Gym Technik NextGen App for BlackBerry Is Here!

Gym Technik BlackBerry App Is Here
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2009 09:40 am EST

It's Saturday morning as I type this and I'm about to head to the gym so it's a fitting time to blog this up...

Long-time readers of are familiar with Gym Technik's fitness tracking service - we've written about them plenty of times before and have been longing for them to take their web app offering to the next level with an actual BlackBerry app. Great News! Gym Technik has just announced the preview release of their much anticipated, downloadable app: Gym Technik NextGen for the BlackBerry.

Thousands of users worldwide have been using Gym Technik's mobile and web application for tracking their workouts. After much feedback and interest from users surrounding this app, Gym Technik's developers are excited to present a preview release of the NextGen app. It comes bundled with a 30 day free premium trial. So you can test-drive both Gym Technik's Premium Service and NextGen app without commitment or hassle. All current Gym Technik members can link to the app, and new members can create an account right from their BlackBerry.

We'll be following up with a review on the app shortly. Next in line, GymTechnik has already promised upgrades for OS5 support and a Storm version of the app, stay tuned.

Learn More & Download: You can visit from your BlackBerry's web browser to download and learn more about the app and how to use your BlackBerry as a fitness tracking and workout management tool @

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Gym Technik NextGen App for BlackBerry Is Here!


Took a lot of digging!

3 Month Subscription ($15.00 / quarter)
That's $5.00 per month.
Annual Subscription ($48.00 / year)
That's $4.00 per month and a 20% savings.

I've been working out for the past four years, three/four times a week, and paper works just fine.

The issue I have with these applications, besides the fact that carrying around your BlackBerry while you're working out is both lame and hazardous to your device, is that they're not fast enough.

Most weight training programs emphasize intensity, that is, the amount of weight you lift in a given amount of time. If you go in there not knowing what exercises you're going to perform, and you spend your time searching for them on this program while you're working out, you're really ruining your workout. Standing there and manually entering in reps/sets and the weight takes too long compared to a pencil and a log book.

You're better off going online at home, finding one of many huge databases of exercises, writing down in your log what you're going to perform, at what weight, and reps/sets, and then simply just checking them off while you're working out.

I already see people on their iPods taking 3+ minutes between sets fiddling around, or the guy who brings his BlackBerry in the gym and is talking on BBM between sets, it's a joke. If you can't find 40 minutes a day where you can disconnect and take care of yourself, you need to reevaluate your priorities in life.

This isn't a slam against this particular application, but all of these are a solution looking for a problem. People need to stick to the basics when they're taking care of themselves, too much complication leads to too many excuses to not work out down the road.

I've been looking for a good app that I can take to the gym with me. Hopefully they'll come out with OS 5.0 software for Storm2. Thanks for the heads up CB.

EDIT: In response to the post above, hopefully the app will be fast enough to input a couple of numbers between sets. I usually take 1 minute between sets and don't mind having my BB next to me in the gym.

Since it's a native app, it's pretty much instantaneous.

And we're working on the OS5 and Storm support right now. We'll have a post out as soon as it's out!

i cant get my tour to download the anyone have this problem? its only letting me access the mobile site on my phone

Can you try this...

- Visit options on your BlackBerry browser
- Click "Browser Configuration"
- Scroll down to "Browser Identification"
- This needs to be set to "BlackBerry"
- Exit and Save
- Point your bb browser to

Let me know how this goes.


i downloaded it..its a nice app but just like the above poster said i just dont think bringing in a $500 smartphone to the gym is a good idea when you can just write it down on a piece of paper

I never carry my phone around with me in the gym it skeeves me out. All the bacteria i'm transferring to the weights to my phone.

Every since i've been a member, it has said Storm support coming soon. When? Storm 3? Said that with S1, still no product. I'm about to give up on their mobile web. Time out, server connect problems - took ten minutes this morning to connect (and is a problem with both bb browser and opera).

Will it get me off my lazy *** and get me to the gym? Or will it be like the gym memberships I buy and use for 1 week before losing motivation. ;)

i'm going to use the mobile site to plug all my information in after the gym. i'm really liking the site

I agree I wouldn’t want to carry my Blackberry around the gym but I workout at home and love their web app. I've been using it on my Storm for almost 4 months with no problems. Looking forward to trying the download app when it comes out. I just might have to upgrade to the Premium service.

I've had this app for a long while now and I love it. The only thing is that I can't edit my workouts from the computer anymore. This just happen about 6 months ago. There seems to be a glitch on the website because the section where you need to click to edit your workouts is gone. I've tried different computers and I get the same issue. I'm wondering if this was done purposely so we would upgrade to the premium version. On the premium version you can edit your workouts from your Blackberry. Smart....

You can still edit workouts from the website even with the basic account. Within your workout library, you will see an "Edit" button to the far right. When you click "Edit", you will see your list of exercises pop up, and you can edit as you need to.

If you don't see the "Edit" button or need more assistance just drop us a note on our Contact Us form within the Support tab, and we'll work one on one with you to figure this out.