Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2009 09:32 am EST

Leave your BlackBerry Haiku Contest entry in the comments to this post. Good luck!

BlackBerry Haiku Contest!

Look at that! CrackBerry contest week is barely over and we're bringing you another chance to win a BlackBerry smartphone! And this time it's not luck that will win your BlackBerry of choice, it's your creativity and talent. Full details from our friends at Where after the break ...

BlackBerry Haiku Contest

In honor of the WHERE mobile application launching on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, WHERE has partnered with CrackBerry.com to give away a free BlackBerry smartphone to one of its readers.

I know what you are thinking: free BlackBerry smartphone! Where do I sign up? The contest rules are easy. In haiku form, answer the question: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone right now? Leave it in the comments section of this post either in text or link to a YouTube video.

Top 10 haikus will be chosen by the WHERE team on March 10th. Then it's up to you, CrackBerry community, to vote for the winner. The winner will be notified via email on March 16th and will have a choice of a BlackBerry smartphone or Gift Card towards the BlackBerry store, value up to $400.

Example Haikus: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone Right Now? Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

Nestled in a warm
Place, my BlackBerry smartphone
Waits for a loud ring

In my pocketbook
Probably at the bottom
Under my lipstick

How to Score Additional Points:
1. Standard Haiku format is 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Please adhere to this format, or your entry may be disqualified. Prime Numbers Rule!
2. Get an A or B list celebrity to read your Haiku on video and automatically Win! Note, Gary Coleman does not count as an A or B list celebrity but will be admitted under the condition that he reads your haiku AND says, "Whatcha talking about Willis"
3. Mention WHERE in your Haiku and automatically get a brownie point
4. How are we determining the top 10? The ones that make us laugh the hardest. Simple enough, right?

About Where: A little more about the WHERE mobile application. WHERE is a location-based application that uses GPS to help you find people, places and things. Whether it's tracking down the cheapest gas, getting reviews to a new restaurant, satisfying your craving for a latte, or helping you find your friends in a crowded city, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. WHERE also lets you see your places on a map, get directions and share locations with friends. WHERE can be downloaded from Built for BlackBerry.com and Where.com. For more info on Where for the Storm, you can watch this video.

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

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It's in my pocket
under my bum that is WHERE
my Blackberry resides.


right WHERE it should be,
on my counter top charging
I talk way too much


Pier side I’m floating
Bored on a navy ship where
Crackberry stays dry


Where Oh Where are you

I can hear you but can't see

Missing Blackberry


Blackberry o Blackberry
WHERE arnt thou Blackberry Curve
Really, WHERE are you?


hahahahahaha well good job berryaddict1022


well i found it now. i hope i win. and also it should be curve 2. lol


Where is my pleasure
It vibrates when I use it
It is in my purse


Lost 'tween work and home
Ransomed for six pack and smokes
Worth every "jones"



Somebody call me
I can't find my Blackberry
Where could it have gone?


I hear my ringtone
WHERE could my blackberry be at?
under my 8 rolls?


son grabs Pearl and ran

out of my sight, Splash! I hear

WHERE oh good lord no


Bold it is. And I

am not. On black wings it flies

Where eagles dare.


Her hips are sweet. So

where it slips, cool satins touch.

Opposites attract.


want to love my storm
damn accelerometer
slow as falling snow


Holstered on my waist.
Where else would it be my friend?
In your mouth? You'd taste!


Where's my Blackberry
Plugged in the charger again
this battery stinks


In my pocket
while I ride my rocket...


Where is my berry
eaten by my canine friend
stink berry ahoy


WHERE the sun don't shine
Not sure how it got there, but
Sure hope it vibrates

Caleb Wakefield

In my back pocket
butt dialing my contacts
leaving fart voicemails


Sitting on my bed,
waiting for a call from you,
with new smartphone news

Adeel Siddiqui

I need a berry
not for e-mail or the net
To know WHERE I am!


In between my legs
My balls begin to tingle
Oh! Its just my phone


Where oh WHERE am I?
Over there or there am I?
Touch, Click WHERE, I'm here!

Chello Fello

In my front pocket
Chick thinks "Happy to see me
You little pervert!?"


