought back some hot photos and initial reactions!

I had the pleasure of attending BlackBerry 10 Jam in London earlier today. The keynote sessions were not too disimilar to what we saw at BlackBerry World in Orlando, however that wasn't the main reason I was there. I was on a mission to find BlackBerry 10 running on the dev alpha device and luckily for me this had been arranged in advance.

So thanks to Vivek Bardwaj, of Research In Motion, I had a one to one session with his device. I wasn't expecting to see anything that had not already been shown off, however seeing a new OS on a big screen and getting hands on are two totally different things. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Fortunately my high expectations of what I was allowed to play with on the device were lived up to. BlackBerry 10 is awesome!

The seamless integration of the apps all running live, coupled with the screen gestures to allow for seeing other features/apps is glorious. It's all about the flow. And that wasn't even on final hardware.

BlackBerry 10 Flow
Flowing between inbox, message and .pdf. Gotta love it!

As you can see from the pictures in this post, the new operating system looks beautiful. I was a little unsure in advance if I would like the touch screen keyboard but after a little practice it all flows very naturally. The 'flicking' of the predicted words upwards works well as do the other keyboard gestures such as swiping left across the keyboard to delete a word, and swiping downwards to switch to the further screens that contain numbers and symbols.

BlackBerry 10 Typing
I think even physical keyboard guys will love the BB10 touchscreen keyboard

BlackBerry 10 Keyboard
Flicking up predicted words on the BlackBerry 10 keyboard

I'm very much a hardware QWERTY keyboard guy but I can see myself using this device for sure, as soon as possible.

Prior to today I was under the impression that RIM *could* reclaim some market share lost to Android and iOS with BlackBerry 10. Now I am 100% sure that will happen. The developers present today were also super excited but CrackBerry's DJ Reyes will cover that in another post later.

I hope you find the picture gallery encouraging. I know each time a re-look at the photos I get a warm feeling somewhere inside.

BlackBerry 10 Homescreen
The BlackBerry 10 Homescreen

I need Q4 to arrive quickly! I'm not sure how I can handle the waiting now I have spent some time with just a few features on the device. And according to Vivek there is plenty of amazing stuff yet to be announced.

I shall dream of BlackBerry 10 tonight. And tomorrow, and the day after.........

More BlackBerry 10 OS Preview Photos on the Dev Alpha Device

BlackBerry 10
CrackBerry and BlackBerry 10.... We Want it!

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 Icon Tray (looking a little redundant with some icons?!)

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 notifications and the quick swipe into messages

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 Message Accounts

BlackBerry 10
The BlackBerry 10 Unified Inbox - emails, calls, bbms, all right there

BlackBerry 10
Previewing notifications from within the Calendar

BlackBerry 10
Music on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10
Gesturing between music and notifications

BlackBerry 10
Checking out a picture on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10
And flowing out of pictures

BlackBerry 10 really is all about the flow experience. I can't wait!

Reader comments

Going hands-on with BlackBerry 10... My initial thoughts and lots of sexy photos



I don't know if that has been asked before but it has been answered numerous times before by RIM...

But first of all BB10 is the OS name...not the update number...that's the name (just like iOS and Android are the names) BB10...

So with that being said the phone can be called whatever they decide and for us owning a PlayBook it means that shortly after the release of the first BB10 phone the PlayBook will receive the BB10 update OTA...

And in terms of bridge between BB10 phones and Tablets we don't know of yet but it will at least be identical to what we have now but can expect the bridge capabilities to be enhanced much more than we would expect!

Hope this helps

Let's face it, all of this talk is silly. RIM's problem is not that something cooler is on the way, it is they have no clue how to market. I sell Cell Phones. BBY WIN7, Android and iPhones. It has been said of the new iPhone 5 that even if it will give you ESP and allow you to walk on water, two months after its release people will be talking about what is going to be in the iPhone 6. It doesn't matter. People will still be buying the iPhone 6 because Apple knows how to market. Will RIM ever learn this?

