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Handmark Launches NY Daily News Reader App For Free

By Bla1ze on 3 Mar 2010 07:17 pm EST
Handmark Launches NY Daily News App For Free

Handmark has recently teamed up with NY Daily News to bring us their latest mobile application. Following the same design as that of the AP Mobile news, CBS News Mobile reader among others, the NY Daily News app is a perfect way to stay up to date on the happenings in New York. The feature set remains unchenged if you have used any of the others mentioned with the exception it's directed content from NY Daily News writers and columnists.


  • Breaking News
  • Political, National and World News
  • Sports – with in-depth coverage of local teams
  • Gossip – the hottest celebrity news
  • Opinion – get insight into current issues
  • Daily News Columnists – featuring Lupica, Daly, Louis, Myers, Madden and more…
  • Feeds - Has room for you to set up your own, personal, RSS feeds.

The NY Daily News app is now available to download free of charge. Once downloaded you can access the settings to customize the content to meet your needs. You can head on over to the NY Daily News  mobile website via your BlackBerry browser and grab the download today.



Excellent idea...Now if only I lived in New York..LOL


I hope the NY Post does this too. Unless they do and I just missed it.


Now if only the New York Times could get their shit together and put out a proper app for the Storm...


I try to read the Daily News everyday. This will help make it possible for sure now :)


Been using this for a week now. Love the UI, and also the ability to add RSS feeds. Wish they would make a similar app for the NYTimes


First comment nailed it! my thoughts exactly...


The Daily News is absolute trash. Why the hell is there an app for it and not the Times. Even the New York Post would have been better because they have much better sports writing


As a NYer.. I can firmly say the Daily News suck...but not as bad as Newsday..and better than the NY POST (outside of sports!).


Any non-NYers who may get this app have been put on notice. If you're a NYer and you get this, you should seriously re-evaluate your preference in papers.


This app works as advertised, didn't know there was that much hate for the Daily News. To me, it is the best of the local papers.(The Times doesn't "feel" like a local paper,IMHO) That being said, I would get an NY Times app if it was as clean and easy to use as this one.


We appreciate the enthusiasm but the Tether & CB b-day is @ another post....this one is for the NEW Daily News app. But I do commend you for the effort. Good Luck with the drawing. As for the Daily News concept, just about 3 yrs too late. I live in FL How I miss you, NYC!! :'(


a bird cage or my puppy's floor with an electronic copy. Better I guess than the wasted trees to produce hard copies.


It's about time the Daily News got a mobile app and a mobile website. The App does work as designed and it indeed is like the App for Associated Press. Keep the nice free apps coming.




As much as the DN sucks, I have to say that this is a good app.

Post, get you shxx together and launch your own BB app.


Nice looking App, but like many above, I have no reason to read the DN - especially as the feeds don't seem to include one for news and listings on NYC's huge music/theatre/film/arts community.

NY Times won't because they want to make everything pay-for-use. Pity.


Seems to be a bit of a memory hog. like it but might have to delete it.