Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2009 09:32 am EST

Leave your BlackBerry Haiku Contest entry in the comments to this post. Good luck!

BlackBerry Haiku Contest!

Look at that! CrackBerry contest week is barely over and we're bringing you another chance to win a BlackBerry smartphone! And this time it's not luck that will win your BlackBerry of choice, it's your creativity and talent. Full details from our friends at Where after the break ...

BlackBerry Haiku Contest

In honor of the WHERE mobile application launching on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, WHERE has partnered with CrackBerry.com to give away a free BlackBerry smartphone to one of its readers.

I know what you are thinking: free BlackBerry smartphone! Where do I sign up? The contest rules are easy. In haiku form, answer the question: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone right now? Leave it in the comments section of this post either in text or link to a YouTube video.

Top 10 haikus will be chosen by the WHERE team on March 10th. Then it's up to you, CrackBerry community, to vote for the winner. The winner will be notified via email on March 16th and will have a choice of a BlackBerry smartphone or Gift Card towards the BlackBerry store, value up to $400.

Example Haikus: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone Right Now? Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

Nestled in a warm
Place, my BlackBerry smartphone
Waits for a loud ring

In my pocketbook
Probably at the bottom
Under my lipstick

How to Score Additional Points:
1. Standard Haiku format is 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Please adhere to this format, or your entry may be disqualified. Prime Numbers Rule!
2. Get an A or B list celebrity to read your Haiku on video and automatically Win! Note, Gary Coleman does not count as an A or B list celebrity but will be admitted under the condition that he reads your haiku AND says, "Whatcha talking about Willis"
3. Mention WHERE in your Haiku and automatically get a brownie point
4. How are we determining the top 10? The ones that make us laugh the hardest. Simple enough, right?

About Where: A little more about the WHERE mobile application. WHERE is a location-based application that uses GPS to help you find people, places and things. Whether it's tracking down the cheapest gas, getting reviews to a new restaurant, satisfying your craving for a latte, or helping you find your friends in a crowded city, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. WHERE also lets you see your places on a map, get directions and share locations with friends. WHERE can be downloaded from Built for BlackBerry.com and Where.com. For more info on Where for the Storm, you can watch this video.

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

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Reader comments

Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB



Set on the counter
Slides in the little puddle
Goodbye, Blackberry

Now for a more serious one:

Underneath my desk
The phone vibrates, not ringing
Teacher, please don't see.

Where oh where has my
BlackBerry gone, I don't know
Where oh where, indeed

Do I get extra credit for using WHERE 4 times??? ;-)

My blackberry is on the table
resting on top of the milky blue book
Oh look! I see the red light flicker upon the device

I pull it off the milky blue book and see its from my love
She just sent me a message, telling me that our son is back from Iraq
I'm so glad he made it through
and all I'm asking for is to win this contest
and show him i love him

Desire me, Bold said.
Weapon of mass destruction.

Nirvana achieved.
I have seen the Crackberry land
A moment of Zen.

I think I got mail.
Distracting shimmering light.
Berry fanatic.

Who needs an iPhone
When you have a Blackberry cell
WHERE is the lawn gnome

Sitting on my desk
Waiting for anybody
To email or call

Lost, I’m so lonely
Wait, I’m getting a message
Shucks only junk mail

My Blackberry be? Oh WHERE
Oh WHERE can it be?

re-title the last one as Dyslexic Haiku.

Storm has changed my life
WHERE would I be without you
Forward, backward, inside out

In my pocket by it's lonesome
Waiting for those two vibrations
Or that ring
As I look down red light blinks
OOO what do I have now?

WHERE are you owner
When will I see your smile
Oh, six I forgot

You are so funny
WHERE.com edy is when
Oh, six I forgot

Under the pillow
When is it time to grab me
Oh, six I forgot

Right here in my hand,
I sit and drop off the kids.
Splish splash, blub blub . . . . . . shit.

A gentle place cuddled so dearly
warm and anxiously waiting
a call from someone new

a call from a familiar face
vibrates with sweet tone
perhaps its my home

Its like my conscience.
WHERE would I be without it?
Prob'ly with my wife.

Let me see your phone,
Dad, can I play BrickBreaker?
Haven't seen it since.

Sing along with me!

Where, Where, Where, Where...
Is, Is, Is...
My, My, My, My...
Storm, Storm, Storm?


Right here in my hand
because that's the way
uh-huh, uh-huh...
I like it!
uh-huh, uh-huh...


Sitting at the local bar Too much tequila and beer Now WHERE did i park Sorry Y'all I'm not good at the whole lining up the columns thing.