My Job has Net Nanny
I need some stress relief
Click Click, FOP FOP FOP.

Miguel Espinoza

Hand in my pocket
Can't feel my phone, freaking crap!
Blackberry is WHERE?!!


Oh what shall I do
And put into my Haiku
To be with the few

To have and to hold
A brand new blackberry bold
Just say WHERE I'm told

We'll I don't know WHERE
It will move from here to there
Up and down the stairs

Hopefully at last
It will end up in the trash
When I win the cash!


I’m getting a Curve,
But I do not have it yet;
It’s still at the store.



Sitting on my desk
Resting waiting with screen dark
Anxious to help me


i already own a storm but i have a friend who just can't afford one so why not i just give it to him and since its free is much better.Thanx for all


My pearl I lost you
Texting in the public can
Berry I grab you


once i kissed a frog
and got nothing
but a toothfairy
still awaiting
for my prince
in shining armour
could thee be?
could thee be


its a plane , its a bird not its my storm in pocket ready to play.


Where is my blackberry at this moment?

my little blackberry
snuggled safely in my hand
would love company.


Where? Where? No! Oh NO!
Locked in my car with the keys
My blackberry rings

Brian Tate

New Storm or pay rent.
Rent wins. The old phone must stay.
F***in' recession.


As I lean forward,
Grasp the handle, push downward,
Just then - PLOP! Goodbye.


blackberry don't fall
on a shelf so high so tall
shabooya roll call


Alone on my desk
you seductively vibrate,
lusting for more text


It ain't over here
Must be long gone; it's not there
Ah, my Storm is WHERE

D. D.

My Bold is right here
But I drained all of it's juice
Too much Brickbreaker


Stuffed in my brassiere
Between voluptuous mounds
Where your love will ring


Left at the crime scene
Will the defendant please rise
Found guilty all counts!


Jammed in my pocket

Quietly reminding me

Of things yet to do


Lost. Unknown city

Berry on dash has Where

I know where to go


In the mood for Thai?

Living in the redneck south?

Ask Where on Berry


Sitting on the throne

Waiting. Playing Sudoku

Sweet relief. Thank God


Beside me it is,
Waiting for your call of bliss.
Tick, tock, tick, tock. Buzz!


My baby berry,
Isolated and secure,
Silicon protects

the rev.

where is my blackber-
where is it where where WHERE WHERE!
oh, only charging.


Where Oh Where can my
BlackBerry be? Where Oh Where
Please find it for me


Long night of drinking
Hungover, no pants, no phone
Why am I in class?


Where has my Curve gone
Hands of my sticky preschooler
Bad dream safe with me

P.S. Cool contest!


I roll myself in
flour to find out where my
blackberry is at.

crackberry penguin

WHERE is my Blackberry
WHERE has found my blackberry
Oh WHERE, oh WHERE was
my berry, on crackberry of course!


On a computer desk
sitting under heaps of mess
lays a blackberry

it flips open but
i desire sexy curves
just not backorder!


My BlackBerry sits
Sedately in its holster,
Waiting for a call.


WHERE's my blackberry?
Well on my hip, in it's glove
My phone, which I love.


WHERE is on its screen
But I can't begin to guess
Where my Berry be


My BlackBerry rings.
Fumbling with the holster catch,
I answer -- too late.


Mighty GPS
Tells me WHERE my Berry is.


Plaintively I sing
"Oh, WHERE can my Berry be?"
Slightly out of key.

Josh Hughes

Where is my BB?
all alone in a warehouse,
waiting to be won.

(in other words, I haven't had my first black berry yet but I want one really bad! So please?)


WHERE's my Blackberry?
My gosh it's obvious WHERE,
WHERE-ever I be!


My ship just came in.
It's any Storm in a port,
So I make a call.


My ship just came in.
It's any Storm in a port,
So I make a call.


Missed dinner with wife
to download free app, she stuck
phone WHERE sun don't shine


straining, though in vain
to sip upon a signal
'gainst the window pane


Mine's is currently sat beside me in which is hasn't been any further than 2 feet away from me since I got it.

It must be the best purchase I've made this year so far. I just need to get myself a carkit and protective case for it so it doesn't get damaged.


What is Blackberry?
A companion in pocket.
Very addictive!

