Hands on with the Amazing Spider-Man for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 12 Apr 2013 06:57 am EDT

If there was one game I was super excited to arrive on BlackBerry 10 is was this one. The Amazing Spider-Man has been around on other platforms for some time and once again Gameloft have done a grand job of getting it over to us BlackBerry addicts pretty sharpish.

The game consists of 25 missions where you will be tasked with beating up bad dudes and just like the movie you will come up against the evil Lizard - all normal super hero stuff. On-screen controls are simple. You have a virtual joypad on the left which is used for directional control. Over on the right are a few buttons - for shooting your web and fighting and you can pan around the screen whenever you desire. Gliding through the skies of New York is great fun. You just shoot your web and hold it down to swing and then release it to disconnect - where you then shoot another.

When it comes to fighting the gangs of New York there are combinations that can be earned so you will become more powerful as the game progresses. Shooting some web at them is always a good start though.

Being Spider-Man you can clearly climb up walls and sit on top of traffic lights etc and the game play is pretty realistic - not that I have experience of being Spider-Man but you know what I mean. With the combination of pretty decent graphics and sweet sound effects The Amazing Spider-Man is well worth the £3.50/$4.99 price tag it comes with. There are hours of fun to be had.

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Hands on with the Amazing Spider-Man for BlackBerry 10


No, the Playbook version is Spiderman Mayhem, the Z10 version is The Amazing Spiderman title, which has much better graphics and game play such as free roaming

This is an awesome game, downloaded yesterday and have not been able to stop playing. Doesn't drain the battery as bad as you would think and graphics are amazing. Controls are pretty easy and don't hinder the viewing of the game like some do. Very much worth the 4.99 for a evening killer lol :)

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I'm really amazed at what they have done on a phone! Especially one that is said not to have the best hardware. I guess that's why it's the amazing spiderman

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From the videos I've seen this looks more like the old PS1 / Dreamcast Spiderman game by Neversoft. This is not a bad thing.

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