Gym Technik Gets Upgraded

Gym Technik Gets an Update!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Apr 2009 10:11 am EDT

I know a lot of CrackBerry readers have been fans of Gym Technik since we first blogged about them. As they get ready to release their BlackBerry app (finally!!) they've pounded out a bunch of upgrades to their existing BlackBerry Fitness Tracking service which you can check out after the jump. And if you're not familar with Gym Technik's service you can visit their site at to learn more and sign up. Now to get to the gym...

New Gym Technik Features Now Live

  • Latest articles right when you login - Stay up to date with all our latest articles written by our featured authors available to you right when you login to Gym Technik Online
  • Automatic copy from last time stats - Don't feel like inputting workout stats into your smartphone? We've now added a mobile setting where you can choose to have all the exercises in the workout you start auto-fill with the stats from the last time the exercise was completed. This is great to quickly load up a page, perform the exercise, and simply hit "next" as the stats are already filled in for you. We've even placed a "Clear" button that you can click on to clear out the pre-filled stats if you need to add in completely different stats. If you wish to enable this feature you can easily do so by clicking on the "Settings" button at the bottom of Gym Technik Mobile while logged in on your BlackBerry.
  • View all the exercises to track on one page - To date, Gym Technik Mobile only displayed exercises in sequence where you had to have one exercise open and click on "next" to get to the next one. We've now given you the option to simply load up the entire workout on one screen so all your exercises are loaded up on one page and you can easily scroll through each exercise and input stats. This is great for super-sets and circuit workouts. If you wish to enable this you can easily do so by clicking on the "Settings" button at the bottom of Gym Technik Mobile while logged in on your BlackBerry
  • Numerous Bug Fixes and optimization of speed - We have optimized the way images load up to give you a faster experience on the BlackBerry. And to make it even faster, you can turn images off in your mobile settings.
  • All three image stills for each exercise - This is great for beginners that need to view the entire motion of an exercise. Now when you view an instruction of an exercise, you will see all 3 image stills of the exercise showing you how to start the exercise and then taking you through the full motion to completion - all on your BlackBerry!
  • Maximum value in picklist goes as high as you need - Some of you that lift more than the average trainer notified us that the maximum value of the weight input in the picklist wasn't high enough at times. We've now made the highest value a "More" value so that you can click on "more" to get higher numbers. Alternatively, within your mobile settings you can change the entry input method to "Enter by typing value" to simply enter in whatever value you want.
  • Numeric entry for BlackBerries - Probably our most common feature request by BlackBerry users! For those of you that have set your mobile data input settings to "Enter by typing in value", the BlackBerry now will default to the input being numeric so you don't have to hold the ‘alt' key anymore
  • Remember me fixed - Another big one that a lot of you reported to us - The "Remember Me" function on the Gym Technik Mobile login page now works. Sorry about this one...

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Reader comments

Gym Technik Gets Upgraded


Hey Litchblade - Our current release date for the app is set for the middle of May. So in about 4 weeks. All your data will port seamlessly so feel free to continue using the mobile web app.

I train daily and sometimes forgot which body part i want to work out. Hopefully when the app comes it'll help me train and keep track of everything. In addition, i look forward to the tips offered.

I love this app!!! Tracks your info (reps/weight), keeps you on track with your exercise program and the ease of use is great.
Next time you are at the gym listening to Slacker/Pandora, pumping iron/doing cardio, look around and see how many people are tracking their gym info! Its about 1% of 1%...Use this, track your results, see how you are improving...that easy!
Thx Gym Technik!

Couldn't have said it better myself - thanks for the kind words kreaser =)

On the note of your suggestions with the music - I'm still yet to find a neat streaming video app where I can watch the news or any other show while doing the elliptical.

If anyone has any suggestions...

This app sounds great to track weight training. But I couldn't find where to track cardio training. This would be nice for professional runners or beginners like me to know the progress.

Works great and the guys are very responsive to ideas and suggestions. The key is that it doesn't get in the way....and truly helps.

I can't find where to track my cardio either. I alternate my cardio and weight training, and it would be nice to be able to track both.

Hey jharo (and jnieves),

Cardio tracking is possible in Gym Technik. When you're setting up your workouts and are sifting through the exercises - The first picklist is called "Exercise Type". In here one of the options is "Cardio".

And also, you can create your own custom cardio exercises by clicking on the tab "Add My Own Exercises" and create your own exercises of any type to track (ie. swimming, etc)

If you need any help in setting this up feel free to drop us a note on our support line.

And I apologize for the lack of training videos. We have this on the top of our priority list and will update our site shortly.

It's definitely on our radar to hopefully partner up with them and offer P90X workouts and routines for our members to track. It can be a bit of a process getting through the red tape of some companies but we'll get there =)

according to one of gym technik "library" articles, aren't you supposed to listen to music to stay focused on form and technique instead of watching news or shows that will just distract you? lol, just saying

...if you have sprint, they have sprint tv on their BB curve, you could check that out.

thx for the gr8 app!

Love the mobile page!

Typically when I do cardio on the treadmill I set it at a certain speed (e.g. 6.5 mph). I thought I could just log this number in the level/resistance section, but it only takes whole numbers. Is it possible to perhaps add an area for speed that can accept half mph increments?

I love this program and use it A LOT, everytime I work out. I would like to know what the differences will be from the mobile site and BB app coming out.