What is Where to me?
Application for local
searches and events

ART iBerry

Wrapped in protection,
I slide it in her holster.
PING! What a feeling!


What is Blackberry?
A companion in pocket.
Very addictive!

What is Where to me?
Application for local
searches and events

Blackberry is crack;
a little is not enough,
must use all the time!

(i do not require crack all the time :) )

If we can only enter once my last is my entry!



I can't find my phone.
WHERE has my Blackberry gone?
WHERE the *bleep* is it?


I sit here in class
thinking of the old bar flies
that I will call soon

Scott A

Keyboard lock engaged,
Addiction has subsided.
Waiting to vibrate.
Sitting here awhile,
A.T.M. cannot help me.
WHERE is my owner?
Silence of a phone,
Sunk to the bottom of a
Public restroom sink.
Car keys make good friends
WHERE light ceases to exist -
Inside worn-out jeans.
I can hear it ring
Don't know WHERE I set it down.
On top of the fridge?!

Trebor K

My blackberry you see
So often with me
Together we’re “we”


I pet it fondly
It has never failed to work
Phone in next room beeps


On my hip is where
Did you even have to ask
Where is addicting


in its case beside
my waist, the sonar
pings, the drinking begins!


I called for her name
but heard crickets down the hall
where oh where is she

suddenly i had
an epiphany and ran
voila- still in bed


Next to my KY
My Blackberry is sitting
I prefer real Curves


in my front pocket is
my blackberry i use where
that app is so hot


My storm is gone now.
It froze one too many times.
I, myself, gave up.


In A Drawer

Away From My Wife

Windows Phone Frustrating Her Life


Hooking Up With Me
We Will Do It All Night Long
Checking Viigo Sports


Where? in my man purse
is where my crackberry is
Where else could it be



Pre-calc tests are hard
Oh crap, my pocket vibrates
Not on silent: gone.


WHERE's my BlackBerry?
Son found it using WHERE app
Wife took it shopping!


There once was a girl
From Nantuckett, who -- oh, wait.
That's not a haiku.


Don't you ask me WHERE.
BlackBerry, CrackBerry, SMACK
Put that damn phone DOWN!

Chris M

It's on the counter.
In the other room charging.
I feel so naked.


i must be dreaming
my blackberry is flying
return! my storms gone..


Hid my BlackBerry
My memory cache has crashed
Where, find it for me


I lost her last night
to the hands of another,
waiting for the storm


Done crunk in da club
Forget the broads - let's go eat
Where to go? WHERE knows


As rain to flower.
My Storm always reminds me.
Just WHERE my heart is.


It's at Area 51
Next to some Roswell debris
Shhhh! It's Top Secret!


once WHERE gets me there:
menu, close, turn screen lock on
pocket becomes home


Hey there, Blackberry
I see you in my holster
Let's do lunch sometime


Between my girl's legs
On vibrate she sets it now
Call me. Call me. Please.


WHERE? next to my heart
Waiting for the vibration
Hey! Thanks for the call!


This is my Storm, there
are many like it, but this
Blackberry is mine.

My Blackberry is
my best friend. It is my life.
I must download Where.

My Storm without me
is useless. Without it and
Where, I am useless.


On a truck or plane
where could my blackberry be
off for repairs ohh!

I miss it so much
It's impossible to say
no berry today!

It has to come soon
oh whatever do I do
Just sit and wait grr!


I haven't wrote a haiku in a long time. Hope it is correct.

Not in my pockets
Not in my car nor the floor
Where’s my blackberry

Oh no, the dryer
Too late for me to save you
Goodbye my dear friend


On vibrate where it's
In bed with me for the night
So BOLD is my phone!


Berry sits charging
Proped on piled post-it notes
Fall is immanent.


waiting on my hip
for the gentle voice
on my Bold to control

Dirty Dave

Just a click away
where my black crack waits to play
storm in my left hand


Snuggled on my desk,
Waiting to receive a text
WHERE will it be next?


In my tuxedo
Next to my shoulder holster
Double O Seven

Bakardi Silver

Wow! this is gotta be one of the best ideas for a contest.

Violent Storm of Calls
Ended in sweet perfect calm
Placed safely on hip


Where's my Crackberry?
Some guy on the street ate it.
It's digested now.

