Hands-on with BlackBerry 10 running on Dev Alpha B Hardware!

CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 OS preview shows off revamped Flow UI, BlackBerry Hub, Active Frames, BlackBerry Messenger and more!
Hands-On With the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2012 12:01 pm EDT

CrackBerry had the opportunity yesterday to get an early hands-on preview of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B device that will be given to developers in attendance at BlackBerry Jam Americas.

Beyond the hardware, we also got another great look at the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system in action, which this time we can both talk about and actually show you. And in true CrackBerry style, we're not just bringing you one hands-on video of BlackBerry 10 in action, but two.

While BlackBerry 10 has been kept very well under wraps to date, the videos and photos below provide a much better feel for what we can expect of BlackBerry 10 when it hits the market early next year.  

Hands-On with BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B Videos

In this video, yours truly takes the helm of the device, walking through this BlackBerry 10 preview on the Dev Alpha B.

And in this video, Research In Motion's Michael Clewley takes us through the BlackBerry 10 experience on the Dev Alpha B.

And one more. In this video you can check out the Time Shift camera app feature of BlackBerry 10 in action for real!

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B Hardware

Dev Alpha B
left: Dev Alpha B; right: Dev Alpha 

If you're wondering why a Dev Alpha B? it's because RIM ran out of Dev Alpha devices, of which 5,000 were originally made. Both devices deliver the same experience to developers, though there are some differences. 

Visually, the external casing of the Dev Alpha B is slightly chunkier with squared-off corners, and features a removable battery door. There's also a raised lip at the bottom of the front of the phone (which we found can make the swipe up action a little trickier than on the Dev Alpha).

Dev Alpha B
left: Dev Alpha B; right: Dev Alpha 

We were told the hardware internals and specs of the Dev Alpha are very representative of what the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen device will hit the market with. Under that battery door is a 1800mAh LS-1 battery, so as previously rumored you can safely bet that's the battery we'll see in the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen phone.

Dev Alpha B Battery
Removable battery door (note the NFC antenna), 1800mAh LS1 battery 

And while the original Dev Alpha shipped with the PlayBook OS running on it, the Dev Alpha B will be running a stripped-down version of BlackBerry 10. The flow UI will be there, as will be some of the core apps, including BlackBerry Messenger and the web browser. Developers with the original Dev Alpha will be able to download the same OS build that's on the Dev Alpha B. 

BlackBerry 10 Changes, Highlights and Impressions

BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen
The BlackBerry 10 Lock screen is fun to play with :)

The version of the BlackBerry 10 OS that is featured in this post is more feature complete than the version developers will receive on their Dev Alpha hardware. And yes, what we're looking at here more closely approximates what the we experienced when we went hands-on with the real BlackBerry 10 phones that will be hitting the market next year. So when we wrote about the 10 Things We're Looking Forward To in BlackBerry 10 so far, you can now see exactly what we're talking about.

There are a lot of little details here that we can micro-analyze, so for now we'll focus on the big changes and features that were highlighted to us during our briefing.

HomeScreen / Flow UI Tweaks

Lock Screen - Turning the device on, you can now see the useful and fun lock screen experience we spoke of in our earlier hands-on preview. Dragging your finger from the bottom up unlocks the display, and as you move your finger you can literally see through to the OS. The OS will open back to wherever you left off. Quick access to the camera is available through the lock screen, and there's also a preview of message notifications and upcoming appointments. One cool feature that we discovered that's not shown in this video is that you can also swipe down from the top on the lock screen. This will bring you to Bedside mode - it's literally like closing the curtains "good night!" on your phone. 

Horizontal Scrolling in App Drawer - On previous looks at the BlackBerry 10 home screen, the main app drawer of application shortcuts scrolled vertically. This has been changed to horizontal panes, which we think is smart. You can also jump panes and rapid scroll through panes. So if you have 5 panes of apps, you can literally go straight from the first one to the fifth one in a tap. 

Active Frames - When apps are open but minimized, they appear on a dedicated pane on the home screen, where up to the most recent eight running apps are displayed. These are now referred to as Active Frames. Not widgets. Not live tiles. Active frames! Active frames show useful information as decided by the developer. Essentially when an app is a built, the developer can choose what information they want displayed to show in the active frame. And it can be dynamic. For example, with BBM, the Active Frame will update to show you your most recent incoming message. 

BlackBerry Hub - BlackBerry Hub is the new name for the unified inbox on BlackBerry 10, which is a fitting name given that it's so much more than an email inbox. The gesture to jump into the BlackBerry Hub has changed too since what was previewed in May at BlackBerry World. Previously, the gesture was to move from the bottom right corner of the phone and push your way into the inbox. Now you swipe up from the bottom of the phone and then move your thumb to the right. It's a little tricky to explain in words, so be sure to watch the videos. We think it's a brilliant change though. It's more a natural movement for the thumb, and there's this subconscious feeling that the the BlackBerry Hub is ALWAYS there underneath whatever it is you're doing. You can always just pull back the app you're in and it's there.

BlackBerry 10 Hub
The BlackBerry 10 Hub is much more than a unified inbox

As for the BlackBerry Hub, it really is much more than unified inbox. BBM, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in all integrate into it. From the main messages area you an even swipe down to reveal upcoming calendar appointments (awesome feature!). At the launch of the BlackBerry 10 developers will be able to tie into the Hub for delivering notifications, and soon after will be able to tie right into the native Hub.

Quick Settings / Menus - Swiping down from the top of the phone of the screen reveals a quick settings menu. As for menus, with no physical "menu button" on BlackBerry 10 phones, the menu button is represented throughout the operating system via a graphic with three little dots. Core app functionality will mainly be displayed at eye level, but additional features and options are accessible via this menu overflow button. When tapped, the menu slides in and can we swiped away. It's a really clean implementation.

One-Handed UI touches - A great example of the one-handed friendliness of BlackBerry 10 can be found in the web browser. Instead of putting the url bar at the top of the display, where it's out of easy reach of your thumb, it's been moved to the bottom of the browser. Simple. Brilliant. As you use the operating system, you really get that sense that for being a big touchscreen phone, they're doing everything they can to make it feel small, in the sense that everything of importance is accessible from your thumb.

