Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2009 09:32 am EST

Leave your BlackBerry Haiku Contest entry in the comments to this post. Good luck!

BlackBerry Haiku Contest!

Look at that! CrackBerry contest week is barely over and we're bringing you another chance to win a BlackBerry smartphone! And this time it's not luck that will win your BlackBerry of choice, it's your creativity and talent. Full details from our friends at Where after the break ...

BlackBerry Haiku Contest

In honor of the WHERE mobile application launching on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, WHERE has partnered with CrackBerry.com to give away a free BlackBerry smartphone to one of its readers.

I know what you are thinking: free BlackBerry smartphone! Where do I sign up? The contest rules are easy. In haiku form, answer the question: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone right now? Leave it in the comments section of this post either in text or link to a YouTube video.

Top 10 haikus will be chosen by the WHERE team on March 10th. Then it's up to you, CrackBerry community, to vote for the winner. The winner will be notified via email on March 16th and will have a choice of a BlackBerry smartphone or Gift Card towards the BlackBerry store, value up to $400.

Example Haikus: WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone Right Now? Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

Nestled in a warm
Place, my BlackBerry smartphone
Waits for a loud ring

In my pocketbook
Probably at the bottom
Under my lipstick

How to Score Additional Points:
1. Standard Haiku format is 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Please adhere to this format, or your entry may be disqualified. Prime Numbers Rule!
2. Get an A or B list celebrity to read your Haiku on video and automatically Win! Note, Gary Coleman does not count as an A or B list celebrity but will be admitted under the condition that he reads your haiku AND says, "Whatcha talking about Willis"
3. Mention WHERE in your Haiku and automatically get a brownie point
4. How are we determining the top 10? The ones that make us laugh the hardest. Simple enough, right?

About Where: A little more about the WHERE mobile application. WHERE is a location-based application that uses GPS to help you find people, places and things. Whether it's tracking down the cheapest gas, getting reviews to a new restaurant, satisfying your craving for a latte, or helping you find your friends in a crowded city, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. WHERE also lets you see your places on a map, get directions and share locations with friends. WHERE can be downloaded from Built for BlackBerry.com and Where.com. For more info on Where for the Storm, you can watch this video.

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

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Reader comments

Haiku Contest! Win a BlackBerry Courtesy of Where and CB



Out just like the wind,
My Blackberry is now gone,
At night I still cry,
Storm will you come home,
I miss touching your body,
Now I am just alone

If that doesn't win SOMETHING, then this contest is rigged for sure. Gave me a good ol' LOL moment. BRAVO!

this is good but its just like "haha your taking a big dump while on your phone". who hasnt done that before. i always just play brick breaker to pass the time.

Out just like the wind,
My Blackberry is now gone,
At night I still cry,
Storm will you come home,
I miss touching your body,
Now I am alone

*Disregard the first one, I added too many words thanks*

Oh my Crackberry
Let's see how you changed my life
First, you are a phone
Now I am not late
I read my email
You are in my heart


WHERE is my Berry?
It is outside in the cold
While I sit at work
I cannot use it
WHERE my desk is located
Now I feel naked

Where's my BlackBerry?
Unfortunately it is
only in my dreams.

Were I to win this
contest, then my BlackBerry
would be in my hand.

WHERE do you think boy?
My bold isn't just a mere toy.
It lies on my desk waiting to bring me joy (email,sms,mms)

Thanks Crackberry and Haiku!

Where is my cool Storm?
It's in my black Body Glove.
It's warmer in there.
I'm sitting in class
and I'm bored to death in here.
I sneak a peek at
it's colorful screen right now
and see a contest
on Crackberry blogs.
If I create a Haiku
I might win something.
So here I go as
I try to keep the cadence -
it's 5, 7, 5.

I too have a happy resting spot for my Bold against my m-m-m-milky w-w-w-white bosom. lol I love your haiku!

Why do I use WHERE?
To help find my way around,
All around Texas.
Oh look, there it is
In my Army uniform
Right where I left it.

My Storm is single
Awaits to mingle
Hoping for a win
Before commits sin
My Storm not complete
Haiku holds its fate.

It was on my hip
Just a short minute ago
WHERE is it right now?
Oh no! I see it.
It fell into the toilet
I need a new one.

I was sitting on the toilet bowl at my job while viewing this post on my 1 month old "Storm", when suddenly I got so excited and I dropped my "Storm" in the bowl. I now believe my phone is "POOPED" and the phone is now wrapped in a towel as I type this post. Wish me luck guys, because I think my phone is "crapped-up" now.


Out all lonely
at home sitting at
my desk. Wondering WHERE O
WHERE,can my
owner be O WHERE
O WHERE!!can he be!!

In my pocket
Collecting dust,
My Curve rests
While I run.
I'd like a new one,
To use and care for.
Please Crackberry
Give me a spare.

Running down the street
A broom clenched in my fingers
I chase a seagull
In his mouth I saw
My beautiful blackberry
With its new owner
Screaming, I see it
Flying away forever
I need a new one

Comfy as can be,
Tim B’s storm is at a calm.
WHERE should we go now?
Music playing loud
and messages streaming in,
“I’ve had a hard day
and I need a rest”
The smartphone thinks to itself.
Its screen fades to black,
all warm in its case.
As the battery charges,
sitting in a chair.