Link to see the illustration that goes along w/ this haiku---done by my 8yo.



My Blackberry is,
Somewhere lost in the car,
I just cant find it.


My blackberry in
her hand, she stood with eyes that
tore through my very soul,
Oh why didn’t I learned
how to use the delete key
To save me the pain


Love my blackberry
Its always in my reach
My second life


Sitting flat on,
on my table,
needing a new one


Right here in my hands
As I stand bent over for
My prostate exam


Up against my ear
"Click" back to rest on my desk
my cheek is still warm


WHERE oh WHERE is it
Slept with some real psycho chick
Now can't find my Storm


Bad tip, cab speeds away.
I reach for my Blackberry.
"Oh Shit! Hey, come back!"


That girls got big boobs
Impress her with my WHERE app
And I might get laid


Dark and Black you see
Where oh where is my blackberry
Quietly calling me


Standing at my work
Hearing my blackberry ring
no where with in sight

Ring ring it bellows
Where could have I set it last
I need to check WHERE

My client waiting
for an important question
of where StarBucks is

Ring Ring then silence
The blinking red light shines bright
At last it is found

With a quick Scroll, Tap
WHERE shows up upon the screen
a quick search and BOOM

The local StarBucks
only a few blocks away
Thank you WHERE i'm Saved!

Sorry it is a bit long, but I figured I'd make a good one, and put my all into it.


on the holster
that is attached to my pants
and it goes everywhere I go

d. yoo

iphoned without glee
berry sick of touching me
crack-less i am free


Can't find Blackberry
I think someone stole it!
Come back my Curve beauty!


Bluish Zen repose
Leather skin about its world
A flash then worlds end


Where? I hear you ask
My companion is with me,
my sweet Blackberry


Here in the hotel
With me sitting all alone
Someone call my phone


Apple C.E.O.
borrowed it to make a call
Didn't get it back!


Where for art thou berry
Where for art thou mind, losing berry
Where for of course in hand


Where? I hear you ask
My companion's with me,
my sweet Blackberry.


my mighty storm is resting
silently asleep where leather runs through loops
ready for business or pleasure


QWERTY's addictive,
Sure beats T9 predictive,
Bold in hand, text sent.


Do not ignore me,
The red flashes implore me!
Bold always in reach!


Dwiven in my caw
I turn on my wadio
all on my new bold


In my back Pocket
Under my Ass, It really Hides
When I have Nasty Gas


Where O where is my Blackberry Smartphone?
Over there over there
Ring Ring
It is where ever you like
It is DIVA!!!!


Where O where is my Blackberry Smartphone?
Over there over there
Ring Ring
It is where ever you like
It is my DIVA!!!!


Where? My front pocket--

for, if in the back unlocked,

my ass would call you.


My boyfriend calls me
Are we going someWhere nice?
I can wear my PEARL!


Always close at hand
Lanyard Dangling round my neck
Always near my heart



WHERE is in my hands
So addicted are my thumbs
My BlackBerry drug


My storm is in my
pocket, right next to my balls!
Testicle cancer?


double entre sorry... read down



Entre 1:

WHERE 'art thou berry,
Hidden in a teacher's desk,
Why did I use in class?

Entre 2:

WHERE did you go baby,
I need my blackberry so bad,
You are my only love?

Entre 3:

Why did berry die,
Now you are cast aside like,
the evil Iphone!

Entre 4:

WHERE are you my love,
You are the Princess of all,
Even the IPhone!


Must have my berry
with me all the time, of course!
There's no other way

Berry on my hip
Now where will I go today?
perhaps I check where?

Where is a slick app!
cool that where knows where I am!
now where to go next?

Nestled in its case
the berry waits its next task
Beep! Great more email...

My berry is encased
The highest quality leather
Keeps it very safe

Average Joe

I always know where
With me morning, noon, and night
Never put it down.