BlackBerry App World Now Features Videos, TV Shows and Music!

BlackBerry 10 App World
Movies, TV Shows and Music can be purchased within App World

One of the features we were most excited to see unveiled was an updated BlackBerry App World, which now features the ability to directly purchase Music, Movies and TV shows. That's right, BlackBerry has a full content ecosystem that makes sense! This has been one of our wishes for a long time now - to be able to make content purchases beyond apps and games using your BlackBerry ID.

BlackBerry 10 App World
Content payment via BlackBerry ID includes paypal, credit card and carrier billing

This means video and music purchases can be made via paypal, credit card and even by carrier billing. This also means only needing to manage one account - none of this separate accounts and apps for the 7 Digital Music Store and Rovi Video Store. Finally! 

BlackBerry Messenger Amplified!

BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry Messenger gets a BIG overhaul for BlackBerry 10

With ~50 million BlackBerry Messenger users worldwide on current BlackBerry 7 and older Smartphones, it only makes sense that BBM would get a major overhaul for BlackBerry 10 (have to get the BBM-addicted user base out there to upgrade to BB10 phones asap!).  

We're loving what we see here, including the treatment to BBM Groups, which does a much better job at surfacing a lot of the functionality that is currently buried beneath the menu button on BBM. Pictures, Lists and Events are brought to the display layer and take advantage of the active frame functionality found on the BlackBerry 10 homescreen. For example, if a new picture is posted to a BBM group, the newest picture will display on the Active Frame within the Picture's active frame on the Group's homepage. 

We were also told that BlackBerry ID now plays a roll in BlackBerry Messenger. So instead of having to setup your BBM list separately (backed up from email address or SD card), it'll all be managed by your BBID. So once you login to your device with BBID, your BBM contacts will all be there.  

Still So Much More To Come...

If you're reading this and haven't checked out the videos yet, go and watch them now! If a picture is worth a thousand words, these videos are worth a million. There's a lot of little details in there that give a great idea of how the BlackBerry 10 experience is all pulling together.

What's really exciting is that while we are getting a chance to see a lot here, there is still so much more for us to see as BlackBerry 10 gets ready to hit the market. And it can't come soon enough! 

Reader comments

Hands-on with BlackBerry 10 running on Dev Alpha B Hardware!



on the train home watching this video with a load of apple fanboys around me - all green with envy at whats coming. cant wait to get my phone and both pbs updated. frigging awesome!

Yep, sneaky indeed. Well done RIM on copy cat version of Android operating system. May be software engineers from RIM just place a disclaimer thanking Android OS project.

Copy cat? My daughter has a Droid 3...it doesn't do ANY of this...exactly what is "copy cat" about BB10?

Drop down notification, the layout of the App World, etc, etc.

I am not saying that Apple and Google didn't copy each other and Palm OS. But RIM didn't "invent" much on the UI software engineering side.

UIpagecontrol definitely copied from apple, the square icon copied from android. the layout of the icon copied from apple, android, palm. so nothing new here. well, we'll see on march 2013 what so great bout this bb10. wether you like it or not BB is all just about BBM nothing else!

You realize blackberry had tiled icons before the first iPod right? The Page control? You mean have multiple pages of apps and having to swipe sideways? Sure, but does apple do it with cascades? Bb10 does it better. Does apple, android, palm have the gestures? Peek? Multitasking? Active tiles? Intuitive, multi language, keyboard? BBM, connected apps?

I mean apple just now is getting the sharing capabilities for Facebook the blackberry has had for years. The group photo sharing in Apple is still not up to par to BBM groups where not only pictures are shared but chats and calendar.

I mean the list goes on and on but yeah square icons and Page swiping are all big issue lol

Honestly this whole argument that always comes up about who copied who is getting really old really fast. Why does it matter? you like the way your phone does it that's fine, and we obviously like how BB10 does it. some things in smartphones are basic and universal like cars have tires and doors, smartphones have icons and with more icons come more pages, its common sense! desktops have icons, did apple copy it from windows. NO ONE CARES!!!!!

The argument here should be which operating system does it best, and here we are saying that BB10 flows better and makes sense, not to say ios and android doesnt, just bb does it better.

and for your information, the BB10 Peek feature whether u like it or not is new and makes alot more sense than whats currently out there.


@soren203: THANK YOU. I couldn't agree more. I really, really hope what we're seeing hardware-wise is NOT what will be sold when they go to market. UGLY!

Listening and watching to the keynote and the information here, things are indeed looking good. The only thing I'm still looking for is Skype and it's integration within BB10. Do we have news on that front yet?

If that actually IS coming, wouldn't it make a bigger splash to announce it when the phones are introduced to the public?

I'm not sure I would agree with that. Look at twitter and various forums, you already see people questioning why wasn't Skype announced when Foursquare, Twitter, etc., was with people saying that this means that Skype is not available. By not including Skype, people are still doubting RIM. I think it would be better to say now that yes Skype is going to be on BB10 thereby shutting any rumors down that its not.

Like we havent heard that before - they even said it would be on the playbook launch. Also do they consider Skype being a major app?

Skype is the de-facto standard for voip it has to be there - all the clients are on it and I have a subscription that I use all day for international phone calls. It's a pain not to being able to use skype on my phone and cut international phone calls bill when the technology is there.

You know what, I'm pro skype as much as anyone, but if skype isn't there I'm still going to buy this phone. If enough people do skype will come.

I have skype on my ompcuter and I'll likely get a Surface Tablet, so honeslt the need for skype on the phone is overdone. Yes I'll be happy to get it by I'm getting BB10 regardless.

Skype,Skype,Skype who gives a s@#$ i've used and found it kind of sucked with all the new tech coming out every few months Skype maybe obsolete anyway I just want this phone to come to market and dont really care if Skype is there or not

Couldn't agree more! I have it on my laptop and have used it once this year. I have been using AOL-AV as it doesn't need a download or account to sign into, just an email of the session invite and that's it. SOOOOO simple!

My kids have PB's so I video chat with them and once BB10 comes, I'll BBM Video Chat with them, so I for one don't need skype.

