Gwabbit for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 May 2009 11:12 am EDT

Gwabbit for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

Back at WES 2009 at the beginning of this month, one of the solutions to get a lot of attention was Gwabbit for BlackBerry (see our first post on it here). Whether you like the name or not, Gwabbit is a pretty handy tool for those in business who get a ton of emails on a regular basis and are lazy when it comes to converting those contacts to address book entries. Gwabbit scans your emails for signatures and contact info and automatically does the job for you! It's now officially available, so you can read on for all the press release details below. 

Press Release


Manage Signatures And Contacts Automatically On Any BlackBerry Smartphone For Only $9.99

San Francisco, CA - May 26, 2009 - Technicopia, LLC, the only provider of automated solutions for the contact cloud today announced the availability of gwabbit for

BlackBerry smartphones on BlackBerry App World, and online at gwabbit automatically searches and identifies contacts embedded in emails on your BlackBerry smartphone, and adds or updates that information to your BlackBerry Contacts, in a single click. For those users syncing their contacts to Outlook, gwabbit's automated capture keeps contacts updated globally. 

gwabbit for BlackBerry smartphones joins gwabbit for Outlook, as an automatic email contact management solution for both desktops and mobile phones. gwabbit for Outlook automatically identifies signatures in incoming emails and creates them as new or updated contacts on your desktop. gwabbit for Outlook is available for a single, one-time fee of $19.95. The two products together deliver complete email contact management for any professional on the road or at their desk.

"We are very excited about the buzz we received at Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2009 earlier this month. It was clear that contact management is a critical productivity issue for mobile users, particularly in the enterprise space," said Todd Miller, founder and president of Technicopia. "To further support BlackBerry smartphone users, we plan to introduce secure gwabbit products for BlackBerry enterprise users that can be managed by the IT department, later this year."

"The new gwabbit application is designed to provide an elegant, simple and fast way for business users to keep their address book up to date and we are pleased to see it launched on BlackBerry App World," said Jeff McDowell, Vice President, Global Alliances at Research In Motion.

Pricing and Availability

gwabbit downloads in less than a minute on BlackBerry smartphones and is available now for only $9.99 annually on BlackBerry App World, and online at gwabbit is now available for all BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Curve series and BlackBerry Pearl series of smartphones.

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Reader comments

Gwabbit for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available


Ok, so I get that this program automatically scans all emails for new/updated contact info, but what if I don't want EVERY person who emails me to be added to my address book? Why should I pay $10 for this when I already have anagram for free? Thanks.

gwabbit offers a free 14 day/20 contact trial. We encourage users to try both products and determine for themselves which approach to contact capture they prefer -- gwabbit's automatic contact capture, where gwabbit automatically recognizes the contact, or Anagram's manual approach, where the user paints the email contact using the BlackBerry's user interface. We would be very interested in hearing which users prefer.

Unfortunately, my bb is not my gmail. I can't afford my bb adding every single contact possible to my address book.
Nor would I want it to.

before making this judgment... it does not automatically add the contact to your address book. it automatically detects it, so that you do not need to remember to look for it. it then asks you whether you want to save it (or merge it to an existing contact - it find those too). only then it will update. So no gmail effect here.

I dont know, half the reason i buy an app is based on looks. I wouldnt feel very professional if one of my colleagues saw a picture of a rabbit working on my phone...

Anagram takes you a few steps....but its free...will try it though. For sales people and CS reps prolly a good a CrackBerry Addict...FREE is priceless

I have been using anagram since I heard about it, and have been very disappointed. It is never a simple process. I have tried 2 contacts now since downloading gwabit minutes ago, and gwabbit got them both right, and anagram mangled them both as usual. Don't knock it till you try it. I will be purchasing this one in a few days after I beat on it some more.

Agree with you. Anagram is very difficult to work with and got it wrong everytime I tried to select all the info on my Storm which is not easy - and Anagram is not FREE. Only for 45 days, then costs every month. Gwabbit has free 14-day trial and then only $9.95 to buy. Much cheaper. But the best part is that Gwabbit picked up every field and contact info perfectly without any handling on my part. Just say yes, and it does its thing. Much easier to use.

The 45 day trial is for the PC version - the phone version is free, period. Anagram has been *near* perfect for me. It seems like most people who have issues on *most* of these message boards are Storm owners. Maybe the phone is the issue? I'm not trying to put anyone down, just an observation. Having said that, I might give Gwabbit a try, but I'm really not interested in generating a contact for every single person who emails me. Am I missing something, or is that actually how it works?

it does not automatically add the contact to your address book. it automatically detects it, so that you do not need to remember to look for it. it then asks you whether you want to save it (or merge it to an existing contact - it find those too). only then it will update.

Anagram is free and works well for me. I just select the address and then click the menu button which says capture with Anagram and it puts in your phone book.

I tried Anagram on my Storm OS .132 and it failed miserably at creating proper contacts from any source including the "sample mail" they sent me. Not only that, Meterberry showed it to be a troublesome memory leaker as well.

Gwabbit now gets a test run on my Storm. I'll let ya know how that works out. I like the concept and it sure sounds easier letting the App do the work rather than jumping through Anagram's hoops only to discover nothing is where it belongs in the created Contact.

I downloaded Gwabbit and, so far, have been mightily disappointed. Twice now it has attempted to update current contacts in my address book and both times it has failed miserable. It doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between first name and last or additional signatures (i.e. - M.Ed., Ph.D, etc.) First and last are together under first name and M.Ed/Ph.D showed up as the last name. Additionally, it bunched all addresses into the 1st and 2nd address lines instead of putting city under 'city', state under 'state' etc. :(

Well, I must say, I'm surprised. I was expecting MUCH more for a paid application! $9.99! What a rip off!

I had Anagram installed and just tried Gwabbit to compare picking up info from the same contact. It was DREADFUL! All it found correctly was the persons first and last name. The rest either wasn't there at all, or placed in totally different fields.

No, Anagram isn't perfect, but guess what? It's free!

I am shocked and quite frankly disgusted that these people feel they can charge $9.99 for a product that isn't anywhere NEAR as good as Anagram.

I suggest you go back to the drawing board, and start again; ask the Anagram guys for some advice.

I just hope it uninstalls quickly!