Cellcom Employee

It's all about core apps, The iOS and Anroid sucks from tech and look perspective but it's ALL ECOSYSTEM..RIM, pay to get more core apps, do whatever takes to get core apps and then see. If core apps such as neflix, facebook, twitter, skype, maps, etc. are there that will satisfy 80% of users out there.

Hey loser iTroll... I heard the 62 year old dude you're getting up on is looking for you. Better finish up at Starbucks and get home before he makes you sleep on the couch tonight.

I am positively moist with anticipation..... And I'm not even a chick!! This looks wonderful, nice to see reactions after being the hands of a CrackBerry guy. Take your time RIM and get it right. I have my pocket money saved and it's got your name on it!!!!

The Dev 10 Alpha device is EPIC!!!!!!!

From someone else at the BB10Jam on Thursday!

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

Loving the pictures! I started off reading the text and then my eyes just took over and ravished the wonderful full colour shots of that amazing device. Can't wait for it to drop! Having said that, I only just got my own BB in March so I have some time left...you won't hear me complaining too loudly about it though! I have no complaints whatsoever with RIM.

"I think even physical keyboard guys will love the BB10 touchscreen keyboard"
Not this guy. Why would a qwerty phys guy buy this phone when we've tried all the droids and returned them? Droid is no doubt a f*cking great device, but all 3 that's THREE 600 something dollar Droid phones I bought, I've returned because of that glass keyboard. Sorry guys, I'm not one of you, and I refuse to support a BB10 all touch device.
"Typed on what I guess will be my device for the next 3 years until RIM makes a phys qwerty, a 9930"

This is a nice looking phone. I like the look of the UI too. QNX is really solid so hopefully there will not be too many initial bugs.

What does scare me is RIM's long term habit of launching product with bits missing. The PlayBook came out to no native email (yes, I know why) and it took ages to release this. The lack of a Theme Builder for OS7 has prevented many BlackBerry users from enjoying one of the main unique features of owning a BlackBerry. Please RIM bring BB10 to market with full functionality.

Now, I want a BB10 device with a REAL KEYBOARD. I do not like touch screen only. I have a 9810 and my user experienced would be considerably enhanced if this phone DID NOT have a touch screen.

Lastly I hope that RIM have incorporated priniting directly from the phone into BB10. This was one of the very,very few things I liked in the iPhone.

There's no doubt in my mind that The BB10 OS will be awesome. The only concern I have is that ugly looking brick it's running on.

In the last 4 years, their design team has done nothing special to make our handsets stand out. in fact, in my opinion, the decline in popularity and sales of blackberry weights more on their failure to improve hardware rather than the OS itself. The design team should be held accountable for being too in love with cheap plastic piano black handsets that look so tired and overused. If you'll notice the device forums, all you can see there are posts about faulty keys, dust in the screen, wobbly sliders, battery complaints, and durability issues. It is already sad that we have to live with tired old designed phones but adding quality control and manufacturing issues to the problem just kills RIM more.

I sincerely hope they compliment BB10 with the proper hardware it deserves...that test device just won't cut it in today's standards. I mean seriously, look at the concept forums, there are so many great options there for a modern design that will take BB10 to the next level and save RIM from extinction.

It's no longer enough that we have a great OS, if you've got a phone as ugly as that one in the photo,or maybe looks similar to any of the designs RIM has used in the last 5 years, non blackberry users won't even give it the time and day to even turn it on and discover the great OS inside it. You have to spark some curiosity by giving it a unique and fresh design then just let the OS bring home the bacon.

Look at what Kia and Hyundai have achieved simply by firing the old design team and bringing in top gun designers....it's not rocket science. You've already nailed the hardest part which is the OS, all RIM needs now is a major hardware design overhaul, and for everyone's sake I hope they see the light before its too late.

i was able to be part of Rim's consumer tests . All can say is I WANT ONE. And I have had both blackberry and IPHONE. I will definetely say BBM10 is awesome

I think I'm the only one who is not impressed. I don't understand all the excitement. Get an Android if you love this so much.

I just don't like gestures and I don't like touch screen. It's very annoying and despite what anyone says, it's not simple or easy. I don't care how much you get used to it.

I almost bought an IPhone nearly had a panic attack playing with it.