I know people do use it and that's fine, but it isn't the end all. Not with other, simpler options out there now.

I know alot of people here don't care whether Skype is there or not but to someone military who travels between bases in Afghanistan and being able to connect thru wifi to call their family and see them thru Skype means the world. Specially something as small as a phone since you carry all that gear. I'd personally love to see all the major video call apps (e.g. Yahoo Messenger, OoVoO, Skype, Live Messenger etc..)

I am military as well. I find your argument flawed. You talk about being military and then connecting to wifi to Skype home. If I have wifi then I'm going to use my beautiful 1080p screen on my 17 inch laptop. I know I won't have wifi out on the flightline while working so what does Skype matter on my phone. Messaging? I have BBM and Gtalk to keep up with my friends while I'm traveling the world.

Skye would be a nice to have, but not a must have.

Also, keeping some surpises at launch would generate the much needed anticipation RIM needs. In my humble opinion, you get a bigger bang for your buck by holding back a bit.

The Dev Alpha looked like a mini-playbook and I was fine with it. But the Dev Alpha B looks like a knockoff of a Nokia Lumia 900/920. Then the back looks like a brick, black plastic brick with near 90 degree angle/corners.

Hopefully they have a special design that will be a first or at least special to the Blackberry 10 brand.

The Dev Alpha B does look like a brick, but I'm pretty much sure that they did a random design just to minimize its cost!

If you look deeper, you can see the round edges of the inside part of the Dev Alpha B, so they did a random cover and stuffed the inside part of the Dev Alpha in it! Its not even optimized! So I'm pretty much sure that's not the final design!

I was thinking the same thing. Imaging that device without the extra plastic around the curved edges... I would think that the "inside" device is closer to the final than what we see here.

OS looks great. Hopefully the boxy look of the physical unit will change... meh, it's still dev so lots of possibilities and probabilities to come.

Cheers to CB for the mini review.

Im still not too sure about how the app icons look. Maybe in person they look better, but from the pics and videos, not so much. Will that be the final design?

Agreed. I understand the need to have apps in a grid but I would love it if the actual icons weren't, i.e. they could be any shape they want as long as they fit inside an invisible frame. What would also be cool is to be able to pinch to zoom , changing the sizes of individual icons. Making the ones you use more often bigger etc. I also had an idea for them to be like sheets of paper thrown out on a desk and messy and you could then sift through them.


I love the OS. I'm getting this phone on day 1, the RIM team has done an excellent job, but those ugly icons just kill it.

Kevin, while you're there please ask them to make the icons look like the PlayBooks.

Didn't see anyone mention swiping from the left and right bezel to change between active apps :/ is that still there or did they change/ remove it like the topdown pull for menu ?

The flow experience looks amazing and well thought of. I can't help but notice that it doesn't seem to be very responsive though. Various demonstrations have showed that it sometimes takes a few swipes before you can "peek" or it needs to be strictly done at a certain angle. Hopefully as time goes on, it can become better otherwise it may prove to be highly frustrating.

I am not a huge fan of the app drawer too. It seems really boring and very lack-luster. Windows 8 OS has managed to really make this area something very exciting plus it looks great. I may sound pretty negative but I just want Blackberry 10 to the most amazing experience!

I completely agree. The UI looks amazing, unique, and, above well, well done. It really takes both the BlackBerry experience and the smartphone experience to new levels. But responsiveness is a make-or-break aspect. In both videos, it took several tries to get the UI to respond to certain gestures. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to throw my phone at the wall. It could really kill the whole experience. For RIM to have a successful BB10 launch, the consumer must be able to walk into a carrier store, pick up the phone and have it do what they expect easily and consistently. I do not get this impression from the videos. While RIM has plenty of time to get this done, it needs to happen.


Not trying to argue or anything, I agree it has seemed to be kind of unresponsive, but I think it has to do with the bulky shape of the dev alpha. Kevin mentioned it has a raised edge at the bottom which would understandably make it harder to swipe. Atleast I hope that's what it is haha

I'm hoping the app drawer gets a little sharper too as you said.

Also, I believe the "angle" problem they were having is that the device was facing the camera, so they were trying to do the gestures with the phone pointing away from themselves.

I can understand it being difficult to operate a touchscreen phone from behind it...

Kevin said it's tricky at this angle using it. He said it on the video. Plus this is not the final product!

Yep, Kevin wrote a full article about this, explaining how the casing on the Dev Alpha B unit gets in the way, especially when trying to use it at awkward angles in an attempt to get the most unobstructed view on camera.

He also *speculated* (but realistically he probably knows) that the Dev Alpha B is more or less a casing around the final product, as they ran out of original Dev Alphas, and this would be a genius way to save money on manufacturing. When they take the battery door off, you can basically see the curved lines underneath.

If this isn't commitment from RIM, I don't know what is. This looks pretty darn awesome! I would LOOOOVE to see the Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare apps running! I was itching every time you swiped through them hahaha I want to see how they look and behave! Please show them Kevin! :)

i am really pleased with what i saw.
the only disappointment was the "active frames". i dont think they can keep up with android widgets. they look so small

Its really great! Alec saunders is a little joker i must say...who embarrasses the whole RIM at times.
Viveks show was phenomenal

Sooooo what happens with the Dev apha devices at launch Blackberry? Also kind concerned about the swipe up, seems to have problems.

I think it looks a LOT like the Nokia N9 (running MeeGo). Which is a very good thing. If they can knock out a clean design, this phone will be a winner.

NOOOO!!! Dev alpha B looks disgusting!!!! D: whyyyy!!!! Dev alpha looks much better!!!! i hope alpha B design isnt the final because if it is... that I am.. unfortunately.. going to have to go with android or apple.... I was really looking forward to the new BB full touch phone.. :(

Chillax, yo! It's a disposable phone that goes dead at BB10 launch. Did you really expect them to put a lot of thought into the case they used for it other than "What won't get us sued?" You must have missed the part where they said they ran out of Dev Alphas and had to make more. That's a great problem to have and a great opportunity to cost-reduce the testing hardware. RIM is finally on the ball with this one

i so WANT this now !!!! everyone in the house is due for an upgrade now definately waiting for BB10!!!!.......RIM ROCKS!

