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Quick Review: Gym Technik for BlackBerry smartphones

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News & Rumors

Gym Technik fitness app for BlackBerry updated with small tweaks and bug fixes

News & Rumors

Gym Technik fitness app for BlackBerry updated; now includes full motion exercise video demos

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Gym Technik upgrades with new features and OS6/Torch compatibility

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60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge best before/after winner announced!


60 Day Fitness Challenge Update: Gym Technik patch available (bug fixes); Reminder to submit before photos by July 15th

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60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge Begins Today!!

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GymTechnik Launches API; Now Connects with WiThings Scale for OTA Body Weight on NextGen BlackBerry App


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Gym Technik Premium Subscription Winners Announced

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Gym Technik Launches For BlackBerry Storm, With A Treat!

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Review: Gym Technik NextGen for the BlackBerry

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Gym Technik for BlackBerry Updated - Now Compatible with OS 5.0; Contest: Free 1-yr Premium Subscription up for Grabs!

Gym Technik for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2010 10:22 am EST

The team over at Gym Technik, makers of the NextGen fitness app for the BlackBerry and winners of the CB Awards '09 for best Health/Fitness App, have just informed me about an upgrade they performed over the weekend. The NextGen app for the BlackBerry is now compatible with OS 5! I can't wait to load this bad boy on my Storm 2, and I've been hearing it runs quite smooth on the 9700.

For those of you who haven't tried out Gym Technik yet, you can download the app by pointing your BlackBerry browser to

Standard features of the NextGen Fitness app for the BlackBerry include:

  • Visual and descriptive workout guidance
  • Workout and body stats tracking
  • Routine scheduling
  • Before/After photo uploads
  • Sync capabilities to safely back up your data online
  • Offline access with or without cell coverage for those basement gym rats

Contest and Giveaway: And they've also informed me that they are giving away 100 premium subscription discounts this week. The first 100 sign ups using offercode feb10upgrade at the Store will get 10% off their premium subscription.

And second - They've asked the CB community to dream up the most wildest craziest feature that you would like to see on the Gym Technik app. The craziest idea will be selected for a free year of premium! So come on... Rise to this... Drop your idea in the comments. First to say it and have it be the one that gets picked by Gym Technik as best wins (contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST). Let's see what the CB community has got!



Craziest? Sorry to go overboard here but some workouts you can do during intercourse would be fun (and sore). Or focus primarily on working out the pelvis. You guys asked for crazy so I'm trying to think outside the box here.


Been wanting this forever. Seems like a pretty cool app for the gym heads (like me). I WANT ONE lol


How about the ability to work with nike+? That would be pretty crazy and worthwhile. Some friends of mine have both a BB and a iPod, but the ipod would be unnecessary if they could use nike+ with their BB. Not to mention the $ they would save on having to get an ipod.


so you just sign up to receive workouts? kinda dumb expense.


I'd love to win this app. It would be enough to get me convinced to work out


Using the accelerometer to make comments during your exercise. Anything from supportive coach to army drill sargent. Use different personalities. It would be a hoot!


if lightning can strike twice this month!


Useful Ideas (if the app doesn't already have them) - Pedometer, section to add schedule of vitamins, supplements, shakes, etc.

Craziest idea? Hmmm maybe a section on how to properly apply hair gel to be like a real Jersey guido. that could be useful to all the juicehead guidos out there, you know who you are. Throw in some tanning tips and sample tribal bands too. Good luck to all.


My idea for a wacky wild feature would be to incorporate a calorie burning tracker for everyday activities like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, making love, etc


How about an option where you can select the type of workout you did and it will tell you what meal (or supplement) you should consume after the workout?


I don't know if this is 'wild' or 'crazy' but it would be pretty useful if it had a feature to monitor calorie consumption. It would be neat if I could enter what I ate and Gym Technik would track my daily intake and an estimate of what I would be burning in conjunction with the routine scheduling. Just like a rough estimate of that would help with the body stat tracking.


Would love this app! It would really help out at the gym


As a lot of cardio machines are able to sync with polar products, have the BlackBerry sync as well to the machine and/or watch.


A feature that counts my reps for me outloud and yells at me when I get lazy would be great!


When guys are working out and you see a gorgeous looking woman working out by herself, your intimidate to approach her and say something. I would add a pick-line feature to this app to help you go over and try and get her attention.

