Hands-on with ARKick v2.0

By DJ Reyes on 19 Aug 2014 04:53 am EDT

It's been one year since the launch of ARKick, the Augmented Reality app for BlackBerry 10. One year after it's release we see version 2.0 drop and it comes with a nice list of changes. In CrackBerry fashion we're going hands on to check out the new UI and new Virtual Locations feature.

One of the main things that has been updated in ARKick 2.0 is the UI. When you first launch the app instead of just having two options at the bottom for Browser Mode and Sidekick Mode, you are defaulted to a Home tab where you are presented with a handful of search options like coffee, shopping, sights, nightlife etc. This makes it quicker and easier for you to search the popular types of venue. Browser Mode is still an option along the bottom bar, so you can search for other types of categories, though it's now called List. Sidekick mode is found on the Home tab just above the bottom bar. Sidekick mode basically displays all types of locations without filtering.

ARKick Home Tab  ARKick Shop Search View

When venues have been loaded up, you can see how many miles each one is from your location. You can tap into any one of them to get more information, such as how long it will take to get there and whether or not it is open.

ARKick Shop Details View  ARKick Food Map View

Another new feature in v2.0 is Virtual Locations. This allows you to go to any place in the world, you can even choose a date and time for the virtual visit too. You can view the place on a map or go into satellite mode. There's even a street view mode too, which uses Google maps. I found the Virtual Locations feature to be a bit spotty during my usage. I found that I would always end up swiping back when trying to move around the map, it becomes quite annoying in the end. The street view didn't always work either due to the same issue. I try to drag the little yellow man and the page wants to go back. When you get it to work, it's great. I do like the idea of Virtual Locations, though it really is pretty much Google Street view.

ARKick Virtual Location Map View  ARKick Street View

As I mentioned earlier, Browser Mode is still there, this mode loads up around 200 categories for you to search beyond the default ones found on the Home tab. So, instead of searching for general food venues, you can be more specific and search for Italian food, etc. There's even the ability to search multiple categories in one search too, Just tap and hold on one category, then tap the tick and select any other options. You can even search for ATM machines when you need to take out some cash.

ARKick List View

All in all it's a good update. My only gripe is when in map view and I want to move the map to the right, it tends to swipe back out of map view making me want to give up using it. It also eats up the battery quite a bit. But when everything runs smoothly, it's a neat little experience.

ARKick is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $2.99 but of course, if you already have ARKick, the update is free. One thing to note is that the Virtual Locations feature does cost extra - $0.99. Check out the video above for a quick hands-on.

Also, ReFocus Tech is offering over 500 copies of their paid apps for free via promo codes. The promo codes will be announced on ReFocus Tech's new BBM channel (C004D92DA) and if the new BBM Channel hits over 5000 subscribers during the course of the giveaway, ReFocus has promised to give out promo codes for their next (unreleased) app directly on the apps launch day.

The promotion will continue throughout the course of the week, and codes will be distributed periodically and during different times of the day, to ensure a global reach. The last date of redemption is 25th August, 2014. So, check out their channel and you may win yourself a free copy of ARKick or their next exciting app.

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Hands-on with ARKick v2.0



Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureever

Free? Really? I am so tired of everyone wanting everything for free. Developers apparently don't need to eat or pay the rent, and only exist for your enjoyment. Do you work for free? I suspect not. What is wrong with people!

I purchased AR Kick on day one, and think the update is exceptional. Well worth the money.

Remember, you only get what you paid for.

I was happy to pay for it...but then when 2.0 came out, proper landscape support was dropped and I have to pay even more to access part of the app I already paid for! That is what is annoying me.

Whatever...so tired of people who whine about supporting developers. If they are not eating, maybe they should find another gig.

Posted via CB10

And I'm tired of reading about cheapskates who moan about paying 0.99...and yet they're on this forum holding $£€200+phones.

Posted via my Z10...

I'm happy it is a free upgrade - when's the last time you got a free upgrade to a new version of Windows or Office?

Posted via CB10

I like the use of Channels and having ppl subscribe for this. This developer seems to be on to something thing the others that gave out free copies missed out on.