BB10 = awesome! =)

Dev B = f.ugly! :(

hopefully it will all come together at launch ;-)

(yes, yes, yes, I know its a dev alpha not final design; just sayin' its uglier than dev alpha A which wasn't that bad)

Hardware lock button shows lock screen but waking the phone via bezel swipe bypasses the lock screen. That's exactly what I wanted (@ 4:03 in the walk through)

Yeah I absolutely love how they are giving you buttons and also software controls of the same functions. You can unlock by swipe or button. You can change volume from the buttons or the quick menu.

My only question is: How do you lock the device without the button?

Wow! Watching the videos is kind of leaning me towards an all touch screen BB device. I am all about my 9900 because of the keyboard but watching these videos and seeing the screen real estate tied to the UI experience i feel like i might cut myself short from the true experience if i got the keyboard version of BB10

Agreed. This reminds me though, what's the screen size of the new QWERTY BB10 phone? The 9900 is 2.8" correct?

It will be really interesting to see how all this plays out on the keyboard device; looks fantastic here but I'm having trouble visualizing how well this will look on a small square touchscreen . . . still hopeful though, stay positive

the foto "Removable battery door (note the NFC antenna), 1800mAh LS1 battery", looks like there is outer shell making the alfa device B squared (similar to a lumia). So, it disguises the "rounded" corners (I feel funny writing rounded corners).

wonder how it looks without this outer shell...?

People moaning about the look of the dev alpha b need to calm down, if you look at the bb10 leaks the odds are that this is near-final hardware internally and then has this particular casing so it is clearly indicative of being dev hardware.

me like....


just wondering....since the BB10 touchscreen device is loosing the iconic BB key, is it possible for the 3-dots icon for context menu in the videos above, be a BB-logo icon..sort of like moving the iconic button into the 'soft' realm? that design is on androids and i think its also on the iPhone...it'd be awesome if we can set our self apart from the rest with that subtle differentiator

besides, the qwerty version of the BB10 will probably still feature the BB button and it might help communication when two BB users across the digital divide try to describe a process to each other but one is using the qwerty while the other is using the touchscreen...so if i have to tell a not so BB savvy person to look for the context menu button and press, i have found it easier for them to find the right button when i just say 'press the BB button'

just thinking...i do hope that screen is in the >4.5" catergory

I agree. I thought that three dot thing was just screaming for a Berry icon instead. Makes so much more sense. I figured they may be doing a rebrand so didn't want to put the existing Berry icon in there. The three dots thing sucks!

Any news of BB10 running on a Playbook? I don't have plans on getting a new phone in the next year plus but I do have a PB and can't wait to upgrade it to BB10.

Still interested to see what those "active tiles" and and LTE radio do to battery life. Won't get that answer yet I guess...

What I want to know is, for those of us who couldn't get a Dev Alpha device, will RIM make Beta 3 SDK available for PlayBook?

Looks like a windows phone interface...but I must say those are decent screen shots. I want to see video...

its still RIP RIM for waiting until 2013, they have the same time, money and tech to get this done before stocks went under and consumers went other places. Now they leave the keyboard behind as the number 1 flag ship and jump on touch screen, that doesnt scream BB to me...smh

"Looks like a windows phone interface"

..except without looking childish like Metro.

"Can you find the blue square? Yaaayyy!!!"

Moving around the UI looks overly complicated as many of the reviews out today like CNET's have suggested. Why does RIM create a new OS where the user must learn a bunch of gestures in order to use the device. Most people just want to pick up a phone and start using it. Not read a manual and spend hours practicing finger gestures. I can just see people trying to figure this UI out in an ATT or Verizon store and getting frustrated and just putting it down and choosing something else.

Let's hope RIM simplifies the UI before it releases the first BB10 phone.

That's exactly what I love about it. I hate the over simplicity of iOS. Once you figure it out it's clearly a better user experience.

I'm talking about me. I'll take complication in the short term if it equals a better experience in the long term. Sadly most people are stupid.

Totally agree ! It looks way too complicated for ordinary people. The Crackberry Nation and Blackberry fans will love it but that will not help RIM. And it's still 4-6 months( at least ) untill the BB 10 launch. I will probably get the BB10 but I have some doubts it will sell a lot.

All this talk about being overcomplicated is rubbish. They said that about bb4/5/6..... Yet every 10 year old upwards has one. If children can figure it out how stupid must the adults be who claim its complicated. If you think that buy an iphone with all the other simple people on this planet. Perhaps that's why the world is in the state its in, too many thick people.


Hopefully they have some way to hint how to use it for first time users. But overly complicated? It's complex, which is meant for power users.

iOS might be simple, but BB10 is powerful.

And the only gesture you really need to know is swipe up from the bottom. Then right to go into the Hub if you need to.

And the peek gesture, which is a nice to have feature but a person can still use the back button if they don't know about it.

These gestures are very similar to what's on the playbook today which is absolutely the best tablet interface on the market. The gestures looked pretty simple to me - give yourself 5 minutes with the BB10 phone and you'll be a mster of it...

If its like the playbook then they will have a demo as part of the setup that walks you through the gestures and once you are shown them then they will become very natural and efficient to use them unlike some of the horribly cackhanded attempts to introduce gestures into ios that are mostly very unnatural to use.

It's a new OS!!(key word being 'new'). We'll all have to learn it. That's how it's been with every new thing since the beginning of time. Don't know what's your point. The only question is do you want to learn or not. I personally am looking forward to something new on the market.

Let's hope they don't simplify the UI. Make a simple fold-out instruction page that comes with the device and you're good to go. It's not hard.

Hmm...Not to bust anyone's bubble here but to me it looks like a Android UI. The icons are not polished (like Android - maybe it will change on release) compared to IOS.

Anyway - I understand all the blackberry fans are hyped as compared to what you have today it's a big improvement (newer) and much better then the Storm failure.

It really just brings Rim in line with the competition..... Do I think people will jump ship from IOS and Android for this ....nope - I don't think so.

If this was released last year - yes I think it would have helped but even then looking at the demo video it's nothing new even if it was released last year.