Pastor Ron

Okay. I'm a pastor who preaches several times a week and does some teaching sessions, too. It would be great to use your software to track the calories burned while preaching. I can see quite a few calories biting the dust!

Thanks for the opportunity.


this would really help with my new years resalution


Getting the app to connect to a local service listing like google maps does with GPS location. This way users could look up local gyms, parks, supplement stores or fitness equipment stores even if they're out of town AND opens the doorway for gym technik to add revenue through advertising / recommendations / reviews of these locations. Win-win.


"Oh yes, time to treat that treadmill."
2 minutes ago from Gym Technik.


Been waiting for an upgrade since moving to 5.0. I would love free year license though.


Locate other workout buddies in proximity by using bluetooth, assistance cell phone triangulation, GPS!

Ability to track workouts by the muscle group.
Reports on a per day basis to see summary of the muscle groups worked.

Categorical listing based on body part we would like to strengthen. Eg. to strengthen shoulders it would list exercises and the elements it would help develop and support.

Workout plan sharing between buddies.

Distance walked using the accelerometer in storm.


but the font was so small it was painful. Having the actual app with the 1yr subscription would take my workouts to the next level this year.

Kev, thanks for the opportunity to win this.



This would be great to have always.


Thats a great app i hope to win..! Good Luck to everyone


What would be even better is having someone demo the exercise routines. Videos to show you the right way to work out, now that will be the ULTIMATE fitness app.


I already have the free subscription and love it. I would absolutely love a Free 1 year subscription.


Please help me out!!!!


Will have to check this out.....


would be nice to monitor and log my time & progress at the gym.


last night pretty much hours before this was posted i ventured out looking for the gym technik app hoping it supported 5.0 and by my astonishment it was, I was just surprised CB hadn't posted about it yet. Despite the delay its here! I've already downloaded the app but a premium account would definitely help my workout regiment.


I tried the free one, but I'm to cheap for premier. I will give it a spin.


This is one of the first "apps" I used on my Storm via the mobile site. Now having upgraded to a Storm 2, I've been waiting for the app to work.

I'd love to win a free premium account, as I haven't been willing to fork out a 3 mo. trial to see if I like the added benefits, and have stopped using the mobile site with my Storm2.

As for features:

1) GPS for tracking runs outdoors (mileage)
2) Sync with Polar (and / or others) heart rate monitors
3) Tips which are triggered by plateaus in your work outs. Since the app can track your results, when performance decreases / levels off it should alert you, and prompt you to work harder / get back on track.

I'm waiting for the day that all I need is my BB and my heart rate monitor. Today I have my Polar watch, Polar Pedometer (great for indoors though), Polar Heart Rate monitor, and my BB (for music). Tomorrow I could have my Heart Rate monitor and my BB, and that's it.

Cost of entry drops for others to pick up the technology as well, as heart rate monitors could be branded by GymTechnic / Provider and sold as a package as a "all-in-one" fitness setup. How many times do you travel to find that the treadmill in the hotel doesn't work with your heart rate monitor, or your batteries in your footpod have died, and you loose tracking of your workout... this solves that issue, as we all know we charge and have our BB's with us!


I have prototyped a BB heart rate monitor.

I have tested it against my treadmill HRM and it is working pretty well. I am planning to add GPS, programmable workouts, lactate threshold test, etc

to see a demo search "blackberry heart rate monitor" on youtube

email for info


I'd like to see the camera on the phone used to look at the form someone is using for an exercise and then have the program give an audible signal of whether or not the person performing the exercise is doing it incorrectly. This could be doe in real time or you could have the exercise recorded and compared to the right form. This may even allow you to compare past and present exercise as well.


I like the site, at least for seeing when I actually worked out. Sometimes I over inflate how much I go, sometimes I feel like I havn't gone at all when I went 5 times.

I think the "craziest" feature would be pre/post workout meal planner. Randomly put this on a scheduled workout day in advance so I can see that next workout session I can see what I should eat before and after my workout.

This would be incredible useful. I would pay for the premium account just for not having to deal with what to eat pre/post workout.


1. body fat calucator
2. work out reminder
3. menu option to check for app update
4. Chart or input feature to tell you your recommended weight for your height.
5. work out / nutrition tip for the day


I used it awhile back, and it seemed incomplete, would love to try it out again!


how about put an app to calculate and measure your BMI and personalized Meal plan according to BMI?


how about put an app to calculate and measure your BMI and personalized Meal plan according to BMI?


