A Halloween Howl from The Joy of Tech :/

Joy of Tech Halloween
By Adam Zeis on 31 Oct 2011 12:29 pm EDT

The Joy of Tech has never been shy about poking fun at RIM and BlackBerry, and in this amusing Halloween piece they keep the hits coming. This time they split the fun between both the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP Touchpad. This one certainly did make me chuckle a bit -- you have to find the humor in things sometimes, even if you're ticked off about having to wait for PlayBook OS 2.0.

Source: Joy of Tech

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A Halloween Howl from The Joy of Tech :/


its easy to poke fun at a 'tech company' when it runs outdated or unfinished software on less than stellar hardware (spare PB) and still flexes its muscle as it still was in driver's seat...

add to that a 3 day outage....

I agree. This is funny. I have a Bold 9930 and a Playbook and I love them. My family loves their Playbooks (and everyone I know that has one loves it. Hey, you can actually play a flash video from this website on it) but with all the doomsayers proclaiming the end of the world for RIM I do have to chuckle a bit.

Gotta be able to laugh during the tough times.

Hey, how did the iPhone get in front of android? Wait a minute!

Ha, ha.
Happy Halloween to all BlackBerry users out there.

Love my Bold 9930 and Playbook.

Funny the word "HELL" (H-E-double hockey sticks) can be included in a comic strip on the front page of CB, but not in the forums, interesting...

funny bit! although i dont think the playbook will be dead completely. i use mine on a consistent basis and it plays a major role in my daily activities. it has all the apps i need for work and entertainment too. Plus RIM is coming out with a very late update so that would add to the staying power of the device. i dont see the need to get a new device every six months just so i can keep up. keep up with what at that? its just a trend. i value functionality better. if it works for me then it stays. not everyone has the budget for that though i hope we all did hahaha. i actually think rim should roll out the os 2 update with a device twist like making the playbook available in diff colors or a larger screen size. they need to make it interesting to the public again. create a lil hype and excitement. or free os 2 startup apps so they could lure in potential new users.