Maybe it's just me having used both Andriod and IOS devices...... If your coming from a 9900 or older and want to stick to BB and a touch screen - then yeah you'll be happy.

Just my .02 cents.

Maybe similar to Android but in no way is it similar to iOS. iOS works on an open/close premise. Plus, iOS is starting to show its age..

Very cool and I do see some similarities to Android, such as that 3 dot menu. Chrome browser has it but is on top as opposed to the bottom.

I have a 9900, iphone 4 and just started using a s3 in july.

I love my s3 but this UI looks pretty slick and i plan on getting one when once i see the final images of the phone and the specs are released before launch day.

I love my playbook and gave up my ipad after using the playbook for a month..

Good on you, I'm the only one my daily commute who I see with a playbook, I need some company,come on dudes whip out your lbs in public - especially when we get bb10.

You sir, your views are worth exactly just that, $0.02.
Looks like an Android UI? Which version is that?
Icons not polished? Have you seen WP8?
Storm? Are you still talking about the Storm today?
Bring RIM 'inline' with the competition? Which mobile OS is currently multitasking as this OS?

I am curious if this will support Microsoft Silverlight, so that Netflix, even without a Appworld App, will be capable to stream from your device?

As good of an OS as it appears to be, every single time i think abut the BATTERY 1800 mah i get upset. In this day and age you're going to release a phone under 2000mah blackberry was once known for their excellent battery life its time they start making phones with bigger batteries i shouldnt always have to go to a third party for a bigger battery would like that option from RIM...... for the record im a bb user

Blame the users who drive the demand for thinner phones with each generation rather than us seeing them stay the same thickness but gaining in battery life, rim has to compete in all areas like that and when combined with making the battery removable which would tend to add at least a mm to a phone there are limits to the battery size they can include.

Personally, I would be fine with the battery lasting my usual day and i can always carry a spare when I expect to use it a lot more than that.

Incidentally, a device like the htc one x comes with an 1800mah battery and that manages to cope despite it being a larger screen again than this new bb10 device.

@Skeevecr, I agree with your first 2 paragraphs, however as an owner of the HTC One X, I disagree. If the phone is fully charged at 9AM when I leave for work and I leave it at home (no use at all), by the time I get home at 6PM, the phone is dead. This has plagued HTC phones for a long time.

Guys you don't need to have a bigger battery to get more out of your Smartphone... As long as the apps and teh UI is optimized for max performance keeping the battery in mind, i dont see the need for a bigger battery... BB has been there and done that on smartphones with good battery life...

+1..Exactly my thgts re the battery! At least 2000Mah should b standard...the phone doesn't need to b razor thin; it needs to last your day without your being compelled to get a spare...

I can't believe the number of comments about how ugly the physical phone is. This isn't the final design of the phone - it's just a box to hold the internal guts so developers can work their magic on the apps.

Getting excited, bb10 looks real promising. It seems they are taking all the best features from ios android and win8 in their ui. What really gets me going is that Rim finally is working on an ecosystem, the thing they needed the most. All they have to do now is make killer looking unique hardware and fix those large boxy icons and we talking. This is really making me consider coming back to Rim and rocking a bb with me next upgrade, for now I will enjoy my more polished android. Good work Rim keep it coming.

FINALLY!!!!!! Something to get a little excited over! This is all I wanted to see, BB10 working on an actual device. It looks sweet! I'm loving what they are showing off here!

1) That phone is massive. Not something you want to carry around in your pocket. Really hoping even more for another Torch 9800 form factor phone.

2) That UI is a confusing, disjointed mess. Using a phone shouldn't be like taking a swing at a pinata. I want to know exactly where everything is. Maybe my opinion will change once I use it but for now it looks like way too much swiping to get around the phone. Gestures that chance once you're in an app or get a notification? Yikes.

3) I hope the camera icon on the home screen can be customized.

4) Any live stream of Jam? Liveblogs suck.

As long as you have the memory of a 4+year old you should be able to remember what those 4-5 gestures do.

"1) That phone is massive. Not something you want to carry around in your pocket."

Which is why nobody bought the Galaxy S3? :/

"2) That UI is a confusing, disjointed mess."

Buy an iPhone. There's only one button, so it won't confuse you...

"3) I hope the camera icon on the home screen can be customized."

That's what themes are for.

"4) Any live stream of Jam? Liveblogs suck."

Coming soon. http://www.blackberryjamconference.com/americas/content/webcast

1) You don't need a massive screen to have a successful product. I don't want to carry a large phone around.

My Torch 9800 is the perfect size - bigger screen than the candybar phones plus a keyboard. When I have my wallet in my pocket I don't have much room for a big phone. And don't say "the other pocket" because that's where my keys go.

2) The simplicity of the iPhone is partly why so many people bought them. Frankly I don't see it as much different from OS6/7. A phone needs to be usable by people who have never used it before, not someone with a degree in gesture interfaces.

3) Customized functionality - I don't care about themes and fancy icons. I don't want it to be restricted to launching the camera. Three or four icons on the lock screen for camera, browser, bbm, etc... would be perfect.

That is basically just a box to hold the innards of the new dev model and not a final device which is obviously going to be more streamlined as seen by the various leaks shown on this site and others.

The gestures will be easy to learn right away and will then lead to stuff being much more efficient on your phone just like it is on the playbook.

Anyone whose ever used a playbook will tell you how easy to learn these gestures are,makes the whole home button nonsense seem dated......Obama couldn't figure out the iPhone.

This look amazing but like a lot of you said, I want this to be simple as possible. I'm a die hard BBfan so I wont mind figuring it out if I had to read a manuel, but those who have left this and prob give this phone a glace to see the fuss is about would prob go to another device

The BB Hub has enormous potential. Right now it's mostly mail related and appointment related stuff. But RIM said eventually developers will be able to access the hub. Then I imagine you will see apps like ScoreMobile take advantage of it and have live scores and updates. Imagine being able to update multiple social network accounts from the hub. That would be awesome.

Best of all, when you get used to having all the info in one spot, you will never leave the BB family. Make it THE platform to use for communications and people will never leave. That's why 78M of us have stayed.