Im always down for a free phone! :D Girlfriend would love one. :)


Im always down for a free phone! :D Girlfriend would love one. :)


Im always down for a free phone! :D Girlfriend would love one. :)


Where did bold storm flip?
Where did pearl javelin curve?
In the black berry

Michael Pasaoa

berry black fingers
qwerty imprinted eyeballs
sinking between thumbs


Inside my bathroom toilet,
Is where my blackberry swims,


Under my pilow
I hope my wife does not see
Where blackberry sleeps


O Pearl where art thou
Flashing Red Light In Sight
In my hands you are


Well, la-dee freakin
da! It's living in a van
Down by the river!


Its in a cold box
in a winter Storm
riding across the
country, oh please UPS
deliver it to me


It sits on my desk
My dog begging for pizza
Don't drool on the screen!


where oh where can my
blackberry be, get the WHERE
app, and you can see!



Not so much as Where
From reading all the Haikus
But as to Where not?

Great contest BTW!! ^_^


Where's my Blackberry?
It's in my holster, of course.
It ne'er leaves my side.


sitting in my hand

waiting for a text or ring

blackberry loves me


WHERE Is My Bold? It's
On My Desk, In My Room, On
A Charge Pod, I know!


My berry device
is nowhere without your WHERE
please help this good sir


where is my phone at
vibrating between my legs
wish I was a girl


In a new Zagg shield
WHERE are all of the scratches
They do not exist


Where ever I go,
It's like my wife except I
Can still turn it on.....


Under some papers
Buzzing...Where are you? Panic!
RELIEF! I found you!


WHERE is my 'berry?
WHERE shows me it's location.
WHERE will get me there.

Z. Brown


Currently under attack by me
'Bombocl**t' ringtone went off
Laughing stock of the office!


From FaceBook to Where
So many apps to choose from
How could I go wrong


Playing Brick Breaker
While making a huge request
With the great white one


sleek slender and slim
my blackberry rests
fulfilling pocket


My Berry connects me
whenever I am feeling
lost and all alone


Oh Sweet BlackBerry,
You've Always Been By My Side
Even When Your Battery Dies

Doreen D.

vibrating my heart
Blackberry haunting my dreams
where it can be mine


Sam's Pharmacy bench
WHERE medications are filled
Checked daily at work


on the table she sits
I'm watching for light.
red phone of life


From a tree it hangs,
With friends surrounded by leaves,
My BlackBerry ripens.


The free blackberry goes here!!!


tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
tweet tweet tweet tweet~ tweet tweet tweet
tweet tweet he rocks in

the tree-top all day
long, hoppin' and a-boppin'
and a-singin' the..

maybe it's in the ceiling??..
great one jim halbert


Why can't I use you?
While i'm at work? I'm texting...
Hope I keep my job.

Eighty-nine hundred,
My new favorite number.
Make love to me, please...


Sleeping in your case
So alone but not afraid
Waiting for my call


Where? On the trash heap!
Rotten, clacking piece of crap,
puts out like my wife.


super calla crack

delicious expe alla

dough, WHERE? dough shus crack!


My girlfriend ignored
Another message for me
She glares angrily



in my clutches
fondled like your local
bar mama


Deep down in my dream,
waiting for me to take it home
WHERE its belong


Hiden in a pouch
Vibrating to ring
I find it with every touch
wish I had a bunch


8 8 3 zero
Faithful friend in my pocket
True wifi will come

In the Land of Sprint
A new day is now dawning
Niagara is launched


Where is my crack bear?

Here? No. Here? No! Look up! WHERE?

Oh!!! You have to be. . .


Much more than a phone.
On it's cradle it charges.
My Bold on its throne.


WHERE is my storm?
Oh WHERE oh Where can it be?
Ooops, it is under me!



Lunch sent me rushing,
Bold slips in as I'm flushing!
Who knew it would float?


I don't have one yet
But if you like my haiku
I will then have one


show you where i am?
send MMS to iphones
oh wait.. nevermind!


I would give my nut
for a RIM Blackberry phone,
damn, WHERE is my nut?


my storm was not there
yesterday upon the stair
where is it today?


On the floor it sits
Jack Russells: 1, Curve: Zip
Teeth marks and yellow drips.