This would be great for the gym.

As for an idea: The app works out, so you don't have to, and you get huge.


Been wanting this for a while, but the gym membership alone is killing me.


I'd like to see a VIRTUAL COACH, similar to the one on the Nintendo DS Lite game, Brain Age.

If I miss a day or a week from Brain Age, I'm told something like: "It's great to see you! It's been a week since you last logged in".

For example, perhaps the GT Coach could say to someone who's missed a week of work outs:
"Hi! It's been a week since you last exercised! Let's try to get back on track so you can reach your goals!"

There will always be encouragement whether a person is on track or has fallen off and seeks to get back on.


An option to sign up to recieve random text messages that challenge you to stop whatever your doing and do what ever the text says. Such as run in place or jumping jacks or sit ups. You get the idea. People around you will think you have gone crazy. Sorry this posted 3 times. Having trouble with my BB.


An option to sign up to recieve random text messages that challenge you to stop whatever your doing and do what ever the text says. Such as run in place or jumping jacks or sit ups. You get the idea. People around you will think you have gone crazy. Sorry this posted 3 times. Having trouble with my BB.


meal tracking, or audio to say, go do flat bench now, go to calf raises now, etc.

I would love to be able to carry around just my phone, as opposed to my storm, my ipod, and a workout planner too.


An option to sign up to recieve random text messages that challenge you to stop whatever your doing and do what ever the text says. Such as run in place or jumping jacks or sit ups. You get the idea. People around you will think you have gone crazy. Sorry this posted 3 times. Having trouble with my BB.


An option to sign up to receive random text messages that challenge you to stop whatever your doing and do what ever the text says. Such as run in place or jumping jacks or sit ups. You get the idea. People around you will think you have gone crazy. Sorry this posted 3 times. Haveing trouble with my BB.


I need gymtechnic so I can whittle myself away into a new enlightenment.


One that makes sense... bb native calendar integration for scheduling work outs.

The craziest thing I can think of is some kind of minigame you can do on the treadmill within NextGen App... with sound effects that you can choose depending on who's beside you.

Example: a mini tetris game and every time you get a block laid, it whistles at the girl next to you... or you choose a different sound effect like grunts for the guy who smells next to you...hahaha. So depending on the response you get you can either start a conversation or blame the sounds on the game :)

And by the way I posted the 5.0 find this morning in the forums... not to toot my own horn or anything, where's that toot sound effect dammit!!


would go great with my gym membership


Have the program connect to the blackberry media program to be able to choose songs based on the speed/beats of the music as well as be able to use voice commands to choose them/playlists. This will help by not having to change apps.


The app already has a before and after phot upload, but what it doesn't offer is this. How about a feature that uses your before pic can tell you what specific diet and exercise regimen you need to acquire the specific gains you want. I would like for the app to use my before pic to tell me exactly what exercises would most benefit me to gain more muscle mass in my arms and what I need to work on getting the best ab muscles. Also being able to give me the right supplements to help my workout program along. I have always did my research in Muscle&Fitness magazine, but if I have an app that can tell me better, bring it on. All of this with the right way to keep what you gain. There Is nothing worse than gaining the muscle you want, then losing it because you didn't keep up.


Useful Ideas (if the app doesn't already have them) - Pedometer, section to add schedule of vitamins, supplements, shakes, etc.

Craziest idea? Hmmm maybe a section on how to properly apply hair gel to be like a real Jersey guido. that could be useful to all the juicehead guidos out there, you know who you are. Throw in some tanning tips and sample tribal bands too. Good luck to all.


Useful Ideas (if the app doesn't already have them) - Pedometer, section to add schedule of vitamins, supplements, shakes, etc.

Craziest idea? Hmmm maybe a section on how to properly apply hair gel to be like a real Jersey guido. that could be useful to all the juicehead guidos out there, you know who you are. Throw in some tanning tips and sample tribal bands too. Good luck to all.


How about intergrading it with your blackberry calendar?
From within the calendar you could add or delete workouts.


An alarm system, that if I wanna work out for 45 minutes due to having to go to work, a timer goes off on the program that allows me to accurate set certain workouts to end, and switch to another workout case by case so I can get all my different exercises IN, in the allocated amount of time I set. (maybe having the alarm go off every 5 minutes to switch if I want to get 9 different sets in)


And this would be one of the more useful ones!