Lets kick some samsung n apple ass :D


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

i didnt find these videos all that cool. i currently have BB7 9930 and am waiting for BB10 but this did not excite me. BB hub was cool. But we've seen these kinds of videos already. Cant wait for the things we havent seen yet

It's only fitting that App World should get a new name now...afterall it has more than apps!

Really exciting stuff!!!

Two concerns:

The browser's URL box is at the bottom of the screen -- supposed to be an innovation but I don't see how. In order to type in it, you'll have to call up the touchscreen keyboard. Your hands will block your view of the URL you're typing in making it harder to see typos. It may also make it harder to touch type since the keyboard will be placed in the middle or top of the screen -- awkward placement, imho.

Neither Crackberry video demonstrates or even shows the keyboard. Given that BB's hardware keyboard is one of it's main advantages, it would be nice to see what it looks like, if it's customizable, if it has a proper delete key and major punctuation on the 1st scree (two failings of the Playbook keyboard).

Any chance, Kevin, that you can do another video focusing on the keyboard??

I imagine the keyboard will slide up from the bottom, and the URL box will stick to the top of the keyboard while typing.

But I agree, I really want to see a demo of the software keyboard. I'm seriously considering switching away from hardware keyboards, so I need to see it!

Thanks! :D

I really like what they're doing with the overall functionality of the browser. I just hope that they add in proper bookmark management as well...

Best UI and potential best UX with what I have seen. Pack that in a smart body and I'm taking a dozen of them devices.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

RIM cannot survive in todays market catering solely to power users as seen by the dismal BB sales this past year. If RIM does not make BB10 easy enough to figure out in the few minutes someone picks up the phone at a verizon, ATT, Bestbuy, Target store then it's doomed. Die hard BB users like the people here buying the phone won't make any difference to the bottom line. RIM needs iPhone, Android and new user converts to survive.

looking at current sales is stupid, RIM does not currently have competitive devices.
The BB10 phone will be competitive. Will they blow Apple Android away? No, but they don't have to.

Don't underestimate every BB10 user shoving the BB Hub into everyones face and saying your phone can't do that!

It seems to be that all of the basic stuff will be pretty straightforward.

Just like most modern interfaces, you swipe side to side for pages of apps, and tap to open them. There are a few static buttons for accessing the phone and whatnot.

The more advanced gestures are very handy for power users, but not mandatory for the casual user. The videos and presentations highlight these neat advanced gestures because those who are watching them are those who are inclined to be the power users.

What sucks is that this phone isn't for sale yet. Waiting just makes other people buy other phones. Come on BB! You're wasting time.

This article has made me ridiculously excited for BB10... I can barely hold myself together waiting for the launch!

Has anyone else noticed a striking resemblance between the Dev Alpha B's inner bezel to the L-Series previews we've already seen? It seems like they've slapped a casing over the L-series for the sake of keeping us guessing. I think it's pretty promising to what we'll see at launch!

Would love an L-series... They just look so.. sleek, and BB-esk B)

Its good to see many wp7 features, address bar on bottom, showing live information, how lock screen shows the os as you unlock, information the 3 dot, and hub concept. I would get this over android and ios any day!

Here's is an exerpt from a cnet.com article released today about BB10 by cnet's Jessica Dolcourt.


"One thing struck me during my short time with the OS: this is no intuitive interface that one can simply pick up and grok how to use. If you were a fan of Palm's now-defunct WebOS, you'll remember that a learning curve may not be a bad thing. Still, I constantly pulled up the keyboard instead of the hub menu by not putting my finger in exactly the right place, and I wasn't entirely sure how to navigate around."

Not a good sign....

...the next para follows:

....I think some of my clunkiness has to do with the short demo period, and some has to do with not spending enough time naturally using the device as I would a smartphone in a real-life situation. RIM will work out some kinks on its own with new hardware releases and feedback from developers. Other gestures will take the time to learn, but perhaps RIM hopes customers will enjoy the power and exclusivity of figuring it all out.
One thing that is for certain is that RIM is following Microsoft's lead and bravely diving in with a fresh new OS. Whether the gambit pays off is still far up in the air, but I do look forward to much more hands-on time as the OS crystallizes.

Don't b a crappy one.... Talk like a real man & tell the entire story!!

There seems to be comments about how hard the UI is with all the gestures. Maybe I am wrong but it looks to me like if you want the boring iOS/Android experience it will function in a similar manner as well.

Here are the basic getsures:

1) Swipe up to unlock (on my droid it is an arc swipe to unlock, my iOS device a horizontal swipe) so this is no different...my current BB Torch has no swipe.

2) Swipe over to get to app windows and start apps. This is the same for android and iOS. The difference here from what I can see is that it may be an extra swipe to get to the apps since I am not clear on what screen the phone starts on.

Other than that there are extra gestures for Peaking but nothing that complicated....am I missing something here or do people just like to complain? In my opinion, RIM has just taken the current user experience on other devices and expanded upon it and made it better with Peaking, the BB Hub etc. Not harder just BB-Better!

a few of these gestures look like they're very right-hand oriented. (Blackberry Hub, Peek). Kevin, do you know if there's an option to make these gestures more left-handed friendly? Or perhaps a fellow lefty who has used the phone can tell me if these gestures are easy to use or not. other than that everything looks sick though!!

I'm sure this will earn me a cascading chorus of boo's (or worse) but I think I understand what some people are saying about it being "complicated" - it's not that its hard to get the gestures down, but its pretty obvious that this OS is aimed at the "get stuff done" crowd (and rightly so because that's rim's bread and butter crowd); but maybe for some users they don't see themselves as being so busy that they have to peek and flow and do it all one-handed while they gulp down lunch while running to the taxi for their next meeting. My guess is that some users are just not so uber-busy that they can't live with "in-and-out" apps; and so for them they find this "complicated". Just my guess . . .

I think you're right.

It's one of the reasons I don't use "Contacts" on my PlayBook. I tried it and all it wanted to do was lump all my contacts from various sources together. I don't want to scroll through 50 facebook friends to get to the one or two who use BBM.