Give my wife a Storm
She'll then get WHERE to have fun
And she'll love me more

blackberry flip

Possibly in the
wrong strippers' red thong
drained with strong alcohol


Constantly blinking,
Like a lone red eye winking.
I wish I had two!


where am i going
i do not know where to go
blackberry show me


She ask me why I love her
I draw a blank looking at my desk
WHERE my BB suddently blinked its LED
and I knew what I needed to say
She gave me a kiss
and happy went away
(If she only new I was not talking about her)

blackberry flip

Possibly in the
wrong srippers' red thong
drained with strong alcohol


Always in my hand
Looking for a support group
WHERE can I find one


Quietly hoping
I do not win a contest,
For a new Blackberry


Berry is naked
Cold Alone Needs A Blanket
Cop wrote a ticket

Public exposure
Cop won’t give just a warning
WHERE is a berry skin?


It is in my head
Where I see it in my dreams
Will it to my hand

Samantha Ryan

resting in my jeans
where else would my berry be
never out of reach


On my hip holstered,
Productivity bolstered.
Can't beat a Berry!


Just entering a contest


WHERE BlackBerries Live.
WHERE life becomes organized.
WHERE I want to be.
WHERE oh WHERE is my
BlackBerry Storm oh WHERE oh
WHERE is it right now?
WHERE on my nightstand?
It wakes me from my slumber!
Find it there you will.
Lost my best friend.
BlackBerry WHERE are you now?
Oh in my pocket!


On my desk glossy,
I might start a Bold posse,
Thanks to WHERE's contest!

jon murray

It is in my hand
As I poop in the toilet
Hope we don't fall in



In my hands textng
Lights out dark room wishing DANG
hourglass go away


Blackberry's In Hand,
I am Waiting for... Ring Ring,
Dropped in the Toilet!

Ya, I need a new phone.


Blackberry in pants.
MMM, Vibrating when it rings,
OOPS, Happy damage!

Average Joe

Left of my soft drink
To the right of my burger
Thats where it is now


Sexy time with spouse,
Record it on Blackberry,
Storm emails it to boss :0


Resting in its clip
Hey 8703
Let's find you a girl

Average Joe

Plugged into the dash
I follow the cord and find
Its under the seat


Needing a new phone,
Mine has been confiscated,
Wife done found my porn!


Average Joe

Safest place of all
Playing ring-tone lullabies
Under my pillow

Average Joe

Texting while eating
It fell in a bag of chips
Salty oily mess


Resting in cradle
WHERE energy is restored
Tired from texting


Oh Blackberry Bold
In my hands: warm, as I play
BrickBreaker, high score!


The world in my palm
Apple beware of the god
One click and im off


Not sure where it is
I can't locate it with WHERE
I have Verizon


In the hospital
My BlackBerry addiction
Where I text like mad!

A code blue I call
Running, texting. Yes I can!
Why do they still die?


WHERE is my Storm at
I hope not in my ass crack
Hope you had a laugh

Enjoy and good luck to all


"WHERE is your Blackberry smartphone right now?"

WHERE is not my phone
WHERE is not my smartphone right
now where is my phone?

WHERE is the crack app
"Deep strong and penetrating"¹
just like Michaluk

My eyes are on WHERE
and when WHERE will find my crack
at CB...dot com!

¹Crackberry.com Podcast: Episode 031


Snuggled next to me
Curved into my hip
Where I crave the buzz


I am on the can.
My Storm is in the left hand.
WHERE is my right hand?
Clicking on the screen.
What did you think I would say?
But now I must wipe.
Whats that? More email?
Maybe I can multitask.
I need a third hand.
And WHERE did this smudge come from?
From baking brownies!


Over the rainbow
Beyond the yellow brick road
at a place called home.


Sitting on my bed
my girl is giving me head
The storm captures it


My Blackberry Curve
On my girlfriend's side table
Too far for comfort


My dear Watson! Just look!
It's where I left it!


Blackberries hide WHERE?
Beneath the leaves of paper
Growing in my coat


Blackberry Winter
WHERE else but here deep down South
Blackberry Fall, on floor…

My Blackberry grows,
From an old USB vine,
Juicy as Housewives


Where it needs to be
Nestled against my body
Vibrating with love


Where is my picture?
I sent it to your Iphone.
Guess that sucks for you!


In crackberry's care,
homeless place WHERE it resides
eager to be mine


Laying on my bed
Counting syllables for this
Wish I knew celebs