Frosty white Q10/

Strangely, instead of updating the existing app, update actually installed itself as a new one. Now I have both old ARKick and new ARKick installed side by side on my Q10. Is there any particular reason why is this happening? Why should I have them both?

Posted via CB10

Same here. I assumed it was an obsolete icon, and did the "long press, tap rubbish bin" thing.

I would have kept the old one if I had realized...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

They stated in the installation directions that it would install as a new app and to just delete the old one.

I installed it, updated it, and still don't use it because if errors. It misses locations closest to me (some not all). Also.... THE FONTS ARE TOO SMALL.

BB Proud

I would have liked to have seen more of the virtual location as opposed to just stopping at the map. Was that really all there is to it? From the description, I expected more.

Anyway, I love the app, despite it being inaccurate at times, in terms of where something is located. I would like to be able to do more specific searches. For example, let me search for a specific restaurant by name instead of by specific type. Also, I believe it was Wikitude that let us search for BBM friends on BBOS. I would love that feature with this app. Oh, and the multiple locations being on top of each other can be annoying too. I'm hoping they can fix that.

Definitely worth the $2.99 price tag. I'm disappointed to see people complaining about the price. This type of app is not that simple to produce, let alone produce efficiently. I would be willing to pay even more if they would provide the enhancements I mentioned above. Props to the developer(s).

Posted via CB10

App is useless in a city. The screen becomes completely covered with locations, all overlapped on top of each other with no way to select a location that is covered by another.

Even if you set the search radius to the minimum and even if you restrict what you're searching (e.g.: "coffee shops") all I get is a big mess on my screen.

Maybe this would be useful if you live out in the country where places are more spread out, but in a big city this app is useless.


Posted via CB10

If you narrow down the search to 1 mile it makes the screen way less cluttered. Also coffee shops? Like in a city you can't just look up from your phone and realize you just walked into one because you weren't paying attention on the sidewalk?? LOL!

I think I can see the real benefit of this app if you're a tourist strolling in the middle of downtown Montreal or something, and you're looking for the nearest, say, Second Cup. (Or you just want to see what's within walking distance, and in what direction to go.)

Otherwise, I fire up TripAdvisor, and I get my favourite GPS app going. :D

I actually like this update. Quicker, more responsive, and way more accurate. Maybe I'll spare the dollar for the new add on!

Neat..tried some of those new features impressive now to partner with a gps/navigation app so once you tap a location you can now get a nav to that location..

Posted via CB10

Free, do you work for free or are you a slacker and taker? Wow im sure if I told you you had to perform your job for free you would call Al Sharpton and his side kick fool Rev. Jackson and make a side show and freak show out of it.

what a joke you people are wanting everything for Free, get a fricking clue

Great video DJ! A lot of user feedback has been taken into account and will be addressed/implemented in the next update.

I had the previous version and didn't use it much because it totally sucks the battery dry.... GPS, WiFi, Camera all going at once....

This version has a few bugs, some are data related, if 4 Square has multiple listings, they will show up as multiple places even though they are the same place. Also on my Z10, the orientation is off by about 45Degrees. I don't know if that's because my phone is horked or ARKick has a rounding error. But the BBRY Maps and "Don't Panic" seem to do fine.

Still impress the friends with my Z10, heck yes!

Still angry at them for ripping off consumers. They totally nuked ARKick for 5 months with no updates and turned Hues into a pay to win system. They need to focus on the customer more.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

As the developer of Hues, I'd like to say that it's not pay to win. There are 3 seperate leaderboards for the 3 modes out of which 1 is paid. So if you are non-paying, which is totally ok, you still have enough space to compete in and come out as a top scorer.
Powerups are also quite affordable with ingame currency itself if you play enough.

Freebies started. I'm downloading Pastry Push now. The promo code is MOKOISHUNGRY

Go ahead CB nation. 200 copies only

From 8703e till Z10. BB rocks!!!

It is a very unique app. I wish you can call businesses directly from the search result. The number is not link able to call. One of the food trucks I was going to on the AR screen was not there. Not sure if they drove away (moving targets must be tough) I did not see that Cousin's Lobster truck nowhere in sight!

Posted via CB10