Now I suppose if there was an easy to set up a BBM PIN with contacts and sort contacts by "BBM users" "Facebook users" "Standard contacts" etc... that might work, but the way it is now I prefer to go into BBM and find my contact that way.

But will it have the all-important features of the competition? Can you click on a url or pick up an NFC tag and wipe your phone like you can with a Samsung? Can you get that "distressed" look out of the box and creative maps like you can with the new iPhone?

Seriously, anybody who thinks the gestures are complicated really has been drinking somebody's Kool-Aid. Anyone who has used a PB, anyone who has used webOS, can tell you that this is a far better approach than any number of physical buttons. iOS is basically aimed at visually oriented people who rarely put more than a sentence together. This looks as though somebody has really sat down and thought about what is needed for a mobile worker with a wide variety of tasks to carry out.
I still want a slide-out keyboard, though. And a magnetic charging connector like the PB. (I really want a dual-SIM 9810 replacement so I only need one phone, but I would also like it to run on pink fairies and unicorns.)

You were always going to be out of luck then, even apple has moved beyond that size by this point.

A bigger question for these devices is will they be big enough, 4.3" is a nice size especially when you take into account that very high pixel density 720p display on it, but the non-apple market seems to be bulkier than that even at the expense of pixel density.

You have to consider all uses of the phone, one of which being "how do I carry the phone around?" I can't comfortably fit a big phone in my pocket along with my wallet. I don't like belt holsters either.

And do you really need 720p to write an email?

For those people talking about these gestures being complicated rather than spotting that the most unique one is actually a natural path for your thumb should think about some gestures that are needlessly complicated such as:

swipe up using four or five fingers for a multitasking menu.
swipe left or right with four or five fingers to switch apps.

How are gestures like these simpler or for that matter more comfortable to use than the ones in bb10?

I understand all the talk about the full screen phone, and understand this is just the development model. HOWEVER......all this is going to be compared to Android and the iPhone. IMHO Rim really needs to spend more time discussing, and showing the physical Qwerty phone. They need to differentiate themselves, rather than "me too."

Give me some info on the Keyboard phone, as I personally think this is WAY more important to their survival than just another touch screen phone.

Oh, and if they delete the trackpad on the Physical qwerty phone, I will probably not bother. I have enough problems selectively placing the cursor on my current iPhone. (you folks with 9900's etc, know how easy it is to copy paste, and selectively place the cursor in text).

Am I the only one who noticed Barack Obama in the contacts list in the first video? Lol

And I think I saw Kevin noticing it too and then trying to get out of the contact list as fast as he could. Hahahahah!

YEA I'll buy it now! as it is just hope its not too much on the pocket at launch. Still would buy it though.

As much as I think it's great to see a preview of the new OS, and in such detail, it kind of kills some of the 'surprise' of what will eventually be released. I think Apple does a good job of building up to the final event, so that when it is really out in the world, it's fresh. I hope that people don't look at this preview and think that it's not what they want/expect, and just lose any interest.

@ Walcom...

just wondering....since the BB10 touchscreen device is loosing the iconic BB key, is it possible for the 3-dots icon for context menu in the videos above, be a BB-logo icon..sort of like moving the iconic button into the 'soft' realm? that design is on androids and i think its also on the iPhone...it'd be awesome if we can set our self apart from the rest with that subtle differentiator

I agree, That would look fantastic to see the infamous BB button lit up on the touchscreen. During the videos, I was wondering why the 3 vertical dots... The BB icon makes way, way more sense...and... it gives the old school BB folks the retro feel...meets BB10!

I like it!

OH BOY! RIM will have to include a step by step and illustrations on how to use those gestures. it looks complicated but yet so cool. Carriers will have a handful to demostrate to customers..

I second that. So complicated.
Imagine passing your phone over to show it to someone who's never used it... Theres something to be said about buttons...

The only really new thing is up-left to get to the mail box. I don't thik it's that complicated.

yes it is different from in-out, but anyone with a playbook can tell you the gestures are pretty easy pretty quickly.


RIM cannot survive in todays market catering solely to power users as seen by the dismal BB sales this past year.

What are you talking about? There hasn't been a new BB release since OS7.XXX (that is better than a year), so dismal sales, yeah, new phone no. Everyone knew BB10 was coming down the pipe just after the OS7 phones came out. = abysmal sales, but not because of new phone release bombs.

I'd rather they cater to power users and satisfy everyone rather than cater to average users and loose the power user market. Even an average user needs a phone that can get things done when the need arises,however rare that may be.

After spending the past week around people with SGS3s and iPhone 4/4s devices, including sitting through a presentation about Apple's "innovation" on the iPhone 5, I can easily say BB10 blows Samsung and Apple out of the water (well, at least until they copy RIM) after seeing all the posts today. It reminds me of what brought me to BB when I was on Windows Mobile - the logistical flow of how things worked and integration.

RIM needs to really support their workers to ensure BB10 goes as planned. I met a guy at RIM recently who was down about RIM's market position after seeing many of his colleagues laid off. He told me that it was great to hear that people were actually anxiously awaiting BB10. We need to get the message out that BB10 is going to rock!

Disappointed with the battery already! After the disaster of 99xx I expected more!! At least 2000mah for me..an extra battery shouldn't b compulsory!

I will give bb10 a good hard look still pissed that my storm2 could update past 5. Miss blackberry sometimes my Nexus sucks as a phone

this is really really awesome! now i'm finally decided which phone i'm getting. so, goodbye now to iPhone5 and Nokia Lumia 920. BlackBerry 10 all the way woohoo..!

I'm amazed that there are comments suggesting that the swipe gestures are complicated. Having been using a PlayBook since February I can say that my cat would take about ten minutes to learn the swipes. After a few weeks it becomes so intuitive, so logical, and so breathtakingly second-nature that you don't even think about it.

Swipe gestures are to smartphones what the mouse was to DOS menus on old PCs. It is the future and BB10 is showing the way.

Typed on my PlayBook

Let's all be honest the blackberry 10 device's look like shit compared to the 9900. All plastic like a galaxy s3. No metel contained looks like a slab of brick. The 9900 is the best looking phone you can't get any better than that. Plus the UI looks like ios which is crap.be unique RIM! Period.