How about a series of vibrations programed to work like a TENS system?!?! Just include a waist belt, and presto . . . I should have abs that would make "The Situation" look like Santa Claus. This way, I can focus more on tanning and doing laundry! I can already feel the burn. See attached website to avoid patent infrigement -->


How about a feature that let's us record a workout, then upload it and have it reviewed (either by the community or professionally).


Sounds like a great app to win for tracking your workouts!


-Integrate a workout schedule into the calendar.
-Include routines that rely on body weight exercises.
-A feature that recommends a workout schedule to reach a certain level of fitness/BMI/body fat %-age/target weight.
-Bluetooth connectivity to a range of heart rate monitor devices or pedometers.
-Music player with recommended workout mixes.
-GPS tracking for runs, analysis thereof.
-Data export to excel or simple csv for self-analysis
-Workout routine adjustment to compensate for missed outings or extra days (extended sessions/greater/lesser reps)


Here is a crazy idea,
You have a mode that you set how many reps you intend to do on the exercise, and then as you are doing them you have a Military Drill Sargent type voice counting it out for you at a timed speed (so you dont go too fast or too slow) yelling, and cursing up a storm trying to get you to do that last rep :)


This app will really help me on the gym.


Have waited for this to hit OS 5.0 for a while. Sign me up for a free subscription please!


I would love it if this program could connect to my nike + token in my shoe. I could easily track all my runs without having 2 devices.


I'd love something like this.


Would love to win the app, been using it online on my storm for almost a year now. Thanks Crackberry!


To be able to use the accelerometer in the phone to count when your doing crunches or any other motions...Not that crazy.


would love this app. Avid gym rat, this app would help tremendously!!!


I think a good feature would be offering discounts in local gyms in our areas. I'm sure this would be an opportunity for Gym Technik to use their 'clients' for additional promotions and allow gyms to get access to interested people. Power to the people!!

Now send me a free membership will ya??? bbtfastback @ hotmail dot com :)


id like to see this app interact with weights machines. Lets say you walk up to a compatible machine, it reads your signal from the phone and sets the weight and reps for you. And what the hell, it even plays whatever music you like while you do your reps.

AnneO armed push that would be funny


Supplement tracker. I have numerous supplements that are always running out at different times. If you were able to track them, it might be useful.

For example, you would program in that you have Protein that has 25 servings in it. Gym Technic would then be able to record when and how much of each supplement you take and have left. Very useful for people who take protein, preworkouts, creatine, daily vitamins, etc.

Shay D. Life

I'd like to have this. Free is good, real good.


I propose the 10 persons with the most outrageous goals qualify, and the one who achieves them, the quickest goes to Las Vegas to party it up!


I would like to see an app like this that would allow you to submit a before pic. After doing that the app would then generate after pics for you over time periods so you could get an idea of how your body can be transformed.


I need to workout!


It would be cool if you could measure your body fat with the app. I doubt there would be a way to do it without some sort of attachment through the mini usb plug on the berry, but it would be cool none the less.


How about the ability to view before/after pictures of others, or a reminder that you're getting fat if you haven't used the app in a few days?


if only it can keep count of your workouts


i stil have my p90x there... i would use this to remind me to stop eating those big chesse burgers... i deff wnat one please... help this fat ass get back in shape :p

a gps tracker to all fast food places... and the avility to shut down your berry so u wnt go on into the fast food... hehehe thats a pretty crazy idea dont u think so????

(sorry if anyone came up with this idea before me... but got lazy on reading all comments above)

thank you ;D


Could use a free gym partner.


One crazy idea would be to use the blackberry's vibrating mechanism to administer cheap massages after a hard workout in the gym.(no happy ending)


A useful idea would be integration with Gmail calendars, these can be synced to your BlackBerry too!

Crazy idea would be different modes which change the 'attitude' of the app (as in the text, perhaps even voices), such as: Sarcastic, Harsh, Sympathetic, Offensive...


I would like an option that has wireless connectivity to all the blackberry's in the gym and the weights or equipment of the people using them.

If you select that person, your blackberry should propose a challenge to lift as much weight as possible so you beat the other person - or throw out your back!