So my BlackBerry
Sits beside me now alone
No one is calling
I have nothing left
All my apps are intalled now
oh wait, there's still WHERE

Best not to ask WHERE
Its dark, very dark down there
Lonely but at peace.

You see it just died
And oh how I tried and tried
But alas...goodbye.

In the store is WHERE it stays
I look through the windowpane
longing to make it mine
oh BlackBerry
I cannot live without you

Despair! Agony!
I painfully wait for my
Bold from UPS.

Will it ever come?
Will I ever touch its keys?
I fear it may not.

The Storm approaches
with Berry's right beneath.

I do not hide, only await
with hands wide open,
and a berry to receive.

In my hand it sits
My Blackberry I mean, wink
WHERE to go today
My Blackberry smiles
Knowing how much I need it
Addiction most high

Getting a tan at
the beach under the blue sun
enjoying 3G
rays of speed and downloading
WHERE the sands of poppular
OS four dot six
dot zero dot two three four
guide me on my way

In my hand it sits
My Blackberry I mean, wink
WHERE to go today

My Blackberry smiles
Knowing how much I need it
Addiction most high

reception so weak
here in my basement office
must use USB

chained like my schnauzer
can't roam to higher spaces
WHERE the big dogs play

Where is my Blackberry?
In his case
On standby,
My only comfort.
As I watch the dow,
And begin to cry.

In my palm, dodging
The jealous eye of my girl
Click..click..click whats that?
Crackberry again?
A cracking sound fills my ears
..Hello CS rep

I can hear the ding
I hang with sex-a-holics
WHERE is my Blackberry?

Sitting in it’s case
Where it’s protected from harm
Next to my coffee
My Storm it does ring
My girlfriend asks where I am
Everywhere with RIM

apple of my eye...
what cha talkin bout Willis?
My Blackberry Storm...

Can't live without you...
WHERE to go? Does not matter...
I have all I need!

I adore your lines
only thing sexier is
the wife holding hers...

Gona take her out
WHERE tells me good place to eat
Blackberry saves date



I like this one because I wrote it. Lets all vote for this one because it means so much - water and rice.

Sitting on my desk
chirping for my attention
I can't get enough.
Wish I could have two
but WHERE to find another
to tempt me with mail?
Of course! A contest!
WHERE else? On Crackberry blogs!
I'll cross my fingers.

Grandma its a phone!
It's not something you can cook!
Too bad you can't see

Kid you dont need it
you are only ten years old!
Too bad you won't know

Oh my Blackberry
Always in my hand, Too bad
I'm way too attached

Does the red light flash
Tucked safely in my pocket
Eagerly I peak

Disappointment reigns
Absence stares boldly at me
Is the network down?

Placed tightly in her
Hands, my Blackberry smartphone
Stroking up and down...

What are you thinking?
Not a RIM job, just an app!
It's called iBeefart!!!

Why even ask WHERE?
in the bathroom, on the chair
they wait, watch, and stare

Because my Curve is
almost as shapely as I
(Im thinking to self...)

Wondering if I...
am slightly jealous because
she gets all the guys


My Pearl in my pants
WHERE there is no reception.
Metal desks suck bars.

Removed from my pants
And sitting on a magnet
Like magic, he sleeps.

Vibrate and scare me
I pick him up off my desk.
An unknown number…

My purple light blinks
With the missing light program.
Voice message makes red.

I check the message
With bated breath I listen.
A deep voice bellows…

Give me your Berry!
Do it before I find you!
You won’t be sorry!

Who is this person?
What do they want with my Pearl?
Why are they calling?

So worried I shake,
I don’t want to loose my phone!
Then I hear the news…

March 16th is here.
I received a Pearl message…
You won our contest!

Near, far, high or low
Home, office, sun, rain, or snow
Always in my hand

Or, for the brownie points =)

Near, far, high or low
Home, office, sun, rain, or snow
Use WHERE on the go

Sitting on my desk at work, anxiously awaiting the next text message, my BlackBerry Storm awaits, Hopeing to recieve an email, Struggling to survive on good old OS .75, my BlackBerry sitting on my desk at work...

I have never written Haiku
so I really don't know what to do
but my storm is in plain view...?????

and as my son returns from Army bootcamp he would not have to borrow mine if I just had one more....

You ask me where my...
Hey! Give back my Blackberry!
You have grabby hands!

Sense of wonderment,
Jealous curiosity.
Get your own damn Storm!

Okay, where was I?
Ah yes, where's my Blackberry?
Always at my side!

WHERE is Blackberry?
The storm that I love to own,
next to me of course!

The thought of it not
is unimaginable
That horror, not true.

As I copy paste
From one app to another
iPhone makes her sad

As I rip a vid
With my three megapixels
iPhone makes her mad

Then I get my bill
Three year term plus lots up front
iPhone makes her glad

Downloading WHERE app,
in my pocket on my lap
time to take a nap

I know it doesn't have to rhyme, but figured it made it a little more challenging.

Flashing, beckoning
from atop a stack of bills.
voicemail, e-mail, text?

Who? What? WHERE? When? How?
Only my Curve knows for sure-
and my hairdresser, too!