The reason I even have a BB(9900) is because of the physical keyboard, track pad, call, menu, back and end buttons.

The OS is extremely convenient. The emails, SMS's, BBM's, calls, etc etc is right there.

I will wait for the physical keyboard.

However, if it isn't what I'm used to and the hardware is disappointing than I will jump on an android. Which would be the sensible thing to do.

Unless they come out with the BB "Blade".

I think Rim should make stylish phones if they want to beat out the comp

I'd rather have the version with keyboard cause if the touchscreen is as crappy as the bold 9930 I'm gonna toss it in the trash. My upgrade date is aug 4th and I'm getn the iphone. Enough said. Tired of being brainwashed by rim. Everytime they release a new phone I jump right on the wagon and buy it. And within days I'm messing with the OS trying to make things better. Honestly I'm tired of repairing blackberry's. We shouldn't have fix our phones to make em work. They should come running out the box. I love blackberry but I'm tired of having a company that ships phones with issues cause they know there's people out there that will fix it. I've done soo many OS swaps that I feel like I should get paid by RIM. If my blackberry ran lots of the apps I needed I wouldn't care but enough Is enough. Everywhere I look I see signs and advertisemnts for stuff and it says "availible for apple OS and droid". But what about blackberry? Exactly my reason for giving up on RIM. Xbox 360 allows you to control ur xbox basically through ur phone. But ONLY apple and droid. That's enough RIM...bye bye

Why do people come here to bitch about some random problem and then proclaim the are buying the next newest iPhone or Android device when they are eligible for their next upgrade? What is your obscure issue with the touch screen on your 9930 as the two 9900s and one 9930 in my house haven't had ANY touchscreen issues?

Ps. I'm sooo pissed that I can't control my lawnmower and snowblower with my BlackBerry like iPhone/Android users can. /end sarcasm. Why on God's green earth do you want to control your Xbox360 with your phone?

lmao... controlling Xbox with a phone. You do know that gaming systems come with their own controls, don't you? Ok. Bye bye. See you in traffic. Go rant some place else. Thank you :) *wave*

I can't wait to get BB10 running on my PlayBook! Time is the worst enemy for RIM now because customers will soon stop buying non-BB10 BlackBerry smartphones while waiting for the BB10 ones to come out. RIM should get rid of all smartphones at substantial discount prices (nobody will buy a new Bold 9900, even discounted, in August), stop production of all non-BB10 devices, stop developing BB7.x and Tablet OS 2.x, and release BB10 on the PlayBook in a couple of months, tops. Or at least release the Cascades libraries for the PB. PB owners are the best testing market for BB10, let them have it. This would also increase PlayBook sales to compensate for smartphone loses. Put all RIM software developers on BB10 now, get it out ASAP.

Everybody is hoping for a quicker bb10 launch...well , i guess they should bring it out 7/10 in place of 10/10... Why 7/10? They actually have a nice os 7 (some people forget about it). En ofcourse os 10 will be the best bb ever ! So i would like to see it come out on 7/10. Makes a 3day difference.... Worth it ?

I am soooo looking forward to this. I am in desparate need of a new phone and have been leaning towards the iphone. However I have been holding off to see what RIM unveils. This new phone may renew my faith in RIM. I live near Waterloo, ON where RIM is located and they employ a lot of people(and friends) in the region. If this phone is not successful, I can see RIM folding


1- Nothing new with the UI...same as Android or Apple
2- You guys talking about how great the OS will be by just looking at some pictures??? hahaha
3- Tooooo late to come to the market with an UI that might be new for you guys but it looks very old in the real world!
4- As for Blackberry, the company has announced the delay of their Blackberry 10. Instead of releasing Blackberry 10 this year, the target release date for Blackberry 10 was pushed to next year. Despite this setback, Thorsten Heins, the CEO for Blackberry remarked that they are working "around the clock" in order to release Blackberry 10 by the first quarter of 2013. YET ANOTHER SETBACK?!?!?!

That's the most amusing flame-fest thread I've read all year! :-D

Thanks folks.

Now to the main point.

Looks good. I will check it out; when it's released.