Controlling the music, tv's, females' clothing would be an other great feature, along with "shocking" all the idiots with no form at your discretion.

that's my idea.

other than that - love the app!


Using the phones vibrate feature to make your abs ripped!


Awesome! if I win I could drop a few lbs.. and trust me, we all could use that!!


Crazy good completely impossible (now) idea - it should use the BB camera to photograph your food and somehow analyze it to determine how your doing for the day in calories, fat, carbs, ww points, etc. It should also use the camera to take a shirtless photo of yourself and somehow determine your BMI.

It should also have Billy May's voice synthesized to pump you up into your workout.. he's convincing... I know I bought oxyclean. : )


With this, I can plan and record my routine and change it up easily...I would love this app


This would certainly help in obtaining my fitness goals!


Very useful thanks to gym technik and crakberry for offering


How about the program gives you a time limit for each exercise and if you don't click complete before the time runs out it the program signals a drill sergeant tone that starts screaming at you through your phone.


Please may I have this application?


I would love to win this !!!


Cool app, i would love a subscription


i want this app!!! how much does a subscription cost normally?


Something about the app that encourages you to pull the fork out of your mouth. Like a warning your BB will shut off if you consume too many calories or a "shock" that comes from the device to alert you you've eaten too much or the wrong things. A "zap" for punishment might be a nice touch as well kinda turning your berry into a "cattle prod." Lmao!


This would be great to have always.


I hope I win! Good luck to everyone.


Have the app integrate with your Alarm Clock (on the phone), Calendar, Media Player ETC. So once you have a workout set up it will Wake you up (or alert you during the day/evening) telling you to get ready for the gym/your workout. It would schedule and track your workouts and progress in the native calendar, allow you to choose your workout playlists directly from the app, and show you your "before" pic and motivating pictures at the peak of your workout to remind you what you are working towards and push you that extra bit.

GYM TECHNIK would hijack your Crackberry and help us get into prime shape!


Integrating extreme sport features...I ride BMX and have a bunch of tricks added into my workout section so that when I am at the skatepark I can just go down the list and check everything off..It has really made me push myself further because I can visually see what I am slacking on...It would be cool to see how many calories are burt in a tail-whip or bar-spin though...haha maybe I would start doing more back-flips then bar-spins if I knew one burnt more calories then the other...Instructions with pictures for new tricks would be cool.

**New Thought**If you made a way to share work-out routines that could be downloaded to your account in a forum, people could post up what they are doing with instructions and picture tutorials and could really expand your program much further with the input of anyone from yoga instructors to extreme sport athletes to your average gym rat with some cool moves. It would be kinda like designing the BB Theme Maker program but for Exercises...

Also reminder texts, but not nice ones...Something along the lines of "Hey fatty, you haven't worked out in 3 days...Get off you A**!!"


My Excel spreadsheet is nice but it tough to navigate while at the gym.

This would be awesome


How about you could use the GPS to track your movement and then also the program could track the exact muscles that are used in the workout. The think could talk some kind of mean to ya and call you out if you do something wrong or slack off! It would be like a personal trainer, but on steroids. IT would vibrated violently when you do something wrong and could even say out loud to people around you that you are a slacker and are skimping out on your workout!

Man, i am not trying to be mean....but some people need some more motivation. This thing should track your BMI and blood pressure. That would be great. But I am all about being called out in the gym if I slack off on my workout. How about you can unlock different rewards for doing certain things a number of times.

Like you do 200 situps and you open the situp award and it announces to people that you are the situp king! It could even post to facebook/twitter that you just did 200 sit-ups! That would be AWESOME!

You could brag, but indirectly because the program would do it for you. You could have the option for the program to also announce on facebook/twitter that you have lost 10 pounds, which people will see and keep you motivated.

It would be awesome to open up rewards....trophies I guess you could say and it would post it on facebook/twitter for you.

How about if you could have challenges that you have to complete....such as 20 pushups and 100 situps in 5 minutes...and then it gets harder and harder, so you stay motivated and have something to work towards.

What if it had an online leaderboard so you could brag to people or could compare your results to other people? Just a suggestion!

Shoot....I have a lot of ideas....mainly to keep you motivated!


Hope I get a chance to win thanks


i would like to have this


I'd love to see a section for specific workouts for specific sports

For example I'm a rower, so I'd love some suggestions next time I begin to train for a season. (hum, that's in two weeks...)