Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2009 09:32 am EST

Leave your BlackBerry Haiku Contest entry in the comments to this post. Good luck!

BlackBerry Haiku Contest!

Look at that! CrackBerry contest week is barely over and we're bringing you another chance to win a BlackBerry smartphone! And this time it's not luck that will win your BlackBerry of choice, it's your creativity and talent. Full details from our friends at Where after the break ...

BlackBerry Haiku Contest

In honor of the WHERE mobile application launching on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, WHERE has partnered with CrackBerry.com to give away a free BlackBerry smartphone to one of its readers.

I know what you are thinking: free BlackBerry smartphone! Where do I sign up? The contest rules are easy. In haiku form, answer the question: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone right now? Leave it in the comments section of this post either in text or link to a YouTube video.

Top 10 haikus will be chosen by the WHERE team on March 10th. Then it's up to you, CrackBerry community, to vote for the winner. The winner will be notified via email on March 16th and will have a choice of a BlackBerry smartphone or Gift Card towards the BlackBerry store, value up to $400.

Example Haikus: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone Right Now? Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

Nestled in a warm
Place, my BlackBerry smartphone
Waits for a loud ring

In my pocketbook
Probably at the bottom
Under my lipstick

How to Score Additional Points:
1. Standard Haiku format is 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Please adhere to this format, or your entry may be disqualified. Prime Numbers Rule!
2. Get an A or B list celebrity to read your Haiku on video and automatically Win! Note, Gary Coleman does not count as an A or B list celebrity but will be admitted under the condition that he reads your haiku AND says, "Whatcha talking about Willis"
3. Mention WHERE in your Haiku and automatically get a brownie point
4. How are we determining the top 10? The ones that make us laugh the hardest. Simple enough, right?

About Where: A little more about the WHERE mobile application. WHERE is a location-based application that uses GPS to help you find people, places and things. Whether it's tracking down the cheapest gas, getting reviews to a new restaurant, satisfying your craving for a latte, or helping you find your friends in a crowded city, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. WHERE also lets you see your places on a map, get directions and share locations with friends. WHERE can be downloaded from Built for BlackBerry.com and Where.com. For more info on Where for the Storm, you can watch this video.

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

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Reader comments

Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB



I sit in my hotel,
my blackberry discovered it.
I'm eating my complentary breakfast,
my blackberry soon will lead me elsewhere.

My Blackberry is in my hand busy receiving emails and replying to them also has time to answer a call or two.

My Bold sits with me
WHERE waves and palm trees exist
Reality hits

My new Bold and I
Labor together at work
Vacation needed

WHERE is my damn phone
oh, its right against my thigh
its ringing right now

I look down to see
that stalker girl sexing me
dont know what to do

phone keeps vibrating
start to get hard from the shakes
oh well, rejected

In the dark of night
Blackberry where doth thou rest?
Hear the music feast

Fingers touch thy breast
Kiss the'Berry's browser screen
Aural sex is best

-- Greg M in Minnesota

it is who you know
where crackberry hooks you up
do not ask me WHERE
(c) Copyright 2009 techken. All rights reserved.

The future is now
Connecting me to the world,
Always by my side

Fast and efficient
Blackberry defines greatness
A God among men

As we speak its on my chest while my wife is on top of me
up and down she goes shaking my bold from side to side...

oh, hold folks! - I've just received an important IM!

Blow Blackberry, blow
Where the Bold wind Curves in
Storm, Crackberry crack

Pearl Niagara
Flip my spring to Bell or Sprint,
eye on Apple's Rim!

Sun, Skype, Oranges
Over The Air in Beta
Fennec is Godot

Telus as leaves fall
How Blue is your Tooth now that
Apples rot away

BuzzMe, I seek you
and your Slacker Latitude
New Opera please

I just re-read that. Beloved was supposed to mean boyfriend/girlfriend, but it reads like it means the blackberry is the beloved. I guess it can work either way.

Held tight in her hand,
L O L to B F F,
Tickles as she texts,

Wait! What is this breeze,
I hear her scream of "Oh S**t!"
Oh no, Crash! Ouch! Ouch!

The Nike kicks me!
Life flashes before my screen,
Scratches graze my skin,

Master tell me why?!
No lanyard? No case? No love?!
Crash! Tumble! Splat! Ouch!

Irately ringing!
The adulterer will pay
phone is in dogs car
You cheated on me
I hope you rot in hell dog!
Paybacks are a bitch

My Blackberry Storm
Constantly seeing new sites
travels cyber-space

it goes from tokyo
completely to germany
and back in seconds

Where is your blackberry smartphone right now?

Where? In my pocket,
overheating. Along-side
Timmy and the Twins.

Where I rest my bows

in soft vibration coming to

a warm sensation

Blackberry makes me shake and

cough it's in a place that gets

me off untetherdly

Where's my blackberry?
Right at the Verizon Store
Hoping to be bought

But the market sucks
So money is very tight
Still it sits and hopes


right here with me as always. i just add a new app so i wont be picking it all time looking at unimportant messages.

Near a smelly crack,
Or by a black hairy back,
sitting quite content

Thanks for the opportunity

Ready and waiting
Where it will always tarry
to vibrate and ring

A sense and a sound
Though this may sound silly, it
rests by my willy

Calm, before my Storm
Data Connections, Restored
Suddenly, emails

Also, shout-out to VZ Dub Tier II in H-Town, TX!

it sits snug in my pocket i always rock it because its my storm that blows them away like needle in hay i always pray crack berry let me win this one today horray!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was first without a berry made me worry how long till i get my black berry as i walked alone down this alley way i stumbled accross this poster that had a blackberry storm it seemed like god was tellin me somethin get the storm an be a king of the mobile scene i grined my face went to verizon the very next dat an was as happy as could be!!!!!!

WHERE is my 'berry'
you ask? on my desk with the
office season two

reflecting on the
screen as i touch my chin a
skin breakout from the

dutch coco brownies
my friend made me last night, *hold
neck, cough and tips over*

WHERE Oh WHERE has my Blackberry been?
Across the States, to countries, governments, and beyond.
Oh the things I've seen, and the things I've done.
To large cities, small towns, villages, and alike.
I have texted, typed, surfed, and wondered.....
WHERE Oh WHERE should I go next.

BlackBerry in hand,
That's where It'd be if I win!
The problem is, how?

Haiku? OMG,
I wish I was Japanese,
If I win, すごい*!

*すごい(Sugoi)-cool, awesome, great

On my hip, did it?
Nope, a false alarm. Darn.
Now, its vibrating!!!

(the mistaken vibrate, its like a little shock when you don't expect it)

WHERE is absolutely awesome and Crackberry is, by far, the best resource for Blackberry addicts on the web!

Those who type in bathrooms stalls
Weave their messges into little balls
Those who reads these words of wit
Eat those little balls of ****!

I didn't read anything that limited the number you do so..

WHERE art thou blackberry
dreaming that I could touch you
so close yet so far

wordmole is my reas-
on to get up this season
blackberry get me up

blackberry I must find
using WHERE gps, in
mind. Come to me babe

Thinking about you
Touching the keyboard qwerty
You are why I be

The butt of my jeans
With all the coins and my keys
Damn, I scratched my screen!

waiting for a ring
next to his hips
just waiting for him to

warm inside the holster
yes i get to see the
world again,wait where
we at again?

I downloaded this app to my Storm and it works like a dream. The only problem is there is no option to register. If you guys and fix that, I would love to use this.