GVdialer - Acess To Google Voice Services On Your Berry

By Bla1ze on 13 Apr 2009 09:00 am EDT

This is something for those of you there that are lucky enough to have a Google Voice account. GVdialer is a BlackBerry application (other platforms supported, such as Symbian (S60 3rd), Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile) which allows you to use your Google Voice number for all your calls if you do so wish. When calls are placed users will see your Google Voice number, rather then your real phone number.

GVdialer can be used to save ya some cash on international calls, keep your mobile number safe by giving only your Google Voice number out and also integrates with your Google Voice voicemail and Goog-411. Read on for more information on its uses and cost.

How does GVdialer work

GVdialer always runs in the background of your phone. Once you dial, GVdialer routes your call by dialing to your Google number and connecting you to the destination number.

You may decide which calls are routed by GVdialer by setting it to route international, domestic or all of your calls.You can even set GVdialer to ask you on every call.

GVdialer leverages two-stage dialing to make your calling experience easy & seamless. GVdialer does not use data connection to make calls.


One number – Present your Google number as your Caller ID on outgoing mobile calls. Keep your mobile number private & get people used to your Google number.

Simple calling - Dial directly from your phone’s contacts, speed dial, call log or keypad, and GVdialer will automatically get you connected using Google Voice. When GVdialer is installed, just dial and GVdialer takes care of the rest.

Cost saving – Start saving on your mobile calling costs. Set your Google Number as a favorite number on your mobile plan, and stop paying for local and national long distance calls. Take advantage of  Google’s low rates for international calls.

Customize GVdialer - Set GVdialer to call using Google Voice on specific types of calls. All your other calls will go directly via your mobile provider. You can choose to use GVdialer on International calls, domestic calls, or on all of your calls. You can even set GVdialer to ask you whether to use Google Voice on each & every call.

Privacy – Keep your mobile number hidden.  GVdialer works even if you block your caller ID on your cell phone.

Easy inbox access – Connect to your Google Voice web account at a click of a button Quick Voice Mail & Goog-411 access – get instant access to your voice mail-& Goog-411 service.

You can learn more about GVdialer over at GVdialer.com where the application will cost $9.99 but comes with a free 30 day trial. This is making me wish Google Voice had some support for Canadian users - last time when I checked there was not a number to be found for my area of Canada. I hope that changes soon cause this is the kinda stuff I would love to be able to use.

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GVdialer - Acess To Google Voice Services On Your Berry


... $10 for something the Google will undoubtedly come out with themselves? I can wait for an official app.

I do love my Google Voice account though ...

@ftsbb - I'm looking forward to an official app by the Google team, too. But, considering how slow they are to do anything related to GC/GV, this app makes a nice alternative until an official app is released. I'd bet we won't see a similar app from Google for over a year. hehehe

I really wasn't a huge GrandCentral user partly because I hate internet calling. But with Google voice, that's a thing of the past...especially coupled with GVDialer. There were a few kinks in the beginning but were easily and quicly resolved by their support team. Works like a charm! BTW, I'm running it on an 8330/

nice app. but only can use just for google number. would be nice if you could use it like the calling card apps for google voice.

Maybe its just me but when I tried it appeared to keep getting stuck when StormLock would take control.

Interesting concept but for now I will wait on a better integration.

The best thing about this app, is you have control over who gets your cell phone number. No more crazy ex-anybodies, calling ya.

Wonder if it will stop all the crazy bf/gf/phone stalker posts on CB?

is anyone concerned about the amount of access to your phone's info that this app requires? i don't mean that rhetorically. is there a reason for concern? because it asks for access to just about everything.

I've been using Grandcentral/Google voice for almost 2 years - it was awesome befroe but this feature puts it over the top!

Why the hell would I wanna pay any money for this.
google.com/voice/m . I do my stuff from the browser.. albeit its SLOW but its FREE. Sorry GVdialer....

I installed it on my 8350i. I installed it on my nokia e71 and didnt work. Then uninstalled it from the nokia and installed it on my 8350i and it seemed to work but the every number I dialed seemed to go to my google voicemail. I sent a email to support and havent heard from them. pffft any how did you all notice the lack of security features?? What is preventing "joe smith" from downloading the app to his phone and using your number? If there are any measures, I didnt see them.

@es10x: you need to modify your Google Voice account settings -
Please follow these steps:
- please login into your Google voice account on your PC
- Click the Settings link
- Click the phones link
- Click the Edit button on the selected phone (both your mobile phones - E71, BB8350i)
- Click the show advanced settings link
- Verify that the voicemail settings is set to NO
Google settings may take a few minutes to finalize.

After setting this to no it didnt work. It actually had to be 'Yes". It works GREAT now. The customer support is also very quick to reply to an issue. Outstanding!

totally screwed up my blackberry, got error 200 after I rebooted and had to reload the OS. 8900 blackberry OS .192

Is there any possible way to get an invite to google voice at this particular point in time?

If so lemme know!

Just installed it on a Verizon Curve 8330, and it works well. I use a GV number as my main line for a business; so, I can't tell you how glad I am to see this! :)

@Jmac98 - we haven't had the option to invite anyone to GrandCentral/Google Voice in a long time. But, GV is supposed to be released in the U.S. "within weeks." So, hang in there.

Just in case anyone checks here...GV changed a process over night. The developers of GV Dialer know that they need to roll out an update to their app asap -- til then, the app doesn't handle calls properly. The developers said that an update will be released today.