Gym Technik a Finalist in the AT&T Platinum Pitch Awards

Gym Technik AT&T
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Mar 2009 08:20 pm EDT

I know a lot of readers of are also fans of the BlackBerry fitness tracking service offered by Gym Technik, so it's awesome to announce they have been named a finalist in the AT&T Platinum Pitch Awards for Consumer Solutions. Coming up in Las Vegas at CTIA 2009 on April 2nd, the Gym Technik team will have five minutes to fast-pitch their concept to a team of qualified judges. Winners will take a share in $70,000 worth of prizes and are vying for distribution via an AT&T branded portal. Cool Stuff. 

You can read the full press release here, and if you're a fitness minded BlackBerry user and still haven't checked out Gym Technik yet, do your yourself a favor and click here. Stay tuned too... they have a lot of BIG announcements (improvements!) coming up soon that you won't want to miss. Good luck Gym Technik. Win!!!

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Gym Technik a Finalist in the AT&T Platinum Pitch Awards


Hey guys,

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the support and it's great to hear from everyone. Fyi... Gym Technik will be offline for a few hours starting at 11:00pm CDT - 2:00 CDT tonight, so don't panic if you get our redirect page. The site will be back up after our ISP's upgrades. Thanks!

I use the software alot and it has helped me get better gains by having my exact lifts from the last time I worked out. Handy to be able to leave the pen and paper at the house. Cant wait for the changes!!!

I made an account so I can use this but that was before I joined a gym that was underground with no reception! So as far as I'm concerned, I can't use this service. Plus I don't like to have my 'berry on me while at the gym. I carry two devices (not willing to pay for better podcast support, don't like draining phones battery).

I was a trainer for a few years back in the early 90s and we always used notebook(paper) and traning cards. I havent been in a gym but 5 times in the last 10 years. This program is the best Ive seen. Set your RT convenience key to Media, and LF convenience key to Browser, and toggle back and forth. I use a Siedio clip, and the included BB headphones, and Im good to go. It tracks everything online, its easy to use, and Crackberry compatible. BTW, I lost 15lbs and 5% bodyfat since Jan 1st. This app is the best!!!

Ok I signed up; not a bad service, if anything it lets me do away with my spreadsheet and email calendar I was using. Having the ability to access the info on my blackberry is a bonus for sure – but I don’t take it with me to the gym. The idea of getting it full of sweat is unappealing and quite honestly I prefer not being reached during that time. I can see me using the mobile to revise my workout if I was at a nutritionist or a trainer’s taking notes on improving my workouts. But my Blackberry will never see the inside of my gym…that’s for my iPod. All that said I do like the idea of tracking my progress and inputting and revising my profile, I just wont ever do it from my blackberry from inside the gym.

I, as others have said, used to carry a pen and pad around with me. After finding out about this, I left those tools behind. I alway have it with me as I use it as my music player, so it is very convenient to have the phone, music and workout record.

Any and all updates are great.

P.S. Only one time I had to contact support on program error and I had a quick response and fix. Great customer service.