To you it might look like crap but to some of us it looks pretty good. I do agree it looks kinda plain though. As far as looks go the 9900 got it down ; however, as for reliability Idk about the BB10 but I hate my 9900 constantly having to reboot wait 5+ mins for it to reboot, I hate it when it freezes, I hate that I can only install x amount of apps. I can just go on and on and yet still...I love my BlackBerry 9900 I just don't know why.

For the menu/options button on the browser or the whatever, RIM should have had used the BlackBerry logo just like on the current phones instead of the 3 dots because BlackBerry users are already familiar with the options button logo.

Just saw the keyboard demo again but this time they revealed that you can switch between different languages while you type your message - that is a very unique feature.

BlackBerry by choice~

Finally!!! BlackBerry look's like it now has a 21st century user interface to complement and augment the the things that it does so well! Can't wait to get rid of my 9360 for a BB10 phone.

If being a troll is someone that brings some sense to all the RIM coolaid drinking folks here then so be it. Some people posting here are just as bad as the iPhone fanboys.

No one here has spent 1 sec with BB10 besides kevin and his business depends on everything BB so of course he tries to put a positive spin on things. Understandable.

When RIM releases the first BB10 phone next year it has got to be better than the iPhone 5 and Android in the minds of the everyday smartphone buyers. Very few people go into a store nowdays looking to buy a BB phone and that number goes down every day. Unlike people that are so excited about buying an iPhone. RIM has got to get that excitement back they once had years ago.

As a 9930 user I am hoping RIM can pull off the near impossible. But judging by their history I have serious doubts.


Don't you see the gigantic step this will be from the 99xx series? Who needs to follow and copy iphones and androids, when BB can do a better communications device?

"Very few people go into a store nowdays looking to buy a BB phone and that number goes down every day."

So, how did the subscriber base go UP to 80 million? I think you're view is shaped by your environment, e.g. negative AMERICAN media and the assumption that, well, if you aren't important in the US then you aren't important anywhere.



first off I think the Ui looks great. secondly I think that it is square only for lawsuit purposes. (ie. apple vs. samsung...square with rouned corners) Also I would like to see a bit smaller screen and over all phone. I do not have gorrilla hands average size and that looks too big.I like a 4" screen just about the right size. I need a phone that is smart,not a tablet that is smaller. just my opinion.

What about Social Feeds and such? The more I see the more I begin to question rather I do want to upgrade. I mean on a whole I love it(not the B design though) but it is causing some doubt in a few aspects that I am loving on my newly Torch!

Looking good. I need one NOW.
How is the video on this thing Kevin?
Want to sell that one you have?
Our company is holding off till these babies arrive. Is the one with the keyboard anywhere to be seen?


It's exciting to see that this is happening for real.

No more spinning clock, almost instant app start up and switch, innovative gestures. Original everything. The new BlackBerry will be a true work horse. And it doesn't have rounded corners, HA!

What about BlackBerry Bridge RIM? I wonder what new stuff they will incorporate into it or if it will be available at all. I really hope they continue it the way it is now or even imporve it with more cool stuff you can do together!

Looks nice. Seems to be pretty quick moving through the screens. I like it. Also didn't notice any lag. Everything seemed smooth. Still... I'm excited.

I don't care what the haters and critics say.

BB10 looks AWESOME!

Love the flow, peek and the Blackberry Hub...

Love the concept of rebooting/restarting an individual app without having to reboot the whole OS...

Love the predictive multi-lingual keyboard

Love the time shift camera feature

Worth the wait I say!

I guess I'm the only one to notice the micro sd card slot below the simple card slot?
I'm glad theyre going towards removable storage!

This OS looks amazing and a joy to use. IF anyone has anything bad to say about it then it is my conclusion that your one of the """some people you just cant please no matter what""" folks

Im excited for BB10 ...now, lets get that PlayBook OS2.1 out ..like now!!

For the people saying it will be too big to put in your pocket, don't forget there's also a qwerty version coming out. Me myself, if I decide to go with the full touch over the qwerty, I'll have a BlackBerry holster like I've had for all my phones.

Bought an iPhone 5 on launch and its already back in Verizons hands, I honestly fail to see what the big deal is with that phone, notifications are a joke.

Psyched about BB10, but all excitement aside I think the question that everyone wants answered at this point aside from what major apps will be available is how will all this be integrated into the QWERTY device?

Awesome! This was a great sneak peak to get everyone excited without giving away too much. I really hope people give RIM a chance. From everything we have seen they appear to be working really hard at addressing a lot of the issues people had with their old OS. Some truly innovative features going on with BB10.

I think I might lose it when they finally reveal the QWERTY device.

Thanks Kevin!

Another very relevant question is the dependency on BIS. I would love to be able to use the e-mail client without BIS connection. Trying to find a prepaid SIM with activated BIS service in foreign country is not fun. Is there any official statement from Blackberry in this regard?

I really dont know where to start, the Dev Alpha B looks like Nokia Lumia, i know it is not the final device but still, there are things that RIM is not missing, ex: the drop down thing to see the connectivity, battery status and date and time, that is htc. The Peek stuff is kinda nice, i want that! I want to see the Maps as well, kind of everybody is forgeting about that too, it is not the most important thing to look at, but plays an important role as well as Skype.
At the end of the day, we are gonna buy two anyways, so let's hope, it gets better.
another Crackberry.com addict.

Fox news has this small article on the JAM... They say that there can be two profiles... one for work and the other for personal use. Each one can have its own apps and you can switch effortless... Will post the link when I find it... :)

Personal and Work Modes
With more business workers looking to bring their personal devices into the office, RIM has chosen to outfit BlackBerry 10 with two built-in profiles, Work and Personal. To bring up the profile menu, swipe down from the top of the screen and choose the profile you want to use.
The profiles separate everything from the available apps to the photos saved in your gallery. Take a picture in Personal mode and it will only be viewable in Personal mode. RIM says IT departments will also be able to assign apps to each profile, so if your company wants you to download an app, you can switch over to the Work profile and download it like any other app. Ultimately, we’re not sure workers want to deal with two modes on their smartphones, but we suppose it’s better than carrying two devices.