My Blackberry Storm
Is what Willis talkin' bout
Since you brought it up

I can see it there
Locked in the car with my keys
Face pressed to the glass

On my desk ringing,
It's like angels are singing,
Blacked out and blinging!


Back made of leather,
Can call, email and tether,
With me WHEREver!


Business or pleasure,
In my pocket WHEREver,
My RIM forever!

Coleslaw, fries and meat
are Permanti sandwiches
with Italian bread

Now can you tell me
Where is my blackberry phone
Yoonz have a clue yet

People know our slang
The terrible towel was born
in Steeler Nation

Where the sun does not
Shine. A room with two windows.
No heat to be found.

On my computer
Desk, is where you will find my
sweet BlackBerry Storm!

My Bold's location?
A privledged destination!
In my hand, of course!


Through all thick and thin,
Otterboxed, naked, or skinned,
In hand with a grin!


Others like Apple,
They sneer at my RIM. I just,
cut, paste then I grin!


Safe in my pocket,
Phonebill's up like a rocket!?
Forgot to lock it! =(

Got laid off today
I need a really stiff drink.
WHERE... when life is tough

Beautiful night out.
Went to Ruth's Chris with my wife.
Oh no! Phone still there!

Buy Random Ticket
Across the country... New York
Never lost with WHERE

I gave it all up.
Divorce really kicked my ass.
Wife got Blackberry.

Saw her at Starbucks...
I secretly swapped our Storms.
Now I have her PIN!!!

Long Distance Dating
Hard to find romantic spot
WHERE saves me again

I want pizza, where?
Blackberry screen reveals all.
WHERE makes life easy.

Here, strong and sturdy,
On a scale one to ten, it's
at least a thirty!


Business or pleasure,
With a back made of leather,
With me WHEREver!


Blackberry fever,
I've got mine in my pocket,
I'll never leave her!

in between my legs,
where its fun for it to be,
calls make it vibrate.

Bold's sad and single,
With a new mate she'd mingle,
My heart would tingle!


My Bold's all alone,
But with a Curve or a clone,
She'd make baby phones!


Like God's phone itself,
3G, push email and more,
The Bold in my hand.


WHERE o WHERE to go?
I know that WHERE's bound to know!
Booze, food or a show!


Oh WHERE is my Bold?
Never left out in the cold.
In my hand's tight hold!

3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables

in my hand held tight
i hope for a text to show
so they ask what is that phone

wanting all to look
to show that mine is better
than their old iphone

so i send email
from my laptop to my phone
only for their gaze

knowing they all stare
my storm is better than theirs
i still clutch my phone

inside i'm ashamed
but outside ill show it off
look at me,technology

pull it from my hands
make me spend time with my wife
my kids,where are they

i am a user
i make time when there is none
main line to laptop

hi my name is chris
im addicted to crackberry
intervention please

i need more crackberry
mister please send one more text
get me through the urge

you cant take it away
comfort in my sweaty palms
i dare you to try

tear me away, no
reason for living is gone
storm, you complete me

WHERE is my berry?
In my hand of course.
It never leaves me.

WHERE is my berry?
WHERE do you think man? Right here.
In my hand, thats WHERE.

Put down your Berry
To big a request for me
I need texts and apps

WHERE is my Berry
WHERE could my Berry be at
I'm lost without it

Flashing LED
Oh joy, a brand new message
I'm always in touch


So many berries,
But not as sweet as mine is,
Luscious Blackberry

Not found in a tree,
Where most berries grow wild,
Eighty three thirty

my storm stays with me all day everyday., i got fired cuz i can't put the danm thing down! it' sleeps with me and keeps my life on track................. listen even if i don't win i will be happy wit a broken one. shit i really can't afford it now but i'll do what ever to get it for my lil girl.... good luck to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At my hip
We are connected as 1
Still I struggle
Using this Storm
But it's all I have
So I have no choice
But 2 keep on struggling!

Oh how I loved you
Downloading apps such as WHERE
I wish you were here
My fingerprints stay
Knowing that I will still be
A part of you,dear

OMG.. This is the best thing I have ever seen on my Storm. Works great, and Future advancements are in line, according to the interface. What a wonderful job you guys have done. Gongrat's to your team on such an effort. Your future looks Great. Thanks Steve

Where's my blackberry
my heart fills with fright, in my
backpack sure delight

In my pocket so
neat, proving that my skills are
totally complete

oh Where oh Where has
my blackberry gone, in my
bag Where it belongs

The Blackberry is
in my hands, while the smells are
removed by the fan

Oh,I can't describe
How sexy my berry is
Don't forget my apps
Like Opera and Where
I can't express this deep love
Hope this poem does