Gym Technik Takes On Womens Fitness

Gym Technik Now Offers Oxygen Workouts for Women
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Apr 2009 05:08 pm EDT

For all the ladies out there holding a BlackBerry, this bit of news is especially for you. The folks over at Gym Technik, the BlackBerry fitness app we've covered quite a few times, have just partnered up with Oxygenfit, an industry leader in womens fitness, to redefine the term "Fitness On The Go".

Gym Technik has updated their library with around 100 new Oxygenfit exercises and 10 new Oxygenfit workouts built specifically for women. These portable workouts can be followed and tracked right on your BlackBerry as you perform them anywhere.

So for those women who have already flexed out their BlackBerry smartphones with Gym Technik, you can check out their updated library and make sure to update your own workout library with the ones that meet your bikini season needs (summer is just around the corner... w00t!). And if this is the first time you're hearing about Gym Technik, you can learn more about their service and Oyxgenfit partnership here.

And finally, for all you guys feeling left out - Mothers Day is just around the corner and what better way to say "I love you mom" than a brand new BlackBerry coupled with a portable fitness plan! I tell ya... I bought my 60 year old mom (she'll disown me when she reads this post on Viigo for saying her age) a BlackBerry Bold last Friday and she's already a full-fledged CrackBerry Addict. If you feel the need to snatch the best son ever title away from your siblings, I highly recommend it. :-)

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Gym Technik Takes On Womens Fitness


My GF will love this so I am going to steal her BB tonight and put this on it and say thank you to Gym Technik for the free "Get out of the Dog House" Card that I got now!!!!

Ivy Storm - The app is almost here. It's just around the corner and once we have it out you can have the icon on your phone!

This great. Any reason I can use my BlackBerry more is ok with me. Now I can use it to keep fit which I'm sure my boyfriend will love.

I have signed up for GT but haven't used it much due to it lay out, but they have done some great updates and addtitions...looking forward to checking it out and possibly getting fit!

Thanks for the information and feeding my Blackberry Addiction! ;)

Hey Daisy - Glad you like our latest updates and additions. We're just listening to what our users want so if you feel we could do anything to make it easier using GT on your BB just let us know.

And did I hear you say "possibly getting fit"? Possibly?

We need to get that word out of your vocab! We have great motivational articles so ask our team any questions you have on fitness or even tips for your BB.

Hey Daisy,

We're always seeking to improve the site and I'm definitely interested to hear what ideas you have and any feedback you may have. Drop me a PM or get in touch with me via the contact page on the GT site! Thanks!