Gym Technik Premium Subscription Winners Announced

Gym Technik
By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2010 11:15 am EST

Our giveaway for the blackberry fitness app Gym Technik was a big hit. We originally offered up a 1-year subscription to one lucky member, but the guys at Gym Technik decided to throw in a few extra subscriptions since they were so impressed with the response. We have 2 winners of a 1-year premium account, and 1 winner of a 6-month subscription. As an added bonus, the first 10 users to sign up for a Gym Technik annual subscription can get 20% off using the code crackberryfeb (just ender the code when upgrading the account via Hit the jump for the winners list and their entries. For more information visit or just point your BlackBerry browser to to download a free tria.

Winner 1 - 1-year premium subscription


1) GPS for tracking runs outdoors (mileage)
2) Sync with Polar (and / or others) heart rate monitors
3) Tips which are triggered by plateaus in your work outs. Since the app can track your results, when performance decreases / levels off it should alert you, and prompt you to work harder / get back on track.

Winner 2 - 1-year premium subscription


Idea: Getting the app to connect to a local service listing like google maps does with GPS location. This way users could look up local gyms, parks, supplement stores or fitness equipment stores even if they're out of town AND opens the doorway for gym technik to add revenue through advertising / recommendations / reviews of these locations. Win-win.

Honorable Mention - Free 6 months of premium


Idea: How about the program gives you a time limit for each exercise and if you don't click complete before the time runs out it the program signals a drill sergeant tone that starts screaming at you through your phone.

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Gym Technik Premium Subscription Winners Announced


What do you know... I followed the rules and I won!

Good thing.. I really do love this app, and have been using the mobile site off and on for a long time now.

Another great example of making us aware of what looks like a great product! I'm likely to go with the advanced program eventually, but I'm going to d/l the trial & kick the tires! Thanks, CB!